Cassie and Eric Ch. 02

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Cassie and I had both taken a week off between now and New Year’s, we didn’t have much plans this year for Christmas, we both lived far from our respective families. We decided this year to spend the holidays together, just the two of us. December at work was very stressful for both us, so we were just relieved to be able to have some down time and just take it easy at home, without any cemented plans.

It had been a couple of months since we first introduced some fantasies and fetishes into our sex life. We hadn’t been dirty talking every night but it was definitely regularly present in our intimate moments and we seemed to be a lot more active than before. Slowly but surely, communication about fantasies and fetishes improved.

Cassie was always very straightforward and never wasted time stirring around the pot. “Hey baby, I was using the laptop the other day and I stumbled on your search history” she said to me as I was cooking dinner one night. I gulped. Remembering a lot of research on fantasies and fetishes I had done on that computer. Part of me was happy that she was mentioning it. I had a hard time opening up about it, I was a bit shyer and more introverted in this aspect. I knew that Cassie would never judge me, but a part of me was afraid of it being weird if I opened up too much.

Cassie sat at the kitchen table and turned on the laptop. “It looks like you have been doing quite a lot of research on this… cuckolding and SPH, see? I can use the lingo now” she laughed. I never brought up to her the fact that I had done research on this and found out that cuckolding was actually quite “popular” and that small penis humiliation (SPH, as she already knew the term) was a thing. But I guess she knows about it now. A big part of me was excited she did.

“You know you can talk to me about these things, your fantasies… fetishes…” she smiled.

“I know baby, you know I am shy when trying to express myself with this kind of stuff.”

As a former Army soldier, I always viewed as this stereotypical manly guy. Cassie has also always made me feel like that kind of man. The Army was always a bit of a pissing contest where the guys would always compete to know who was the best; who can lift more, who can run faster, who was a better shot and so on… I’d say I was pretty close to the top of totem pole in terms of fitness and skills compared to my colleagues back in the day, but I never really had that need to prove myself compared to most of the other guys. I wasn’t insecure, I just lived and let live. As I got older, I found myself even more secure and open to different life experiences. However, I still struggled in expressing myself with these new fetishes as it was such a contrast from what you’d expect or even how I viewed myself as that stereotypical ex-military guy.

“I know. I love that shy side of you” she added to reassure me, and I knew she was honest. She went on, “…from what I read here, cuckolding involves a man, the cuckold, who gets turned on by watching his wife fuck other men. The cuckold, so you, in this scenario…” she giggled and continued, “wants his wife to get fucked by a man that can be called a ‘bull’… That’s kind of hot, baby.”

She had done her research, obviously. I was getting turned on that she actually read up about it and found it hot. Lately I have been reading more and more into it and found myself fantasizing about it becoming a reality. She wasn’t done, “…the bull, is usually a sexually dominant male, that probably has a bigger dick than the cuckold. I guess this is where this ties in with your SPH fetish” I froze while chopping vegetables and realized my dick was hard and I could even feel drops of precum in my boxers.

Lately I realized that, in the past, my dick wouldn’t necessarily get wet unless it was being physically stimulated. But ever since I found out about the cuckolding and SPH fetishes, the thought of these things made my dick soaked. She was circling around the kitchen as she was talking to me and came in behind me as I was facing the counter. She glided her hands on my hips towards the front of my body, slowly grazing my dick and balls. “I knew you’d be hard! You really do love this stuff!” She lifted my pants and boxers and slid a hand in to reach my cock and retracted it immediately. “Holy shit baby! You’re soaked!”

“I know… every time I think about this stuff, I get really horny and my dick actually gets really wet.”

“Oh my god! This is really a turn-on for you, I guess I should keep reading up about it, for you, you know.” She said while giggling and got back in front of the laptop.

“Good idea baby, I love how you actually read up on it”

“Hehe, well I do love you and I love making you feel good, and pleasuring you. You are my husband after all” she said with a very reassuring and loving tone. I loved this girl so Escort Bayan much.

I was finishing up making dinner while Cassie seemed to be extremely focused on what she was reading on the laptop. “What are you reading about?” I asked. “Oh, nothing really, I was just getting up to speed with what you read before, I think I’m getting a good understanding of these fetishes and what turns you on about it.”

For the next couple of days, we were enjoying our vacation and spending quality time with each other.

On Christmas Eve, I heard a knock at the door, and realized a package was left at the door. I heard Cassie running down the stairs… “is it a package?? Don’t open it!!” I took it in my hands and just gave it to her. I imagined it was a last-minute Christmas present that I wasn’t supposed to see but the box had no indication of what it was, so I had no idea. “Thank you, baby, now forget you saw anything” and she giggled as she ran back up the stairs with her package.

We decided to have drinks and exchange gifts that night. I had bought her a book she had wanted, some clothes and some jewelry. She had gotten me similar things, clothes, a watch and comfortable slippers. We were both happy and spent the night cuddling on the couch in front of the TV. We were getting a bit tipsy as the night progressed and decided to play a game. “Let’s play, would you rather” Cassie proposed, I agreed.

“Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy” she asked.

“Poor and happy obviously” I answered.

I realized the potential of this game, and started having some dirty thoughts but decided to keep it tamed for now.

“Would you rather be able to fly, or be invisible?” I asked.

“Fly duh, but it would be interesting to be invisible and see what people are up to”

“Would you rather fuck me or lick my pussy?” Cassie broke the ice with the first sexual question. She had that usual mischievous look.

“Hmm… I do love licking your pussy… but I have to say I’d rather fuck you, you can’t replace that”

“Ooh… interesting” she said sipping on her rum and coke.

I could tell we were heading towards some dirty talking; I had no complaints. “My turn” I said, “Would you rather fuck a big dick or a small dick?”

She immediately bursted out laughing, “I knew this was coming” she said. “I think you already know the answer… why don’t you tell me what you think the answer is” she winked at me.

“A big one.” I said, again, saying it out loud always made me shy but it made me horny.

She moaned, “Yessss, definitely, is that even a question? My turn. Would you rather watch me get fucked by another man or hear about it afterwards?”

“Whoa, that’s intense baby, I don’t know if I’d be able to watch that, realistically speaking”, I fumbled my words, “I guess I would want to watch or else I would keep wondering what happened.”

“Noted.” She couldn’t help smiling.

“If you had the chance to fuck me or fuck Joe tonight who would you pick?”

Cassie’s face became thoughtful. “Hmm, I guess it would depend on if Joe had a big dick, but I’d be really surprised if he was smaller than you…” she teased casually. “I’d have to say Joe, just because you and I have sex all the time! It would only be fair!”

“Hahaha, you are so bad” I said. I was getting pretty drunk at this point and my dick had been constantly hard since the beginning of the game.

“I have one last Christmas gift for you in the bedroom, follow me.” She said.

I followed her up the stairs, excited to see what she got me. Cassie had always been full of surprises and was very thoughtful. When we got to the bedroom, she closed the door and started making out with me. Cassie was an amazing kisser, and this point I was infatuated with her.

She rubbed me all over, took my shirt off and started kissing my neck. It was my turn to do the same, I took her dress off and rubbed her breasts through her bra. I fondled her breasts and unhooked her bra; her nipples were hard and I started slowly licking them producing an incredibly sexy moan from my wife.

She stopped me. “Ok time for your present baby.” She reached over to her night stand and pulled out something that looked like a dildo…? “It’s called a penis extension or a sleeve” she said with a huge smile.

I was slightly confused but intrigued. I had never heard about this.

“Supposedly this is used by men with penises on the smaller side, to give more pleasure to their partners. You put it on like basically like you would a condom,” she said.

Now I was really interested, I think it helped that I was pretty drunk because I wasn’t overthinking anything.

I let out a small laugh. “How is this MY present, sounds more like a gift for you” I teased.

“No. This is definitely your Bayan Escort gift, you’ve said it yourself, you want to watch me get stretched out and fucked by a big dick, this is your chance! Besides, this will allow you to have sex with me more often!”


“Yeah, I found the idea online last time I was browsing about your fetishes and got wet thinking about this. We can totally imagine someone else is fucking me. This one will add about an inch to your penis and make it really thicker.

The whole thing was incredibly hot. I could feel my dick trying to burst out of my pants.

“I think the little one is excited” she said with a smirk while staring at my bulge. “I want you to fuck me wearing this tonight.”

“I can do that; this seems like fun.” I said, down to try anything in this state of horniness and drunkenness.

She grabbed me and backed up towards the bed. She fell with me on top of her on the mattress and we made out passionately. Her hands reached the sides of my head and she slowly pushed my head down and guided it towards her pussy. I took her panties off, and gave her a huge lick from her perineum to her clit, she moaned. “Oh yeah, get me nice and wet baby” she whispered. As I licked her, I was getting excited to try on this extension that she showed me, I looked down to my cock and realized I was dripping all over the sheet of the bed.

She stopped me and brought my face up to her level and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Ok baby, I’m ready. Put the sleeve on, let’s see what this thing can do.”

I took it in my hands. It was made of a stretchy material so I could stretch it over my dick. It felt really tight on my cock, I liked the feeling. It had a ring at the base of it to loop around my balls. I grabbed my new and enhanced dick and realized I couldn’t feel all that much with all that material between my hand and my actual penis. The texture of the sleeve felt extremely realistic and had some artificial veins to it and even I thought was sexy. I looked huge.

“Wait.” she said. “I want to ride it.”

She got up and lubed up the extension and made me lay on my back. She hopped on and slowly guided it to her pussy. “We’ll need to go slow at first, I haven’t had a big dick in a long time”.

As the head of the sleeve pushed through, I could only feel a pressure letting me know it was going in but had very limited sensation.

The first thing I noticed was Cassie’s mouth open wide with pleasure as my extended member was going inside her. I was so turned on because this wasn’t a face I was used to see when I fucked her. Horny thoughts immediately poured through my head imagining that she could get this pleasure by fucking a man bigger than me. I was questioning if my dick could ever be able to pleasure her this much. Once she got the whole sleeve inside of her, she paused at the bottom and I got my answer. “Oh my god, you’re stretching me out so good baby” and she started to ride it slowly and progressively faster and faster. “Oh my god baby, this feels so good, it’s literally reaching places you were never able to, and that thickness is so good.”

I couldn’t feel much, but her pleasure and her words were making me really enjoy this experience. “Oh yeah baby, give me that big dick, fuck me, fuck me hard.” I pushed my legs up with my heels and started pounding her from the bottom, she could barely take it. “Oh, fuck baby, I’m going to cum so fucking hard, don’t stop pounding me.” As she was cumming I was in awe of her reaction, I just admired her as she had probably just had the biggest orgasm, I had ever seen her have. “Oh my god, baby… that was amazing… did you cum in this thing?” she asked. “No? Ok I am actually still really horny; I want you to keep fucking me.”

She got off me and positioned herself on all fours ready for me to take her from behind. I slid the sleeve in her pussy, “in this position I can really tell the difference, you can never quite go all the way with your small dick when we fuck doggy, this is a first. Now I know you won’t slip out. Fuck me baby.” I could tell she was really enjoying this gift she got for “me”, but I was also enjoying this new kind of pleasure I could bring her. “I want you to cum in the sleeve, at the same time as me, ok baby?” I agreed. As much as the physical sensation wasn’t really there, the simple pressure of the sleeve and the level of naughtiness of this sex was more than enough. I was ready to cum whenever she was ready. Between her moans she let out, “what have we done? I won’t ever want to let your little dick near my pussy after this!! Cum baby, cum with that big dick!” I couldn’t hold it anymore, we both simultaneously came extremely hard, it was beautiful.

We collapsed in bed together, I removed the sleeve and noticed my dick was limp and full of my cum. The Escort contrast between the sleeve I had just fucked my wife with and my limp dick was intense. I must have been around 3 inches long when soft. “Good job little guy!” she said as she squeezed my limp dick with her index and thumb.

My mind was still quite horny as a I asked her, “did you really mean what you said? About not wanting to fuck me without the sleeve from now on?”

“Baby… I was really horny and, in the moment. I am not sure. I kind of said it without really thinking about it, but that felt so good, I am for sure going to want this for a while. Let’s just go one day at a time, ok baby?” I agreed, no point in thinking too much about it, I did enjoy that we both just did what we enjoyed at that present time, without any pressure.

About a week later, I realized that we had sex 4 times, and every time, Cassie had asked me to put on the extension. I didn’t argue, the sex was amazing. I was learning things about myself and realized that sometimes it’s not just about the physical pleasure but also the mental pleasure. Seeing my wife so turned on riding a big dick and getting fucked by this sleeve brought me a lot of mental pleasure.

However, there was still a part of me that was a little bit self-conscious due to the fact that she hadn’t seemed interested in having “normal” sex lately.

One night, she came up to bed and I could tell she wanted dick. She kept feeling me up, kissing me, and rubbing me all over. “I’m so horny today” she said. I smiled. “Baby, do you think we can have sex without the sleeve today? I miss feeling the inside of your pussy”. She had an involuntary facial reaction that told me she was a bit disappointed but recovered it and smiled. “Ok baby we can try, I love you and I’ve always loved your dick inside me.”

We started fondling each other and it didn’t take long before I mounted her and as I was kissing her, I guided my dick inside her. Her pussy felt extremely wet but a little less tight than usual, probably due to that extension being used for the most part of last week. It was still feeling really good for me and I let her know.

“That feels really good baby, I love your pussy”

“Oh yeah? Fuck me baby, it feels good for me too”

As I was sliding in and out of her pussy, she whispered to me “I can tell how much smaller than the sleeve you are, it kind of turns me on. I’m imagining that I fucked another man with a big dick and you are getting sloppy seconds” At that moment, I felt like my wife and I were totally in synch, fetish wise. I felt like she knew EXACTLY what to say to turn me on. That was one the hottest things I’ve heard her say. “Can I go on top?” She asked. I nodded and got on my back, as she climbed on top of me, she slid my dick inside her with a huge smile and I could tell she had some kind of plan, my heart was racing. She rode me for a few minutes and then hopped off. She reached under the bed and pulled out some bondage rope that we had bought years ago but never really tried.

“Baby, I am going to tie you up to the bed while I ride you, is that ok?” How could I say no?

She tied my wrists to the top of the bed and my ankles to the bottom of the bed. I was literally stuck and incredibly hard. I had this huge feeling of helplessness that came over me and was consumed by how hot that was. Instead of going bring her pussy back to my dick, she started stroking my dick. “Your dick is SO cute baby, I love it” and gave it a kiss on the head. “But I have to be honest… I love it, but it doesn’t feel that good inside of me, I can’t stop craving the extension. So, what I’m going to do now, is… I am going to put the extension back on you, and ride the fuck out of you.”

As she put the extension on my dick, I had mixed feelings but deep down I was so excited and happy that she had done this. She inserted my covered-up dick inside her, her face lit up again. “Oh yeah, that’s what I want. I think I was lying to myself earlier when I said I wanted to fuck you without the sleeve, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back… As she was reaching climax, she let me know “at least you were lucky enough to put your dick inside me and feel my pussy” she sped up, “I’m thinking the next step is going to have to fuck a real big dick, this is amazing but nothing can quite replace the real thing.” I arched back as I was trying to resist cumming. She kept going on “maybe next time Joe is in town I’ll have to seduce him and have him fuck me…” She was now close to the brink. “I’m going to cum baby, I’m cumming on this big fat dick… it’s so much better than yours!”

I couldn’t help myself; I came too. I couldn’t believe how naughty our sex had become.

As we were both catching our breath, she untied me and I received a text on my phone.

“Hey man, in town this weekend again, you guys up for another night of drinks at your place?”

“Who was that?” inquired Cassie.

“That was Joe, he wants to come over this weekend”

“No fucking way. This has to be a sign.” Cassie said as she crashed on the bed with the biggest smile.

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