Casual Encounter – Movies

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Title: Casual Encounter – Movies

Series: Casual Encounter

Author: The Fun Dreams ()

Keywords: MF, movies, femdom, malesub, dom, sub, bdsm, anonymous, pwp

Summary: Two people are in a theatre, watching a bad movie.

Note: Casual Encounters is something I’m trying, rather than focusing on the players in the story, I wanted to take two random characters, and a place that two people could have sex, and make the sex the star of the story. I hope you enjoy, and if you’d like more stories like this, please let me know.


Nate walked into the movie theatre. He was a poor college student, but often got free tickets for movies from his buddy Matt who worked at the run-down theatre. Tonight he went to see a movie his friend called “truly awful” but Nate told him it couldn’t be as bad as Matt said. So Matt challenged Nate to sit through it. Nate agreed to the bet, but felt it would be a waste of his time, though Matt talked him into it with a twenty dollar bet.

On his way in, Matt passed him a popcorn and wished him good luck claiming he would need it. Nate just winked at him and walked on towards his theatre.

As Nate entered the theatre, he looked around. While the theatre was dimly lit, he saw he was the entire audience so far, and wondered what he got himself into. He chose a seat two rows up the stairs and took the center seat. Since the theatre was empty, he put his feet over the chair in front of him. As he waited for the movie, Nate watched the silly entertainment quiz and guessed the answers.

Mary came to the movies because she had nothing to do. An old friend of hers from high school was talking about a movie he was a third grip or something in. Mary had congratulated the person already but her closer friends mentioned the movie a few times and Mary had trouble faking her way through the conversations. She decided, to avoid the trouble she would have to sit through the movie, even though the reviews of the film were lousy.

As she got to the theatre she looked around and saw a guy sitting the middle of the theatre. She couldn’t help but noticed he was a young white guy, she thought he might be in his early twenties, likely still in college. He had black hair, and had a beard which he kept short, but otherwise she couldn’t see him that well in the dark theater.

Mary was a little worried being the only other person in the theatre with a guy, but she remembered how her father raised her. Her father taught her both self defense and to not run away from simple fear. Mary at least tried not to on most days. Rather than avoid the guy, she took a seat in the same row of the movie theatre as him. She noticed he wore a shirt with a band logo on it, one she never heard of, and jeans. She gave him a polite smile as she sat down.

Nate looked over at the new person and smiled. She looked young but Nate guessed she was in her late twenties. The woman had blond hair, and Nate thought he noticed the hint of makeup on her face. She wore an overcoat and as she sat down she removed it, revealing a business outfit that looked good on her small body. Her body was well proportioned. Average breasts, average waist, and a small curve of the hips. While she had typical features, the one thing Nate noticed was her blue eyes.

Nate admired her as she turned her back to him but as she sat down she gave him a smile which he returned and tried not to stare at her, even if she was the only other person in the theatre. He thought about it and convinced himself that ignoring her would be just as rude.

Nate turned back towards the woman. “So what have you heard about this movie?”

Mary was a little shocked that the guy spoke to her, but when she saw they were alone in the theatre, she answered. “I’m not sure, I’ve heard it might not be that good, but I know someone who worked on it.”

Nate brightened up at that. “Oh yeah? An actor?”

Mary laughed. “I’m afraid not, no one that famous. Just one of the crew. How about you? What brings you to this movie?”

“A bet, my friend said I couldn’t stay through the whole thing, though I have a feeling I’ll be winning that money.”

Mary looked at the young man, the way he sat was a little improper but she didn’t mind talking to him, so she got up and moved so there was a single seat between the two of them.

“I’m afraid you might have to earn it. I know a few people who walked out of it though I didn’t tell my friend. I’m Mary, by the way.” She offered her right hand to the young man.

Nate sat up in his seat Isparta Escort and shook her hand. “I’m Nate, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mary.”

Nate’s firm grip made Mary smile, it felt like the handshake of someone who had something to prove. She almost giggled but caught herself. The theatre dimmed so Mary focused on the movie screen.

The two filmgoers watched the trailers, after a couple generic trailers, Nate made a snide comment at one trailer, and Mary laughed. Mary booed the following trailer, and Nate joined in. The movie started after that so little more was said.

A few minutes later, Nate leaned over and offered Mary some popcorn, leaving the bag on the seat between them. Mary would take a few kernels every once in a while.

The movie though lived up to the rumors. The movie wasn’t a low budget movie, it was just bad. For fifteen minutes the two of them sat in silence, trying to watch without getting so bored they fell asleep. The popcorn ran out and Nat put the empty bag aside.

Nate snuck a glance and thought he saw Mary look at him at one point. He let out a groan of pain.

Mary continued to watch the movie but smirked. “It’s not that bad, the acting is decent.”

Nate groaned again. “It’s awful. You must be dying, you aren’t even here on a bet.”

Mary smiled at that. “Yes but I owe it to my friend to stay til the end. Though you are right, it’s rough.”

“You know what this movie is missing?”

Mary looked over this time. “Do tell, Mr. Film Critic.”

“If it was any cheaper, I would swear there’d be a topless scene right about now.”

Mary grinned at that and turned back to watch the movie. Nate figured Mary finished talking, so he turned back. After a few minutes he sighed.

Mary winked “It’s not that bad.”

“I think it might be the worst movie I’ve seen.”

“Keep watching, maybe it’ll get better.”

Nate rolled his eyes but continued to watch as he slipped down in his seat again. After a few minutes, Mary coughed and Nate looked over, he was shocked by what he saw.

Mary had unbuttoned her shirt and pulled one of her breasts out of her bra. Nate almost fell out of his chair. He snapped up in his seat and looked at Mary. Nate studied what he could see in the low light. It wasn’t a large breast, maybe a B cup, but it had a large areola. After a few seconds Mary smiled and tucked her breast back into her bra, but left her shirt open showing off her bra.

“So was that what the movie was missing, Nate?”

Nate recovered from what he saw, but was still stunned that a woman he didn’t know had flashed her breast to him. “Umm. Yeah, that made a huge improvement on the movie.”

Mary laughed a little. “The screen is that way.”

Nate forced himself to look back at the screen, but no longer was paying attention to the movie, he wondered what this woman was thinking, and focused on the meaning of the breast.

Mary knew people called her a fox, in fact that’s what she loved. She might be a blonde bimbo in idiot’s minds, but she liked to toy with men. The lucky ones would get theirs with her but it would always be on Mary’s schedule. A lesson Nate would learn, or else he would get cut off.

A few minutes past and Mary leaned over while focused on the screen. “You know, showing a breast is one thing, but this movie needs something for the ladies.”

Nate looked over. “Some women like other women.”

Mary didn’t turn her head. “Some, but I’m not one of those. It seems such a joke though. A woman can show a little breasts, but men can’t show their package in these films. Now that would be something to make this film better.”

Nate looked back at the film to avoid looking shocked. He knew what she was asking, but that was something different. To show his cock to someone he only exchanged a hundred words with.

Mary smiled, she watched Nate out of the corner of her eye. Every guy loved seeing her breasts, but you tell a guy to show you their cock, less than a third would do it. Still she was curious if Nate would do it, in the hopes of Mary giving him more.

Nate sat and thought about what Mary said for almost ten minutes, he then decided the worst that would happen is she would scream, and he could just claim it was his thumb Nate casually dropped a hand to his crotch and unzipped his pants. He fished out his cock but was careful not to move to fast, so Mary wouldn’t think he was just a pervert who would take out his cock the first time someone suggested it. He was just about to Isparta Escort Bayan cough when he noticed Mary was getting up.

Mary stood up and moved over next to Nate, as she sat down, she stared at his lap and then smiled. “Very nice Nate, That looks like a very healthy six inches.”

Nate stretched the truth. “It’s more like eight. Thank you for the compliment Mary.”

Mary looked at Nate’s crotch again and then slowly reached over and grabbed the younger man’s cock with a grip that told him she was in charge. “Don’t lie Nate, you’re not good at it. But it’s a good looking cock at six inches. A woman would be happy to have a chance to play with it.” Mary pulled her hand back to her lap and looked at the screen again.

Nate spoke up. “You know what this movie needs?”

Mary interrupted him. “Shhh, let what might happen, happen naturally. I’m not staying for the movie.”

Nate tried to turn back to the movie, but he felt self conscious with his penis out. He reached to put it away, when Mary’s hand stopped him, and rubbed his cock one time.

“I might want a snack in a minute.”

Nate breathed a little hard when he heard that. She wasn’t saying she wanted to… No woman would just say that.

Mary watched the movie, waiting for an opportunity. There was a scene which darkened the theater and Mary saw her chance. She raised the arm of the chair between the two of them. She bent down and her lips met the head of his shaft. She licked his shaft in a single motion and felt it snap to attention. She then pressed the entire cock into her mouth and pulled it back out and sat back down before Nate could react.

Nate moaned out and threw his head back. He started to grab for Mary’s body, but took a moment and realized, she wouldn’t want that. Instead Nate reached an arm around Mary’s shoulders and Mary rested her head on his shoulder. She smiled at the rich naughtiness of sucking a stranger’s cock and now cuddling up with him.

Mary sighed as she watched the movie. Neither of them were watching the movie, but Mary wanted to keep up appearances for the moment. She also liked the feeling she was denying the guy what he hungered for. In fact his hand around her shoulder had slipped and rested on her bra covered breast. She let the boy have his small victory, she was about to ask for more, and the hornier he was the easier it would be.

Nate was turned on and in a sexual haze. There was an almost topless woman in his arm, she had already sucked his cock, and hadn’t told him to put it away. His hand rested on her breast and he wanted more. He didn’t care what movie was on the screen, nothing would make him leave unless Mary told him to.

Mary turned again. “Now the big trick. Unhook my bra, and then I need you to pull your boxers and pants down to your knees.”

Nate moved his hand to her back and unhooked her bra with one hand, a move that impressed Mary. Nate then took both hands and slide his pants and boxers down, just to his knees. He waited to see what the woman sitting next to him would do to him.

Mary just smiled and removed her bra tossing it aside, if she lost it, it wouldn’t matter. The bra wasn’t a fancy one, just a pale white one. Some usher would get a lucky surprise when he was cleaning up. In fact her panties matched it. Not granny panties, but nothing she’d let anyone see, then again the theatre was dark enough that Nate wouldn’t see much. She reached down to her pants and unbuttoned them, sliding them down her body. She took one foot out of her pants so she’d be able to spread her legs. Experience taught Mary she would need that motion in a second. She didn’t want to take the pants off the entire way, as she knew if this all went wrong, she’d be glad to find her shirt and pants at a moment’s notice. It’d be embarrassing, but not the first time someone interrupted her.

Mary looked over and noticed that Nate stared at her bare breasts. He desired to suck them, but the poor boy wouldn’t get a chance, but his hands would have their share. She waited a moment for the movie screen to darken and rather than stand all the way up, she raised herself just high enough to slide over onto the boy’s lap and felt his cock rubbing against her ass. Mary lowered herself and reached underneath her, positioning it to where her vagina waited, salivating. Mary’s body needed this cock.

Nate just watched as Mary moved on top of him and he moaned out. The movie drowned him out, but Mary amazed him. She had climbed on top of him facing away and was Escort Isparta now lowering herself on his cock without word. He was almost paralyzed, knowing the wrong move might make this woman stop, so he let her do what she wanted.

Mary loved the feeling of the helpless man beneath her. She inserted the penis into her body going as slowly as she can. Mary sat back, lowering herself onto him at a snail’s place. She let out a moan and then smiled. It had been too long since she got what she craved, she would relish this. However, there was one thing she still needed from Nate.

Nate watched as Mary moved up and down his cock, but then he felt a hand on each of his arms. It felt like a woman’s hand. The screen flashed and Nate saw Mary’s hands were on his and she pulled his arms until his hands were on her breasts. He latched on to the breasts like a boy grabbing a ball.

Mary hissed. “Not so hard, massage them gently.”

Nate said nothing, but let go of the breasts and kneaded them. He rubbed Mary’s breasts as if holding a balloon, and in return he realized she rode his cock. This was not a bad deal for him. His cock was pressed inside her vagina, and the wetness of the entire experience forced moans from his mouth.

Mary lowered the arm of the chair she had raised earlier. She used both arms to help her thrust up and down on the cock pressed into her private areas. This was how sex should be. No faces, just nice hard cock she could ride, and a pair of hands massaging her breasts. If she could trust the guys to rub her clit, she’d have a perfect mate, but most guys didn’t understand how her clit needed to be rubbed. So instead she trusted them to rub her breasts, and Nate was gentle enough to satisfy her needs.

As Mary got a good rhythm going she thrusted her hips back and bent over a little more, making sure the cock rubbed where she wanted it to hit. That little itch that even a dildo couldn’t scratch on her body. She masturbated, but something about a nice warm hard cock, always made Mary the happiest.

Nate was moaning out. He buried his head into the back of Mary’s shirt to attempt not to make too much noise. Mary was riding him hard and fast, and somehow the fact she was using him, instead of the other way around, was turning Nate on. If he had his full facilities he might worry about that, but Nate didn’t care, his cock was in heaven which meant he wanted more.

Mary had enough fun for the moment, she reached a finger down and stroked her clit while riding the dick. She even knew how long it would take, within thirty seconds, her orgasm came over her. She grabbed onto the arms of the chair tightly and bent forward as her body spasmed.

After a minute or two of reveling in the orgasm, Mary moved back to her seat, while putting her pants and panties back on and pulling them back up. She looked over at Nate who had a shocked look on his face as she slid off him without a word. The cute boy toy wanted to ask about his orgasm. Mary admired his willingness to do what she wanted, and she realized he didn’t fight her on anything she wanted, so she reached over and stroked his cock while she waited for the movie to end. She could see the film wrapping up but couldn’t remember anything that had happened since Nate’s cock appeared.

Nate felt Mary’s hand stroke him again and rub his head with her thumb. The fact the woman had just ridden him to an orgasm and now was rubbing his cock, which was still slick from her pussy, had him turned on beyond belief. After a minute of Mary’s hand working on his crotch, Nate felt his body jerk. Mary felt the movement and held Nate’s cock so it was standing straight up. Nate’s cock shot a wad of cum, and before it landed, Mary withdrew her hand. The cum, landed on Nate’s lap. The second wad landed close to the first, and Nate sighed with a release.

Mary watched Nate make a mess of himself and snickered. She always found the cock to be an odd tool for sex. She reached into her purse and pulled out a napkin, wiping her hands, and then buttoned up her shirt, she leaned over to Nate and whispered.

“Pull your pants on, the credits are about to roll.”

Nate complied, even though he had made a mess, he could rush home and shower unless Mary wanted more.

As the credits rolled, Mary grabbed her bra, and placed it in her purse. She stood up and strode out of the theatre without word.

Nate watched in stunned silence as this woman left him minutes after having sex with him. He got up and walked out to the entrance, hoping she might be waiting. Instead Nate’s friend was there holding up the twenty dollar bill.

“Nate, I can’t believe you made it through that whole thing.”

As Nate accepted the money, a car turned on in the parking lot and started for the exit.

“Matt, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

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