Catalyst Pt. 01

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Catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

It should have been a simple phone call, a quick conversation between a husband and wife, a non-event. Instead, a few careless words spoken during a phone call in the car became the catalyst that launched our family into the depths of sexual exploration and forbidden pleasure over the course of the summer.

I spent a lot of time thinking about it, as the summer ended and the slower pace of autumn set in. In retrospect, it all seemed so clear — how the varied circumstances of our lives had brought us all to a place where our inhibitions were at their lowest, and our desires at their highest. All the ingredients were there, like a pot of simmering water, just waiting for that one single event to set everything else in motion, turning the water in the pot into a rolling boil, overflowing the rim and spilling out into a torrent of uninhibited lust and pleasure.

It was plainly obvious to everyone that I had been putting in too many hours as a real estate agent; what wasn’t obvious was the toll it had taken on the intimacy I shared with my husband, Rich. We had a wonderful, passionate, erotic, adventuresome sex life, and we still both had needs and desires to fulfill; but the mental and physical exhaustion from my job had caused our sex life to grow stale. I knew Rich needed more sex than what he was getting; and I knew he had a penchant for wanting to push the boundaries. In our earlier years, this had led to some very kinky and erotic adventures, which we had both enjoyed to the brim. Neither one of us were ready for those days to be over.

Our three children — Mandy, Dylan, and Jenna — had all emerged into full adulthood as mature, curious, and open-minded individuals. We didn’t know all the details, but we knew all three of them had taken their first few steps in exploring their sexuality while still in high school, and had continued to explore as they went on to college.

Mandy was 25 and had been married to Trevor for almost 3 years. They had met when both he and Mandy were seniors in college. They hit it off and fell in love. It was only afterwards that I found out they had met first at a fraternity party and had hooked up for the night. She never bothered to learn his name, until the next weekend, when they met up again at another party, and hooked up again. After several other casual sex encounters, they decided to begin dating, although apparently it was never an exclusive relationship, as Mandy had hinted several times of other men she had seen, as well as other women he had spent time with.

They made a beautiful couple — Mandy was short, petite, with a narrow waist and just a hint of wideness in her hips, dark brown hair that hung in thick curly locks down her shoulders and back, a perfect match to her dark brown, alluring eyes. Trevor was tall, muscular, with light blue eyes and short, light-brown hair, and had a gentleness about him that belied his passionate, fun-loving personality.

Although Trevor had earned his bachelor’s degree in business, he instead decided to follow his true passion and became a firefighter, doing construction work on his off days to bring in some extra income. Mandy was a special needs teacher at a local elementary school. They were doing their best to make it on their own, but it was obvious they were financially strapped most of the time.

Dylan was 23 and was in his first year of graduate school, going after an MBA. His true passion was mountain biking, and he spent most of his free time with a group of friends traveling all over the western part of the US exploring trails. There were several women he dated in high school and college, but so far had not found the one woman he was ready to settle down with. Like his father, he was tall, muscular for his thin frame, and had dark brown shaggy hair and dark brown eyes.

Our youngest daughter, Jenna, 21, had returned from college for the summer. She was a beautiful, bright young woman, eager to explore and see the world. In many respects she was a clone of me — she not only had my blue eyes, but also had my straight, dirty blonde hair, which she kept tied up in a ponytail most of the time. She had earned herself a full-ride volleyball scholarship to college and looked like the typical California beach girl, a beautifully toned, lithe, tanned body. She was at least four inches taller than Mandy and was almost as tall as Dylan. Although Mandy got my breasts (C, almost D cup), Jenna got my curves and my plump, curvy ass — although hers was solid muscle. She was absolutely gorgeous, and turned many heads, but somehow didn’t fully realize it.

We all lived very busy lives, and it had been a long time since our entire family had been together for more than just a weekend. So I was particularly excited knowing I would have both Dylan and Jenna home from college for part of the summer. Jenna came home after her last final, but Dylan was mountain biking with some friends and wouldn’t come porno videolar home for a few more weeks.

What I was most excited about was the family vacation Rich and I had finally been able to put together. It had taken some wrangling, but we finally got all our kids to commit to spending some time to be together, and had pulled out all the stops reserving a very nice cabin on Lake Tahoe for 9 days over the 4th of July. It was just over three weeks away, and both Rich and I were looking forward to unplugging and having some downtime with our kids.

Jenna had only been home a few days, but had immediately plugged back into her group of friends from high school, and I hadn’t really had the chance to spend much time with her. I decided to take Friday off to go out to lunch with her and do some shopping.

We were driving on Highway 101 in heavy traffic, on our way home when Rich called. Not thinking about it, I hit the speakerphone button and said hello.

“Hey, Jackie.”


“So I was doing some laundry and found that green thong. Wow. Just… wow. Absolutely mindblowing. Couldn’t get over how amazing it smelled and tasted. Got me rock hard in an instant.”

It was like my mind was in neutral. I had no idea what he was talking about, and didn’t realize what he was saying until it was already out. And he just kept talking about it, going on and on about the smell and the taste, even as I belatedly yelled out, “You’re on speakerphone, Jenna is in the car with me!”

A few moments of silence were broken by him laughing and saying, “Oh… oops… uh… sorry, Jenna, forgot you were in the car with Mom.”

Getting angry and embarrassed, I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I was doing laundry, and… came across this… sexy green satiny thong. I assumed it was yours.”

“No, it’s not!”

Jenna spoke up, laughing, saying, “Sorry, Daddy, it’s mine. I took a shower in your bathroom this morning and threw it in the dirty clothes basket in your room.”

More silence on the phone, and then Rich said, “Ah… got it. Sorry. Wow. This is embarrassing.”

“Definitely embarrassing.” I chimed in, furiously.

Jenna laughed and said, “It’s no big deal, I’m not offended.”

More silence, and then Rich said, “Thank you, sweetheart… I um… I’m not quite sure how to recover from… what I just said… what was I calling about, again? Oh! Right. I wanted to know if there was something I could put on for dinner?”

I tried to calm down while Rich and I talked over a few of our favorite recipes, finally deciding on some chicken and pasta, with a green salad. We were in the process of ending our conversation when Jenna piped up and said, “Bye, Daddy, I’m glad you liked my thong.”

I glanced over, appalled, and saw that Jenna had a big smile on her face. She saw my look and said, “What? It’s kind of funny. It’s not a big deal, honest, it was a simple mistake.”

“You don’t think it’s kind of embarrassing?”

“No, not really.”

“What about for your Dad?”

“Knowing him, I’d say he probably did enjoy it and had a good laugh about it too.”

I shook my head, my mind struggling to stay focused on driving as the seeds of worry began to grow in my thoughts. We didn’t talk much on the way home, and by the time we pulled into the driveway, my nerves were calmer and Jenna was back to her usual bubbly self.

Dinner and wine pushed my worries to the back of my mind, and I didn’t think about it again until the next morning, on my way to my office. I tried to convince myself it really was nothing to worry about, and felt much better by the end of the day. But I knew Rich, knew he hadn’t probably forgotten about it. He absolutely loved the scent of a woman, whether it was me, or one of our other partners in the past.

Things at home seemed normal, until after dinner, when I noticed that Rich and Jenna seemed… chummier? More friendly to each other? They were father and daughter, so of course they were close but… there was something more there. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. As the next few days went by, I thought I saw more signs. Was I imagining it? It almost started to feel like they were flirting with each other, teasing each other in a suggestive way. I didn’t see anything overt; but something inside of me told me something was going on.

It was Tuesday night when I finally worked up the courage to mention it to Rich as we were getting into bed. He just smiled and said it was nothing, that he and Jenna were fine. I wanted to believe him, tried hard to take his words at face value; but the warning light inside of me was still glowing strong.

I struggled to fall asleep, and instead kept thinking about the situation at home. Rich was acting almost… frisky… yes, that was it… frisky with Jenna. The way he used to be with me, back when I wasn’t so absorbed with work and we had time to play. My mind drifted back to the earlier days of our marriage, porno video izle when our lives had been simpler… and more enjoyable. More… pleasurable.

Even before we were married we agreed that we wouldn’t be exclusive to each other. We didn’t advertise it to anyone, but both agreed that if the opportunity arose for us to enjoy some pleasurable company with someone we met, we would be ok with it. We both had some very erotic and fun one-night stands, as well as a few workplace flings and semi-anonymous encounters. That all changed when we met Susan and Troy.

Troy joined the company Rich worked for, and they became fast friends. He and his wife Susan were in their mid-20’s, while Rich and I were in our early 30’s. We had emerged from the baby-making years and were ready to enjoy some dinner and dancing. Mandy was 9, Dylan was 7, and Jenna was 5, old enough that we finally felt comfortable leaving them with a babysitter for a few hours in the evening. We shared a lot of mutual interests and occasionally were able to go on weekend getaways, when I could convince my parents to watch our kids for a couple days.

It was on one of those weekend trips that the topic of wife-swapping came up. Susan was raving about how Troy was so good at home repairs, and I joked about swapping Rich for Troy, as Rich’s efforts to fix things around the house usually ended in disaster. Rich picked up on it and said he liked the idea of wife swapping, and gave Susan a suggestive smile. She gave him one back, and Troy gave me a big grin. We all had a good laugh about it, and then Susan changed the subject.

About a week later, Troy pulled Rich aside at work, and hinted about the wife swapping joke. In a roundabout way, he asked if Rich was serious about swapping Susan and I, “just for the evening”, as he put it. Rich told Troy that we were absolutely serious, but didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship with them. Troy admitted that he and Susan had talked about it and were interested as well.

That conversation opened the door to many erotic, passionate sexual adventures between the four of us. Our weekend getaways became focused around pleasure instead of sight-seeing. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring our sexuality, and had several steamy, passionate years together as a foursome. All four of us were sad when they left Palo Alto and moved to Texas.

After that, we tried to find other couples and singles to play with, and had some very enjoyable encounters; but we never found anyone like Troy and Susan. Only later did we realize the absence of Troy and Susan had left a specific kind of void in both Rich and I. Yes — we still enjoyed having sex with each other. But we also both wanted more. We wanted to find a couple we could really build a bond with, beyond the physical aspects. But we hadn’t had much luck.

As work took more and more of my time, our ability to meet up with others for sexual fun became less and less. Rich became somewhat frustrated, and would occasionally find a woman for a fling. I was always amazed at how open-minded he was in his women — young, old, black, Asian, Hispanic, tall, short, fat, thin… he didn’t discriminate. He would fuck just about anyone interested, and admitted as much to me. In a way I found it kind of kinky; and then I came back to the present situation at home, and that thought stopped me cold: did that mean he might be interested in having sex with his 21 year old daughter?

Wednesday came, and surprisingly by early afternoon I was all caught up on paperwork, phone calls, and updating listings for clients. I decided to go home early, picking up some groceries on the way home. Both Rich’s and Jenna’s cars were in the driveway when I got home, but the house seemed empty. I was about to call out for them when I heard moaning coming from down the hall to our bedroom.

My senses immediately went on alert and I slipped my shoes off, walking slowly and quietly down the hall and into the bedroom. The closer I got, the louder the moaning. It definitely sounded like Jenna’s voice, and as I stepped into the bedroom I could hear Rich’s voice as well. They were in the bathroom, and I could hear the shower going. In disbelief I slowly cracked open the door and peeked in. Through the steam I could see Jenna, her left leg up on the bench seat in the shower, her right hand up on the glass. Rich was behind her, his cock gliding in and out of her as his right hand reached around to play with her clit and his left hand played with the nipple of her left breast.

Her head was turned toward Rich, her eyes glazed over with lust, mouth open, panting and moaning as he fucked her. It was obvious Rich was working her up to an orgasm, and a few moments later she began to cry out and gasp for air. It was too much for Rich and I saw him close his eyes, tilt his head back, and gasp as his orgasm hit him. His cock was buried deep inside Jenna’s pussy and I knew he was pumping a thick load of cum inside of porno video her.

My mind was racing, thoughts exploding in my head. Please be on the pill, I thought as I turned away, unsure of what to do next. I stumbled out of the house and went and sat in my car for a few moments, then started it and drove away, the groceries still in the back seat. I drove aimlessly for a few miles, then pulled off into the parking lot of a Target. I sat there for over an hour, shaking, trying to process what I had seen and heard.

Finally I called the house, and Rich answered. I told him I was on the way home and would be stopping to pick up groceries. He said I sounded shaky and asked if I was ok. I told him I had almost been hit by another car but was ok.

When I got home, things appeared to be normal. Jenna was sitting on the couch, texting on her phone with friends, and Rich was in the kitchen, preparing some pork loin for the grill. I poured some wine and took a large gulp to help calm my nerves, then went back to change my clothes. Rich followed me back, acting concerned, and said, “Wow, that near miss must have really shaken you up.”

“It… it wasn’t a near miss. It was… I… I came home early from work, and… you and Jenna…”

Rich was silent for a few moments, then said, “Ah. I understand now.”

From down the hall I heard Jenna say, “Something on the grill is burning…”

Rich excused himself and went back to the kitchen to tend to dinner. I sat on the bed and finished my glass of wine, and then changed into some sweats and a sweatshirt. I was still in kind of a daze several minutes later when Rich poked his head in and let me know that dinner was ready.

Jenna had set the table and poured more wine for me. Rich looked up at me pensively, and I gave him a look that told him we needed to talk, later, in private. We both did our best to ease the tension in the room, and instead talked about our days. Jenna took up most of the conversation, telling us about hanging out with her friends, things going on in their lives… and then casually mentioned she was going out with Leo Thursday evening. Rich asked, “Leo? As in the Leo you broke up with, last year?”

“Yes, Daddy. We’ve stayed in touch. He wants to hang out, that’s all. I’m not interested in a relationship with him, to be honest.”

“Ah, got it. Are you guys going to see a movie, or go out to eat, or…?”

“I’m not sure, we might just hang out and talk, kinda depends.”

Jenna offered to clean up the kitchen after dinner; needing something to distract me, I went to my home office and answered a few emails and phone calls. When I came back out the kitchen was spotless, and Jenna and Rich were sitting together on the couch, sharing a blanket while they watched a movie.

I tried not to get worked up, seeing them sitting so close to each other, and was about to ask Rich if we could talk privately, when my phone rang. It was a client interested in putting an offer down on a house, and I needed to give him my full attention… but I was distracted. I went back to my office, and by the time I was done with the calls back and forth with the other agent and my client, Rich had gone to bed. Jenna was still on the couch, texting her friends. I debated on whether to say anything to her, and instead went to go talk with Rich. He was sound asleep. I sat in the dark, nestled in the loveseat in our bedroom nook, finishing my wine and thinking before I went to bed.

Thursday was an early morning for me; I was out of the house before 7am and didn’t have a chance to talk to Rich before I left. The entire day was frustrating, as the deal I had brokered the night before had fallen through, and I had to scramble to get it back on track. In the back of my mind, the shower scene between Rich and Jenna was playing over and over again. It was so wrong, so utterly wrong… and yet I hated the fact that it also was making me incredibly aroused. Rich had fucked me like that in the shower many times; it was one of his favorite things to do, and I had thoroughly enjoyed watching him do the same with other women. As much as I tried to disregard and ignore those feelings, they were always there, right under the surface.

By the time I got home it was late and I was exhausted. Jenna was already out on her date with Leo, and Rich had reheated up some leftovers for me to eat. He could tell I wasn’t in the mood to talk, and wisely left me alone. My head began to hurt, and so I took some Excedrin and told Rich I was going to bed early. He nodded and said he was going to stay up to finish watching a movie he had started last week, but hadn’t had a chance to finish.

As I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, I started to grow suspicious. Was he really staying up to watch a movie? Or… was he staying up for when Jenna came home? More thoughts and suspicions piled on, and instead of drifting off into sleep, I laid there wide awake, for what seemed like hours. At least the Excedrin took care of the headache.

I heard Jenna’s car pull up into the driveway and sat up, listening as she came into the house. I quietly opened our bedroom door and slowly walked down the hall so that I was just out of sight of the living room. The room was dark, but the glow from the TV gave me enough light to see both Rich and Jenna.

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