Cathy Unfettered Pt. 05

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Once in the car Cathy drove Mary to a secluded woodland and parked under a tree. Cathy reached over and bent Mary’s head forward until molten wax again dripped on to her clit from the candle in her mouth. Cathy’s hand forced Mary’s legs apart and her fingers roughly entered Mary’s cunt. Mary was saturated and as Cathy started to remove her fingers, Mary’s orgasm exploded and a pool of her cunt fluid formed under her arse.

Cathy alighting from the car opened the passenger door. She dragged Mary out of the car by her hair and roughly twisting her head, wiped the cunt fluid from the seat with Mary’s hair. Letting go she removed the candle and said, “Lick up the rest!”

When Cathy was satisfied the seat was clean she sat down, spread her legs and ordered Mary to tongue her to orgasm. Mary enthusiastically tongued and sucked Cathy’s cunt until Cathy was overcome by a spectacular orgasm. As Cathy recovered, Mary eagerly licked and cleaned the seat once more.

Cathy drove Mary home and parked at the kerb some fifteen yards from the house. Looking at the almost naked Mary, she said, “Get out and wait for me at the front door!” Mary ran across the lawn and cowered at the door as the movement sensor caused the illumination of the entry. Cathy, slowly and casually walked to the door and Mary opened it, begging Cathy to hurry. Cathy smiled and forcing Mary to stand up straight, she gave Mary a long list of instructions. Eventually Mary was allowed to enter the house and Mary immediately set about complying with Cathy’s instructions.

Cathy sat cross-legged in a comfortable armchair, sipping a wine. She was listening to Mary in the shower when the door opened and James entered the house. He stood still looking at Cathy; Cathy lifted her foot and said simply, “Suck, Prick!” James fell to his knees and started to lick and suck Cathy’s foot and shoe. He was getting more excited with each stroke of his tongue, but as the bathroom door opened, he jumped up and stood as rigid as his prick.

Cathy smiled as Mary entered, a towel wrapped around her. “Loose the towel; Slut!” Cathy growled. The towel immediately fell to the floor revealing Mary dressed only in lace topped stocking and extremely high-heels; she was staring apprehensively at James as it became apparent Mary had large vibrators inserted in her arse and cunt.

Cathy snarled, “Start them on maximum! Then you black slut crawl over here and suck my cunt! “.

Mary started both vibrators as ordered and stared at James waiting for his scream of repulsion but as none came, she fell to her knees and crawled towards Cathy, her eyes still on James. Cathy opened her legs and Mary’s head moved between them and she started sucking and licking her mistress.

Cathy said quietly, “Slut stretch your left leg straight out!”

Confused Mary did as commanded and then heard Cathy say, “Suck it Prick!”

Mary felt hands gently lift her foot and a tongue lick the underneath of her toes. She gasped as she realised James was licking and caressing her foot and shoe, but Mary was shocked as Cathy said, “Both of you masturbate on your favourite fetishes!”

Mary’s hand moved to her cunt as she heard the zip of James’s pants slide open.

Each member of the group ejaculated dramatically and slowly Cathy rose from her chair, her cunt fluid running down her leg. Mary her face covered in cum, watched as Cathy took a wooden spoon from the kitchen and returned to the man and his wife. Mary braced herself for the first strike, but it fell not on her arse but on James’. Cathy spanked James until he cried for mercy and then turned to Mary.

Mary was petrified, but Cathy wrenching her head back, said, “You are mine and mine alone. I will arrange a cage for you my pet, soon, but in the meantime, you will not engage in any sexual activity with this heap of shit without my permission. That includes satisfying this black faggot’s foot fetish.

Mary nodded and said, “Yes Mistress” as Cathy strode out into the dawn.

Cathy crept into her bed as Lynda was in the shower, what seemed like moments later, Lynda opened the bedroom door and said, “Get up sleepy head you have to interview my choices for the two positions we advertised.”

“Ug” Cathy said lazily.

Lynda laughed and said, “The first is for the floor manager’s job and the second is for the web designer, but I feel she, the web designer, would also make a great underwear model for young active women! See what you think.”

Cathy with extreme difficulty got to the shop in time for the interviews and was pleased when the preferred applicant for floor manager was Jasmine, the headmaster’s daughter.

Jasmine explained that her father had been replaced at the school. Her father had left and moved away, adding she did not know where, but admitted things were financially a little tough now.

Cathy looking at Jasmine said, “Well I am pleased to welcome you to our employ. We may not have known each other well at Ataşehir Esmer Escort school, but we did make a good tag team one Friday night. We must do something for your mother, I enjoyed the last time.”

Jasmine’s mouth fell open staring at Cathy questioningly. Cathy smiled and tilted her head slightly. Jasmine understood that Cathy was the prostitute Josephine!

Lynda broke the silence and offered to show Jasmine around the shop, pausing at the door, she said, “I will send the applicant for the web design job in.”

Cathy took the opportunity to visit the toilet. When she returned a tall slim and very attractive girl was standing with her back to her.

Cathy said, “Sorry to keep you.” and walked towards her but as the girl turned around Cathy exploded; she grabbed the girl by the throat and slammed her against the wall, anger and rage flowing through her mind and body.

Bianca whimpered, “I’m sorry, I did not” but Cathy interrupted, yelling, “Why? Why do you hate me?”

Choking Bianca said, “I don’t! I just want you as a friend. I’m a lesbian too!”

Cathy was shocked and dropped Bianca who immediately collapsed on to the floor coughing. Bianca did not wait for Cathy to recover from the shock of what Bianca had just said but ran from the office holding her throat. Several more seconds passed before the reality dawned on Cathy. “Fuck!” Cathy said repeatedly as she ran out of the store. Bianca was nowhere in sight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Cathy said aloud as she walked back into the store. She thought Bianca would have to go back to school just as Lynda asked, “What happened?”

Cathy said, “All this fucking time I have been so fucking wrong! I will fix it.” and grabbing her bag she left the store.

Cathy went straight to the school. Bianca watched Cathy walked up the driveway, petrified she ran out the back way and hid. Cathy searched for Bianca, but all her friends and teachers said she appeared to be absent.

The next day Bianca knew she had to go to school and face whatever her classmates would do after Cathy had told everyone she was a lesbian. Bianca reached the school gates, she was terrified, urine was starting to slowly leak into her panties and she could hardly move. As all of her many friends joined her, chattering away inconsequentially, she realised that nothing had changed; her secret was still a secret. She wondered why Cathy had kept silent.

Bianca went to the office with the intention of asking if there were any messages. She walked up to the elderly woman behind the desk. The woman without waiting for Bianca to speak and without lifting her head said, “Cathy says sorry and you got the job.” Looking up the woman smiled and watched Bianca leave. Bianca thought the day crawled by and she considered skipping every class but was overjoyed when her last lesson was cancelled.

Bianca ran all the way to the mall. As she was pondering what she should say to Cathy, a voice right next to her said, “Hi.” She whirled around to see Cathy smiling at her.

“Hi.” She replied sheepishly but beamed at Cathy. Bianca took a deep breath and said, “Why did you not tell?” However, Cathy ignored her question and held out the package she was holding and said, “Happy Birthday, oh yes and it comes with the job, all expenses paid.”

Bianca, looking shocked but excited, said, “Thank you, can I open it now?”

“Open it” Cathy replied smiling.

Bianca nervously opened the package and gasped when she realised it was the latest ‘iphone’. Her mouth fell open as she looked at Cathy in amazement.

Cathy laughed, but Lynda approached and said, “Is it your birthday?” Bianca smiled and said, “I was eighteen last Saturday and now I have just six weeks before the orphanage kicks me out. That is why I needed this job; I have to find somewhere to live.”

Cathy said, “Well Lynda and I have plenty of room, you can stay with us until you find a place. You can have the spare room, there are three bedrooms left to choose from.”

Bianca knees went weak and although embarrassed accepted the offer. Cathy suggested she have a look around and as Bianca wandered off, Lynda said, “She will be a perfect model as well.” However, Cathy’s thoughts were not on modelling, they were on slavery.

Several weeks passed and Cathy’s mother and sister had returned from their world trip, which left Cathy’s plans for Bianca in ruins. Cathy thought that her sister Jane was the governing force in the family and was the only one Cathy knew could put an end to her plans. Cathy yelled “Fuck” to the empty room, “I need really great sex!” She immediately resolved to visit her slave, Mary.

Arriving at the Walsh’s house, Cathy entered unannounced to find James and his two adult black daughters lounging on easy chairs, still in their nightclothes.

“Where’s Mary?” Cathy demanded.

The eldest daughter, Susan, not even looking up from her ipad said simply, “Shopping”.

Cathy stormed Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort over to her and grabbing her hair forced her head back and said, “You will address me as Mistress!”

Susan stared disbelievingly at the anonymous woman, but the younger daughter, Dianne, gasped and jumped to her feet.

Whatever they intended to do died as Cathy, turning to James, said, “Get naked and suck my toes!” James immediately shed his pyjamas and grovelled at Cathy’s feet. Susan jumped up and ran to her bedroom while Dianne, looking stunned, flopped back down staring at her father. As James sucked Cathy’s feet, Cathy noticed a small damp spot develop at Dianne’s cunt.

At that instant, Mary entered the house and stood petrified, her mouth open looking at her daughter.

Cathy growled, “Loose the skirt and top, Slut!”

Mary was stunned and looked at Cathy and James, but she slowly complied. She stood silently in her bra, stockings and high-heeled pumps looking at her daughter as Cathy said “Crawl over here you black cunt sucking whore and suck my cunt!”

As Mary fell to her knees and crawled towards Cathy, Cathy lifted her skirt, and spread her legs. Mary began licking Cathy’s cunt hungrily and Cathy looked over at Dianne and saw the damp spot had now saturated the crutch of her panties. As she watched Dianne’s hand fell to her cunt. Her hand moved beneath her panties and she commenced playing with her clit.

Susan entered the room, dressed only in stockings and platform shoes, and walked quickly over to where her mother and father were each licking separate parts of Cathy’s anatomy.

Cathy asked, “Do you want to suck my other foot?”

Susan replied angrily, “Get fucked” and spanked her mother and then her father hard on the arse.

Cathy smiled and rummaging through her bag, took out a short whip and a strap on dildo. She handed them to Susan.

Susan immediately took the whip and whipped both her father and mother, but it was a now naked Dianne who took the strap on dildo and putting it on plunged it deep into her mother’s cunt. The daughters fucked and whipped with increasing violence, but Cathy was in ecstasy and her orgasm finally sprayed into Mary’s face.

Cathy smiled and as she was leaving, she turned to the incestuous foursome and said, “I am the Mistress, but you may enjoy the slut and faggot for now”.

In the evening, Cathy drove to the whorehouse and straight away set about finding a submissive slut. However, Cathy had fast gained a reputation of being an extremely brutal dominatrix, who would actually harm a submissive. Cathy could feel subs move away as she approached. As the night wore on Cathy became increasingly angry and frustrated. By midnight, she knew her search was fruitless. Cathy became increasingly desperate to dominate slaves. She began planning her assault on Bianca when a tall slim attractive woman with very large boobs sat down next to her. Cathy, seeing the woman was wearing a dog collar, immediately thought her luck had changed; this she thought was obviously a pick up.

Within minutes the two women left the club together, they set off for the woman’s house in Cathy’s car.

As Cathy drove the woman said, “God you make me so horny, can we stop in these woods and have a quickie?”

Cathy smiled and drove a little way into the woods and parked the car. As she turned towards the woman, the woman squirted a gas in Cathy’s face and said, “Goodnight, dumb-ass!”

Cathy had no way of knowing how long she had been unconscious, but as her head cleared she realised she was still dressed, the only change being she now wore a narrow dog collar. The woman was sat across from her, her legs crossed, smiling at her. Cathy jumped up and yelled, “Fuck you! I’m not staying.” Cathy got up and crossing a large entry hall she wrenched open the front door. Amazed she looked on a scene of high snow capped mountains. Panicking Cathy ran out of the door, but she had not moved two yards when pain shot through her from the dog collar and she collapsed.

As the woman approached and the pain eased, she said with a smile, “You are not allowed to move more than ten metres from me.” Cathy’s anger boiled over and getting to her feet, she ran at the woman, but again the pain shot through her and the woman laughing said, “Or get closer than two metres. Now while you do a strip for me I will answer any questions.” Pressing a remote control, which shot more pain through Cathy, she said, “Now”.

Cathy started to strip and said, “Where are we, the Rockies?”

“Sort of” the woman replied, “But, this far south they call them the Andes!

Cathy was shocked and stared at her. She asked, “Why me?”

Clicking the remote the woman put her hand around Cathy’s throat and said, “My name is Josephine, ring any bells? You cost me a lot of money and I want it back! I would never have found you if you had not bragged to Jasmine.” After a pause she continued, “I Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort had a thriving business catering to extreme fetishes and you fucking near ruined it, you dumb-ass cunt! I am going to have much more than a pound of flesh!” Holding Cathy down, she slapped Cathy hard across the face. When Cathy cried out in pain Josephine said, “Fucking shut up you worthless slut, there is plenty more where that came from. If you don’t like being hit then take what is coming, I guarantee you will not enjoy it!” Josephine took hold of an electric cattle prod and waving it in front of Cathy’s face, she said, “One more sound and I will used this!” and poked Cathy’s pubic mound. Cathy jumped in pain, she was terrified and tried to push past Josephine, but Josephine shoved her back and jabbing her repeatedly with the electric prod forced her further into the room. All the time telling her she was a slut and needed to be punished. Cathy tried to scream but a hand came out of nowhere and slammed into the side of her head.

Cathy backed almost unconscious to a chair and curled herself into a tight ball. Josephine grabbed her hair and forcing her head backward rammed an anal butt plug into her protesting mouth, expertly securing it in place. Then, wrenching Cathy’s hair so hard that in desperation Cathy threw both hands up to try to relieve the pain, Josephine grabbed her wrists and manacle them. Holding on to the chain connecting the cuffs Josephine dragged Cathy to her feet and connected a second short chain with what Cathy thought was a butcher’s hook, but with two prongs. With Cathy’s hands were forced behind her head, her elbows vertical, Josephine pulled the butchers hook down to Cathy’s arse, positioning one of the hooks at her anal rose. Cathy could feel a cold steel ball slowly forcing her sphincter muscles apart. The ball was slightly bigger than a golf ball but it felt much bigger as it started to force its way into her arse. Her arms were in excruciating pain, but Cathy tried desperately to force them further over her head to slacken the chain pulling the ball inexorably into her arse.

Cathy looked around in desperation and saw Josephine was stood behind her, rubbing her clit as she watched Cathy’s fruitless struggle to keep the steel ball from penetrating her rosebud. Cathy gasped but Josephine was rubbing her clit vigorously. As Cathy stared at Josephine horrified, Josephine picked up a vibrator and began to ram it in and out of her own cunt, while she squeezed and pulled her clit saying, “Oh I will have to film this, and I know all the perverts on the internet will just love watching that ball disappear into your fucking arse. Maybe I could stream it to your mother, I am sure she would enjoy it”. Josephine’s orgasm was immense and she squirted on to the floor. Laughing she climbed on to a chair and wiped her cunt and thighs with Cathy’s hair.

The ball finally entered Cathy’s arse. Josephine laughed and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself, Cathy? You will; I am.” Cathy was devastated at the anal intrusion and by the thought of this maniac enjoying the spectacle.

Smiling broadly Josephine again went to a drawer and returned with two evil looking clamps. Josephine said, “Open your fucking legs”. When Cathy did not move Josephine formed a fist and hit Cathy as hard as she could in the stomach. Cathy doubled up in pain and dropped to her knees. Josephine kicked her legs, eventually forcing them apart, then bending down she pushed Cathy over backwards, trapping Cathy’s legs beneath her, her thighs spread, her cunt open wide. Taking the clamps, Josephine fitted one to each of Cathy’s vaginal lips and screwed then on especially tight. Attaching a dog lead to the vaginal clamps, she forced Cathy to stand. Josephine then forced Cathy’s feet into to a pair of seven-inch high heels, the toes of which were ballet shoes. Josephine bent down and locked the ankle straps, laughing at Cathy who was now force to walk on tiptoe. Josephine tugged the dog lead and Cathy had no option but to follow. Every step was painful as her vaginal lips burned with each tug of the lead and her toes were crushed into the shoes. The dog lead was tied to the wall and Cathy sank to her knees. Josephine disappeared only to emerge minutes later dressed in a latex dominatrix outfit, which left her tits, and cunt exposed. Josephine was wearing a huge strap on dildo and holding a thin riding crop as well as the electric cattle prod.

Cathy was terrified, piss dribbling from her cunt as she looked at Josephine; Josephine was smiling. Josephine reached down and spreading her cunt lips pressed her cunt hard against Cathy’s face, and laughing she said, “Two can play that game.” Piss spurted out of Josephine and she smeared the flowing liquid around Cathy’s face and hair. Laughing she said, “You’ll get to eat my shit later!”

Cathy was pulled to her feet and in agony, she watched Josephine. She was terrified and urine was still leaking down her legs. Josephine laughed and said, “If you knew what was coming you’d shit yourself.” Laughing still more she said, “I don’t suppose you can, can you, Cathy. I have already blocked that fucking hole”. Josephine half-pushed, half-guided Cathy down cellar steps. However, when Josephine pressed the cattle prod onto Cathy’s arse, she fell the last few steps to the bottom.

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