Cat’s Birthday Ch. 02

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Cat began to stir. It was early afternoon. They had been sleeping for a while. Had she not felt his arm around her, she would have thought it was a dream. So many times she had imagined this moment, waking up in his arms. But never did she think it would be a reality.

She smiled and snuggled in closer, grinding her ass lightly on his crotch. She could feel his cock begin to stir. She needed him. She needed to feel him inside her again. But she was still a bit embarrassed about how she must have acted the night before.

Cat carefully slipped away and headed off to the kitchen. Not wanting to wake him, she riffled through the pile of mail on the counter to find the address. She quietly gathered her things and arranged for a ride back to her car.

Chris awoke an hour or so later.

“Cat?” he called out. No answer. Chris made his way to the kitchen. There on the counter, beside his mail, was a small piece of paper. He looked at it and smiled. “Thank you…for everything!”


It was late Monday morning. Cat sat staring at the computer screen. She was trying to keep focused on her work. But her mind was on something else. Her mind was on him. They hadn’t talked since she quietly slipped away. Her mind was on her naughty secret. A secret which had her both nervous and excited!

She had been nervous all morning. She had revealed her secret to him hours ago. And still nothing. She knew he had gotten it. But did it scare him away? Was he upset with her for abruptly leaving? Or was he just keeping her in suspense, a little “cat and mouse” game. Either way, she was nervous. She was anxious. But most of all, she was horny. It was time to take a walk.


Her morning started like every other. The alarm clock rang, she stumbled out of bed and got into the shower. It was in the shower, as she teased herself, thinking about him, thinking about the weekend, that the idea came to her.

One of her favorite toys was a remotely operated one. It was one of the better ones she had found. It lasted long, and gave her pleasure quickly. But there was another feature it had, one she had always wanted to try, but never had the right opportunity. This one could connect to the user’s cell phone. This allowed the user to connect with their lover from a distance. It allowed them to control the toy, to control you. That’s when the idea came to her. Why not give HIM control?

Cat teased herself as the water cascaded over her body. She tried to imagine what it would be like to give someone total control over her pleasure. The thought of the suspense of not knowing when it would being or end excited her more. Her fingers teased her clit faster. “Oh fuck!” she cried out as she came in the shower. Her knees shook, she put a hand on the shower wall to stabilize herself. She wanted to continue, she wanted to cum again, but she knew if she did, she would be late for work.

Cat quickly finished in the shower and went to get dressed. She took the toy out and stared at it. She wondered how loud it would be. “Well,” she mumbled. “Only one way to find out.” She was still dripping with excitement from her shower tease. She gasp as it slipped easily inside her. Cat opened the app on her phone which controlled it and went through the settings. She closed her eyes as they toy rumbled to life. Barely a sound could be heard. Her excitement grew, she was getting close to cumming again. It was hard for her to stop, but she wanted HIM to make her cum.

Her heart raced as she took a deep breath and slid her lacy panties up her legs and put on her matching bra. Her pussy ached. She wanted teased and she wanted to tease. And she knew just how to do it, what would drive him wild. She smiled a devilish smile as she retrieved a pair of lace thigh high stockings from her dresser drawer almanbahis giriş and slipped them on. They complimented her lace panty nicely and she knew they would get his attention. She had recently taken notice of the way he admired her nylon covered legs. In fact, that was how she first became aware of his interest in her. She had caught him staring at her stocking covered legs. He appeared mesmerized, lost in a trance. He blushed profusely when he finally realized she had caught him.

Cat quickly put on her skirt and top and stepped in to her open toe heels. She took a minute to admire herself in the mirror. Surely he wouldn’t be able to resist!

“Shit!” She exclaimed as she looked at the clock. She was going to be late! Cat rushed out the door and headed for the office.

Chris was already at his desk when she arrived. Her heels clicked on the floor as she walked by grabbing his attention. She could see him staring at her as she walked by. “Good, that got his attention!” she thought trying to fight back a schoolgirl like giggle.

Cat went to her office and closed the door. Her heart raced faster as she took out her phone and connected it to her toy. Again she tested it. Her clothing muffled what little sound could be heard before. Cat entered his number into the “To” line of a new message. Her fingers shook as she tried to send explicit directions for downloading the controlling app. She stared at the message having second thoughts. She was about to delete the message, about to forget the whole crazy idea. Her finger hovered over “send”. Her mind said no, but her fingers and desire said yes.

Hours passed before she received the notification in the app that he wanted to be added to her “friends” list. She was dripping with excitement as she accepted the request. “I’m all yours” she messaged him along with a photo of what was under her skirt. Then she waited. Waited for that first buzz. That first tease. But it didn’t come.

Time passed slowly. More slowly than before. One minute turned in to five, then ten, then an hour. “Maybe it isn’t working,” she thought as she opened the app and tested it. The vibration hit her hard and she jumped in her seat. No, it most definitely was working!

Still more time passed. Cat couldn’t take it. She stood up and walked out of the office past Chris. He avoided eye contact. She waited a few minutes before returning to her office. As she walked past him again, there was a low rumble from her toy.

She smiled as she kept walking. It stopped as quickly as it had started. Cat closed and locked her office door and drew the blind shut on the window beside it, the universal sign around the office that she was not to be disturbed. She sat down at her desk and waited. Again, a slow rumble. She moaned quietly. The vibrations felt good in her aching pussy. Then they stopped.

The rest of the morning dragged on. She couldn’t focus on anything. Surely lunch time would bring some fun. Cat made it a point to walk by him numerous times, but still nothing. She sighed as she settled back in to her work.

There was a knock on her doorway. Cat jumped. Her door was still open. She had forgotten to close it again after lunch and somehow never noticed.

“Come in,” she said smiling.

Just as her coworker entered her office, a slow rumble started. Cat’s leg jerked violently.

“You ok?” her coworker asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, just started to get a cramp,” she replied with a forced smile as she crossed her legs.

The low rumble intensified just a bit. Cat shifted in her seat. Her heart raced nervously, not knowing what was about to happen or if her coworker could hear the vibrator rumbling inside of her. She closed her eyes for a minute, losing focus on the conversation. There was a sudden spike to max vibration, almanbahis then it stopped. Again she jumped. Her leg hit the bottom of her desk.

“Are you sure you are ok?” Her coworker asked again.

“Yes, sorry, just really trying to fight this leg cramp,” Cat said blushing.

She held her breath waiting for the next wave as they finished their conversation. But much to her relief, it didn’t come.

Cat’s phone buzzed with a message notification as her coworker left her office. She giggled as she looked at the devil emoji that popped up. “Don’t stop! Tease me!” She messaged back as she stood up to close and lock the door again.

“Not while you are alone,” Chris replied back. “It much too easy. Much more fun and naughty when there is someone else there. “

Cat’s heart raced. She wanted this. She started this and he was more than willing to play…just on his terms.

“As you wish,” Cat mumbled under her breath.

Cat left the door open and sat back at her desk, patiently awaiting the next visitor, the next buzz of the vibrator.

It wasn’t long before the next knock came. And with it, the next low rumble. It took every ounce of energy she had to concentrate on the conversation. The rumble started low, slowly getting stronger, faster, before slowing to a low rumble again. Wave after wave continued, each one bringing her closer. Cat’s heart raced not knowing what she would do if the visitor stayed any longer. Then it stopped. “Oh, thank goodness,” she thought as she let out a sigh.

“Everything ok?” Her coworker asked.

“Yes, sorry. It’s just been a busy day and I’m a little tired. What were you saying?”

Now that the teasing stopped, Cat was able to focus on the conversation and resolve the issue the coworker was having. She stood and followed her coworker to the door. As she left, she closed it and the blind behind her. She needed a break…that was too close!

A message popped up. “Problem?”

“No,” she replied. “Just needed to catch my breath.”

Cat sat quietly in her office, the door closed. She ached for release more now than ever before. She tried to focus on work, but couldn’t. She knew she could easily end this, but again, she couldn’t. The excitement of it all, the fear of being caught drove her to continue.

It took some time, but she regained her composure. She was about to open her door to await her next visitor when a reminder popped up on her computer.

“Fuck!” She grumbled. She had forgotten about her conference call. She dialed in and awaited for the others to join.

Cat had quickly gotten lost in the conversation on the call. Some time had passed before she glanced at the clock. The call was running long. There was only ten minutes left in the day. The office would soon be empty. It was going to be another long, lonely night at the office. Cat sighed, kicked her shoes off her aching feet and settled in.

Cat stared at the presentation on the computer as the call went on offering her opinion when asked. The office was empty, no more distractions. She was totally focused on work now. She had all but forgotten her little naughty secret. Then it started. That low rumble. It was slow and steady at first. Just enough to reminder her about her naughty game. Gradually, the vibrations increased. Cat closed her eyes and let the feeling of pleasure sweep though her body as the vibrations intensified. Cat’s hand found the top button of her blouse. Knowing everyone was gone and the door was locked, she gave in to her desire and unbuttoned it. She could feel her orgasm again start to build. Her hand slipped under her bra. She tensed as she gave her erect nipple a light squeeze letting out a little moan.

“I’m sorry, did someone say something?” Cat snapped quickly back to reality as she muted her almanbahis giriş phone. After a short awkward silence, the conference call continued.

Cat leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the desk as the vibrations went up another step. She closed her eyes and let her hand wander under her skirt to her panties. She inhaled sharply at her own touch. Goose bumps formed on her skin as she her fingers followed along the edge of her panties. Her entire body shook when her hand slipped inside. Her fingers were slick with her wetness. She began to moan again as she teased her clit with her slick fingers. Cat was close to cumming, so close…then the vibrations stopped. Cat had an overwhelming sense that she wasn’t alone. She slowly opened her eyes. Chris was standing in front of her with a devilish smile. She smiled back as she brought her fingers to her lips. She moaned seductively as sucked them into her mouth licking her wetness from them. She locked eyes with him as her fingers fell back to her clit. The vibrations started again as she continued to tease, making sure not to break eye contact.

Chris was in total control. He continued to tease her, letting her get right to the edge before stopping. Finally, Cat couldn’t take it anymore. She begged for him to let her cum. Chris reached for the phone, unmuting it as he turned the vibrator to max level. Cat covered her mouth with her hand in an attempt to muffle her moans as she came. Her body tensed and she jerked, knocking things from her desk as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through her.

“Cat?” a concerned voice called out from the conference call. “Everything ok there?”

“Yes,” she stammered. “Sorry, just a little excitable today. A spider just went across my desk and scared me.”

Cat quickly muted the phone again as she jumped up and pushed the rest of the things on her desk onto the floor.

“Close the door, now!” She growled angrily. Chris chuckled as he obeyed and walked back over to the desk. She grabbed him by the tie and pulled him close to her and kissed him deeply. Cat wasted little time getting his pants undone. His cock throbbed having been released from its constraints. She stroked it as she kissed him. He let out a lustful moan and jumped as she smacked his ass.

“On the desk now,” she commanded. Again, he obeyed, laying down on her empty desk. Cat unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She carefully climbed on the desk and on top of him. She pulled her panties to the side and removed the toy from her dripping pussy before lowering herself on to his throbbing cock. She leaned down and kissed him, as she slowly rocked back and forth on his cock, grinding her clit against him.

Cat quickly grew tired of her own teasing. She need to fuck him. She reached behind her and fondled his balls. They were tight and full. “Mmm,” she cooed. “Fucking fill my pussy with your cum you naughty tease!”

Chris grabbed her ass and pulled her to him. He arched up off the desk slightly and began to fuck her hard and fast, each thrust getting harder and harder. Cat was soon crying out in ecstasy as she came on cock. Her cries only caused him to fuck her harder, her ass slapping against his thighs. Her orgasm grew more intense with each smack. She wanted to tell him to stop, it was too much, but she couldn’t. It was his turn, she wasn’t going to allow him to not cum this time. She wanted it. She needed to feel him explode in her, she wanted to be filled.

Her second orgasm came only seconds after the first stopped. She cried out again as she reached behind her to fondle his balls. She heard him growl and his body tense. Her pussy clenched tight on his cock. She could feel the first spasm of his orgasm as it flooded her pussy with his cum. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply as her pussy drained every ounce of cum from him.

Chris held her tightly and caressed her as they came off of the high from their mutual orgasm.

“Thank you for an amazing birthday,” she whispered. “It was the best ever!”

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