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I’m laying back in bed, watching in the mirror as my fingers slide up and down the lips of my pussy, watching them glisten with saliva and my own moisture as my fingers spread them open a bit more with each stroke. I take in my tousled blonde hair, my flushed face and my slightly reddened nipples from where I was teasing them moments before…

I’m distracted by a rustling sound, and look up to see you standing in the doorway, holding a crumpled paper bag and giving me a look that I cant quite decipher. I quickly close my legs, embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising position, even if its nothing you haven’t seen before.

“Well it looks like I’ve got you exactly where I want you” You say with a big smile, as you walk up to the bed and dump the contents of the bag out on it. I see what appears to be a blindfold, several lengths of rope, a short black whip, and what looks like a paddle.

“I wasn’t sure what time you’d be home” I say, “Um…it looks like you’ve been shopping?….” I trail off, feeling a twinge of unease as I look at the array of items on the bed. I self consciously cross my arms over my legs too, for protection from who knows what. “You must’ve stopped by that new store that opened in that cheesy strip mall…”

Dear, you’re not telling me you’re all talk are you?“ you say while you have the nerve to raise and eyebrow. “That moaning whenever I bite you or slam deep into you? Those little cries you make for more when it starts getting a bit rough?” You let out a low laugh, that is not your normal nice self laugh.

I look at you in shock, scared but a bit excited too at the chance to try something a bit different, maybe a bit more dangerous than our usual lovemaking sessions. I work up the bravado to reach my arms out in front of me, wrists together “Let’s see what you have in mind” I manage to get out of my dry throat.

“I’m warning you, I’m not playing. I expect total obedience until I’d done with you.” You give me a stern look, and I manage to give you a small nod as you reach for my wrists. You tie them together above my head, and I’m a bit surprised at how rough the rope feels against my skin. Next you put the blindfold on me, making sure it’s tight over my eyes.

Once I’m secured almanbahis that way, you turn me over, and I feel your hands reaching underneath me to my breasts. You’re usually gentle, but now you grab them firmly, then push me down against the bed with your hand under my body, squeezing me, pinching at my nipples until I’m almost wincing. I want to tell you to stop, tell you that it’s too much, but just as I’m about to, you release me. I’m in the process of offering up a silent thanks, when all of a sudden the whip lashes across my buttocks for the first time, leaving a trail of fire behind.

“Ouch!“ I cant help but let my natural reaction show. You lean over, gather up my hair and wind it around your hand, pull my head back towards you and say “Shhhh.” The whip again comes down across my ass and the back of my thighs, a blow coming every several seconds or so, until I’m squirming underneath its touch, praying it will find a spot that hasn’t been lashed yet.

“Hmm, it looks like I drew a little blood with that one!” you exclaim, and I feel your lips kiss along the latest welt to soothe it, and then another thwack against my ass, a more dull pain than before, and I realized you’re paddling me now. Oh, the humiliation, if only I could’ve kept my clothes on until you got home! Sure, I am getting wet with all my wriggling but I’m still too conscious of just how vulnerable I am, naked and tied for your convenience. Finally you seem to tire of spanking me, and I hear the paddle land on the bed beside me.

“Spread your legs” you say. I hesitate a second, not having expected the order. Apparently a second was too long for you though… “I said spread them!” Your grab my thighs and pull them apart. “You keep that behavior up and I’ll assume you want me to whip your pussy”

“Up on your knees, and keep your legs spread!” I scramble to obey, to avoid any of that burning on my tender wet hole. I use my elbows to push my body up and pull my legs up and apart for you. You grip my waist, and pull me backwards until my feet slide off the bed and my pussy into your mouth. I shudder as your tongue touches me, stroking up and down along me, your teeth closing over my labia occasionally, drawing gasps from me mixed with noises of pain almanbahis giriş and pleasure. You must be deliberately avoiding licking my clit, and I‘m trying to move around and find my way to your tongue when suddenly your fingers are everywhere, fucking my pussy, probing at my ass, and simply driving me wild. I’m quickly at the verge of orgasm, and as I start tightening around you, you abruptly withdraw from me and I’m left trembling with desire.

“You didn’t think I’d let you off that easy did you?” You push me over and flip me onto my back. A minute later, your cock is over my mouth, and I’m straining to lick everything I can reach. I try to suck on anything you put near my mouth, lapping at your balls, stray fingers, the back of your cock.

You turn around on top of me, so your cock is over my mouth and your hands are holding my ankles down. I arch my head back, but can only get a few inches of your dick in my mouth that way. You capture my clit with your tongue while I try to suck on you, making me thrash around, and with me unable to move the lower half of my body and my head trapped under your cock, my pussy starts clenching and craving your dick far inside me. Your tongue makes a long sweep from my clit to the back of your pussy and then you move off of me again.

I practically whine at the loss of stimulation, and the bed shifts as you move around, putting yourself between my legs. You grab my thighs and pull me up onto you, and it feels like you are sitting back on your knees. I can feel your hard cock against my leg, and I know you can feel my wet pussy against your shaft too. You lean over me, grab my forearms and pull me up, looping my wrists behind your neck, pulling me to a sitting position on your lap. You put your hands under my ass, and lift me up and onto your cock.

Your lips find mine, and we kiss as you rock me back and forth on you, you caress my mouth with yours, surprising me with your gentleness, until you jump back in role and take a violent nip at my bottom lip. As the pain hits me it makes my pussy squeeze tight around you for a moment. You lean forward until I’m practically hanging back in midair , and start ramming your cock in and out of me, my body helplessly pounding against yours. almanbahis yeni giriş After a few minutes of hard hot sex that has me reeling, your pace slows and you put one hand under my ass for support, while the other reaches between our bodies and starts massaging my clit.

A little later you slow further, and leisurely fuck me now, stretching me with your cock, coaxing moans out of me with each thrust, each twirl of your fingers on my pussy. I cling to you as you work it in and out of me, your dick seemingly a bit harder with each stroke. I try to fight it because I’m cant stand for it to end, but my pussy gets wet deep inside, and I feel everything from my clit to my ass tighten, my muscles start clamping down and squeezing you, pulling you deeper into me as I start coming, around your dick, and I fight to slam myself against you as hard as I can.

And then I just cant help it, I scream out that I’m coming because I know that will set you off, and I need to feel you let go at the same time. My body stretches open now for you, and welcomes you deep inside my body, wrapping around your cock in waves until you let out a deep low groan and start thrust rapidly, emptying your cum in me, drenching my insides with both our fluids and moaning all sorts of nonsense that I know just means that you think it feels incredible.

At the end of your climax, you topple forward taking me with you, laying us out along the rumpled covers and pressing your body against mine for a minute while I pulse around you a still and slow my breathing to a normal rate. I can feel myself practically purring in contentment as I stretch against you and smile.

Eventually you untangle your limbs from mine, and roll off me and sit on the edge of the bed. I let out a contented sigh and wait for you to release me so we can clean up and take a shower together.

“You stay there while I go get a washcloth to clean you off with” you tell me, playfully making a grab at my ass as you rise from the bed.

“I hope you’re going to take off this blindfold first” I giggle and spread my legs open, trying to get your attention while I beckon you back to release me.

“Well I might let you out for a dinner break, as I do have some things I’d love to stick in your mouth…berries and cheese I mean…mostly anyway. But I hope you aren’t silly enough to think I’m through with you!”

Before I can get a stuttered response out, I hear your feet pad out the door and down the hall…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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