Caught on Camera Ch. 06

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Big Tits

I picked up the phone. It had buzzed again, the umpteenth time it had chirruped and announced a new video message. Each time it had been like someone stabbing some rusted, ragged blade into my heart. This time was no different – Alice’s hand, wedding band gleaming, covering her bare pussy. Slowly the hand was pulled aside, revealing her sloppy wet hole … sperm oozing out of it. A lot of sperm. More than one man could have produced. Giggling could be heard off camera then female fingers appeared, slipping easily into my wife’s cunt. One, two, three then four, a tucked thumb and I was watching my wife’s cum-filled vagina being fisted by, I imagined, my ex-wife, Melody.

Another clip, just showing Alice’s pretty face, smiling serenely into the camera. Then, out of nowhere, blast after blast of sperm splattered all over the left side of her face. She just kept smiling at me, even as the seed dripped down her cheek and down onto her chest. Another jet of spunk hit her from the other side, her face getting messier and messier. Still she smiled like nothing was happening. Over and over, more and more cum being plastered all over her beautiful visage until she was completely, totally covered in it.

A third clip, a longer one this time. Alice was nude outside a changing room in some shop.

“Hi, honey,” she said. “This shop is awesome, they have some really great clothes but, you know, best of all … they help you with the fittings. Like … well, you’ll see.”

She swept back the curtain of one of the fitting cubicles and there stood a naked black man. Naked except for some kind of name badge hanging on a cord around his neck. She grinned at me / the camera and entered the cubicle. The person holding the camera tried to follow, but Alice shook her finger reprovingly.

“Now, come on … a girl’s got to have privacy while she gets changed, right?”

The curtain was swept back and, seconds later, all we – myself and the camera person – could hear was the sounds of Alice screaming and grunting with pleasure, the black man obviously fucking her hard inside the cubicle.

Another clip followed it up, showing the cubicle curtain being thrown aside, the black male walking out, Alice standing against the wall behind him, sweat covering her body, pussy leaking sperm, chest heaving.

“Enjoy yourself?” Melody said from behind the camera. Alice merely grinned and nodded.

“Round Two, cunt!” a loud, male voice bellowed and a new man, cock stiff as rock and just grotesquely large, entered the cubicle. This time they didn’t shut the curtain and the video ended with the man fucking Alice while holding her up in the air, hips working hard to pump my wife’s pussy as hard as he could while bearing all her weight on his muscular arms.

“Oh yes, you black … mother … FUCKER!” Alice screamed as 12 inches of cock slammed into her stretched pussy again and again. “Oh, Jesus fucking … feels so fucking good … getting fucked like this … just … going to … make me … fucking CUM AGAIN!”

I could see her eyes roll back in her head, her mouth a silent O as the man continued to batter her pussy with ruthless thrusts. Her whole body was spasming and bucking against him, but he didn’t let up for a second. Unintelligible sounds – grunts, squawks, screams and more – poured forth from my wife as her orgasm turned her into one seething mass of pleasure. And it went on and on – I’d never seen a woman so utterly consumed by such feelings and sensations before … but there she was, my lovely wife, turned into a … I don’t even know how to describe it.

Consciousness and awareness finally returned after a while and the man, satisfied, thrust himself to the balls and growled. I could see clearly that he was cumming deep inside bursa escort my wife … and I foolishly thought that was it. Oh no … he just grinned at my wife, who was smiling in a bleary sort of way at him.

“Round three…” and started fucking her again. He’d just cum and he was still, clearly, solid as rock! Even in my fragile state, I had to admire the man for his stamina! I’d have been out for the night if that were me … and he was going again instantaneously!

“Oh God, yes!” Alice shouted. “Ladies … ladies … you’ve got to fuck … get fucked by a black guy. Do it … please … do it today! Do it as soon as you can! See … oh God, I can’t … another FUCKING … AAAHHHHHHH!”

As I listened to the incredible sounds of my wife cumming again, so soon after her last orgasm, Melody changed the view. Turning, she showed me that there was a group of women watching my wife getting screwed! Some were just standing there open-mouthed, some were clearly aroused – nipples visible through thin material, that sort of thing – and some … some were stuffing hands into underwear, literally masturbating at the sight of my wife getting ploughed.

I heard various fucks, holy shits and oh my gods from the women as Melody continued to film them. Then Melody shouted something.

“Hands up who wants to get fucked by a black stud!”

Glances at her, at the camera, between women … then every fucking single one of them thrust their hand in the air! The world was collapsing around me – everyone was going crazy! Some clearly had wedding bands and rings on, but that seemed not to make any difference. Melody gave a whistle and suddenly the whole place was filled with naked black men and then all the women were getting naked and cocks and cunts were being flashed and the sound just became this shrieking cacophony of women screaming and men grunting and then Melody shut off the camera feed, leaving me stunned to the point of catatonia. What the fuck had I just witnessed?

All was explained a few hours later. I was sitting on the balcony, almost catatonic. A drink I’d prepared lay untouched on the glass table top next to me, my eyes fixed on nothing ahead of me, just staring into space, mind trying to comprehend the events of the last few days. Things I’d ever expected to see or to feel again – betrayal, jealousy, inadequacy – all were waging a winning war on my consciousness. I remember being floored with depression when Melody had acted as she had, ruining my first marriage. All those same feelings were back with a vengeance, except this time my wife was engaging me in the whole process. It wasn’t … remote like the last time. Alice was rubbing my face in it, taunting me with video after video of her debasing herself with those men (and women).

I heard the door to the hotel room slam and Alice was soon with me. She put her hands on my shoulders, kneading them gently, but she said nothing at first. Eventually, she sighed and I knew she could feel me tense up as she began to speak.

“Things are getting a bit crazy,” she said, though I didn’t think she meant that in a negative way. “I never thought I’d be getting fucked in public with an audience of shoppers watching big black cocks stuff themselves into … well, Melody suggested that I’d get a thrill out of showing other girls how amazing black men are after I shut myself away that first time … and yeah, it really turned me on, all those women watching me then all those other men coming in and there was just this big fucking orgy! In a high street shop, can you believe it? I think the manager must have closed the place for a bit, I don’t know … who cares, it was a fucking awesome experience.”

She stopped for a second.

“I malatya escort made quite a few new friends today. There was Rosie, she’s like nearly 50 and in a marriage with this guy who is never around. She hadn’t realised it, but she really needed a good, hard fucking. Which is what she got today! Then there was Sarah, who’s single but now says she’ll only date black men from now on. Um, let me see … oh yes, Jennifer, Heather and Harriet, three girls from Manchester. They were here with their boyfriends … but they said they were going to dump them literally today after what happened! Just amazing, all this…”

“Wonderful, I bet all those men deserve to lose the loves of their lives to random strangers…”

“Well, if they’re so inadequate in bed, do they deserve to keep those women?”

“I guess I don’t deserve to keep you then, considering I am so incapable of satisfying you…”

“Not really, no,” she said and that, at last, spurred me into action. I spun in my chair, shaking off her hands, looking at her standing there, hands on hips.

“You mean that? Really? This is it, over between us? Because of … all this?”

“No, I don’t want that, but I have to be honest. You can’t cut it physically, you just can’t. Your dick hard is like smaller than the smallest black cock I’ve seen when it is flaccid. I mean, come on … do you think I’d be happy with that? Seriously?”

Enraged, I pulled off my wedding ring and slammed it down on the table. “There. It’s off. I guess you are happy now. You and Melody, ruining me for a second time.”

“Put it back on,” she said. “I don’t want a divorce. Didn’t you listen to me yesterday? I want us to be together platonically … with Melody there too. To raise our children.”

“You know I can’t … it’s too much to ask. She nearly destroyed me and now all this? I can’t do it, Alice.”

“You can and will,” she snapped. “You haven’t got the balls to do anything but OBEY me in this, James. You will do it and be happy with it. I’ve had enough of your snivelling. Man up.”

“I can’t believe you’d say that to me …”

She looked me and then, for some reason, grinned.

“You know, this has just given me a great idea. Oh, fuck YES! What an idea, it is so fucking wonderful, I … stay here. I mean it, stay right there.”

She scooted off back into the room, closing the sliding glass door behind her. I looked through and saw her rummaging through a handbag and pulling out her phone. After a while, she began to speak to someone, but the glass muffled the sound of her voice. I only caught a few words.

“…come over … tonight if possible … worth it … life-changing … really? Fantastic! See you tonight! … both … bring her too … trust me … won’t regret it.”

She put the phone down and joined me once more.

“Right, I have a little surprise for you later, James. And I meant what I said. You, me and Melody, a happy family. Deal with it – two women that love you, why is that something to reject? You get more than most men get, just without the sex. Anyway, I’ve got to go do something for the surprise. Just do whatever it is you want and I’ll see you in a few hours.

‘A few hours’ turned into the next morning for reasons beyond my understanding at the time. I didn’t see Alice at dinner, but I did get a message as I was returning to my room from Melody.

“Alice with me, taking 13 inches of cock. Don’t wait up!”

I groaned and meekly replaced the phone in my pocket. Sleep eluded me for a long time, my imagination running wild. One thought continued to replay itself – the thought of accepting all this. I knew that other men were happy in marriages such as mine – cuckolded, çanakkale escort but still happy. Could I be one of those men? It was a straight choice between that and losing everything, I realised. I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that I’d never be able to touch my beautiful Alice ever again. To think I’d been within seconds of entering her, of making my own baby in her womb … the thought was agony to me.

Sleep did find me eventually, though my dreams were no less painful. My life had become a constant nightmare from morning until night, broken up with humiliating messages from wife and my ex. What had been an idyllic getaway had turned into a hellish experience for me. And there was this ‘surprise’ to look forward to … I dreaded to think what that was, though I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was.

I hadn’t really even done anything for the past day or so. I’d envisaged Alice and I going on sunset walks, enjoying some fine dining, going on excursions … but instead she was spending every moment of her time with Melody and assorted men that weren’t her husband. I was just coming back up from breakfast when I saw Alice and Melody standing outside our hotel room. They hadn’t spotted me yet (I’d come up the stairs instead of using the lift because, yes, it was a way of eating a bit more time out of this wretched holiday). I ducked back around the corner, thinking I could overhear them surreptitiously, maybe find out more regarding this ‘surprise’.

“… got a call, they’re about ten minutes away!” Alice was saying.

“Oh wow, I’ve not seen them in, like, forever. I wonder how they’ll react to seeing me … maybe I shouldn’t be here, just in case.”

“Hmm, perhaps. Did you get on with them?”

“Oh yeah, they loved me. But still, with everything that happened … break me to them gently, I think. And I think you’ll be just as good at me at turning them anyway.”

“I learned from a master, Melody,” Alice grinned and took my ex-wife’s hand … then began to kiss her. They melted into each other’s’ arms, tongues entwined. I watched in both horror and arousal as the two loves of my life snogged away in front of my room. At one point, an older couple (mid-50s or so) came past and, eyebrows raised, avoided them … though I did see the wife’s eyes linger longer than the man’s. God, was every woman sex-crazed in this place? Maybe there was something in the air…

Finally, they broke off their amorous entanglement. Alice checked her phone. “Oh wow, they’re here. Downstairs … um, let me go talk to them and then … I just want it to be a surprise, a total headfuck for James when he sees them. I’ll see you later, Mel.”

“Definitely,” my ex said, getting into the lift. Alice tapped away at her phone for a second and I thought this the best time to appear. She looked up at me and for a second the smile she gave me was the old Alice. It warmed my heart and … well, I’ll mention that smile later. Such a small little thing, but … again, that’s for later.

“Oh, James, there you are,” she said. “I had another wonderful night with … I can’t remember his name, but anyway. He had an amazing cock … so thick and …”

Her phone bleeped.

“Ah, your surprise is nearly ready. Just go into the room and wait for a few minutes. When I knock, answer and … well, I hope you enjoy it.”

As she got into the lift, she winked at me.

“I know I will.”

The doors closed and I entered the room. Sighing, I splashed some water on my face and took a deep breath. Whatever it was, it … they were ascending in the lift right then. I barely had time to towel myself dry when the knock came. I took another deep breath and opened the door…

…and my heart sunk yet again.

Alice was grinning at me from behind two women.

My mother.

And my sister.

I looked from them to Alice … and then I knew what Melody and Alice had planned.

They were going to do to Charlotte and my mother what Melody had done to Alice.

They were going to make my sister and mother into black cock sluts.

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