Caught on CCTV

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I few years ago I was at my workplace’s summer ‘do’. An event held each year for all the offices in the UK to get together and party on down. These events were notorious for employees getting in compromising situations and the offices would be awash with rumours for weeks afterwards. Little did I know it was going to be my lucky night.

Now, I’m a Bi lad/sometime 100% gay, depends on the person and the situation and this was public knowledge in the workplace, I’ll call myself Matt for this story. I didn’t advertise it but my mates etc knew I was Bi/Gay. It was late on in the evening at one of our annual do’s. We had all gone to a club, I’d had a bit to drink but wasn’t plastered by any stretch of the imagination. I was at the bar ordering a drink and one of my male colleague came up to me and said hi Matt and grabbed my ass — he was drunk but coherent and I didn’t think much of it immediately. He’s a friendly lad and reports to me, handsome and funny. I’m his manager and he’s one of my juniors. We’re friendly towards each other but nothing more. After a few seconds he hadn’t removed his hand and seemed very pre-occupied with giving my butt a good (sexy) squeezing. He whispered in my ear that he’d always fancied me and wanted to try sex with another bloke and had chosen me as his first!

Wow I thought, is this an office joke/dare — I glanced around and no-one from the office gaziantep escort party was in the area of the club I and Steve (I’ll call him that) were in. I said “come on mate, your drunk let’s not make fools of ourselves please”. He looked into my eyes deeply and leaned in towards me as though he wanted to tell me something. Next thing I knew he was beginning to kiss me, deeply, passionately and really going for it. Fuck I thought — is my luck in (I tried not to think about the ethics of all this). I thought fuck Matt, what ya gonna do? Is this just a dare? So I tested him and during the end of the kiss I dropped my hands down to his flies and unzipped him and snaked my hand into his Jeans and boxers. He was rock hard and throbbing. He gasped as I touched his cock and dropped his drink! The resulting crash startled those around us and we suddenly became the centre of attention, him kissing me and my hands inside his pants! Luckily It was a dark corner and I think we got away with it.

A voice startled us, it was another of my juniors, he said to Steve, I see you’ve dropped you drink mate, here’s another one. He winked at me and left us to it (thankfully he was the soul of discretion and never told anyone as far as I know). Steve said I want you to fuck me now, and hard, and I want to suck your cock — he was whipped up into a frenzy by this point. The potent mix of thumping music, his hot cock and hot breath in my ear was electric and I thought fuck it — let’s go for it…

He dragged me out of the club. It was about 1:30am. The streets were pretty empty and we walked back to the hotel… expect we didn’t quite get that far before he pushed me into the entrance to an arcade of shops — there was a grill down across the entrance to the (upmarket) shops but it was positioned a few shops in before the actual security grill itself so it gave us a handy recess to get down and dirty. He pushed me against a shop window dropped to his knees and got my stiff thick cock out and started sucking my cock, his first, he was like an animal — it’s was fucking awesome and as he hungrily deep throated my fat stiff cock I looked beyond him into the shop window of the facing shop and saw the blinking red light of the shop’s CCTV cameras… and and the monitor over the door way just a little inside — it was showing us both in glorious colour illuminated by the show windows lights. Somewhere there’s a video of my being given a blow-job by my junior employee in all it’s glory. I thought, “Oh well, too late now” so I finally managed to prise him of my cock and his demon cock sucking and flipped him over and fucked him there and then , good and hard in full view of the CCTV cams!

He loved it, and so did I.

If the cams were being monitored live I think we put on a good show… we ended back up my hotel room and the fun continued. Next morning after he’d staggered back to his hotel room (different hotel) I was packing to leave and found his watch by the bed!

How the fuck was I to get it back to him now without questions being asked! I managed to find his hotel and then his room and when finally he opened the door, bleary eyed, just got up and just just out of the shower I said — you left your watch Steve, in my room, he said, er, ok and looked very confused. The following monday I turned up at work full of fear and excitement wondering what he’d say and how he’d be with me. I said good morning and he said the same back, just as usual, not a flicker of anything else. A bit later in the morning I wandered over to his desk and said — good night on Friday wasn’t it. And… his response was? A blank stare and he said “I was fucked mate – so drunk I can’t remember a fucking thing, do you know where I went or ended up Matt ‘cus I don’t”. I just ginned at him and said no sorry mate, no idea. In fact he’d just told me — he was right, he was fucked, by me! He left about a year later, and now he’s married with kids but somewhere a CCTV op has the evidence on tape in all it’s glory!

If only I wasn’t the only one who could remember it!

[I later found out that Steve regularly drank to the edge of oblivion and often had memory loss, so I guess he really didn’t have any recall of the event — shame — I was awesome lol ]

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