Caught On Video

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Big Tits

Last night I stumbled on a video that I can’t stop thinking about, making it impossible to hide my raging hard on all day at school. All I can think about is getting home, releasing this bulge from my tight jeans, watching the video again, and jerking off until I unload my balls, covering my hand in hot jizz. Even for a sex-crazed 18 year-old boy I’m way hornier than usual. I’ve seen plenty of porn and a few teasing videos from girls at school, which I like, but this one? This one is amazing.

After my mom went to bed last night I went downstairs to use her computer. It’s hooked up to the printer, so I had emailed my homework to her account – pretty normal in our house. When I opened her email I saw the message from me, as expected, and right before it I saw a message from my dad. He’s been out of the country the last few weeks, always traveling for work. I thought they might be talking about me, so I decided to take a peek. I’ve done this before, not a big deal. Usually, they just give a quick update on what’s been happening, miss you, love you, and so on. This message started out that way, but took a turn when he started telling her how horny he was, and he couldn’t wait to feel her mouth on his cock again. I’m shocked to see these kind of words exchanged between my parents. Then he says something like,’ oh by the way, you remember this video we made? It’s been getting me through the nights, can’t wait to make another one.’ My hand trembles as the cursor hovers over the file attachment.

The house was quiet and dark. I double-clicked the file, my face close to the screen. A grainy, dark video popped up revealing my mom’s pretty, seductive smile looking up at the camera. My eyes bulged at the sight of my dad’s cock in her hand and her big tits resting at the base of it. She lets out a little moan, and I jolted back, frantically looking for the volume controls. I managed to mute the sound, and my heart pounded in my ears. Nothing moved in the house. My attention shifted back to the video where my mom was slowly stroking my dad’s cock.

My teenage dick throbbed in my shorts. I realize I’ve stumbled onto something special and feel fully exposed in our dining room, so I sent the video to my email account, cleaned up the evidence of my discovery and bolted upstairs to fully appreciate my new treasure in the privacy of my room. The rest of the night I watched my parents fool around, while I eagerly jerked off.

The next day, with school finally over, I hurry home. Inside I see mom heading towards the garage with a basket of laundry. She’s in a loose, light blue dress she likes to wear around the house. “Hi, mom,” I say, noticing she isn’t wearing a bra.

“How was school?” She asks.

“It was fine. Lots of homework.”

She Topkapı Escort turns around and continues towards the garage. “I’ll be making dinner in a bit. Spaghetti good?”

“Sounds good. I’ll be upstairs,” I say. I turn and head for my room, eager for release.

Finally, I’m at my desk, computer booting up and my pants unzipped. I start the video and watch my mom take my dad’s dick into her mouth, working her pretty lips around the fat head before diving deep, almost down to his balls. I listen close for the gagging sounds in her throat. I pull my already hard cock out of my jeans and start to stroke nice and slow, trying to match her rhythm. She licks down his shaft and starts tonguing and sucking his balls one at a time. I pull off my shirt, pants and boxers in a hurry and start fondling my own aching balls. I stroke a little faster going into a jerk off haze as my mom wraps her tits around my dad’s cock. I’m amazed how great they look. My mind drifts between the video and what I saw downstairs.

Between her tits must be the warmest, coziest place on earth. She then stands giving a quick glimpse of her tidy bush before turning around to show off a nice wide, firm ass. I let out a small moan when she bends over, revealing her beautiful pussy. In the shadows I can see her looking back with a teasing smile as she reaches up between her legs to run a finger between those hot wet lips. She then eases her ass onto my dad’s lap and rubs his dick on her ass and her twat, driving him, and me, crazy. She gets back on her knees for the final stretch, cock back in her mouth, she starts bobbing and stroking with all she’s got, tits bouncing on his balls. I’m going along for the ride, legs stretched out, hand gliding up and down my engorged cock. As my balls start to tighten my bedroom door flies open.

“Oh shit, sorry honey,” my mom says holding a basket of folded laundry. I frantically try to close the video and cover my hard on with a t-shirt all at the same time. She starts to back out then catches a glimpse of what I was watching. “Wait, where the hell did you get that,” her voice cracks with anger.

“Mom, you’re supposed to knock!” My face reddens and my dick shrivels in fear.

“You’re not supposed to see that,” she says as she drops the clothes on the floor. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? That’s private!”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Hot tears of shame start to well up in my eyes. I try to bend over to cover myself better, hide my burning embarrassment. “Just leave me alone.”

“Shit, I’m sorry honey. But you can’t be watching that,” my mom says. Grabbing a tissue off my desk, she hands it to me. I take it and try to turn away in my chair. “You’re not supposed see Topkapı Escort Bayan me like that.”

“Just go, ok?”

She turns the chair back, so that she’s standing over me. I cower, not wanting to look her in the eye or ogle the breasts in front of my face. Instead, I stare at her red painted toenails. “I can’t just leave. What you’ve done is wrong, and it deserves some sort of punishment,” she says. Confused and scared, I peak up at her stern face. “You invaded my privacy and stole that. So finish what you started, while I watch.”

I look at her with disbelief. “I can’t do that.”

“You weren’t having trouble a minute ago.” I try to mutter a protest. “You’ve watch me do private things, very private things. Now I get to watch you,” she says. “Come on let’s see it. Drop the t-shirt. Come on drop it.” I drop the shirt on the floor but cover my soft dick with my hand. Feeling small and stupid, I try to turn again. “Easy there little guy. Let’s see that prick.”

“No, just leave me alone!” I start to get up, ready to bolt.

She pushes me back in the chair and says, “I’m sorry, honey. I’m trying to be fair. What is it you liked about my video? Was it these?” She bends forward and jiggles her tits near my face. “Was it this?” she asks as she pantomimes a cocksucking motion with her hand and mouth. Then she twirls around briefly lifting her dress. “Or was it my ass? Or my pussy?”

I barely say, “No. I don’t know.”

“Are you sure? Your prick seems to like something,” she says, pointing at my now growing dick. I can’t quite cover it with my hand. She pulls down the neckline of her dress revealing more and more of her full, firm tits. “Does this help?” she asks as her tits tumble out, nipples hard and pointing right at me. I shake my head as my cock hardens even more. She squeezes her tits together and says, “Stroke it, honey. It’s the least you can do.” I take hold of it, mouth hanging open, eyes transfixed on the best tits I’ve ever seen and slowly start to stroke my cock. “There you go. Like a big boy.” She stands there, legs set apart and squeezes her tits together. Her hands close in and pull on her nipples, while she bites her lip.

She says with sultry moan, “You like mommy’s tits, don’t you?” I give her a steady nod and keep staring and stroking. My mind feels like mush, mouth dry and balls overflowing. She reaches under her dress and pulls down her panties, letting them drop to the floor and steps out of them. She picks up the pink cotton and tosses them on my lap. I’m confused for a moment and stop jerking off. “Smell them.” I slowly bring the panties up to my nose, not sure what to think. I get whiff of her pussy. It’s the first time I’ve smelled a woman’s juices, and Escort Topkapı it gets me a little dizzy with lust. My hand returns to my throbbing dick, while I inhale, deep. “You like to smell my pussy don’t you? You’re a dirty little boy.”

“Can I see it?” I ask, low and husky, her soft panties now wrapped around my cock. My hips start to thrust, fucking the pink, soft material.

My beautiful mother sits on the edge of my bed and rubs her inner thighs. “Can you see what?”

“Your pussy.”

My mom slowly brings her hands up her legs and lifts her dress revealing her bald swollen pussy lips with a trimmed patch of curly hair on top. I remember my dad’s cock rubbing on that hot snatch in the video. Dress hiked up around her waste she starts to lightly touch herself. “Keep stroking that hard cock,” she says, “it’s bigger than your dad’s.” I bring the panties up to my nose again to smell what’s right in front of me. My other hand firmly strokes my veiny, thick dick. She stares at my bouncing balls, while I watch her work her clit and knead her tits. With parted lips and shallow breaths my mother’s heavy lidded eyes watch me thrust into my hand. “Mommy likes seeing you work that big cock.” She slips a finger into her pussy and moans. My balls tighten. “You like that? You like it when mommy fingers her pussy?” I nod, glazed eyes locked on her hand now fingerfucking her wet twat with two fingers, hips rocking. “Do you want to cum for mommy?” She drops off the bed onto her knees and arches her back, continuing to fuck herself. “Cum on mommy’s tits. Cover them in your hot jizz.”

Sparks fly in mind. My hand is a blur on my cock as I stand up in front of my mom. I begin to shudder. She closes her eyes. “Oh fuck,” I grunt. As the first wave passes though me a rope of cum shoots across her flushed cheek. I aim down and two sticky ropes shoot across her heaving tits as my body floods with pleasure. The heat of my cum sends her over the edge. She starts to convulse grinding her pussy into her wet hand.

“Oh fuck. Cover mommy’s tits in your cum.” She shudders and shakes through her own orgasm. I unleash another glob of cum on my mother’s chest. My legs feel wobbly as I squeeze out the last thick drop down my shaft. She almost purrs as she opens her eyes to look at my semi-hard, oozing dick. Leaning forward she licks the last drop and takes the sensitive tip into her hot mouth. Shame, lust and confusion are washing over me as the post orgasm fog begins to lift. I stumble back, and my dick pops from her lips as I drop onto my chair. “Wow, what a hot mess,” she says. She grabs my t-shirt and wipes my jizz off her face and chest. “This explains all the sticky laundry, you cum like a pornstar.”

“Sorry mom,” I say. I feel embarrassed. She tosses the t-shirt on floor and picks up her dress. She bends over, tits swaying in my face and kisses the top of my head.

“I think we’re even, honey. Dinner will be ready in a half-hour.” And she walked out of my room, ass swaying, closing the door on her way out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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