Caught Skinny Dipping

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It was the summer break, and I was home from university. Most of the guys I’d hung out with, were now holding down jobs. So I was spending most of my days alone, just stooping round my parents home. I was getting progressively bored each day. On this particular day, I got up to a bright sunny day. I couldn’t face yet another day in the house, so I decided I’d take myself off to a local lake.

There was a spot there where my friends and I use to go swimming, in our early teen years. I packed my swimming trunks and a towel into an old rucksack, along with some cans of coke, and something to eat. My next task was to dig out my old bike from the shed. As I expected both tyres needed air, and I began to wonder if this was really worth all this effort. I pumped the tyres up, I was now more or less ready for my trip to the lake.

It only took thirty or so minutes to cycle to the lake, by the time I got Bayan Eskort there I was hot and sweaty, and I was more than ready for a cooling dip. I made my way through the woods that surrounded the lake, taking the track to the spot I remembered so well.

I’d spent many carefree hours there with my friends. Including one occasion, when three of us took the chance and went in naked. It seemed silly now that we’d all been so shy, and self conscious. All I can remember of it was hiding my genitals with my hands and running into the water as fast as I could. Being the first in I had the opportunity to watch the other two guys as they made their way into the lake. Just like me they were shy and embarrassed about their nudity.

I parked my old bike against a tree and chose a spot to spread my towel. I smiled inside thinking how much more adult I was now, at my lofty eighteen years. I took a quick look round and as far as I could I was the only one there.

To hell with it I thought, and I stripped naked, and lay back on my towel. The feeling of the sun and the slight breeze, across my naked body was so amazing. I soon felt that familiar tingle at the base of cock. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. I figured it was time I went for a swim, I was sure the cold water would take the edge of my erection.

The water was so cold but very refreshing, I swam about a hundred yards out into the lake. I’d been in the water for ten minutes, and decided to swim back to where my towel was. I was beginning to get cold. As I got closer to the shore, I could see a man standing where my clothes and towel had been.

I swam closer, and of course realised I had a bit of a problem, my nudity.

The man asked when I was going to give him a show. I played it dumb, he then told me he’d seen me getting in the water, and that he wanted a closer look. I stayed in the water, hopefully I thought he give up and go. No such luck he then told me that he’d hidden my clothes. If I wanted them back I’d do as he asked.

I slowly got out of the water, still brandishing a rock hard erection, once again I found myself covering my self with my hands. Only these days there was a lot more to hide.

He told me to take my hands away, I hesitated but finally dropped my hands to the side.

He moved closer telling me that a had a fantastic body. It wasn’t long before he was running his hands all over me, I couldn’t help it and I let out a moan as his hand reached my erect cock. He slowly began to rub my shaft, before I knew it he was on his knees sucking me, I could feel I was about to cum and tried to pull away. He grabbed my buttocks and held me tight in position. I unloaded into his throat the full load.

Needless to say we met several times that summer, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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