Caught Sleep-Jerking Adopted Son

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You normally don’t adopt 18 year olds. Everyone wants to adopt a baby, but some kids are just stuck in the system for years. The longer they stay, the more people avoid them. They figure there must be something wrong with the kid.

I didn’t feel that way about Mikey. He had been up for adoption for 10 years in Dallas county. My husband and I wanted to adopt for years, but we never were approved.

So finally, when we both hit our 50s, we decided to adopt a teen. Mikey’s caseworker said that Mikey was a sweet kid, an insomniac, and (I remember her blushing) was a chronic masturbator.

My husband, Jeb, laughed. “So what, Louise?” he said. “All boys do it.”

The caseworker showed us Mikey’s file. He had been seeing a therapist for years, but he would be moved from group home to group home because the other boys complained about his nocturnal activities.

We decided we were fine with that. Mikey would have his own room. And once he had a girlfriend, we figured all would be in order.

The day Mikey arrived, we were thrilled. We had prepared a bedroom for him with his own video game console. His room faced the street and had a lot of light.

Well, when my husband arrived home, I just beamed. We had met Mikey many times before during the adoption process, but there he was at our door – a handsome young man, blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples, standing almost 6 feet tall. He was a pleasure to look at.

Mikey hugged me – it was like hugging a statue – his lean long body was so hard – and he shook Jeb’s hand.

“Thank you for adopting me. Can I call you Momma Louise and Pappa Jeb? I promise I’ll be a good son.”

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

But that first night… it must have been 3am Antep Bayan Escort when I heard the bathroom sink running. I thought nothing of it. Mikey must be in the bathroom. But the water kept running for a while, so I got up and pulled a robe over my nightgown to have a look. And down the hallway, I saw the bathroom door was open with light streaming out of it.

“Mikey?” I called out.

Nothing. The water sounded as if he had left the sink running, so I walked over to the door. To my shock, there was Mikey standing in the bathroom, leaning up against the counter, stark naked, absently pulling on his erection. He was staring at the bathroom mirror as if in a trance.

“Mikey?” He stood there pulling on his penis in slow rhythmic motion.

“Mikey?” Still nothing. I took in the sight – this beautiful young man, tanned and muscled from wrestling and swimming at school, just standing there with erection in hand.

“Mikey?” I stepped into the bathroom and edged up closer to him. His face was blank, just fixated on his own reflection.

I touched his arm, but he did not react. I then reached out again and held his forearm as he continued to stroke his increasingly red penis. His long strokes retracted his foreskin and I could only marvel at this boy’s beauty.

Now my husband, Jeb, was 55, didn’t look this good when he was 18. I couldn’t help but admire the mechanics of Mikey’s manhood. Was Jeb’s ever this veiny? Was his dickhead ever this shiny and glistening, slick with his own moisture?

I put my hand again on Mikey’s forearm and enjoyed feeling the stroking motion.

Guilt swept over me. I ran back to the master bedroom and closed the door. Back in bed, Jeb was still asleep and grunted when I reached into his pajama bottoms to compare Mikey’s thick rod to my husband’s soft old bud of a dick.

The next morning, I went to the bathroom and noticed that the mirror had been wiped down. So, the silly boy eventually came, did he? I smiled and wondered how long he was at it, sleep-jerking, until he ejaculated.

I had told Jeb about the evening incident. He laughed it off. And for the rest of the day, we said nothing as Mikey spent the day mowing the lawn and doing chores.

But that night, again around 3am, I heard the water running. This time, unsure of what to do, I shook Jeb awake.

“What on earth?” Jeb began.

“Listen, the water? That’s Mikey. He must be at it again.”

“Leave the boy alone.” Jeb said and turned to go back to sleep.

“Talk to him, Jeb. Get him back to bed.” I shook Jeb’s shoulder until he grumpily complained and got up.

“Heavens, woman, a boy does what he does.”

We both pulled on our robes and headed down the hall. This was Jeb’s first time witnessing the spectacle. We both peeked into the open bathroom door and there was Mikey, standing naked, hand pumping away at his erection.

“Goodness!” Jeb exclaimed! “Boy! Boy? Mikey!” Then he turned to me, “Go back to bed!”

“No,” I said too quickly. “I’ll help you, Jeb!”

“Damn it, can’t leave him like that.” Jeb grumbled. “BOY! I SAID, BOY! WAKE UP!”

“Careful, Jeb! Remember his caseworker said you never wake a sleepwalker. Same probably applies here.”

But Mikey continued to stand and jack himself. His torso glistening with sweat.

Jeb made a face of annoyance. “Can’t have this. Can’t have this.” He muttered then looked at me, “Stay back, woman!”

Jeb walked into the bathroom and tapped Mikey on the shoulder. Nothing. Mikey stood there jacking himself.

“Boy! Wake up!” Jeb yelled practically in his ear, but the boy was almost like a store mannequin, the same mechanical movements as he sleep-jerked himself.

Jeb shook his head. “I don’t care what the caseworker said. Mikey can’t be doing this. What if we have company staying over night?”

Jeb walked behind the naked boy. He tried to figure out whether to grab a hold of Mikey’s shoulders or waist.

“What are you doing, Jeb?”

“I’m going to try to carry him back to his bedroom.”

Jeb finally elected to grab Mikey’s broad shoulders. He started to pull the boy away from the bathroom counter when suddenly Mikey came! Long spurts of cum hit the bathroom mirror as Mikey still had hold of his erection. But moments after he came, his eyes closed and he fell back into Jeb’s arms.

“Oh my word!” Jeb cried out. “The boy is heavy” Then he winked at me. “He’s heavy when he’s limp!”

Limp? I shook my head. That boy was still long and hard in his hand. And now there was cum all over the bathroom counter and mirror.

“Let me help you, Jeb!” I grabbed a hand towel and wiped off the end of Mikey’s penis.

“Geez, Louise!” Jeb shook his head. Help me carry him.

We dragged Mikey back to his room and hoisted him back to his bed. His hand refused to let go of his still hard penis, so we let him be while I cleaned up the bathroom.

That night, Jeb and I had the best sex we had ever had. I was so wet after seeing Mikey jack himself off to conclusion, I could not wait until we were back in our bedroom and I could ride him cowboy style like we did when we were 20 years younger.

What kind of parents were we? Entertained every night by our son’s masturbation habits? But he made our sex life better. Nothing fired up our lust like this living statue.

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