Change Happens Pt. 04

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I loved my early morning runs, not the one on the treadmill that will happen later, no, these early mornings just before the sun comes up. A slight chill in the air, the only sound was coming from the birds and my feet hitting the concrete. I loved the feeling of being alone, just me, and the birds.

I never wore any of my earbuds or listened to any music on the mornings like this one. I felt my heart racing as I ran up and touched my marker, a light pole six miles from my house. It wasn’t much, but it was the start of a very vigorous day. I had a lot on my mind today.

I turned around and headed home. Even though we had a great Friday last week, I had nothing planned for this week, and I didn’t want anything to happen after he left the hotel, things started to bother me. There were random phone calls during the nights afterward, plus he didn’t smell like he used to, I had gotten used to the smell of paper and cardboard on him. Especially that awful glue smell that hung around the house for days on end, all of it was gone.

When I asked him about it, all Jeff said was that he was in the office more and spent less time on the actual floor. Then something odd happened, he said he got a bonus, and it was enough to catch us up on the house. That set things off in my head. We owed a lot, not enough to put us in serious trouble, but enough for me to get a second job. With one bonus, he was able to catch us up on the house and his truck? Something didn’t sit right.

Then yesterday at the gym Aaron approached me and asked if we could talk privately today, as he was too busy yesterday to speak when I asked him what it was about, all he said was that it was important and could be life-changing. How can someone say that and expect the other person to wait patiently? I begged him to tell me, but he didn’t want to upset me at work.

I rounded the corner towards my house, just two more miles to go, I thought to myself. My ponytail felt heavy on my head as I ran; my legs were getting tired. Usually, I would rest at the halfway point for a moment or two, but I was pushing myself. I wanted this to be over, I loved my husband, and if something was going on, I wanted to know what it was, and if it was as bad as I was making it out in my head.

Everything from him cheating on me to stealing money from the workplace was going through my head. But what made it worse was Aaron’s voice, he seemed worried. For a cop to be concerned about me, made me even more scared. Aaron was a nice man at a different time and place, who knows, but he was very happily married to a wonderful woman and had three kids, a cat, a dog, and a large boat. I was happy. I stopped dead as I thought about it. Was I?

I started walking down the dirt road that leads to my house. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about cheating. Then I had put it on Jeff that I wasn’t getting sexually satisfied, now I had doubts about where he was getting money. What if the problem wasn’t him, what if it was me? What if I was looking for a way out? I shook my head as I turned the slight corner to the house. There was Jeff outside on the patio talking on the phone.

Who was he talking to this early in the morning? He kept staring down the path. If it weren’t for the outcropping of bushes, he would see me. “What is going on, Jeff?” I whispered vapor rose into the air as I spoke. I wanted to get closer so I could hear what he was saying, but he had the vantage point. I couldn’t move forward without him noticing unless I thought to myself as I stepped backward. I ran as fast as I could further up the path towards Ray’s place.

I had started calling the mobile home and everything around it Ray’s property as he had redone most of it. The mobile looked better as he had painted it as well as fixed many of the things we had ignored throughout the years.

“Shit,” I said

I stopped dead in my tracks hiding behind some bushes as Ray and a blonde woman came out to the makeshift driveway.

“I will call you again soon,” Ray said as he walked the busty, voluptuous woman to her car. She had quite the figure on her.

Thick in all the right places, nowhere near as me when it came to chest size, but more significant than the average, and it was evident that Ray liked his women big and curvy.

“Anytime you want to drain the dragon,” the woman said as she grabbed Ray’s crotch. “Just give me a call.”

I stifled a laugh as she said that, “who calls a cock a dragon?” I thought to myself. The lady got into her car and drove away.

“You can come out now,” Ray said, staring in my direction.

“Sorry,” I said as I came out of my hiding place. “I didn’t mean to…”

“He’s not on the porch anymore,” Ray said as he looked at the direction of the house. With that, he turned around and started to walk back inside.

“You have to tell me,” I said as I ran at him. “It’s killing me inside.”

Ray looked at me with a look of pity. He knew I was desperate. “Go by the job,” he said. “That’s all I am telling you,” he said as he walked up the stairs, and then he stared almanbahis back at me. “I am sorry, but I am not a snitch, when you find out, this door will be open.”

I nodded back at him. Jeff had been a friend of his at one point to turn him in would go against the so-called code.

I ran back to the house and found Jeff inside, making his famous banana pancakes. “Oh, you are so bad!” I yelled at him.

“I made them with some protein powder and some of that vitamin powder you put in everything,” Jeff said as he pushed a plate over to me.

“I guess I can do some extra cardio today,” I said as I sat in the chair.

I had to put my thoughts aside, for now, I didn’t want to come over as the clingy wife, but I had to know what was going on.

“How’s work, you have been called in a lot lately?” I asked as I bit into my pancake. “Damn, this is good!”

“They got rid of one of the shift managers, so Hank and I have to do double work, but they gave us a raise so,” Jeff smiled as he flipped the towel onto his shoulder. “More money means you can quit one of your jobs.”

“Is it going to stick? I mean with the extra hours and the hard floor,” I asked, I knew how the hard warehouse floor was on his back.

“I can push through, and when I can’t, I can go upstairs to the lounge and relax a while, trust me,” Jeff said with that smile that made me melt inside.

If this was the problem everyone was worried about, then it was something I could deal with, maybe he fired someone Ray liked and it got out of control. Jeff has a temper, and perhaps that’s why Aaron wanted to talk to me if he hit the guy or the guy hit him. I was pulling at straws. I knew it had to be more than what was I was thinking.

“I know things have been rough lately, with me grasping at all these things to get rich fast, but trust me when I say, it’s all over,” Jeff said as he sat near me. “I will focus all my energy on making things right again.”

I nodded my head as I stared at him, then a smile crept on my face as I caught him staring. “I thought you liked my ass more?”

“Well, you said I haven’t been paying them much attention lately,” he said as he stood up and circled behind me.

“Because it’s true, you have been grabbing my ass, or my thighs, especially playing and pulling my hair, but the girls…” I stopped as he played with my chest from behind as I sat. I leaned back as he rolled them around my chest and squeezed them.

Jeff knew I loved my boobs played with and squeezed, not mauled to death, but the slight squeezing and rolling motion, made me soak myself with the right amount of attention.

“You like that?” Jeff asked as he pulled down my sports bra.

“Yes,” I moaned as he pinched one of my pink nipples, then the other. “Don’t stop,” I said as he continued to play with my enormous breasts.

“Stand up,” Jeff ordered.

I stood up and placed both hands on the table. I knew what he wanted, Jeff grabbed my tight sports shorts and yanked them to the floor, he pulled my thong to the side, and with one quick push, he was balls deep inside of me.

“Yes, Jeff,” I moaned as he grabbed my long black hair in a tight hold around his balled-up fist. He yanked it back as he started to pound his cock inside of me.

“Fuck me, Jeff, fuck your wife!”

“That’s right, you’re mine,” Jeff growled in my ears as he fucked me hard and fast.

“These giant breasts, mine, this tight stomach, mine,” he growled as he fucked me, he didn’t take it slow or cared if I was getting any pleasure.

“My ass, Jeff? What about my ass, I work on it just for you,” I said quietly as I felt his cock pulse and throb inside of me.

“Especially mine,” Jeff said as he gave my ass a quick and hard slap. “All those guys at the gym and the bar, what do you tell them when they ask to see or touch any part of you?” Jeff grunted. He was close to cumming already.

“I belong to my husband,” I said with a slight grin. It was a small lie, I did tell them I was happily married, but they still got a slight grab of my butt or a tiny lap dance as I moved around them, just enough for them to buy more alcohol or give me a bigger tip. Nothing to lead them on to thinking they could take me home.

“When I want to cum, where do I cum,” Jeff said as he slammed his dick into me.

“Inside your wife, your property,” I said as I felt him cum. He gave my ass another slap as he pulled out.

I felt his cum already leaking out of me as I heard him walk up the stairs. “Don’t worry. I will clean up,” I said as I looked at the kitchen filled with the mess he made from making the pancakes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After cleaning the kitchen and taking a long hot bath, I sat down at my computer. “Still?” I said as I looked at my inbox, “I guess I hit a real big nerve,” I smiled. I was still getting hate mail from my last story. I had followed it up with another just like it; this time, the hate came fast and furious. I wondered what it would be like to hate someone that didn’t exist as most of it was almanbahis giriş directed at my characters. Some of it was directed at me. Hoping that I would never write again, that my husband would find out and divorce me. All of this because of a simple story.

“Morning, or should I say afternoon?” the online message said.

I smiled and replied that it was becoming afternoon. My messenger was one of the only people that could reach me, and Jeff knew about him.

“I got a little shade the other day for backing your last story,” he said.

“Oh, no,” I laughed. “They didn’t like a white male backing the story of a white male fucking a middle eastern woman?”

“Nope, they called me a cuck,” he replied.

“Aww, you must have been really offended,” I replied.

“Yes, they must have gotten a surprise when I told them I liked seeing my wife being fucked by multiple black men, and my wife likes seeing me fuck black women,” he replied.

I laughed. I knew about his swinger’s lifestyle. “I am thinking of adding another part to it,” I replied.

“No, you should go back to the other one, this time put the story in the love and romance section,” he said.

“You’re just plain evil!” I laughed.

Putting an Interracial story in that section of the site was like rattling a snake cage.

“You’re going to do it, though, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“Well, can’t wait to see it,” he said as he signed off.

I copied the conversation then sent it to Jeff. He liked knowing who I was talking to online and about what. I had let the messenger know that all our discussions were to stay site related and nothing too personal. It was through his stories that I knew he was a swinger.

“Heading to the gym,” Jeff said as he kissed me.

“I will be going to work early,” I said as I watched him go to the door.

“I meant it, you can leave one of them,” Jeff said.

“I know,” I nodded.

The truth was I wasn’t ready to leave any of them, not just yet. Not until I knew for sure what was going on.

When I heard Jeff’s truck get out of the driveway, I put my dogs away and headed out the door. I made a bag for work clothes, so I didn’t have to return home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Haven’t seen you around here in a while,” the gate guard said as I reached the paper plant.

“Yeah, Jeff didn’t want me to excite the newcomers,” I smiled.

“Robin?” the other guard asked as he pushed the other guy aside.

“Leon, how long…” I started to say, but I saw the look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re not supposed to be here,” he said as he got out the car. “Cancel the call,” he said to the other guy.

“What call, and why am I not supposed to be here?” I asked.

“We were told to call the police if you or Jeff came by here, didn’t you get the notice?” Leon said as he came out of the security booth. “Pull around.”

My heart was beating out of my chest. I hadn’t got any notice not to be here. Just Jeff and Doug telling me the last time I came by, it made everyone talk about me for weeks. So, Jeff made me promise not to come around.

“I will get Marcel, she is the shift manager on duty today,” Leon said as I pulled into the parking space next to the security booth.

“Who is Marcel?” I asked the other guard.

“Shift manager, she used to work the floor, but got promoted a few months back, after the incident with Jeff,” the guard said.

“What incident?” I asked.

“We aren’t allowed to talk about it, but we had to escort Doug and him off the premises,” the guard replied.

“But…” I said, but another vehicle pulled up, and the guard went back to his work. Leon came back with a woman hot on his heels.

I recognized her now, but we had always called her Marcie, not Marcel. “Robin!” Marcie said as I got out the truck and hugged her.

“What is going on?” I asked

“Let’s go for a drive, so you are off the premises,” Marcie said as she got in my truck.

“Okay,” I said as I pulled into the deserted warehouse across the street.

“Jeff is an asshole for not telling you, or did you guys break up?” Marcie said her short brunette hair and mouse-like face stared back at me.

“No, we are still married,” I said.

“Okay, I will make this quick, as I only got fifteen minutes,” Marcie said.

Marcie broke it down for me. Jeff and Doug had been caught stealing money from the company. They had been doing it for quite some time. They were lucky the company didn’t press charges but told them they could never return or be hired by any of the companies affiliates. Which was half of the town, the paper company ran or sponsored most of the smaller business in our little town.

She then told me Jeff and Doug had to pay back what they owed in small monthly payments and that recently both of them paid off the full amount in one payment. It was the same date that Jeff paid the house and car.

I took Marcie back to the plant, said goodbye, and almanbahis yeni giriş was sorry about mixing up. I couldn’t even pretend that I knew anything as my face gave me away. Jeff no longer worked for the company, but yet he was lying to me and telling me that he was, not only that, he had paid off a large amount of money to both the company and to the mortgage company.

“Got called into work, will be a late-night,” Jeff sent me in a text.

I sat in my car, staring at it. He was lying again. Here I was sitting in my car just outside the guard gate, knowing that he was let go and not able to set foot on the premises and looking down at a text saying he was called in.

“Don’t,” I said to myself as I nearly replied. “Find out the rest before you confront him.”

I sent a text to Aaron to meet me at the bar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first few hours at the bar made me sick to my stomach. Usually, I had a blast, flirting with the guys, catching up with the girls that worked there, and all around, having a good time. Today felt like I was in a daze.

“Yes,” I said as one of the guys I was serving stared at my chest. “No,” I replied as he opened his mouth again. “Most definitely,” I turned to face his friend. “No chance in hell,” I turned to face him.

“You didn’t know what we were going to ask,” the guy said.

“Are they real,” I pointed to the guy, “Can you jump so I can tell,” I nodded and turned to face the friend. “Are you taken or married,” then turned back to him. “Can I get your number,” I smiled. “Am I right?”

The two of them sunk back in their chairs. “We will have…” I took down their orders then went back to my station. Usually, I would have flirted with them, even written down a fake number or jumped for their enjoyment, but today I wanted to get their orders and get them out of here.

I saw Aaron and a tall man come in through the door. I motioned for them to sit in my area so I could serve them.

“Hi,” I said as I tried not to tear up.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked.

“You know what’s wrong, he doesn’t work at the plant anymore,” I said as I put a fake smile on as I held my pad.

“Two Sweet teas, for now,” the other man said.

“Okay,” I nodded.

“Go on break,” Steven, the shift manager, said. “Lexus can take your orders,” he smiled. “Go find out the truth.”

“Thanks,” I said. I had told him everything as I had come to the building in tears.

I sat down with Aaron and the other guy. “Lay it on me,” I said as I sat up.

“Ms…,” the other guy started to say.

“Don’t,” I said, shaking my head. “I just found out my husband is a liar and that somehow he is still capable of making more money than he did before. So, don’t give me that polite crap, just give it to me.”

Aaron nodded he looked over at the other man. “We have been tracking a gang you may have heard about,” he said as he pushed a folder of the name of a gang that had recently moved into our state, they were responsible for everything from car theft to human trafficking.

I opened the folder to see my Doug, Fran, and Jeff, my husband, with some others outside a warehouse. “By your reaction, I can tell you know of all of the people in that picture?”

“I..” I started to say when Aaron looked at me.

“Simple yes or no’s, and we will take it from there,” Aaron said.

I nodded and passed the folder back.

“The people in that picture are recruits, they were recruited two months ago,” the man said.

“Who are you again?” I asked.

“He can’t tell you that,” Aaron replied.

“I officially shouldn’t be here, but…” the man said.

“He owes me a favor,” Aaron said.

“The biggest favor on record,” the man replied. “Which is even the moment we leave.”

“Absolutely,” Aaron nodded.

“Okay, fine, favors and other crap, back to my husband?” I said impatiently.

“Your husband is working full time for this group,” the man said. “He is an enforcer now of a smaller band, responsible for collecting money owed to the group,” the man said.

“Stop calling them a group. They are a gang, a threat, terrorists,” I said, staring at the name on the folder. Everyone knew the words and the numbers. Everyone knew they weren’t to be messed with or taken lightly. “Am I in danger?”

“If your husband messes up,” the man nodded, “if he sticks to what he is doing and does it well, then no.”

“Have you seen Fran lately?” Aaron asked.

“I talked to her yesterday, she has been sick,” I said.

“That was Doug,” the man replied.

“Fran is missing,” Aaron replied. “Presumably dead.”

I sat back in my chair, my best friend in the world could be dead. “Don’t,” the man said. “You wanted the truth of what you are dealing with, there it is.”

The two sat back and waited for me to compose myself. I wanted to scream and shout at them for not doing anything, but I knew the answer. “You want the bigger fish, don’t you?”

The man nodded. “People like your husband are bait, to the group they are expendable, people they hire for short term then throw away when they aren’t needed unless they become valuable, people like Doug and Fran are throwaways, one or two big jobs and then they are no longer needed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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