Change of Life

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Darren’s sweat dripped down on Julie’s face and she turned her head to one side and grimaced. She knew he was close; his ragged breathing and less controlled movements were a sure sign that he was about to come.

“Haa…Urghhhh,” was all he could say as he shot his semen deep into Julie’s vagina. She sighed and thanked goodness it was all over, as Darren rolled off her.

Within minutes Darren was gently snoring, while Julie lay quietly mopping her pussy with a tissue. She wasn’t worried about pregnancy — she was well past that at her age — but she didn’t want to find herself getting out of bed in the morning and feel Darren’s semen dribbling down her leg. She didn’t bother to put her panties back on. She lay there for a few more minutes, waiting for sleep to take her.

Darren meanwhile was in a dream state. Something he’d been in on several occasions. One where his wife Julie instead of being frigid was aroused and even achieved orgasm. Of course, he knew that this was never going to happen. They’d been married almost 25 years and it never had yet. Even in the first days, when he did everything he could think of, including extended foreplay, until both his fingers and her pussy were sore.

Not that sex was everything. Julie and Darren couldn’t have remained together for that long unless they were very much in love with each other. He understood that there was no enjoyment in sex for her and she realised how important it was for him.

It was late June and to celebrate the quarter century of their marriage Darren had arranged for them to go to Paris for five days. He had done his research and organised the Eurostar tickets, hotel and a range of activities while they were there. He was skilled at this type of planning and took pride in knowing how much everything was going to cost (even adjusting for currency fluctuations). Trips to Versailles on the Sunday to coincide with the fountains display and an evening meal and entertainment at the Moulin Rouge were lined up and he had even listed some alternative restaurants if they fancied eating out rather than in the hotel.

As for the train journey, Darren had managed to get a deal that included a lunch on board the train, with complimentary wine. He wore a dark business suit, while she was clothed in a floral summer midi length tea dress; the thin straps covered by a jacket in the matching navy blue of her “balancing act” shoes. Knowing that it was going to be warm, she didn’t bother with tights. Her legs were lightly tanned, and regular exercise had helped keep her whole body in shape. The shoes helped to place emphasis on her calf muscles.

Walking out of the Gare du Nord with their suitcases they were immediately assailed by the heat; Paris was experiencing an extended warm spell and today was no exception. It was 3pm (CET) and almost the hottest part of the day. Darren was glad that he’d had the foresight to book a hotel with air conditioning. The hotel was less than a kilometre away from the station, so they strolled along the street in the sunshine towing their suitcases until they reached it.

The heat and the aftereffects of the luncheon wine were exhausting Darren. Now in his fifties, he had been worried that the journey and activities in Paris might be a bit much for his body. He was sure he could cope with it all — except for one thing; bed. He was sure that Julie would be expecting him to want lots of sex – even if she wasn’t worried about having it herself – in an attempt to emulate their honeymoon all those years ago. So worried, in fact, that it had become part of his planning strategy to buy some Viagra (which had just become available over the counter without prescription). So, for a sum of just over £100, he had purchased a pack of 28 tablets. Goodness only knows how much it would have cost a few years ago, but he would probably have only been able to afford a pack of four. Perhaps he was being a bit optimistic, but maybe he was just thinking that he could set himself up with a supply for some time to come.

Using his smattering of French, Darren managed to make himself understood at the hotel reception and soon thereafter they were in their room.

Darren was right about Julie expecting him to be rampant; but she had decided to give him a reward for organising what was already an exciting trip. She pushed him down on the bed and unfastened his trousers. She continued to strip him until he was naked, before stepping out of her high heeled shoes and pulling her French knickers down. She playfully threw the garment at Darren’s head. He caught them and held them up to admire and whistle at. He already had an erection, so Julie jumped astride him and lowered her pussy down onto his cock. Darren was surprised that she was soaking wet, but maybe it was the excitement of the journey combined with the wine.

It didn’t take very long for Julie to bring Darren to orgasm. Afterwards, she removed the rest of her clothes and lay down next to him on the bed. The loving couple cuddled, enjoying the cooling kocaeli escort breeze from the aircon.


After a couple of hours Darren found himself awake. Julie was already in the bathroom having a shower. He looked down at his flaccid penis and asked himself if he would be able to get another erection later. He thought about Julie and how she still looked good with or without clothes and about their love-making session earlier, but there appeared to be no reaction from his manhood. He sighed. But was glad at his forethought to anticipate this as a problem and prepare to deal with it.

Julie came out of the bathroom. She’d been careful not to wet her hair but was still dabbing some moisture from different areas of her body with the towel. She stopped and looked at Darren before dropping the towel to one side.

“Well, what do you think Darling?” she asked.

Darren knew immediately what she meant. The usually neatly-trimmed wedge of pubic hair was gone. Instead, she was as smooth as, well…. He was lost for something to compare it to as he looked at the normally partly hidden pussy lips. Although she had been towelling her body they seemed to glisten in the light from the window.

“Come a bit closer, so I can see properly,” he said. So, she sauntered across to his side of the bed.

“Well?” she asked a second time.

“Hmm. I think I may need to see just how smooth it is.” And with that, he slid his hand across her lower belly and down between her legs.

She was indeed wet, and it was almost as if she sucked his middle digit into her vagina. Her flesh was incredibly smooth, her pussy was almost gaping. Julie made a sharp intake of breath as Darren’s hand met her clitoris. It was usually pretty lifeless, almost numb, so it came as a bit of a surprise to feel a tingle there. She allowed Darren to finger her for longer than she should have; his dick was beginning to swell again, but she wanted to save him for later in the evening and she stepped back away from his hand.

“I think that’s quite enough feeling for now.” She nodded at his erection, “And I can see for myself that you approve. So, let’s get dressed and go out sightseeing before dinner time.”

Darren felt a bit aggrieved that she didn’t want sex now, but at the same time was delighted that there was still life in the old sausage.

Julie had placed her bra and panties on one of the armchairs and then laid her other clothes over the top of them. The jacket she placed in the wardrobe, before heading back to the chair and picking up the dress.

“Why don’t you put it on like that?” Darren called to her from the bathroom doorway, as he made his way to have a shower, having already laid out a casual outfit for himself on the bed.

“What, with no underwear? You must be joking,” she replied. But then she noticed his hard-on nodding in her direction and made an unusual decision. She stepped into the dress, pulled the straps up over her shoulders and then sauntered across to Darren.

“Zip me up, will you?” she said, turning around and knowing that with such a long zip he would be looking at the cleft between her cheeks as he pulled. He did so slowly, finally reaching the top and then sliding his hand round under her arms to fondle her breasts through the thin material. He could feel her nipples harden immediately and she made a soft groaning sound.

Again, before he could react further, Julie stepped away from him.

“Now you go and get yourself showered. If you DON’T behave then I’ll just have to put my underwear back on.”

He closed the door to the bathroom as she turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her biggest concern was that her nipples would show through the dress — either by the colour or hardness. As it turned out, the pinks and reds of the floral design camouflaged any perception that her areolae were showing through. Her fingertips could feel the tips, but unless she looked very hard, from a side view, they were not discernible. She hadn’t even thought about her lack of panties — right up until they closed the bedroom door and walked down the corridor, when she felt a gentle breeze on the flesh of her unclothed and hairless pussy and felt the moistness that remained from Darren’s playing with her earlier.


They spent the rest of their day walking in the nearby park and sitting, resting in the shade of the trees. They sat on the grass and Julie became acutely aware that she had to be careful or she might reveal just a little more than she should. She didn’t mind if Darren got a glimpse up her skirt — in fact the idea of teasing him had occurred to her — but she would simply die if she thought somebody else was looking at her private parts.

Darren meanwhile was doing his best to touch Julie whenever he could. When he sat against a large tree flanked by bushes and she leant back between his legs, he wrapped his arms around her, feeling the weight of her — only slightly sagging even at this age — breasts. Then, when he thought kocaeli escort bayan she was relaxed and nobody was looking, he cupped one and used his thumb to tease the nipple.

“Darren!” she hissed. “Somebody might see!”

“Don’t worry, nobody’s looking,” he chided. “Besides it’s not as obvious as if I had my hand up your skirt between your legs!”

She turned her head to look at him, concern written in her eyes.

“You don’t intend to do that here, do you?”

He honestly hadn’t considered it, but now that idea was in the forefront of his mind, he began to feel reckless.

“Who wouldn’t want to get their hand on that lovely, warm, soft, smooth…and wet pussy?”

Julie was starting to get in a panic. If Darren kept one arm wrapped around her, she wouldn’t be able to stop him if he reached down. And if his hand did slide up between her legs and on to her pussy, her dress would be lifted to her hips and it would be obvious to anybody within half a mile what was going on. Not to mention that anybody who came close would be able to see her vagina being plundered. She suddenly started feeling dizzy.

Mind racing, she reacted without thinking, trying in any way that occurred to her to avoid the embarrassment of exposure.

“Wait. Wait. Wait a moment. Not like this. Let me turn around.”

Darren had neither intended to carry out the suggestion, nor expected to be allowed to. He was just teasing. So, when Julie spoke and then made to move, he took his arms away and allowed her the freedom to stand. After she did, Julie scanned around quickly, noting that the only person she could see was walking a dog away from their position. She spun round, double checked over her shoulder that they weren’t being observed and then kneeled astride Darren. She was careful to make sure that the back of her skirt was tucked under her bottom, before leaning forward to kiss him on the lips.

Looking directly into his eyes, she breathed, “OK, if you must.”

Darren kissed her back, while both hands rose to her breasts and began kneading them. The soft, warm flesh beneath the thin material of the dress yielded to his fingers, but the nipples were hard, like bullets. He stroked them, twirled them, pinched them. His right hand slid down her body, over her hip onto her thigh and then onto the exposed flesh above her knee. It crossed to the inside of the other thigh before caressing back up that leg. The skirt pushed up a little as he neared the apex of her legs, but she remained covered. Julie gasped aloud as he finally touched her pussy. It was hot, sopping wet and gaped open, allowing him to slide two fingers all the way in. He couldn’t believe that he was doing this — that she was allowing him to do this. He began to slide his fingers in and out simulating the movement of a cock. Then, he began to touch her clitoris with his thumb.

Having never experienced any kind of stimulation from that tiny little button at the top of her vagina, Julie was taken by surprise that for the second time that day she could feel something. As Darren continued his manipulations the sensations grew stronger. She had by now lost all sense of where she was and what she / they were doing. This was pleasure, real pleasure from sex. The amazement she felt at the realisation that her vagina was reacting almost gave her an out of body experience. She watched, fascinated as Darren worked beneath her skirt. Careless, that anybody might see, she pulled the hem of her skirt up until she could watch the fingers and thumb at their work. She just had time to register how wet everything seemed down there when she began to feel a tremendous heat rising from her pussy and spreading out through her body. She jerked involuntarily, then again. At that point she lost her balance and fell against Darren. He kept working as she grunted and spasmed against is fingers. As she calmed, he slowed his movements, wrapping his left arm around her body to prevent her from falling sideways as she collapsed.

It was some minutes before Julie was able to regain her senses. The first thing that penetrated through to her brain was that they were not in bed, in a bedroom, in a house or a hotel, but in an open park with people around. She twisted around enough to look and was horrified to see at least half a dozen people within a short distance of them.

“We had better go!” she whispered urgently.

“We can’t,” he replied. “Not yet.”


In answer, Darren reached for her hand and placed it palm down between them. She felt the throbbing hardness and understood; if they got up and walked away, his erection would stand out a mile.

“That feels like it must be painful,” then she added. “Did I just have an orgasm?”

“Uh huh, I think so. And yeah, it is a bit painful, but mainly from being constricted.”

Julie swivelled around and looked over both shoulders, none of the nearby people seemed to be taking any notice of the couple — in fact nobody was getting any nearer and most were moving izmit escort away.

Still slightly aroused, Julie allowed a wicked notion to come into her head and then acted upon it. Her body was shielding Darren from view, so she quickly unfastened his belt, then the button, then the zip. She could already feel the heat that it gave off. Her hand swept through the gap in his boxers and pulled his dick out into the open air. Darren gasped.

Julie checked over her shoulder just once more and then proceeded to masturbate Darren with long, powerful strokes. It didn’t take long. He bit down on his fist to stop from making any sounds. And then he came; it was like a fountain, more powerful than he had known for many decades. The issue went everywhere; on Julie’s legs and dress, even up near her breasts, over his trousers and underpants and his shirt became transparent.

They both broke into a fit of the giggles, as Darren tried to get himself tidied away.

“I guess I dealt with the little problem of your erection!” she joked.

“Great!” he said. “Now they’ll just notice that we’re both covered in come!”

They broke down with laughter.


Having taken bottles of water with them, they used it soak off the semen. It meant that they looked even wetter, but being a pretty hot day, their clothes dried rapidly. An hour later they were able to make their way back to the hotel, without anybody looking at them suspiciously.

They didn’t have much time when they got back as they’d booked a table for a meal at 7pm. Their stomachs felt that this was a little bit early (their body clocks were still on BST, which was an hour different to CET), but they felt a little thirsty and a bottle of wine would not go amiss.

Darren looked at Julie hungrily as she slipped her dress down and then stepped out of it. He marvelled once again at just how sexy she appeared — even at this age.

“I’m going to have a quick wash so that I can get the smell of you off me,” she told him with a wry grin. “Actually, I think I might need to get the smell of ME off as well while I’m about it!”

“But I love the way that you smell,” he replied, simply.

“Really?” she queried. “Don’t you think that I’m a little bit… well, pungent at the moment?”

“You smell of sex. I love that. I’d bury my face in your pussy if you’d let me.”

Darren had, in the past, wanted to go down on Julie. Occasionally she would let him, but only immediately after a shower or bath — and only with a grimace of distaste. Even then she would only allow him his way for a couple of minutes before telling him to stop. She wouldn’t kiss him after that.

Whether Julie consciously thought of calling his bluff or just reacted, spurred on by the events of the day wasn’t immediately clear.

“Go on then.” She cocked her head to one side, half expecting him to make an excuse about their being late for dinner, but instead he closed the gap between them rapidly and then knelt.

Julie first felt his breath on her skin, then his nose touched first, before his lips kissed hers. He gently pulled her labia apart and then poked his tongue out to tickle her clitoris. There it was again; that tingling sensation that she felt earlier. She found herself pressed against the wall and her legs parted of their own volition. Darren’s tongue slithered into the swelling tunnel a few times, before returning to concentrate on her clit. His fingers began to push into the velvety warmth to stimulate her further.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Julie to climax. Darren was just getting into his stride when he felt Julie pulling at his hair, mashing his face into her mound. She began a slow descent down the wall. When her bottom reached the carpet and her legs were spread obscenely wide, she finished coming and released Darren. She had nothing left with which to object when he rose up and kissed her passionately — this time on her real lips. A vague recognition that she was tasting her own pussy juices occurred, but was swept aside by the hazy, warm glow.

They were half an hour late in arriving at the hotel restaurant, but fortunately it wasn’t too busy, and they were shown straight to their table. Julie had donned a different dress, while Darren had changed his shirt and trousers, both knowing that they had a limited amount of clothing with them.

When they were sat down at a table in a quiet corner nibbling at their starter, Julie quietly raised the subject, “Well, that’s used up a couple of days clothing today.”

Darren shrugged, “We can wear these things tomorrow. They’ll only have had a couple of hours wear.”

“Oh, so you’re intending to get me undressed again by 10pm then?”

“Well, let’s face it; I’ll only have that dress and your shoes to deal with, so it won’t take me long,” he said, with a wry grin. “Besides, we can buy something cheap if necessary. And you won’t need to wear any underwear, will you?”

“Oh yes I bloody well will,” she retorted. Most of the things I brought are a bit transparent. White cotton blouses, pastel skirts. I have one evening dress which would be totally inappropriate during the day. This was the only other dress that I brought that wouldn’t embarrass me.”

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