Change Pt. 02

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Anya sat cuddled up on the sofa to Adam. Anya in particular was still basking in the glow of the incredible sex they had just had and even though they had now returned their proportions to normal, her horniness was still yet to fully drain. She kept remembering the feel of Adam’s 12-inch cock inside her and the taste and volume of his cum once she’d pushed him over the edge; it made her shudder and tingle slightly. And the great thing was that thanks to the Change app, there was no reason now that sex couldn’t be like that for them all the time.

The happy couple had ordered food, both of them in complete agreement that they were completely spent and that neither of them had the energy to cook. They watched TV while they waited, paying very little attention to what was actually happening on the screen and using it more as a source of white noise so that they weren’t just sat in silence. Apart from to confirm they wanted to order food, the two hadn’t really spoken since they finished, no words apparently being needed. Adam broke the silence first, however.

“So, the app…” he began.

Anya should have been anticipating this conversation but it had faded away along with everything else. She sat herself up so she could pay full attention.

“Where on earth did you find it? I’ve never heard of it before and considering what it does I’d have thought it’d be huge news and plastered everywhere!”

“Well, what I know about it is pretty limited to be honest. As for how I found it, I didn’t find it…”

“No?” Adam replied looking surprised.

“It was sent to me by Kacey,” she told him. “And before you ask, I’ve no idea where she found it either. She said a girlfriend of hers sent it to her.”

“Fair enough,” Adam chuckled.

Once again Anya’s mind went back to Kacey and to the memory of the video on her phone and the call they had shared. She knew that her brain was artificially switched to ‘I want sex NOW’ at the moment and tried to stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, Adam had more questions.

“So did she tell you what it was then or?”

“No, she did what she always does. She bugged me until I installed it and then let nature run its course,” Anya replied, smiling at the memory but shaking her head.

“I assume she’d used it already though, like she did actually know what the app does?”

“Oh yeah, she was quick to show me what she’d already tried…”

“She showed you?” Adam said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah she sent me photos and… stuff,” Anya cut off.

Now not only was the memory in her head, but she was being inadvertently forced to talk about it. If she wasn’t careful, her body would start to make it clear how turned on she still was. In fact, she was feeling the urge to show Adam everything Kacey had sent her. If he saw the pictures then it would be obvious why she’d become so turned on and thus make talking about it less awkward, surely? No, she’d have to try and move on and talk about something else. Her mouth seemed to be working against her, however.

“Let me show you what she sent me…”

“What? No! She’s your friend, honey, I don’t wanna see that…” Adam tried to protest.

“So you’d look if she was just some random chick then?” Anya retorted, starting to feel quite mischievous again.

“Hey that’s not fair, the context is very different,” Adam grinned back. “Seriously though, I know it seems hypocritical given my online viewing habits, shall we say, but I’d rather not look at a picture of your friend, our friend for that matter, naked or with her boobs out or whatever, particularly not when that picture was clearly not meant for anyone but you. And anyway, why do you want me to see it?”

“I dunno, it’s just kinda hot I guess,” she grinned back at him devilishly.

“Is there another version of this app where it changes your brain too?” Adam laughed. “I know we’ve joked a little in the past about which of our friends we find hot but doesn’t this seem a little like crossing a line to you?”

“Well it’s not like I’m asking you to sleep with her Adam!” Anya giggled.

“No you’re just asking me to look at her naked!” Adam replied sarcastically.

“Ok, ok, look. I wouldn’t have offered if I had a problem with it alright? And besides I’ve a little confession linked to the pictures anyway…”

“Oh?” Adam replied quizzically.

“Yeah, a particularly scandalous and raunchy confession,” she said, laying on the drama as comically thick as she could, “but I’ll only tell if you look at the pictures first.”

Adam was quiet for a moment.

“You aren’t gonna let up on this are you?”

Anya gave her best cute smile, the irony not being lost on her that she was using the exact same tactics on Adam that Kacey had used on her.

“Look just do me a favour and ask Kacey if she’s ok with me seeing them first, alright?”

Anya obliged and immediately messaged Kacey. She could see what Adam was trying to do: he was trying to get out of the situation by getting someone else to tell her no, seeing as it was a battle he abidinpaşa escort clearly wasn’t going to win. He was also clearly massively underestimating Kacey however, and Anya knew it. Anya’s phone lit up as Kacey’s reply came back through. Anya cackled as she caught a view of Kacey’s response.

“What is it?” Adam asked, almost a little concerned.

Anya switched her phone around so Adam could read it for himself.

Kacey: I knew it! I knew he had the hots for me! Show him if you want, but I’m warning you if you do he’ll immediately come confess his undying love for me and we’ll be all over each other before you can say ‘holy shit, what a hot couple!’ 😘🥰😘

“Damn…” he said.

“Did you really just pin your hopes on Kacey taking something seriously?” Anya giggled.

“Sort of,” he replied, looking a little downtrodden.

Realising she may have taken things too far, Anya calmed herself down for a moment and spoke to him as seriously as she could.

“Hey this was just supposed to be a bit of fun, ok? If you really, really don’t want to see them, I won’t make you, but it does give a bit of context to what I’m gonna tell you next alright?”

Adam sighed.

“If you’re sure it’s worth it,” he replied with a worried smile.

‘Oh it’s worth it,’ she thought to herself, scrolling through her messages to get to the right place.

“So, some background. I’d just tried the app for the first time and I now had 2 big ol’ size F tiddies and a ruined bra. I asked Kacey if she’d tried it and she sent me this.”

Anya shoved the phone in Adam’s face. The picture was the first one Kacey had sent of her fully clothed to show off her new boobs. Anya figured it would be best to start there to get warmed up. She could tell he wasn’t sure how to react but his eyes widening told her the picture was at least getting some of the reaction she wanted.

“She then took it upon herself to send me this…”

Anya flicked the next photo onto the screen and watched Adam’s eyes widen even further at the sight of a now topless Kacey sporting a pair of boobs she had quite literally sprouted out of thin air.

“Woah,” Adam said quietly.

Anya smiled as she sensed Adam starting to loosen up.

“Yeah, I know right? So, of course, I sent my own back after a little persuasion. She was very, very keen to see them.”

Anya saw Adam gulp as he was clearly picturing the moment in his mind. As well as having a thing for larger boobed women, she knew he also enjoyed watching a lot of woman-on-woman porn, and it was surprisingly thrilling painting this portrait in his mind of her in one of those situations.

“Now the next thing we did was to talk about how sensitive these are. I don’t need to tell you that obviously, but at the time we were left wondering, would it be enough? Could we cum just by sucking our own boobs?”

Anya let the question hang in the air for a moment, teasing Adam, torturing him with the idea of what might be coming next. She stole a quick glance at the pyjama bottoms he put back on earlier and saw his cock was rapidly hardening again, twitching and throbbing as it did so. Time for the main event.

“And then she sent me this…”

She pressed play on the video and fixed her gaze solely on Adam’s expression. She could see the turmoil in his eyes. He wanted to look away because he knew he should have but he also clearly couldn’t stop watching. Judging by the tent his cock was forming in his pyjamas, if he was alone he probably would have been playing with himself right now. And yet Anya didn’t feel hurt or jealous. It was bizarre to say the least but she was actually delighted by his reaction. Whether it was because she felt it validated her own reaction to the video or not she couldn’t tell, but it was making her feel very bold.

“So, what’s a girl to do in that situation, honey?” she asked him.

“W-what did you do?” he quivered in response.

“The only thing I could. I video called her and sucked my boob until I came whilst she watched… completely naked and rubbing her clit. We came together as she told me she wanted to eat my pussy…”

The bell rang at the front door. Their food had finally arrived. Adam looked like he’d barely heard it and was practically gibbering. Anya could see a wet patch had formed at the top of his cock where a bit of precum had involuntarily shot out of him. She was very pleased with herself.

“I’ll go get it honey, seeing as you can’t right now,” Anya giggled, deliberately brushing Adam’s rock-hard cock with her hand as she went past him.

Anya watched as Adam visibly tried to calm himself down whilst he was also trying to eat, enjoying her food through a grin and once again feeling very pleased with herself. Her phone lit up again and, surprise surprise, it was Kacey.

Kacey: Well, I see that I am not currently drawing up engagement plans with my new hubby! 😭 Did you decide not to show him in the end then?

Anya: Oh no, he saw everything. I told him about everything aktepe escort we did too. And what you said about eating me out…

Kacey: Oh, well aren’t you a bit more diabolical than I thought! 😜What was his reaction?

Anya sent Kacey a picture of a small banana with an arrow pointing towards a much bigger one.

Kacey: 🤣🤣🤣

Anya grinned at the playful back and forth she was having with Kacey. The two of them had talked about sex before but nowhere near this openly and before it had been with a little discomfort from Anya whereas now she seemed to feel as comfortable talking to Kacey about the finer details as she would have been with Adam.

Kacey: So, do I get to see it?

Anya: Kacey, I’m appalled you would ask me that! 😛

Kacey: Oh come on, he’s seen all I have to offer, it’s only fair! 😁

Anya: It’s not up to me anyway, it’s up to him. He was good enough to wait for your permission before drooling all over your pictures so you have to do the same 😉

Kacey: But we wants to see the precious… cock 🤣

Anya snorted with laughter at what her friend had just sent her, almost choking on her food in the process.

“Careful love!” Adam said, finally coherent enough again to speak.

“Sorry, it’s just Kacey again,” she said wiping tears from her eyes.

“What has she said this time?”

“Oh not much…” Anya said teasing him, hoping he would take the bait.

“I’ve a feeling I’ll regret asking this but, are you sure?”

“Oh well, seeing as you’re desperate to know, she says it’s only right that seeing as you’ve watched her video and seen her photos now that she should get to see your cock.”

Adam gave a small laugh himself.

“What did you tell her?”

“That I’d ask,” she replied with an impish grin.

“Oh, so I get a choice then?” Adam grinned back.

“Absolutely! You can choose to know that there’s two gorgeous women out there slathering over your cock or that there’s only one.”

Adam laughed again. It pleased Anya that his previous caution seemed to be melting away, as nice as it was to know that it was there to begin with. Something just felt so fun and so exciting about all this, like they were discovering a facet of their sex life they didn’t know about yet because they’d never tried to explore it before.

“Well tell her she can wait until I’ve finished my food first,” he grinned.

Anya giggled and immediately messaged Kacey back.

Anya: He says you have to wait until he’s finished eating first 😋

Kacey: Oh, I had no idea you two where at it at the moment, I’ll come back later 😅

Anya: Not like that you horny little minx!

Anya smiled at the memory of when Adam had called her that earlier. The more she thought about it though, the more that description fit Kacey than it did her. A minute later she received another message, a gif of a woman repeatedly pointing at her watch with the words ‘tick tock’ flashing up on the screen.

Anya: Patience my young padawan 😂

Kacey: As if you’re the master here, I don’t think that’s how our relationship works! 🤣

Adam had almost cleared his plate. Anya started to cuddle up to him and gaze longingly into his eyes like a puppy begging for food. He moved his plate to the side and immediately Anya dipped her hand inside his pants and pulled out his still semi hard cock. Giving him a lusty grin, she then opened wide and took all of him into her mouth.

“Oh, is this my reward for saying yes?” he grinned.

Anya gave him a muffled affirmation and continued to work on his cock. It took very little time for it to get back to full size again and once she was satisfied it would be staying that way, she pulled back and told Adam to stand and drop his pants. She took her phone and photographed him from the side, making sure his cock was the main focus of the picture and only showing a little of his lightly toned stomach and thighs.

“Shall I press send?” she asked, grinning like a fool and biting her lip.

“Go for it,” he replied.

Anya sent the picture and seconds later, Kacey replied.

Kacey: 😍😍😍 Wow! I see you’ve been using the app on Adam too!

Anya was confused for a second.

Anya: No? Well, I mean we have but that was earlier. This is just Adam as he’s always been.

Kacey: Holy fuck girl! That thing’s natural?

Anya smugly showed the messages to Adam who clearly tried very hard to not show the ego boost it had just given him.

Anya: Yep 😁

Kacey: You are one lucky bitch! I haven’t been able to snag a dude anywhere near that well-endowed, maybe they think they’ll break me or something I dunno 😂 but it’s like ‘duh, that’s the point!!’ 🤣

Anya: Wanna see something that definitely would break you?

Kacey: What kind of question is that? Of course!! 😁

“Adam could you go into the app on your phone again for me. I wanna show Kacey what you gave me earlier,” she smiled.

“Sure,” he said with almost a verbal shrug.

Adam picked up his phone and akyurt escort went into the Change app and boosted the size number back up. Before he could press the button to set, Anya stopped him.

“Is everything ok?”

“Yep, just let me get my phone onto the video function…”

“Video?” Adam replied raising his eyebrow.

“Well, we want her to get the full effect right?”

“Oh of course, and you’re definitely only taking it because of that and not because you want a video for yourself,” he winked at her.

“Are you questioning my pure and innocent motivations?” she grinned back at him, fluttering her eyelids angelically.

Anya angled her phone, hit record and gave Adam a thumbs up. He hit the ‘Set Change’ button on the app and waited for the changes to happen. As before, the process happened at a slow but noticeable rate, Adams cock gaining about a cm every few seconds or so and widening proportionally as he went. Anya was doing her best to control herself, the desire to have him back inside her growing as strongly as his cock was, but she was also having a lot of fun showing off to Kacey. Her hands were almost shaking as they heard the app telling them the process was over. She lingered the camera on his full, magnificent size for a moment before finally ending the recording.

She sent the video to Kacey and whilst waiting for her to watch it, casually stroked Adam’s massive member as he sat back down. Her phone vibrated as Kacey’s message finally rang through.

Kacey: 😲😲😲😲😲 what in the King Kong fuck was that?! It’s freaking huge!!

Anya: Hey, I said I liked big… 😉

Kacey: Yeah but there’s ‘big’ and then there’s horse shaming and that thing would put any stallion to shame! If you hadn’t shown me a video I’d have called bullshit!

Anya: You’ve now got tits bigger than your head, nothing should surprise you anymore 😂

Kacey: How big is it anyway? 🤔

Anya: 12 inches.

Kacey: WTF! And wait, you had that thing in you?

Anya: Yep 😛

Kacey: Not all of it though, surely?

Anya: Yep 😜

Kacey: Bullshit, there’s no way!

Anya: Bear with me and I’ll prove it if you like…

Anya had still been stroking Adam this whole time who had simply sat back, closed his eyes and focused on enjoying it. He looked up as she stood and removed her clothes.

“Oh, are we starting round two already?” he asked.

“Not quite my love, or at least we’ll see how I feel once this thing’s in me again, I doubt I’ll be able to think about much else at that point,” she laughed.

She mounted his waist and edged herself forward so that her pussy was level with the base of his cock. She handed him her phone and started to give him instructions.

“Ok, so first I want you to take a picture of me holding your cock up against my stomach to show how big it is compared to me, then I’m gonna sit up so I can get you back inside me and I want you to video it going aaaaall the way in. I’m still pretty stretched from earlier so it should be pretty easy.”

“Is this for Kacey’s benefit again?”

“She has doubted my ability to take this wonderful thing so I’m going to prove her wrong,” Anya replied with impunity.

Adam had clearly accepted that he would just need to go with the flow now as he simply smiled and took Anya’s phone from her. She edged just a little closer to him, noticing and enjoying the feel of his warm, hard cock against her skin, and pushed it down onto the skin of her stomach. She’d seen it before but it was still impressive to see exactly how far up her abdomen and torso the cock went. Adam took the photo and Anya eagerly propped herself back up, his cock still in her hand, and guided him towards her waiting pussy. She waited with all the restraint she could muster until Adam confirmed he’d pressed record.

The head went back in fairly easily, but she still had to take it relatively slow. Despite the stretching she’d had earlier, it felt like Adam’s cock was having to make room inside her again as she slowly pushed herself down onto him. Her shot and overworked nerves were firing up like an explosion in a fireworks factory and Anya knew she’d be experiencing the biggest bangs soon. She let out a moan as about half of Adam’s overgrown cock had made its way inside her but kept pushing on regardless. She wanted to take this slowly, to make sure every movement and every inch was captured, but she knew she couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Oh fuck!”

Anya suddenly lost her balance and fell forwards, her face almost colliding with Adam’s and forcing her full weight down, spearing the rest of Adam’s cock inside her up to the hilt. She let out a deep moan that soon turned into a very excited and satisfied laugh.

“Oh baby, that thing feels so fucking good inside me! Quick, show the camera so I can I ride this properly!” she commanded him.

Adam, reeling from the sudden rush of being balls deep in her again, moved the camera back to show he was indeed fully inside her and fumbled at the stop recording button as Anya started to buck and bounce on top of him. He placed the phone down and she dove forward locking her lips with his. Anya could feel herself flying back to the place she’d been a few hours prior, that zenith where there was no distinction in her mind about where she stopped and Adam began…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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