Charity Graduates 1: Fatherfucker

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Charity Jones here. Your narrator or purveyor of autobiographical whack off material.

Enough of the wit, you want more of my memoirs. Here goes

The 12th grade had finally arrived. The big year. The make or break year. The big one -two. Alright enough with the drama.

This was my graduating year, so I had to make it a good one; but it was already a crazy busy one I had discovered within the first week. I was working at the Love Hut Lingerie Store Tuesday through Thursday nights and then working as coat check girl at the Zebra Club. Plus , to no one’s surprise I was voted in as Captain of the cheerleading squad. Not to mention trying to keep dating my dreamy boyfriend and captain of the football team, Chet Baker.

In short it was a mess and it couldn’t all be managed.

I kept working nights from 4 to 8 at the Love Hut with Patti. Punk rock Patti was very flexible about my cheerleading and didn’t mind if I came in late or had to take off a night even if it was short notice. To be fair, every other Wednesday night wasn’t even work; I would simply head over to the hotel and join my hung dom and Patti for our continuing threesomes.

I had to drop a night at the Zebra Club too. I was never going to see Chet if I worked both nights, and half the nights I was there would involve taking home some guy or getting gangbanged in an Ebony room. That was killing my homework time too. My boss Marcus was also very flexible about football games, and knew I had to take nights off to cheerlead.

Here’s a breakdown of my 12th grade madness


Go to school, hang with Faith and Hope, cheerleading practice, home to Momma ( optional threesome with Marcus), do some homework


School with Faith and Hope, work at the Love Shack 4 to 9, do a bit of homework


School with Faith and Hope, cheerleading practice, arrive hour late for work at Love Shack, every other Wednesday threesome with Patti and George


School with Faith and Hope, work 4 to 9 at the Love Shack, do a bit of homework


School with Faith and Hope, cheerleading practice, work 7 to 1 at the Zebra club, followed by threesome, gangbang or orgy ( menstrual cycle depending)


Hang with Faith and Hope, do some homework , date night with Chet ( optional cuckold session with Chet and big black cock(s) )


Church, hang with Faith/ Hope/ Momma, do homework

Rinse and repeat.

For the first few weeks this was definitely the pattern and that would hold with the exception of special days and holiday’s throughout the rest of the year. Faith, Hope and I had managed most of our classes together so we were still inseperable but we all had our lives too.

Faith was still working the Burger Baron, and occasionally getting cock from Jerome after work, which I really should have done. So she was relatively busy too, plus she was on the cheerleading team too. She thrived on business though

Hope was the real surprise. She now had a boyfriend. Gone were the days of random sucking every cock that came along. She would still join us for fun on Friday nights if I managed to find some in advance for after work, but there were no other extra curriculars. Her boyfriend was a shocker too. It was Beeder. He had been working the theatre as well, and his giant cock , his big brain were an easy match to the orally fixated goth girl. Her real big shock was that she tried out for the team, and she got in. She would later confess she joined to flash people because she never wore panties and that Beeder wanted to fuck her in her uniform.

It was late September when Chet came to me and told me excitedly that his father was here to stay in town. That he wanted to settle down and confine his business close to home. He was thrilled, his dad was in town for a few weeks at a time, or sometime only for a few nights. He worshipped his father and I think he was such an over-achiever in school and football in ant attempt to impress him.

I was excited too. I was really looking forward to this man. Chet raved on about him, so did Mrs Parsons the Churchslut did as well. Except unlike Mrs Parsons, Chet’s reasons for adulation had nothing to do with his father’s cock. It was a double whammy for me, because I had never even been to Chet’s home because of his father’s rule of no strangers in the house.

I prettied myself up to the hilt for the big night of meeting Chet’s dad. Chet even managed to get his dad to let me sleep the night over, but only in a guest room. I wore a lovely yellow sun dress and put my thick blonde hair into two neat braids. I looked like the sweetest girl next door.

We went out for an early dinner first and I was nervous as hell before we headed over to Chet’s home. Fortunately Mrs Parsons was out for dinner with one of her boyfriends. I “ borrowed” him and led him into the bathroom to give me a good hard fucking in the stall to calm me down.

With a pussy full of sperm, I was now ready for the night. At least I thought I was.

Chet’s home was in no dismissive words a palace. It was huge and on the “ good “ side of town, a far cry from my home in the trailer park. His foyer has easily the size of our living room at home. It was like going back in time for me, my own father and I lived in a place like this, but not nearly as huge. It was funny, I viewed the trailer as my home but the mansion I grew up in as just a place I had once lived.

In any case, the place was huge. A big swimming pool in the back with a hot tub. Four bedrooms. Three bathrooms. A study. A den. Dining room. Even an entertainment room and wine cellar. It was ridiculous.

Coming in we were greeted a the door by the maid. A truly stunning latina Beauty who went by the name of Consuela. That lovely dusky skin, haughty and naughty feature and a healthy bustline too. She was in her late 40’s and had the sexiest accent around. Apparently she had been with the family since Chet’s mother died when he was 6.

She showed me to my room and made me blush telling me how beautiful I was. How Chet was such a lucky young man to be with such a ravishing beauty. How much she loved my beautiful blonde hair. I could have sworn she was hitting on me.

When I was situated, Chet knocked on my door excitedly and said his father just got home and wanted to meet me finally face to face downstairs in the living room. I giggled and hugged Ted close. He took me by the hand and led me downstairs and opened the double doors to met his dad.

“ Here she is Dad, this is my girl friend, Charity Jones”

It was George.

The horse hung dom of my wet dreams was my boyfriends father. Just a few days ago I was eating his cum out of Patti’s ass and now here was standing before me in a bran new light. It certainly explained why he was always in and out of town all the time. This was going to be… interesting.

We both stood stunned staring at each other for a few seconds. He clearly had no idea that I was his son’s girlfriend either. He knew I was in high school and I knew he could powerfuck me all night, but to be honest, that’s all we really knew about each other.

“ Aren’t you going to say hello?” , Chet said excitedly

“ Of course, hello Charity was it?” he said composing himself and stepping forward extending a hand

“ Yes, a pleasure to meet you..Mister Baker”

“ Please, call me George”, we shook hands friendly enough pretending we were strangers.

“ Glad you finally met her, Dad, it’s only been a year”, Chet joked.

“ Yes, I really do wish I could have had her pleasure earlier” he dropping that slight innuendo

“ Handshakes are so formal” , I said stepping up and giving him a hug

My petite body squeezed into his big frame and he friendly enough hugged back.

“ We should talk”, he whispered to me

“ Agreed”, I whispered back disentangling myself.

Chet and I sat down on the couch together and sat across from his father and engaged in some idle banter. I could tell Chet was very keen on the conversation. He talked about us meeting at school, whilst leaving out the gangbang.

Ironically I had already told George all about my cuckold of a boyfriend, he loved hearing these stories about me fucking around. He even had me call Chet a couple times while we were fucking and making me tell Chet how good he was and how much I loved this older strangers cock. Reflecting on it, I never used anyone’s name , just calling Chet ‘ baby” and George “ daddy”.

All the time Chet talked, waiting for my appropriate response I noticed the similarities. I had always wondered why George had seemed so familiar, and now I knew. The same chiseled jaw, the seem deep blue eyes, same hair colour ( except George’s grey temples). The same muscular build, the same chin dimple. The major differences were the age, some of George’s age lines and of course that his cock was twice as big as Chet’s.

As Chet went on and on, I started thinking more and more of George’s giant dick. I had never hung around him this long socially without trying to shove it down my throat or into my pussy. Thinking of his powerful tall frame on top of me, pounding the shit out of me for hours and hours. Damn, I was getting horned up.

Consuela came in asked if we wanted a drink. George asked for another scotch. Chet was going to order us a couple lemonades, but I interrupted him.

“ Baby, could you make me one”, I asked sweetly cuddling up to him

“ Consuela can get us one”

“ But its better when made with love”

Chet just rolled his eyes , I nudged him and continued “ Fine, I want a couple minutes to chat with your dad”

“ Okay honey, just for you”, Chet said giving me a sweet quick kiss, “ you play nice with her Dad”

“ You got it tiger”, George smiled blandly at his boy

When they left, George leaned forward in his armchair to address me, but I cut him off.

“ I want to fuck you”, I told him bluntly

He was almost taken aback for a second, “ It’s different now, you’re my sons girlfriend”

“ I don’t care, I want to fuck you”, I reiterated.

“ I don’t think this is a good idea”

I lifted up my sundress showing him my bare pussy underneath, my torn panties lying in a corner of the men’s washroom at the family restaurant.

“ I want your dick in my pussy. In my ass, Then in my mouth. And I will have them”, I told him firmly.

He lifted an eyebrow to me knowing I was in one of my moods. It was no use arguing when I set my mind to something, I can be insanely stubborn. Then he smiled with a look as to ask me how I was planning on pulling this off.

Just then Chet wandered back in with our drinks, I quickly covered my twat before he could notice and we went back to pretending to be the sweet teen and dotting father . Consuela walked by me to give George his scotch and bent over in front of him, showing me a clear view of a really thick and juicy ass under her skirt. Shit she wasn’t wearing panties either! Chet just looked away nervously, almost as if this was the usual.

She whispered something in his ear then walked over to us and gave us long sugar sticks to stir our drinks, bending over to show off her very ample cleavage. kocaeli escort She was probably a bit bigger then me in that department too.

As she dipped the sugarstick in my lemonade she whispered in my ear

“ I just love a freshly shaven puta, it eet looks so tasty, si?”

I raised my eyebrows at this, apparently she noticed. And was just as much a tramp as me. Then again, she lived in George’s home, she probably had been fucking him for years.

That’s when I put two and two together from my earliest conversation with George when he first came in to the Love Hut. He was buying lingerie for his lady friend Consuella. This was her. She was probably his cocks lave as much as Patti and I were.

While Chet, George and I chatted, I would occasionally make a subtle display with the sugar stick. I would run my tongue along the tip, slide it in and out of my mouth. Run my tongue up and down along the side. George shifted occasionally uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide what was probably a growing erection.

And idea to play with that giant dick came to mind.

“ I couldn’t help but notice you have a lovely hottub in the back”

“ Oh yeah, Dad loves it”

“ I’ve never been in one ‘ which was technically true, “ could we try it out”

“ Be my guest”, George said finally relieved to escape me

“ Okay, I’ll just go get changed into my bathing suit, you two meet me there”, I stood up and then left the room.

Leaving him no room or time to argue, I made my escape upstairs. I past Consuela along the way.

“ Consuela, would you be a dear and help me pick out my bathing suit”

“ Of course Ms Charity, eet would be my pleasure”, she said in that sexy Spanish accent.

She followed me upstairs and closed the door behind her. I steeped into the room and faced the bed.

“ I lied, there is no bathing suit, I really wanted you…”I said turning with a pause

I guess she took my pause as a statement instead and the ravishing Mexican maid was all over me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close into a hot wet kiss.

She was an incredible kisser and her tongue was down my throat in a heartbeat. I almost melted into a puddle on the floor as she soul kissed me deeply. She then reached down and grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled me close into her. She held me by the head and by the ass and French kissed me like I was her true love.

Eventually she came up for air and I nearly fell down after she loosened her grip on me.

“ I want you Meees Charity too, you are mucha sexy

She pulled me close for another kiss but I stopped her

“ Yes, I want you too, but that’s not what I was going to say”

“ Oh now Mees Charity, you no want me to suck on your big boobies”, Consuela said grabbing my ass with both hands and grinding herself into me.

Damn it, she was turning me on, “ Yes, but I want to know….”

“ Oh yes Mess Charity, I love to eat your puta, it look very tasty” , Consuela said moving me to the bed

“ I meant, I need you to..” I said trying to protest

“ Yes, Mees Charity, I need you too”, Consuela pushed me onto my back on to the bed.

“ I just, I just”, Isaid almost swooning as the busty latina began kissing me all over my face and neck

‘ Shhh, Mees Charity, you just enjoy”

I stopped trying to protest and let Consuela do her magic.

Consuela loving kissed me and stroked me, gently raising my summer dress up and over my head. She ever so slowly made her way down my body. Starting with long kisses, then kisses and love bites on my neck. She then planted soft kisses on my collar bone and onto my chest. She lovingly cupped one of my breasts and each hand and started kissing them too.

She would then dart out her tongue and flick at my nipples, alternating between them. It was like little lightning jolts with each stab of her tongue, I whimpered and writhed under tongue. When my nipples were diamonds she would start sucking ling on them, first softly and then long hard suckles of her lips and tongue. I almost came after a couple minutes of this treatment.

Consuela made her way slowly further south, kissing my belly, then the inside of my thighs. My pussy was literally aching as she inched her kisses further and further to my honey pot. She breathed a slow jet of cool air onto my boiling over pussy. It elicited a gasp from me.

Then she darted out her tongue lightning fast and flicked at my thoroughly engorged clit. I gasped again almost cumming. Then again. Then again. I ran my fingers through her thick black hair and she took the cue and dived in. I all bust cried out as she mowed down on me.

Consuela was a disciple of cunnilingus clearly enough, as she adeptly ate me ot. Her tongue was everywhere. She would suck my clit between her lips and twirl her tongue around on the nubbin in a figure eight that made my eyes roll into the back of my head.

I started cumming and cumming har, bucking my hips into her face. She held down my hips as I tried writhing away from these intense oral orgasms, but she would have nothing of it. Consuela tongued me throw mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. I liteorally saw stars before I collapsed limply my body feeling like electricity was pouring out through my clit and nipples.

I lay panting on the bed and Consuela moved up along side me and deeply kissed me, our tongues rolled around in each other’s mouth. And I licked her chin lips free of my nectar

“ You like, si?”, she asked

“ Oh I like, si?”, I said undoing the bow on her maids outfit

“ No Mees Charity, you do that later, I come visit you when Mister George and Mister Chet go to bed”

“ If you insist”, I sighed flopping onto my back

Consuela got up and opened my suitcase, as I enjoyed the afterglow.

“ Miss Charity, you have no bathing suit”, Consuela said to me turning around

“ That’s what I was saying before you made me cum a dozen times”, I laughed

“ I’m sorry Mees Charity, was there something you wanted to say”

“ Yes, Consuela, I know you’ve been fucking Mr , uhm, George”

“ Si Mess Charity”, Consuela blushed, “ I love his grande chulo”

I sighed “ Me too, plus he knows what to do with it”

It was finally Consuela’s turn to be surprised.

“ You have been sexing up Mr George”

“ Si, Consuela, very much so”

An evil grin came to her face . “ Maybe later, you and I visit Mr George?”

“ Si, Consuela, I like that way you think” , I smiled back, “ but I just wanted to come up here to stall for time”

“ What are you going to do Mees Charity?”, she said raising an eyebrow

“ I was going to go naked into the hottub”, I smiled

“ But Mister Chet?”, she asked

“ He’s seen me fuck other men, he’ll just have to adapt”

“ Si, Mess Charity, Mister George has fucked many of Chet’s girlfriends”

“ Really” , I said propping up on my elbows

“ Oh yes, they all love his grande culo, he sits by the door and listens and plays with his leetle culo”

I laughed at that “ Yes, that sounds like my Chet”

“ But they all leave after, they are too ashamed”, Consuela sighed, “ I hope you don’t, you too sexy”

“ Oh I’m not leaving, but this time, he wont have to listen, he can watch”

Consuela smiled back “ I think I like you Mees Charity”

“ I know I like you. Think enough time has passed?”

“ Si, Mees Charity”

I went into the adjoining bathroom and wrapped myself tightly into a towel. I made a loose knot at the top at the pretense of trying to be modest and made my way downstairs and out into the back.

The backyard was huge, with a vast swimming pool and the big hottub. On the other side of the pool was Consuela’s bungalow where she lived in three rooms when she wasn’t in the house. George and Chet were in the hottub already. George was having a beer and Chet was as well . I guess discipline was a lot more lax then Chet’s earlier pretenses.

I strode out in just the towel towards the tub

“ I must have left my suit at home, but Consuela assured me that this towel stick to me”

Chet almost choked on his beer when I said that.

“ Umm honey, are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“ Of course dear, don’t you trust me and Consuela” I said innocently climbing into the tub beside Chet.

“ Umm okay honey”, he said as I sat beside him.

The hot tub was amazing. All those jets in all the right places. I decided right there and then that when I had my own place it would have to have a hot tub, even if I had no other furniture. It was heavenly. Keeping my towel on was proving to be more difficult, just as I intended.

The sides blew up, air bubbles threaten to pop it free, the jet currents kept tugging at it in an attempt to drag off the heavy cloth. I just smiled innocently and chatted with the men.

Chet was turning a lovely shade of red as sometimes the towel would flap open exposing my entire body. I pretended not to notice the show I was giving both of the men, and took turns sipping Chet’s beer with him. George on the other hand was keeping his cool entirely, but he wasn’t pretending I wasn’t nearly naked either. His eyes would liner on my flesh when the towel would randomly flip open.

Chet and I quickly finished off our beer, mainly because of the huge swigs I was taking off of the bottle.

“ Excuse me Mister Baker”, I said

“ Like I said, you can call me George”

“ Of course George, but I was wondering if Chet and I could have another beer”

“ Certainly” he said handing me a beer out of the cooler nearby.

“ Thank you” I replied giving it to Chet to open.

Chet opened the beer and offered it to me.

“ You know what, I think I would like my own”

“ Okay Charity, I’ll just..” George said reaching over to grab one.

“ Don’t go to all that bother, I’ll get it myself”

I drifted across the hottub towards the cooler, as expected and planned for the towel officially came undone. It swirled and drifted away from me towards Chet. I could hear Chet choke on his beer and Goerge clear his throat. I stood up at the end and reached over Goerge for a beer, my big boobs slapping him in the face.

“ Oh dear, I seem to have lost my towel”, I said in mock surprise

“ Here you are honey” , Chet said frantically grabbing the towel to hand it back, he was the most delightful shades of red.

“ Don’t be a bother, I’ll just have seat and hide under the water, I’m sure no one could see much”

That was of course was a bald face lie. When I was getting a beer , I also turned down the jets by nearly half. Now the pool was a swirling, but relatively see through twirl of hot water. Interrupted by brief bouts of streaming rushes.

“Oooh George has a big one right here”, I said looking at Chet

He was sitting dumbfounded with his jaw half open. He was always adorable when I toyed with his sex drive.

“ Big jet stream I mean”, I said and sat down beside George, “ you don’t mind do you baby?”

“ Umm, of course not”, Chet said with a forced smile.

I settled in beside George in the tub. My donkey dicked dom/ Chet’s kocaeli escort bayan dad sidled over a couple inches, but I just adjusted to his movement by rubbing my thigh up against his. He just cleared his throat and Chet sat there quietly sipping at his beer. I sat as confident as I could be, while the two men were stuck in their own awkward silence.

Consuela arrived just merely moments later after this carrying a tray. The tray was adorned with a couple cans of soda pop, some glasses and lemon slices for both our drinks and George’s beer. She set the tray down and proceeded to pour the drinks.

“ I don’t think the men approve of my bathing attire, Consuela”, I asked the busty maid

“ I like what you are not wearing Mees Charity, it is always best to soak naturally”, she said pouring my drink first..

My braids were bothering me, so I untangled them as Consuela waited for me to finish. I took one out and removed the hair band holding it in place and grabbed my drink. Consuela went on to serve the other men, and I went to work on finishing my other braid. I finished as Consuela gave Chet his drink, then a delicious idea came to me as I loosened the hair band

“ Oops, I dropped my hair band”, I said doing so *accidently*

“ Please Mess Charity, let me get it for you”

“ No dear Consuela, I lost it, let me find it”

I fished my hand into the depths of the hottub and straight into George’s lap, not even pretending to look for anything else. I instantly went for George’s half rigid dick under his loose shorts, glad to see naked women still turned him on despite the context. I wrapped my hand around his tool.

“ Oh my, I think I found something else”

“ What did you find , Mess Charity?”

“ I found George’s big fat cock!”, I smiled.

Chet spit out beer in a choke and George nearly did the same. He tried grabbing my hand away but I gave his fat dick my best kung fu grip. I started stroking his big beast under the water, despite it not being the best angle. Chet looked like he was going to faint.

“ Good for you Mess Charity, it is such a big thing , si?”

“ Si, Consuela, why I think you could get two hands on this big thing, don’t you?”, I said sipping my beer with my free hand.

Consuela took my hint and moved back over to our side of the tub. She reached her dusky arm into the water and soon I found her snaking her hand beside my own and we started stroking him in unison.

“ Oh yes, Mees Charity, Meester George has a such a lovely culo.”

“ These shorts of his are getting in the way, I think he should take them off.”

“ Si, Mees Charity, I think so to”

I put down my drink and grabbed one end of George’s waistband, and Consula reached in grabbed the other and we started tugging.

“ You two are very bad”, George said finally smiling.

We had his swimming trunks down to his ankle when he had to stand up to get them off. Getting to his feet, his huge dick proudly jutted out of the water, with Consuela’s and my hand still stroking him to the fully hard beast he now was.

“ Oh my, your Dad has such a huge cock. Why didnt you tell me about this baby?”, I asked Chet

“ I thought.. And you// well.. You’re my girlfriend!”, Chet mumbled and blurted

“ Oh stop being such a little puta, Mister Chet, your woman should know where the real men are”, Consuela chided my boyfriend.

I was liking this busty latina maid more and more, she knew how to press the right buttons for Chet’s cuckold nature too.

“ But..”, Chet stammered

“ If you didn’t want me to suck his giant cock, you shouldn’t have brought me to meet your daddy”

“ Suck his cock?”

“ If you insist”, I smiled evily

I stopped jerking George off just so I could swoop my lips onto his dick. I didn’t like the taste of the hottub water, but I loved the taste of his dick so it made up for it. I made a show of slurping on it noisily for my darling cucky boyfriend. I made wet sucking sounds and bobbed my head up and down his dick.

“ Mister Chet, it seems Mees Charity love’s your papi’s culo”

“ Mmmm-hmmm” , I agreed humming around his father’s big dick.

Consuela kept stroking George’s thick tool into my mouth while I hungrily slurped on his dick. I took a break with a gasp and turned back to Chet.

“ Honey I’m just so horny now after Consula ate me out upstairs, will you let me fuck your daddy?”, I said with my sweet yes.

“ Charity! My dad! What are dad!”, Chet siad his brain in overload.

“ Consuela, how about you convince him”

“ Si, Mees Charity”, she agreed.

I kept stroking George’s dick as I saw the sultry latina disrobe. She took off her skirt showing her tan and toned legs, and like me she had gone commando; being in the same house as George I imagined she had to be ready to fuck at anytime. Then she got out of her top and her stupendous breasts burst free. Her boobs were bigger than my own, but not nearly as big as Momma’s, I’d probably put Consuela in in the 36F category, give or take.

Her body was stunning, dark dusky skin, a slim waist and wife flaring hips. She had a big generous backside that I just wanted to bury my face in. Her nipples were dark chocolate silver dollars. And her snatch was trimmed with a single slim dark landing stripe that pointed to thick labial lips.

Consuela climbed into the tub beside the snorting , huffing and confused boyfriend of mine. She sat down beside him with a smile and her hand went into his lap. Chet instantly stiffened and I could see through the turbulent water that the latina maid had her hand under his shorts and was busily stroking my boyfriend off.

“ I really really want to fuck your daddy, may I please? Please?”, I asked insistently

“ I um.., oh go,” Chet wheezed under the maid’s ministrations.

“ Please?”, I pleaded

“ Oh god yes, yes!”, Chet finally gave in as Consuela increased her tempo.

“ Goodie!”, I smiled showing my naked body .

I Bent over the edge of the tub, showing Chet my profile with my big boobs half submerged in the water.. I looked over my shoulder, stage facing Chet and said to George;

“ Fuck me Daddy, fuck me!”

George didn’t seem to have anymore issues about my dating his son as he grabbed by ass with one hand and guided his fat dick up into my pussy. I purred as he fit his familiar thickness into me, it had only been a few days since I last had him in me but cuckolding my boyfriend with him made this all brand new. He sighed as he nudged his big dick further into me.

“ Oh god, your daddy is so big!”, I hollered out loud in joy.

This was turning on George in a big way and he started sliding in and out of me picking up his pace. Soon he was thrusting hard into me, making me grip the end of the tub firmly. My tits were splashing around in the water.

“ Meester Chet likes watching, no?”, Consuela asked still stroking.

“ Oh god yes, he lovvves watching me fuck real men”, I agreed between thrusts.

“ Son, if I had known that, I would have fucked all your girlfriends in front of you!” , George chuckled

“ Dad”. Chet squeaked.

“ That slut Marjorie, she gave up her ass to me when you were at practice”

I was pretty sure I met Marjorie before she graduated last year, she was always really friendly to Chet, always asking about his Dad. It all made sense now.

“ Oh god”, Chet moaned characteristically that signalled him close to cumming.

“ Don’t let him cum! Don’t let him cum!”, I gasped between poundings.

Chet yelped and twitched, I don’t know what Consuela did but it seemed painful and made him stop breathing deeply like he was. George picked up the pace and started pounding the shit out of me.

George fucked me silly for ages. Consuela continued stroking him and herself under the water. She was definitely enjoying the show, and clearly was no stranger to teasing Chet. She would later tell me she had been doing this to him since he was 14 and brought his first girlfriend home to get fucked by his father.

She had found him outside his father’s bedroom door stroking his cock and listening to the squeals of his equally 14 year old girlfriend losing her virginity and getting fucked all night by his father. She snuck up behind him and gripped his dick hard and kept stroking till he was close, then stopping for him to cool off. Then going again.

She would tease him about his little cock, and tell him how much bigger his father was. How amazing he was in bed. How Chet could never please a woman the same way his father could. And a couple hours later when she did allow him to cum all over her hand, she would make him lick it clean. She would then force him to his knees and lick out her pussy. Sometimes even after she had just freshly fucked his father.

So I was in fact his second cuckoldress, but I went a step further and let him watch. Which was in effect his ultimate desire.

“ Fuck me daddy! Yes daddy ! Yes!”, I screamed though another orgasm under George’s big dick punishment.

George was huffing and puffing and grunting, and I knew he was getting close.

“ Hey, no sperma in the tub! You no have to clean Meester George!”, came Consuela’s demand.

Then George did something I had never seen him do before: he obeyed a woman.. He pulled out his thick dick from my churning depths and squeezed the base of his dick hard to stop from cumming. He sighed and breathed out deeply like releasing a steam valve.

“ Come on women, up to my room”, George told us getting out of bed and extending hands to me and Consuela.

We took his hands and led us out of the tub and toward the house.

“But what about me?”. we could hear Chet behind us plead.

“ Oh fine, you can come and watch, but not a word out of you”, I said over my shoulder

George led us upstairs, Consuela on one side and be on the other. He had a big hand cupping one of our buttocks each and we had an arm wrapped around his shoulder each. Chet followed a few steps behind, I can only imagine his view of our two asses forever out of reach of him. I slowed down and exaggerated by step just as Consuela did so that my poor cuckold could see every ripple in our buttocks as they shifted and swayed.

George had a big bedroom but was relatively Spartan. It was dominated by huge king sized bed. There was a walk in closet, a dresser,a shoe rack and a living chair. A huge wall mirror framed the ebd which would give a good angle for whatever action was happening in the bed. And there was a video camera with a bunch of tapes beside it hooked up to a tv.

Later I would learn those were tapes full of the women he had fucked in that bed going back since when he first bought the camera 5 years ago. Sometimes I would watch some of the tapes between sessions to find familiar faces; Patti, Mrs Parsons, Marjorie and several of the girls I had and currently was going to school with, My favourite had to be his most recent one in that pile * Patti and May*, it seemed he was fucking both lesbians at now.

If you’re really nice, maybe I’ll describe it to you.

George sat at the foot of the bed his big dick yahya kaptan escort throbbing.

“ Alright sluts, get on your knees and start sucking”, George commanded us.

We needed no further instruction and quickly did as we were told. I knelt to George’s right thigh and Consuela to George’s left. Chet settled down in the armchair in the corner and started slowly stroking watching the show silently as I instructed him.

The lusty busty latina maid and I took our time worshipping the senior Baker’s huge phallus. We ran our tongues up and down the length of his his thick tool. We would take turn slurping and rolling his balls in our mouth and then meet for wet kisses over his fat cockhead. It was delicious.

George gripped me by the hair and pulled me up onto the bed. I followed his lead obediently being his slut-pet at heart. He laid back on the bed and had me straddle his body. His firm hands gripped my hips and pushed me down on his dick which Consuela was lovingly guiding into my honey hole.

I started rocking my ass up and down on his thickness as he pushed slowly up into me. Consuella would slurp on his balls then run her tongue up his length. Across my slit and then flick the tip of her tongue in my ass, slowly moistening it up as George fucked me some more.

“ Yes, daddy, yes” I grunted as I fed him my tits as I lay on top of him.

I fucked him this way for a long time, switching nipple to nipple with his lips. George was loving this and he started controlling his breaht.

“ Oh baby, daddy wants to cum, daddy wants to cum”

“ Not yet” , George said, “ roll over”

I did so, and he then moved me back onto his body. I was now in the position known famously as reverse-cowgirl. Consuella was slurping on his dick and then slowly guided my dom’s huge dick to my backdoor

“ Oh Chet baby, Daddy’s going tofuck your baby’s ass”, I wheezed.

All I heard was Chet groan and looked over and saw him beating his meat furiously. I blew him a kiss .

“ Love you Chet honey”

“ Love you too Charity baby”

“ Don’t come yet Chet honey”

“ Anything you want dear”

With that he slowed down his frantic whacking and I slowly eased my self onto George’s huge cock.

I absolutely adore getting fucked in the ass, George is just a touch thicker then most men. It had been a week since I had been double-teamed by a couple of big black cocks and I was ready to get anally rammed later that night if tonight had been a dud. So I was ready to take his big dick up my ass.

I eased myself down his girth, loving how much he filled me up ad stuffed me. It hit all the right nerves and I knew it would only been a few minutes before I was cumming like crazy from doing this. Plus Consuela ad started licking my pussy out to help relax me.

Finally I eased my self to he was balls deep in me, and I thought I felt him in my throat. That’s when the busty maid started fingering my pussy at the same time. Feeling her probing fingers and his dick set me off and I started cumming just sitting on his dick.

“ Ohhhh fuck, daddddddddddy”, I squealed.

That’s what he did, he gripped my hips and with his feet planted firmly on the floor George started pounding deep into me. I pushed my hips up and down on him and thrust deeply into me. Consuela kept up thoroughly lubed, by licking my cunt and slurping on George’s dick.. She had a lovable touch of nasty in her and would occasionally spit on his dick to add some more slickness.

I was nearly crying loving his dick in my ass so much. The power shucking combined with the expert twat eating set me off with one cum followed my another.

“ Love my dick in your ass, don’t you slut?” George said pounding me from below

“ Yes daddy, I love your big dick in my ass”, I said through tears of joy.

“ Want me to cum in your ass, little slut?”

“ Yes daddy, come in my slutty ass”, I insisted.

“ Over here , leetle culo”, Consuela instructed Chet

Chet walked up to Consuela bashfully and she forced him to his knees beside her so he could get a first hand look at his father power fucking his girlfriends ass. Consuela started stroking his cock firmly in her hand.

“ Oh shit, oh yeah, here it comes slut” George said pumping stronger and deepr

“ Oh fuck , cummmmmmming, I’m cumming daddy!!!”, I howled.

Jets of his hot liquid filled up my backside, spurt after spurt after spurt. I shook through a cum and finally subsided shaking.

Consuela started giving Chet a rapid ad fevered hand job which had him shuddering in seconds. Consuela pulled George’s giant dick from my very stretched ass and then proceeded to push Chet’s face right into my ass.

“ Eat it leetle culo”, she hissed at him.

Chet started slurping away at my ass as instructed, I had never had a mnas tongue up my ass and I loved it. I actually felt the ripple of an aftercum as he did so, and grabbed the back of his head and pushed him even further between my cheeks.

Chet started groaning and shaking, and he came in Consuela’s hand. She pushed him back in mock disgust and humour. Chet knelt there with his dad’s cum dripping off his chin, and then Consuela stuffed her fingers in his mouth to make him lick them clean. If there was any doubt he wasn’t a complete and utter cuckold before, it was gone now.

Consuela crawled up on to the bed and started cleaning George’s dick with her mouth while I lay panting on the bed. Chet knelt beside me and kissed me deeply.

“ I love you Charity”

“ I love you too, and your dad’s cock”

He blushed at this.

“ I told you not to cum”, I said judgementally.

“ I’m sorry honey, I just couldn’t help it”, Chet apologized.

“ Your punishment for disobeying is that you have to go to bed now, I’ll come visit you when your dad is done with me”

“ But honey..” , Chet begged.

“ No excuses, straight to bed baby”, I told him

“ Yes dear” he said getting up with a quick kiss on my lips

As closed the door behind him , I said as loud as I cold so that he could hear;

“ Oh my ! Daddy’s big dick is hard for me again!”

Which was quite true actually. Consuela had been sucking him hard and noisily to help him maintain his erection. Being the guest I had the honours of riding his big dick some more, so I climbed up on top of George and slid his dick into my hungry pussy.

Consuela knelt behind us again as I rode George through another few climaxes of my own. He grabbed my big tots and let me grind into him. I loved his big dick in me.

Consuela joined us to lay beside George as I rode him grinding into his dick enjoying a slow wet fuck. She played with my clit till I cam again on his big dick.

I slowly eased off him to let Consuela have a turn with her employer at last. Unlike me there was no slwo grinding. She knelt over him , squatting over his dick planting her feet on the bed and her hands on his broad chest. The busty maid proceeded to bounce up and down on his big dick, her ass cheeks slapping down with every downward thrust.

She curse and swore and Spanish interrupted by bursts of telling him how much she loved fucking his big dick in English. I then decided to join in on the fun and straddled George’s face and let him eat me out while I soul kissed the older lady.

Consuela insisted I get all the cum tonight though for my cuckie to clean up later, so when she felt George getting close she would slow down and ease off his giant dick. George then rolled me over on to my back and spread my thighs wide.

He pierced me with his giant dick making me scream out again and started powerfucking me just the way he loved. I kept screaming like a maniac as I came over and over again. Part of me was performing for Chet just down the hallway too I have to admit.

Consuela shut me up though by sitting on my face and finally feeding me her twat. She was succulent and meaty. It was like digging into a hot sweaty steak, she was all woman that’s for sure. She kept grinding her pussy hard into my face, so much that I almost had trouble breathing but she didn’t care.

Consuella just kept insisting I suck her clit hard and lap up her juices, she gripped me by the hair so I couldn’t move and nearly drowned me when she quirted in my mouth.

George let out a bellow and came again, deep inside my pussy. And eventually pulled out as Consuela rode my face hard.

She shrieked and trmbled through another cum and then squirted all over my face again. Patti had done this a couple times, but never in the quantities that Consuela did, I had to swallow and drink a lot of her juices just to keep up. When she stopped shaking she rolled off the bed beside me.

Consuela then excused herself, saying she had to get up early in the morning to make us breakfast and that she had to go make love to her husband once before she slept

It seemed that George and Consuela had been playing a long term hustle on her husband. When she first started working for George she was an illegal immigrant, and started fucking him in days. Her husband found out so Consuela told him that he threatened to report them to INS if he confronted George about fucking his wife.

In fact, George helped get Consuela her green card and had been an American citizen for years, and also got her husband a job as the gardener. Consuela just told him she was an illegal so that she could keep fucking her boss so that he wouldn’t try ending the affair. He probably had seen the whole hottub thing from their guest house.

George and I chatted for a few minutes about our new state of affairs. I assured him we could keep fucking indefinitely and he seemed fine with that, just as long as Chet gave consent to it. He loved his son dearly, and thought his former girlfriends were gold-diggers and deserved to be treated like sluts.

I was flattered because he thought I was different, and I assured him I loved his son dearly. Just sexually Chet didn’t satisfy me, and that he was waiting for his wedding night to lose it. I assured him Chet was everything I wanted in a man and that he raised a great son. Just I wanted to fuck his dad more.

He seemed happy with that and it was settled.

To celebrate it I gave him a long loving blowjob, worshipping his dick for the next hour. I slobbered his knob, hiss balss and deep throated him. He started throat fucking me towards the end and when he came I kept his cum in my mouth. I fake blew him a kiss and wandered down the hall to Chet’s bedroom

I crept into the bed with him, and he was still awake, I cuddled up behind him and he turned his head to me. I proceeded to give my boyfriend a deep wet kiss feeding his father’s cum into his mouth. Being the proper cuck he swallowed faithfully. And we kissed softly.

I slipped up behind him spoon fashion and gave him a reach around to stroke off his hard dick. In minutes he came in my hand, which of course he dutifully licked off my hand.

“ You’re okay with me fucking your dad?”, I whispered to him.

“ Yeah, it was just a big surprise that’s all”, he answered

“ Better some you trust, right”

“ Definitely”, he agreed.

“ Was it hot?”, I mischievously asked

“ Everything you do is hot, if I could cum again , I’d show you”

I giggled.

Yes it was a perfect relationship.

“ Good night Chet, I love you”

“ Goodnight Charity, I love you too”

We then slept snugly together late into the next morning.

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