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The male threw his keys down onto the coffee table and looked around the room. The lounge room was quiet and orderly just as he liked it. The air conditioner was on high and an iced glass of port was sitting on a coaster on the coffee table just as he had instructed. His tan-colored loafers also sat beside his armchair just as he had ordered.

Tired from a hard days work, he sank down in the large, comfortable, leather-bound chair in the middle of the room, picked up the glass, and sipped the sweet, cold, liquid through his parched lips.

He removed his work boots and replaced them with the loafers; then sat back and relaxed, letting the quietness of the room overtake him for the next few minutes

Charlotte listened intently to her master’s movements from inside the bedroom. She knew from experience he would come to her only after he felt truly relaxed.

Charlotte had been lying prone, in a spread-eagled position, on the right side of the bed for just on 30 minutes. The bed was situated right in front of a portable air conditioner, and by obeying his explicit instructions, she had been forced to experience the ecstasy of having cold air blown on her ever-hardening nipples; caressing them for the same length of time, she had lain there. The sensation was driving her insane with need just as he anticipated.

That need had worked its way down to settle at the junction of her thighs resulting in a sticky moisture, which fanned by the escaping wind heightened her senses and made her pussy ache with desire.

The last instruction he had given her was that her pink dildo should remain inside her pussy until he himself removed it from her body.

Master swirled the light-mustard-colored liquid around the edges of his glass, took another sip, and closed his eyes. He remained that way for several more minutes whilst he offloaded the cares of the day, knowing well that Charlotte would be where he told her to be and positioned as instructed: eager and wet for him.

After fifteen more minutes, he arose from the comfort of the armchair and walked quietly towards the open bedroom door.

He smiled to himself as he observed her vulnerable state and the look in her eyes as he entered the room.

Normally he did not like his subs to look at him directly: he liked them to look subservient with their head bowed, but as she was his favorite, he let it slide.

He drunk in the sight of her: completely naked, with her arms and legs extended; no binds to hold them there in place. Her nipples rose proudly from the white flesh of her copious breasts, hard and pointed. Her long black hair covered the pillow. Another pillow lay under her arse and from where he stood; he could see the end of the dildo protruding from her freshly shaven pussy.

“So, is my little cum-slut ready for me?”

Charlotte gave him a look, which reeked of servitude and in a small, soft Ataşehir Yabancı Escort voice replied, “All that my Master has commanded of me has been done, Sir.”

He slowly slid his hand up her right leg and felt the cold moisture of her sex whilst giving her pussy lips a slight pinch so that her clit remained trapped in the folds.

The action made Charlotte raise her hips off the bed slightly and groan his name.

“Easy, my little slut:” He spoke the words in a lightly reprimanding way.

He sat down at the bottom of the bed still rubbing the inner parts of her pussy, took hold of the end of the dildo, and thrust it in and out of her a few times: all the time ignoring her imploring eyes, which pleaded for the first thrust of his now hardening cock.

“Turn over onto your front, my pet,” he commanded.

Unsure of what was coming, she hesitated momentarily but then slowly turned to lay on her stomach not wanting to disobey him at this point, or any point for that matter.

“Now push up so you are standing on all fours,” he continued.

Charlotte pushed her arse up in the air, suddenly displaying the shell pink, petal like flesh of her sexuality to him; the dildo still in place; whilst at the same time trying to gain her balance.

The sight of Charlotte’s exposed anal orifice and pussy caused her master’s cock to fully harden, and a fierce burning sensation began in his groin.

He knew that Charlotte had never been fucked up the arse before: this would be her first time.

He would go slowly. He would give her pleasure then take his own after he had made her cum.

Her master stood up, came round to the side of the bed where Charlotte was and climbed on the bed, kneeling in front of her.

“Lift your breast to my mouth and rub the tip along my lips. I want to suckle and bite those big tits of yours,” he commanded.

Charlotte lifted her right breast as ordered and rubbed the pointed peak against his lower lip.

His tongue darted out to caress the hard, pebble-like point.

“Spread your knees. I want to finger that wet pussy of yours.”

Charlotte widened her stance adding further distance between her thighs thus giving him full access as ordered.

His fingers withdrew the dildo and he threw it behind him.

He teased her slit mercilessly, making her arch into his hand as he fed on her engorged nipples: first one then the other.

The musky scents of feminine arousal mixed with the sounds of her approaching orgasm were extremely pleasurable to him.

His attention was drawn to the roundness of her arse, which was reflected in the bedroom mirror.

He watched their mirrored reflection, both excited and pleased by her body’s response to his and smiled to himself as she came apart under his skilful handling.

He nearly came himself, but held tightly to his self-control: Ataşehir Yeni Escort instead telling her to turn round to face the mirror.

He wanted her to watch as he took her from behind.

Charlotte lowered her head, but he quickly grabbed her chin and raised her head to she could see herself in the mirror.

She heard the familiar sound of the down drawing of a zipper and knew that her master was freeing himself from the confines of his clothing.

Turning her head to look back at him, Charlotte noticed that he had a tube in his hand and became slightly fearful of what he was going to do with the contents. That was until his calloused fingers coated by a gel substance slid there way along her pussy lips, fingered her internally, thrusting in first one finger then two…finally entering her slowly widening pussy with four fingers side by side.

Charlotte eyes instinctively closed and she began to writhe against his hand.

“My little slut likes this, doesn’t she? Look at yourself in the mirror.”

He pressed his body into hers and pulled sharply on her erect nipples.

A long moan escaped from deep within her.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you you can.”

It was a directive and he slapped her arse hard as if to drive the order home.

She shut her eyes and tried to ignore the ecstasy she was feeling as he pulled and pinched her nipples with both of his hands and felt the masterful slide of his thick rod, which he had inserted between her widely parted thighs just to ease some of the pressure inside him self.

Charlotte moaned again.

“Quiet, whore,” and he slapped her slightly reddening arse a second time.

Charlotte became quiet as ordered.

Charlotte’s master reveled in her obedience to him. She had come a long way in a very short time and he was well pleased with her progress.

She had always meant more to him than being just a half-decent fuck: and he loved her responsiveness, though he could not allow her to become too carried away: and she was prone to do that from time to time.

He continued his seduction but found he, himself, was now gaining a lot of the pleasure.

The sensation of her soft, hot inner-flesh against his now engorged, pulsating cock was staggering. Every time he thrust his cock along the folds of her pussy, his balls brushed the hairless mound, which housed her treasure.

He decided he would fuck her arse now and allow her to come as he did so.

He lubed up a finger and began to rub it into her arse hole.

Charlotte immediately tensed, but did not move away from him.

Her gently inserted the finger into her anus and watched as the tip disappeared from view. He heard Charlotte’s intake of breath and felt her muscles tighten around his knuckle.

“Relax, my pet. It will be okay.”

Charlotte tried hard to relax against Ataşehir Masaj Salonu him as he withdrew his finger, but as she felt the bulk of the tip of his masculine appendage against her tight little hole, she began to alter her stance slightly in an effort to move away from the massive cock at her rear end.

Her master held her hips tightly to his lower body, knowing that any minute she could say the word that would put an end to all his longings… he waited, but to her credit, it never came.

She swung her head round to look at him just for a second, then as quiet as a mouse said, “Please be gentle.”

She then lowered her head placing her forehead down on the pillow and waited for his next movement.

He took her arse in one hard thrust and Charlotte, in obvious pain, grabbed the corners of the pillow with her clenched fists and whilst pulling the pillow to herself, screamed into the fabric.

“Give it a minute: your body will adjust,” her master rasped as his own body was overtaken by the tightness of her virgin cavity on his cock.

He wanted more than anything to thrust: thrust hard and deep within her, dispelling his own load.

Instead, he placed his hand between her thighs and began to rub her clit in circles. She did not move away from him nor did she respond to his touch.

He continued this way until she began to relax and he was rewarded with a tiny moan of pleasure, as the bulge in her arse became a little less painful to bear.

He began a short range, slow, thrusting motion within her and continued to fondle her pussy driving need back into her, taking the place of the pain she had been subjected to moments earlier.

He was surprised at how quickly she was overcoming the pain to revel in the pleasure his touch brought forth within her.

His thrusting began to pick up pace.

He put his arms around her waist and lifted her upper body so that her back was pressing against his front.

He was fucking her hard now.

“Who… are… you?” he enquired as his fingers took ownership of her nipples once again.

“Your little slut, Sir,” she gasped as he squeezed the right nipple hard.

“Go on slut… tell me… that you want me to fuck you …with this big cock.”

He ground out the words with each forceful thrust he delivered into her.

Responding to her Master’s need to hear the words Charlotte called out aloud, “Sir… please fuck me… fuck your little whore… I want to feel you pounding my pussy and my arse… I want to feel your hot cum… inside me… your powerful cock-strokes… tearing up my pussy… and my arse. Please… fuck me Sir… Fuck me hard …and cum…cum inside your little slut… No one else can fuck as you can… I love it when you make me your whore.”

“Yes… you are my little whore… my little cum-slut… who loves to be fucked by this big cock,” as he thrust hard with in her his voice became louder and he spoke quicker: then groaned the final words as his cum jet-streamed out of him into her hot, tight arse.

He held her tightly to his frame as lethargy besieged him.

“And I have all night to see just how big a whore you really can be, don’t I sub?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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