Chat Room Surprise

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Brendan checked the time on his computer and pulled a face. His Mom wouldn’t be home for an hour. He fished in his pocket for the slip of paper and carefully typed in the link. One of his regulars at the service station, where he worked a four hour shift every morning, had told him about a website, so until his Mom came home he may as well check it out. When the site came up he followed the prompts to the chat rooms, not really expecting anything, and his eyes narrowed as he scanned the list. He had been sure his customer had been bullshitting him, but there it was.

Taboo Chat Room.

Where the family that stays together plays together.

He clicked on the room, then swore under his breath when a registration page came up. It hadn’t occurred to him that he would need to sign up to access the site. The last thing he wanted was to give his personal details, so he scrolled down until he found the privacy policy. This didn’t seem so bad. The only thing anybody would see would be his nickname. All the other shit they asked for was purely to determine that he was over eighteen. He began to fill in the registration, but when he came to the section that asked for a nickname he hesitated. Everyone he knew also knew his regular nickname so he couldn’t use that. He thought for a few minutes, then decided that considering the type of chat he was interested in, he may as well choose a name that reflected the subject. Clicking on the appropriate box he typed in “Mofo”, the slang word for motherfucker, followed by his password. Seconds later he received a confirmation email, and after clicking the link he was directed back to the site, where he quickly went to the taboo chat room.

“Fuck, I didn’t know so many people were into this stuff,” he thought, running his eye down the long list of names. There were so many that he didn’t know where to start. For several minutes he stared blankly at the list of weird, imaginative, and not so and imaginative nicknames, and then suddenly a message flashed at the bottom of his screen. He opened the message and grinned at the name. “Dadinme” didn’t exactly impress with its originality.

“Hey Mofo”, he read. “Wassup? Are you really a mofo?”

He was a little surprised at the bluntness of the question, and for a moment wasn’t sure how to respond. “Why do you ask?” he typed.

The reply came immediately. “Isn’t that what this room is about? Everyone in here either does it or wishes they could.”

“OK then, which one are you?”

“I’m a doer.”

“Really? Who with?”

“Can’t you work that out from my nick?”

“Oh right. OK, I don’t want to sound stupid, but are you a girl or a guy?”

“Girl of course, and before you ask my dad has been fucking me for 4 years since I was 18. How about you? Do you do it with your mom or do you just wish you could?”

Before he could frame a reply another message flashed. “Hey, I gotta go. Hubby came home. I’ll be here tomorrow if you wanna chat. Cya.”

Brendan heaved a sigh of relief as the connection was broken. He hadn’t expected to be asked such intimate questions, at least not from the start, and certainly wasn’t comfortable about answering them. Nonetheless, the frankness of “Dadinme” had not altogether been without its effect on him, and the thought of a twenty two year old being fucked by her father made his cock stir. The sound of a car door slamming startled him, and he glanced again at the computer clock. Signing in to the site had taken longer than he realised, and he hastily logged out. He descended the stairs to the living room just as his mom came in, and as she kissed his cheek his hand went automatically to her breast.

“Not just now Baby,” she smiled, pushing him away gently. “I need a shower and some food. How about fixing your Mom some scrambled eggs while I freshen up?”

As he cracked the eggs into a bowl, he reflected on how nice and firm she had felt in his palm, and reminded himself that he would have to be more careful. Although she never protested, there could be hell to pay if his Dad ever saw him feeling his Mom’s tits. He was spooning the eggs on to the toast when she returned from the bathroom in her robe, with a towel around her head. Her face was glowing from the hot shower, and he thought to himself how much more beautiful she seemed without make up. At forty four her still flawless skin took tears off her age, and the way her firm breasts swelled under her robe added to the illusion.

Wolfing down his meal, he pushed away from the table and went to stand behind her chair. As she sipped her coffee he slid his hand inside her robe, and he exulted at the way her nipples stiffened under his touch. Her laugh was music to his ears. “Wow, something sure has you fired up. Whatever it is I like it.” She glanced at the clock on the wall and stood up. “Your Dad will be home in about an hour, so let’s not waste time.”

Taking his hand she led him to her bedroom, shrugging out of her robe and stretching out on the soft covers, eyes gleaming izmir escort as she watched him undress. As always, he was awestruck by the perfection of her body, from her firm breasts standing proudly from her ribcage, surmounted by tight hard brown nipples, down past her trim waist and softly rounded tummy to her full hips and neatly trimmed mound.

She was obviously as eager as he was, because she reached for his erection, using it to pull him on top of her and guiding the rubbery tip to her moist slit. “Now Brendan, I want you in me now. Give your Mom your hard cock.” He pushed into her wet pussy with a contented sigh. It was always exciting fucking his Mom, but it was even more so when he fucked her in the bed she shared with his Dad. Her wetness was scalding on his shaft, and he lowered his mouth to her tits, feasting greedily as he drove in and out of her clinging twat. She clutched him to her, raising her hips to meet him. “That’s it Baby, fuck your Mom. Faster! I’m nearly there! Oh yes! Make me cum! Oh yesss!” Her thick creamy fluids burst out around his plunging shaft and his cock exploded, pumping a stream of hot cum deep inside his Mom’s cunt.

Withdrawing his glistening rod he knelt between her legs, watching their mingled cum oozing from her puffed and reddened pussy lips. The last year had been almost perfect. Only one thing could have made it better, and that was to have his sister Denise lying naked beside his Mom, waiting for her share of his cock. It would never happen of course, because she was married and living across town with her husband. Brendan had had the hots for his sister for as long as he could remember, but although he had managed to catch rare glimpses of her boobs, and on one memorable occasion he had sneaked a look at her shaven slit up her skirt, she seemed almost oblivious to his existence.

Then a couple of years ago she had married her long time boyfriend Don, and even those rare pleasures were denied him. At least for a while. Strangely enough he ‘saw’ more of her when he visited than he had when she had lived at home, because now that she no longer needed to worry about whether or not her parents would approve, whenever Brendan turned up she was always wearing skimpy clothing. She explained this by saying Don liked her to dress sexily, and had confided to her brother that her husband didn’t even like her wearing underwear, so he could lift her miniscule skirt and look at her pussy whenever he wanted. This revelation suited Brendan perfectly, because now he could sneak sly peeks down her neckline at her perfect tits, and sometimes when she stooped or bent down, she inadvertently revealed her great ass or her meticulously shaven slit.

A year after Denise moved out something had happened which had shocked him rigid in more ways than one, and changed his life forever. It had taken him a couple of weeks to work out a plan, and a little longer to make it work, but five weeks after he had the idea his Mom had finally given in to her hidden desires, and he fucked her for the first time. As he reflected on how it had happened, he found himself thinking of what his new chat mate had told him, and wondering if her first time with her father had started off the same way. It might be interesting to find out, and if she told him, he may even be persuaded to tell her about him and his Mom. Of course, how much he told her depended on how much she was prepared to tell him. After a fashion it would be a relief to tell someone his guilty secret, even if it was total stranger.

His Mom interrupted his thoughts by pointing out the time, and together they went to the bathroom to clean each other up and dress before his Dad got home. They made it with seconds to spare, and she was just dropping into the chair in front of the television when her husband walked through the front door. Brendan waited long enough to say hi, and as his Mom busied herself in the kitchen he took himself off to his room.

For the next hour or so he sat browsing through the taboo chat room, hoping for another message. Eventually he gave up and went to bed where he lay in the dark, trying to think how he could get “Dadinme” to open up. Given that she had readily admitted to her secret vice, he didn’t really have any doubt that she would tell him what had started her Dad slipping his length to her, but what he wasn’t sure of was exactly how he could get her to go into every intimate detail. Of course he realised that if she did, she might expect him to go into the same detail about him and his Mom. He didn’t really want to, but at the same time it was all anonymous so what difference could it make? Besides, thinking about that first time always made him hard, so maybe he could have a wank whilst they shared secrets.

As soon as he arrived home from work next day he logged into the site, not really expecting much because when he had joined yesterday, it had been at least three hours later than today. It was a pleasant surprise then, when a alsancak escort message came up immediately.

“Hey Mofo you here?”

It had been sent offline about half an hour earlier, and just in case she was still there he typed out a response.

“Yeah, just got here. Some of us have to work for a living. LOL”

Maybe ten minutes passed, then.

“Glad I don’t lol”

“Yeah I bet. Hey last night you mentioned your hubby does he know your dad fucks you?”

“Shit no he’d freak if he found out Mom would too.”

“Yeah I can understand that. Mind telling me how it started?”

“OK but first you gotta answer my question do you do it with your mom?”


“Wow that’s fucking awesome how long have you been fucking her? Does she let you cum inside her? Does your dad know?”

“About a year. Yes she does and no he doesn’t. Now tell me about you and your dad.”

“Not sure I have time cos he’s due here soon but here goes to tell the truth it was my bro I wanted at first. I spied on him playing with himself and his cock looked so yummy that I went to bed and fingered myself imagining him popping my cherry I used to let him see my boobs and look up my skirt when he thought I didn’t realise he was looking I was hoping he would try to feel me up but he was too chicken.”

“Yeah fair enough so what happened then?”

“Well one night I came home after clubbing and mom and dad’s door was open and he was fucking her I took one look at his cock going in and out of her pussy and it looked so awesome I decided I wanted some of that for myself I figured if I couldn’t get my chickenshit bro to pop my cherry I’d try to get dad to do it.”

“Good thinking, so what did you do?”

“Started letting him see what I had little bit of boob here flash of my panties there just to get his attention.”

“OK, did it work?”

“Not at first so I started leaving a couple of buttons undone and leaning forward when Mom wasn’t around so if he looked down my front he could see my tits and being a man he looked but that was all he did.”

“I can’t say I blame him for looking must have been worth seeing.”

“Yeah but I was getting fed up waiting.”

“So what did you do?”

“When mom and bro were out I broke the keyboard drawer thingy on my computer desk and asked him to fix it when he came in I was sitting on my bed in just my pyjama top with my legs crossed my top wasn’t buttoned and he could see my pussy and most of my tits except for my nipples he never said anything but kept looking over at me while he was working I thought I had him because I could see he was hard but he just fixed the drawer and left.”

“What a bummer”

“Yeah I know anyway the next night I knew I had him interested because he shouted up the stairs to ask if my desk was ok I got into my pyjama top again and yelled back for him to see for himself he had a go at me but he couldn’t stop staring at my pussy and I told him it wasn’t something he hadn’t seen a million times and anyway he used to touch it when he was washing me in the bath when I was younger he said that was different because he couldn’t wash me properly without touching me I told him I couldn’t see any difference because he still used to touch me and I liked it when he did.”

By now Brendan’s cock was rock hard and he pulled it out, stroking as he imagined what Dadinme’s dad was seeing. “Good answer. What did he say to that?”

“Nothing he just left but he must have thought about it because next time mom and bro were out he asked me if I really meant it when I told him I liked him touching my pussy I said yeah and he could touch it again if he wanted in fact he could do more than just touch it his hard on just about split his pants so I took mine off and spread my legs wide so he knew I was serious.”

By now Brendan was stroking frantically. “Holy shit! What did he do when you did that?”

“He took my shirt off and started playing with my tits then he sucked my nipples while he felt my pussy I took his cock out and started stroking it he pushed me on to my back and got between my legs and very slowly started pushing his cock into my pussy it hurt a bit when he burst through my cherry but I was so hot for him and so wet that I didn’t care he fucked me for like twenty minutes then all of a sudden he shot his cum in me it was so fucking awesome I almost cried he cleaned all the blood off me and about half an hour later he fucked me again until my cum was pouring out of me.”

Brendan gasped as he shot his load over the carpet. “Holy fuck girl, I’m speechless!”

“Well you better get your speech back by tomorrow,” she retorted, “because you gotta tell me how you came to fuck your mom I gtg dad will be here soon and talking to you has got me horny as fuck.”

He was about to agree, then he remembered tomorrow was Mom’s afternoon off. “Hey I can’t tomorrow. How about the day after?”

“Sorry Mofo day after is no good buca escort for me but I’ll have nothing on the next day.”

He deliberately misinterpreted what she said. “Nothing on hey? Sounds good LOL. OK next day it is. Bfn don’t wear him out LOL.”

After they broke the connection he sat around thinking of what she had told him, and the more he thought the more impatient he became for his Mom to get home. Not for the first time he thanked his lucky stars for two things. She always came home at least an hour before his Dad, so they had plenty of time to indulge their illicit relationship, and secondly she had an extraordinarily high sex drive, so she was always more than willing to accommodate both her son and her husband. He strongly suspected that it was the taboo nature of incest that made her so horny for him, but he didn’t really care so long as she let him fuck her. By the time he heard her car door slam he had worked himself up to fever pitch, and as soon as she was inside the front door he pushed her against the wall, and tugging her panties to one side he buried his cock in her cunt.

Anger flared in her eyes at his impatient abruptness, but when he started moving inside her she wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust to meet him. Taking her weight on her arms she wrapped her legs around his hips, bouncing up and down on his plundering pole and pleading with him to fill her with cum. Seconds later she was sighing with pleasure as she felt his tool twitch and jerk, pumping his hot load inside her liquid depths. Unwinding her legs from his hips, she stood with her knees trembling.

“Christ Brendan,” she panted. “I haven’t been fucked against the wall since I was in my teens.” She kissed him lightly. “Maybe that’s why I love doing it with you. No matter where or how you fuck me you always make me feel like a teenager.”

“That’s because with your firm tits and tight pussy you make it feel like I’m fucking a teenager Mom.”

He wasn’t being flattering because it was the truth. The very first time he felt her breasts he had been surprised how hard and firm they were, certainly not like the soft tits he thought a forty something mother would have. He had been even more surprised when he discovered how tightly her cunt clenched around his cock when she finally let him put it in her. The only other woman he had fucked had been on trial as a console operator at the service station, and she had come on to him in the mistaken belief that he could influence the boss into hiring her permanently. Compared to his Mom, fucking her soggy snatch had been like dipping his finger in a paste bucket. His Mom’s incredible tightness had completely spoiled him for all other women. Except for his unattainable sister Denise.

The next day Brendan was delayed at work because his relief was an hour late. His Mom’s car was already in the driveway, and after a brief search he found her lying naked and waiting on her bed. Her eyes were misted and her mouth was slack with lust as she mumbled almost incoherently. “About time you got here. All morning I’ve been able to think of nothing but the way you fucked me yesterday, and especially what you said afterwards. I want you to pretend I’m a teenager again.”

“I don’t have to pretend with you, Mom,” he replied softly as he stripped and joined her on the bed. The exotic female scent of her arousal was almost overpowering, and he quickly placed his mouth over her slit. Her hips arched, and as he slid his hands under her ass to lift her higher he reflected on how times had changed. A year ago when she had first urged him to lick her pussy he had been reluctant, because the mere thought of putting his mouth anywhere near where a woman peed from had made him cringe, but now he couldn’t think of a better way to start a prolonged fuck session. Her creamy juices coated his chin and cheeks as his tongue probed and teased her to orgasm.

Still trembling from her peak, she reached for his hard member. “My turn Brendan baby. I want it in my mouth. I want to taste your cum.” Gently holding her head steady he tried to guide her lips to his tool, but she pulled away and pushed him on to his back. “I didn’t say you were to stop licking my pussy,” she muttered as, kneeling astride his face, she leaned forward to take his prick into her mouth. With her cum dripping on to his face, he raised his head, tonguing her cunt and revelling in the silky slickness of his Mom’s lips and tongue on his cock and balls. She moaned deep in her throat as she mouthed his rod, and ground her slippery twat against his face, bringing on another orgasm. Trembling at the sheer intensity of her latest climax, she bobbed her head furiously until his cock erupted, sending a fountain of hot lava into her suctioning mouth.

For the rest of the afternoon they fucked each other in every position they could think of, completely losing track of time. He had just pumped another load into his Mom’s insatiable fuckhole when they heard his dad’s car door slam, and he had to grab his clothes and make a frantic dash for his own room. Thirty minutes later he was watching the TV news with his dad when she came down the stairs, wearing her robe and with a towel around her hair. She kissed her husband hello, and looked at her son. “Brendan, can you give me a hand in the kitchen? I need some potatoes peeled.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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