Cheating Girlfriend Comes Home

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I was still getting my head around the fact my girl had sucked some guy off at work and let him cum on her tiny tits.

I sent my girl upstairs to shower while I went out to clear my head. She was a girl with a great body, small tits if you’re into that kinda thing and a slim waist. She had blonde straight hair and would wear clothes which made her look classy.

I went to town to get some chocolate or something and saw the ‘back to school’ range. I got a great idea, I could dress that slut up and send her to work. I bought a few things from different shops. Some kinky and some plain nasty.

I came home and she was sitting on the sofa almost scared as to what I would say or even do.

“I think you should sleep downstairs tonight till I decide what to do about this.” I took the bags upstairs and went to work.


I hated our sofa. It was nice to sit on but for the first time I found out first hand you can’t sleep on it well. I went upstairs and went into the bathroom to shower as I was in work early. I noticed my work stuff was in the spare room for me. I got undressed and showered then went to dress myself for work. My black shirt was there and my black pants but I couldn’t find my underwear. I pick up my uniform and a new bra and thong set fell to the bed.

It was bright pink and it only had a quarter cup at most meaning my nipples would be poking through no doubt. I put it on and like I thought my nipples were just over the top of the cup. I was not going to work like this so I went back to the bathroom to find an old one in the laundry but I was too late. He had taken it and was going to force me to wear either this or nothing!

I want back to the spare room and got dressed. My shirt was tight so that was another stress on my mind. My boss and every man on my way to work would be perving on me. I put my shoes on and made my way to the London underground anyway.

I bought my ticket and waited for the train. I saw a fella waiting who was pretty hot, we made eye contact a few times and we both got on the same crowded carriage. We both had to stand next to each other. He was tall and clearly worked out a lot. He was holding the train strap on the rail but I couldn’t reach almanbahis which meant from the moment the train started I was sent flying into this huge man. My hand grabbed his tight waist out of natural reaction and he looked down and smiled. “You hold on to me if you like till it’s your stop”. I put an arm around him and he put his large hand on my stomach to stop me falling forward too much. Each time the train jolted forward his big hand would catch me while getting a little feel of my small breasts. I was so turned on each time his strong hand pressed against my nipples.

I pretended to drop my bag on the floor and I put my tits into his hand and made him keep them there by holding his hand. I slowly got up and gave him a huge smile.

He looked shocked at my bold move but that was only the beginning. My nips started poking through my shirt and I could see him staring at them. He moved his palm to my left breast and traced his fingers around my right nipple which was really starting to turn me on.

This was my stop so I asked him to come with me. I got off the bus and we walked a short distance to my work.

“Come round the back and i’ll finish you off.”

“Oh my god, you are insane!”

He came with me and I went behind the big huge bins out of sight. I placed my fingers and his pants button and undid them. I pulled out his huge meat with a level of shock. I bet he didn’t have too much trouble getting a girl with this thing.

I placed my bag on the ground and took out a small bottle of lotion and squeezed a bit on my hand. I then took his meat and started to rub his cock.

“Suck my nipples.”

He was lost in pleasure but managed to undo my shirt to reveal my buds in their quarter cup bra. His tongue danced around my nipples while I wanked him off. Before I knew it he had spent his load all over my legs.

“Fuck! I have to get to work and you have gone and stained me you dick.”

I laughed a little then let go of his meat and left him to clean himself up. I did my shirt up again and wiped my legs. I walked round the corner into the store and started my shift.

After a few hours I was calm and no longer horny. I got a call from my boss on the speaker to come to almanbahis giriş the managers office. I assumed this was about my new supervisor job which I was excited to start.

I walked in and he was behind the desk. He had a creepy smile and I figured something was up. He turned the computer monitor towards me and it was a still image of some CCTV.

“Oh no.”

He hit play and you could see me come into frame with the guy I wanked off. I didn’t need to see it to know it was footage of me jacking off some guy behind a bin. I was very clearly in the footage because you could see my face and before I knew it, my tits were there being licked.

He turned the monitor back round and smiled.

“I think it’s time we measured you up for your new uniform don’t you think.”

He took my wrist and put my hand on his shoulder, standing an arm-length apart. Keeping one end of the tape secured at my wrist with his fingers his other hand moved slowly up my arm with the tape, his fingers brushing ever so lightly over me.

Then from the front, his arms went around my slim body as he wrapped the tape around my flat tummy, asking me “This tight?” He was standing so close to me I could feel the heat from his body. His close presence was having a heady effect on me.

“Little bit tighter.” I said, trying hard not to sound as breathless as I was.

His hands brushed and caressed my waist and my belly as they smoothed the tape around my body. “This better?”

“Oh yes!”

He was making notations in a notebook of all measurements.

He was kneeling in front of me and with one end of the tape, pressed on my waist, his hand moved down, brushing the back of his fingers on my thigh. He stopped with his hand on my ankle and look up at me, “This length is ok for you?”

“Should be.” I said breathlessly.

“Could you open your legs a bit, I need to measure the inseam?” He was requesting in a nice, gentle voice but I knew there was no choice.

He put one hand on my ankle, on the inside, and then with his right hand he moved the tape up, slowly, teasingly it seemed to me, until the higher end of the tape was pressing lightly on my thigh joint. His knuckles were pressing very lightly almanbahis giriş on my pussy lips through the thin pants I had on, and I could feel my wet, soggy panties, pressing on my pussy.

“This is comfortable or do you want tighter?”

“er..a little tighter…”

This time his knuckles really rubbed on my pussy slit through the thin clothes and my moan was not so suppressed this time.

“Is this tight enough?” He asked and I nodded, “Y.y..yes!”

“Undo my pants.” he ordered calmly.

My hands were shaking as I reached out and unbuttoned the front of his trousers. “Reach in the front and take it out.” he instructed.

I gingerly reached out and touched his crotch, fumbling for the gap in the front of his boxers. I felt his penis was erect, jutting against the front of his underwear.

“Oh God,” I whispered “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“I think you know what I want,” he barked. He reached down, his large, meaty hand closing over my much smaller one. I gave a small whimper as he forced my hand to slid back and forth on his hard shaft. After a few strokes he let go and I continued to slowly stroke the controlling boss’s hard prick.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” he said, tugging on my nipples. “You’d better get your mouth down there quick or I’ll make a big mess.”

“What?” I gasped in surprise.

“You don’t want me to squirt all over your shirt, or all over your face do you?”

My eyes went wide as his thick shaft stretched my lips wide and slid across my tongue and deep into my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” He gave a short grunt of pleasure at the feel of his cock in my warm mouth and then he immediately started spurting. His stubby prick lurched on my tongue and thick ropes of his foul cum flooded my stunned mouth.

My face must have filled with alarm as I hurriedly swallowed down his spurting seed, almost gagging on his filthy cum.

“Ahhh yes!” groaned the old boss in bliss. He grabbed the top of my head and held my face in against his groin, his cock still pumping his copious load down my throat.

The old man’s hips twitched as he emptied himself into the reluctant mouth of the gorgeous blonde at his feet.

I finally came off his cock coughing for air and he leant back against the desk of the office, his spent penis dangling between them, the tip sticky with the last drops of his climax.

“I guess you can go home to your fella. He’ll be waiting for you no doubt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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