Cherry Pie

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The lights were off, the light of the crescent moon casting enough of a glow to offset the darkness. Her props were in place and she was nearly dressed. The outfit she had chosen was sex kittenish without being trashy. She loved red and looked hot in it. She wondered why she didn’t wear it more often. Sliding her stockings into place, she clipped them to the crimson garters and stood admiring her costume. The lacey corset was tight but accentuated her small waist and added a little something extra to her already sumptuous breasts. She checked her hair as she stepped into a pair of matching stilettos. She had decided to wear her long hair up, mostly to keep out of her way while she worked but it also gave a sexier quality to the ensemble. She turned a quick glance at her backside and smiled, taut and round like cherry tomatoes. Just then she heard the front door shut. Her game was about to begin.

She walked into the living room, standing confident waiting for him to notice her. There was only one light on, in the corner so it took him a moment to pick her out of the shadows. He began to walk toward her and then he took a step back. Standing in front of him was not his sweet grade school teacher girlfriend. This girl, this woman was a creature of the night. Dressed head to toe in blood red leather and lace. Gloves, garters, stockings and six inch heels, the only thing he recognized was the soft honey colored hair piled on top of her head. He called out to her, a slow smile spread across her lush mouth. She didn’t answer with hello but stalked over to him and took him by the hand.

Dumbfounded he could do nothing but follow. She pulled him into the bedroom, the door closing with a soft click. His eyes attempted to adjust to the darkness while she pushed and pulled him onto their king-sized bed. He didn’t realize what she was doing until his wrists were already secured above his head. She was working on his left ankle when he began to resist, her head snapped up and she gave him a look that stilled him immediately. He didn’t really know what her game was but she made it clear she was in charge and that excited him to no end. She finished securing almanbahis his legs and left enough play for him to move about six inches in either direction. His hands however were held tightly together at the headboard. She looked up at him and again smiled. She could tell he was still in a bit of shock after all this was way out of character for her.

She held his gaze as she moved to straddle his waist. Immediately he felt her warmth on him and glanced down to confirm she wasn’t wearing panties. He was immediately thrown at the discovery that she was shaved. He felt a surge in his groin and saw her try to hide a smile. She knew what she was doing and the fact that such simple movements were already making him squirm excited her. She saw no sense in mindlessly undoing each button and instead in one swift motion ripped his shirt open. She heard him mouth an expletive under his breath and laughed. She ran her hands over his chest, hard, warm, with a light covering of dark hair. He worked out and his body showed it. Her hands moved down to his pants and deftly worked them down to his calves. She loved the feel of his thick muscles under her hands and continued massaging his body glancing up whenever he uttered appreciation of her skills. When she had him good and relaxed she moved off him and stood up over him.

He was watching her intently anxious to know what was next, he was not prepared for the show she was about to give. In one moment her hair came tumbling down in wild waves and the beginning of Warrant’s Cherry Pie filled the room. She began to dance, moving her body in undulating rhythm to the rock music. She seductively teased her leather corset open taking the swollen mounds of creamy flesh between scarlet-gloved fingers, taunting her nipples until they were ripe. He licked his lips wanting them in his mouth. She continued the dance, finally ridding herself of the binding restraint. Turning around she bent over to release her stockings giving him a full view of a perfectly pink pussy begging to be fucked. If he wasn’t hard before, he sure as hell was now. He started to pull at the tight holdings, needing to touch her. Left in only almanbahis giriş her arm length gloves, stockings and stilettos she slowly wound herself down with the music, brushing her hair to the side she lowered cherry red lips onto his hot throbbing flesh.

At her first touch he nearly came off the bed. Her mouth was so warm and soft, moving maliciously slow down the length of him. He could see her swallow every inch and moved to thrust into that sweet tunnel. She reached up and lightly raked sharp red fingernails down his chest in warning. She was driving him to madness, watching her wet lips and tongue slide up and around and down his cock. He wasn’t used to taking the back seat in their sex life although he wasn’t going to complain tonight. She slid her fingers up between his legs, kneading gently the taut skin below his penis. His eyes rolled back at the new sensation, she watched him reveling in the unexpected pleasures she was demonstrating. Her own fire had begun to build at his excitement.

She could feel the wetness between her legs growing and hastened back to her task of driving him crazy. She knew he couldn’t stand being restrained but it stimulated her even more. She picked up the pace of her oral assault taking him deep into her throat. She moved her other hand so that it slid up and down with her mouth, leaving no ground uncovered. He moved, fighting desperately the urge to fuck her naughty little mouth. She swallowed him several more times before she slowed down not wanting to end the delicious torture too soon. Painstakingly she took her mouth from him and slid her body up the length of his, tearing from him a low growl at the feel of her satin smooth skin against his sweaty torso. Leaning close to his face, she brushed her lips across his, smiling at his futile effort to capture her with his tongue. So helpless he was, she could see the veins in his arms as he was straining against her love ties.

She sat up, spreading her legs wide to straddle his waist once again. She leaned back grabbing the tops of his thighs and lowered herself on top of him. As soon as she leaned back he prepared himself for the inevitable, almanbahis yeni giriş he felt the head of his cock pressing against the most luscious of openings. He could see clearly her moist lips widening to accept him and frantically bucked underneath her. He needed to be inside, he wanted to bury himself but it was all her. She paced herself rhythmically, taking enough of him to fill her but not as much as he wanted, she knew.

After several moments of riding her hog-tied cowboy she altered her position and slid one hand between her slippery lips to feel him sliding in and out of her. She guided her fingers around the base of his cock and savored the sensation of her honey coating him. When he felt her hands on him again he pushed upwards and caught her off guard, pushing a little deeper hitting that spot inside her and made her eyes widen. She had been slowly building to her release and the feel of his manhood pressing into her tender flesh sent white hot lightening coursing through her body. She removed her fingers from him and began to ply her most sensitive area. Circling her clit with her middle finger, using light pressure, she felt the dizzying heat began to bubble beneath her skin. He watched her in amazement, her tight body glistening with sex, driving down upon him with calculated motions, directing her body toward a blissful finale. He was merely a toy, to be used, played with and he was loving every minute. His own orgasm was fast approaching and he could be still no longer.

Her breathing was quickening in tune to her nimble fingers, her pussy tightening around his straining cock, she was still in control, pumping him repeatedly. He pushed into her as much as he could from his confined position, meeting her writhing body. She began to unravel, tossing her head back, crying out his name. He felt her quickening on top of him and had to have more. She barely heard the tearing over the sound of her own cries and their rapid breathing but she definitely felt his strong hands when he grabbed her ass and he flipped her onto her back driving into her, filling her completely. Coming all over him, engulfing him in her sweet sex, his name torn from her throat, he poured his seed into to her. Breathless they both lie, ripped scarves hanging lifelessly, one long glove tossed carelessly over a stiletto heel and the room permeated with the scent of fiery passion

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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