Chloe Ch. 02

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The day my daughter/mother Cathy and my lover/mother Liz gave my ass to one of Cathy’s friends was just the start of my life as their baby girl. They made me spend the balance of that day in the same diaper, full of his cum and my own cunt juices, eventually mixed with urine. Late that night they took me to the bath and bathed me, giving me a few baby toys to play with while they let me soak. I was made to sit in constantly cooling water while the two of them fucked each other with a strap on, bent over the bathroom sink. When they’d finished they handed me the sticky cunt covered dildo and made me lick their juices. Eventually they took me from the tub, toweled me dry and re-diapered me with a fresh diaper and clean rubber panties. A thin, tight sleeveless tee shirt completed my bedroom wear and once again I slept between my two naked mothers. I knew to ignore my own desires at being with the two of them and although I longed to touch my own pussy, I didn’t.

On Monday morning Cathy handed me an outfit suitable for me to wear to work but still one that you’d expect to see on a small child. I was not allowed pantyhose but made to wear little ankle socks and instead of the bulky diaper they gave me adult pull-ups.

“Now Chloe I know this is a big responsibility for a little girl, but you need to know when to use the potty at work, your Mommies can’t be there for you. If you’re a good baby and come home with unsoiled pull-ups then tomorrow we won’t put you in a diaper. So you need to be a good girl, or you’ll not be allowed to use the nice pull-ups we’ve provided. Do you understand me Chloe?”

“Yes, Cathy.”

She slapped me lightly on my cheek and said.

“Say yes Mommy!”

Humbled and humiliated I stammered.

“Yesss, Mmmmommmmy!”

“Good baby girl, now go to work and be careful today, no accidents in your pants.”

That first day at work with all my co-workers commenting amongst themselves at my outfit was embarrassing but thankfully that all subsided and I made it home without accidents. No sooner did I enter then Liz and Cathy shoved their hands in my pull-ups to check.

“Oh what a good girl you were today.”

Liz beamed at me and then kissed me on the cheek. Cathy said.

“Such good behavior deserves a reward so come on Chloe.”

I was led to the computer and then Cathy went to an adult web site and brought up the video of the previous days session with her male friend. I sat and watched as my diaper was lowered and I was bent over the couch. I could see Liz’s wet pussy just for a second as my head was covered with her skirt but in my mind I could still taste her sweet pussy. Then I watched as Cathy’s friend opened his trousers and pulled out his big cock. As it disappeared into my ass I sat amazed at the memory of how big he felt and how good it felt to have a cock inside me, even if it was my ass.

I was surprised at how long the video was and as I watched the man jerk I once again felt the heat of his cum in my ass. I noticed my pussy was wet and I was squirming as I watched the video. When it was over Cathy went to the comments page and made me read all the comments that had been left from viewers. There weren’t too many, maybe twenty but at the top of the page the number who’d watched me was over ten thousand. I wondered if anyone who knew me has watched as I scanned the first few comments.

Most of them were comments that talked about how hot it was to see me with my diaper around my thighs while I had my ass fucked, a few asked to meet me and a few condemned me for being a slut. One of the last shocked me. It said.

“I always thought Chloe was hiding something from me, now I know that she always wanted to be a baby and wear diapers.”

It was unsigned but it told me someone who watched knew me. That message could have been left by Cathy or Liz to further humiliate me, but by not signing it the level of pure humiliation was multiplied. I sat in stunned silence as my pussy spasmed and I came. I’d never in my life had an orgasm without someone or something touching me and I knew then that the pure humiliation I was experiencing had turned me.

When Liz checked my pull-up and confirmed what she and Cathy had recognized, she found my pull-ups were now soaked with my pussy juices. She said to Cathy.

“You were right Cathy our baby likes to be exposed and humiliated. You see how wet my fingers are?”

“So our little baby is a bit of a slut for humiliation and exposure. Hmmmm….”

I could see her mind turning with thought. I felt myself shrink in some way trying to not be seen. I was in some way by my own desire their submissive and in some ways enjoyed being the ‘baby’ but I was still embarrassed by the fact that it was no longer my secret. I assumed that just the two of them being aware wasn’t so bad but now realizing the effect of the video and the look on Cathy’s face, I was once again squirming in the chair.

“Let’s change our girl and go out to dinner Liz.”

Liz nodded and they led escort bayan me to my room that had been re-done while I was at work. Now a large crib had replaced my bed, an oversized changing table had replaced my bureau and they had painted or stenciled pictures of cute bunnies and hopping rabbits all over the room. The walls had been painted a light pink and my name “CHLOE” made from colorful fabric and stuffed had been hung on the wall. They led me to the changing table and Liz did the honors of removing my pull-ups and wiping my pussy with a baby wipe or three. She then spread my labia, ostensibly looking for ‘diaper rash’, played with my engorged clit for a minute then sprinkled talcum powder on my slit and affixed a clean diaper to my ass. She then slid a pair of pink rubber panties covered in yellow flowers over my diaper.

Cathy had then selected a dress from my closet, which I now saw contained only clothing a little girl would wear. They were all in my size and probably looked a bit ridiculous but the dress she slipped over my head was yellow and covered in flowers. I realized that no bra had been used to hold my tits in place and when I stood to look in the mirror I saw myself as a very young girl, with big tits pushing at the delicate fabric of the dress. The dress had short puffy sleeves and lots of lace around the collar, which did not dip to show any cleavage, kind of what you’d expect to see. The body of the dress was loose up top and the skirt billowed out at my waist and the hem was ruffled. The dress was short and I knew that sitting would now be an issue, not that anyone would see a pair of lace panties or a hint of pussy, no they would only see the pink rubber pants covering my diaper.

“Time to go, we can’t be out late, our baby needs her rest!”

Cathy had said this while she hefted a big yellow diaper bag and Liz led me to the door. I was mortified to see the bag, anyone could see what it was for and combined with how I was dressed, I would be displayed as the adult playing a child. Humiliation crept over me and I felt my face turning red as I was put in the back seat of the car, and into a child safety seat. I could not fathom where or when they had purchased the baby car seat in such a size to fit an adult. I realized that I would now be humiliated at every step of this journey and my pussy was so wet my diaper was sticking to my pussy and I could smell my sex. I looked down and saw that my nipples had made an impression on the soft cotton fabric of my dress and my pussy clenched in arousal.

When Cathy pulled to the door of the restaurant and used the valet parking, the idea of quietly being taken from the car seat in the remote parking lot evaporated and I was to be displayed to the valet as well as any patrons entering or leaving the restaurant. Cathy took my trembling hand and led me into the place then like the mother she was said.

“Now go sit quietly with Miss Liz while I see about a table. Do you need to go potty?”

She said this in a normal voice not shouting but not whispering either and her words echoed in my ears, as I knew anyone within twenty feet had heard her. My face felt hot and as I sat in the chair I felt my pussy soaked diaper squish and some of my juices squeezed from the rubber pants and coated my thighs. I tried to sit still, but like a child I squirmed in the chair and more and more of my pussy juices squeezed out filling the air around me with the aroma of my arousal. I saw Liz shake her head and grab the diaper bag from Cathy and say, in her normal voice.

“I think our girl needs her diaper changed.”

The look of Cathy’s face scared me as she just shook her head back and forth and said to Liz.

“Can you handle it while I get the table or do you need me?”

“No I can change her diaper. I’m sure she’ll be in a mood for me to be quick. I don’t think she’ll fight me.”

“OK the remind her to be good and don’t be afraid to spank her if you think she needs a reminder.”

I stumbled along with Liz not wanting to, but not able to ignore the looks of the diners as we headed to the rear of the room to the ladies. I hoped and prayed it would be empty and was determined to do what I could to be quick when Liz changed me. I didn’t expect Liz to make a show of it all, though I should have. This was all being done to expose me and humiliate me. They knew it turned me on and they were giving me exactly what I wanted, even if I dreaded it at the time.

The ladies room was big and not empty, a couple of women were at the sinks reapplying their make up or washing their hands as Liz had me pull my dress up so she could change my diaper. My pussy was spasming as she worked and I knew she’d see the juices pouring from me when she pulled off the soiled diaper I was wearing. I looked up to see one of the women watching with a smile on her face as my rubber pants were pulled off and my diaper unclasped. I stood holding my dress up and my dripping pussy was now the center of attention to the two women who stayed altıparmak escort bayan back to watch.

“Tsk tsk,”

Uttered one of the women as she shook her head then said.

“Children are such a mess. Just look at how she’s soiled herself.”

Liz looked back and said.

“It seems nothing really works, I think perhaps she needs a spanking, I hope that doesn’t offend you?”

“No, I believe in the rod. Don’t spare it on my account.”

The other woman nodded and before I knew it Liz had bent me over with my ass pointed at the two women and then her hand repeatedly struck my ass cheeks. It was so loud I half expected the door to burst open and to be seen by even more people. Thankfully Liz felt ten good whacks would suffice and after wiping my pussy dry she refastened a fresh diaper to my ass. She slid a fresh pair of rubber pants on me too the others were almost as drenched as my diaper. Then she disposed of the soiled diaper and put the old pants in the diaper bag. She washed her hands then led me to out, the two women followed and I watched them go to their tables and point at me as they said something to the others at their tables. Soon I heard their laughter and hung my head in shame and humiliation.

Cathy seemed totally unaffected and merely asked Liz if I’d behaved. Liz told her about the spanking and the two women who watched and how wet my rubber pants had been. Cathy just shook her head and said.

“I guess we need to work more on the training, we can’t be spending out nights in the ladies changing her all the time. Maybe we’ll need to get a sitter when we want to eat out. Is that what you want your mommies to do Chloe?”

“No mommy. I’ll try harder, please!”

I was afraid of what a “sitter’ might be and while I relished my time with Liz and Cathy and felt shocked by the ways they were finding to humiliate me, I wanted still to be with them.

The rest of dinner was complete humiliation. My meal was ordered for me chicken fingers and Mac n cheese. Liz reached in the diaper bag and found a sip cup that she handed the waiter and asked him to fill it with milk, explaining that I was still a bit unsteady with an adult glass. Cathy cut my meal for me; and then both she and Liz took turns with my spoon, I wasn’t allowed anything sharp like a fork or a knife, and fed me. By the time we’d left I was so hot and horny, so humiliated and so in love with my mommies.

When the valet brought the car I let him help me into my car seat and I saw that I had pleased my mommies. On the ride home all was quiet and when we pulled up to the house and saw the car in the yard, I realized that Liz’s two daughters were home and prayed they would not parade me this way in front of them too. I underestimated the determination of Cathy and Liz to be my mom or for me to be their baby. Liz turned to me and said.

“Not a sound from you or you’ll have a spanking you won’t forget. Cathy and I want to see what the girls are up to, they’re not supposed to be here tonight.”

“Listen to your mommy, because I too will spank you if you cause a problem, now does my baby want her bottom spanked that hard — twice?”

“No mommy, I’ll be quiet.”

The three of us made it to the living room window without a sound and I could not hold back a gasp when I looked inside. Both Cathy and Liz mimicked my gasp so at least I wasn’t the only one shocked. Fortunately neither Claire nor Louise heard us and that’s not all that surprising. Claire was standing with her back to us, naked with a cock strapped to her waist and Louise was tied to the coffee table, naked with her legs and arms spread and tied to the table legs. Her mouth was gagged and she was sobbing and shaking her head no. I could hear her sobs and Claire’s laugh as Liz darted to the front door, quickly followed by Cathy and me. The three of us stood with our mouths open as Claire turned in shock at our presence.

“So what in the fuck do you two think you’re doing in this house?”

Liz was upset; I could hear it in her voice. Claire, though shocked was not seemingly bothered and calmly said to her mother.

“This bitch Louise has been telling the whole fucking school that I’m some sort of dyke and then I find out that our little Louise is still a virgin so I figured her virginity would make up for her lies.”

“So you’re going to fuck your sister, take her virginity right here in Chloe and my house? Then what were you gonna do leave her here while you danced in some bar shouting about your triumph over your sister?”

Liz was even madder now and I could see something in Cathy’s eyes as she pulled Liz aside and whispered in her ear. Liz was shaking her head but listened and after some time and some back and forth whispering Liz turned back to Claire and said.

“No, I won’t have it this way. The two of you are showing me and Cathy that you have yet to grow up so for the next few days you’ll both return to your childhoods.”

With that she nilüfer eskort pulled my dress up and exposed my rubber pants and what had to be a soggy diaper underneath. I saw Claire and even Louise smile and giggle until they realized that they too would soon be diapered and made into babies. I was staring at the two naked girls and wondering how I could have them, ignoring the rest of the action and the shouts and denials from both Claire and Louise. They were both beautiful young women with large firm tits and round firm butts. Oh how I could enjoy opening them up, and did I hear Louise was still a virgin?

Liz, Cathy and Claire began to argue about how Claire was too old to be treated this way and how Louise had earned what was coming to her. Blah, blah, blah I said to myself and then realized that no one was watching me; or Louise. I looked at her perfect young adult body, naked and restrained, gagged and watching her sister and mother argue. I saw how her perky full tits stood and how her nipples were erect and red. When I looked down I could see how her labia had opened and that her pussy was damp. I quietly got to my knees and lowered my head to that virgin pussy.

As soon as my tongue brushed against Louise’s cunt, I felt her head turn to see what was happening and then I heard a small moan escape her gag. Her pussy opened even further for me and I slid my tongue in as far as I could before slowly removing it and lapping at her engorged clit. Since my hands were free I let one of them reach up and squeeze her tits, then pull and twist her hard nipple as I tongue fucked her delicious virgin pussy. I let my other handwork it’s way under her ass and found her tight anal door and my fingers lightly circled that dark hole as my tongue worked on Louise’s now dripping pussy.

When I slid my index finger into her tight asshole she groaned and lifted her pussy into my face. Her clit was throbbing and I sucked it into my mouth as my tongue whipped it back and forth. Louise was rocking her hips into me as my finger fucked her ass and when I slipped a second finger past that tight anal ring I felt her pussy spasm and she came in my face. Just then I felt a severe pain in my head and realized that someone had noticed my actions and was removing my face, forcefully by my hair from Louise’s sweet pussy. I soon learned it was Cathy who had turned from the argument with Liz and Claire and took the action of stopping my desert.


Cathy shouted and both Liz and Claire fell quiet and looked at me between Louise’s legs and at my wet mouth and then at Louise’s red and swollen cunt, her cum dripping from her labia and onto the coffee table.

“Our baby just ate little Louise’s pussy and made her cum.”

Claire was pissed off at that, especially after all that had been said between her and her mother and she tried to get to me but Liz held her back.

“Cathy! What do we do with these three sex starved kids?”

Cathy, still holding me tight by my hair thought about it then said.

“Let restrain them all and then you and I will show them what a good fuck is.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, I didn’t know if once restrained we’d be forced to watch Cathy and Liz fuck or if they would take each of us with their strap-on cocks. Louise was already tied to the table and Liz, after retrieving some hand and leg cuffs from her room soon had Claire hog-tied on the floor, one had cuffed to the matching foot and the other done the same. Claire was immobile but accessible, both her pussy and asshole were available. Then Cathy and Liz stripped me of my dress and diaper then used a similar set of cuffs on me. I was left on the carpet with Claire and both Cathy and Liz put on their strap-ons.

My wish was fulfilled as Liz took me with her cock and Cathy rode Claire. They used our pussies first then they changed up, Liz with me and Cathy with Claire and they then reamed out our Asses. I loved it but Claire looked shocked and had begged her mother and Cathy to not use her that way. By the time Cathy had rode Claire’s ass she was begging Cathy to fuck her harder and then she came loud and long. Her screaming orgasm set me off and I came too. I looked over at Louise, forced to watch all this and anticipate her turn on the cocks. I am sure she was surprised when they untied her from the table and then made her sit on her mother’s cock, letting it fill and take her virginity and one short stroke. Holding her to her chest Liz worked her hips up and into Louise’s tight cunt over and over and soon even little Louise was holding her mom tight and moaning in pleasure.

I am sure it was more the surprise of the cock entering her ass then the pain, but Louise screamed when Cathy slid her well-lubed cock into Louise’s tight virgin asshole. It took a bit but once the two women developed a rhythm, Louise’s screams of pain turned to pleas for more. Cathy had clasped Louise’s full tits from behind and used them as leverage to pummel her ass. When it was obvious that Louise was cuming and cuming from the double penetration Cathy let her cock slip out of Louise’s asshole and then forced Claire to take it in her mouth. Cathy had a handful of Claire’s hair and used it to pull her onto her cock. I wished it had been me and was soon rewarded with Liz’s pussy covered cock in my own mouth.

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