Chloe, My Love Ch. 03

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Tales of an Oral Obsessive

I opened my eyes to a beautiful spring day. The early morning sun came slaking through our bedroom window and landed at the head of our bed, spreading warmth like good news. Chloe laid next to me, swathed in lace and pastels, asleep, her little cherry lips parted, her soft brown hair spilling onto her pillow. Her eyes were as beautiful closed, as they were open, I thought, lightly lidded little veils hiding unbelievable treasure. The soft cotton sheet was draped below her shoulder, leaving her arm and neck exposed. Her skin was creamy, soft and moist, dewy, and cool to the touch. I traced my fingers down the back of her neck and along her collarbone. I could see the gentle swell of her breast—ripe little peach—sweeping in a delicious curve down to it’s nipple, dark, soft little bump, lifting and falling with every breath. She had one hand under her face, and was curled up snug and tight in the luxury of our bed. She lay content like a puppy.

She was a small girl, slim, but not skinny, with deep brown eyes and rich skin. Her hands were graceful and articulate—elf hands, I thought, given to the blessed. Her breasts were small, lovely little hills, that, with her short hair gave her a boyish look—part fairy, part scamp, part lady. I often marveled at the contradiction in her. She was every bit the blushing ingénue, trusting and sincere, dependent on the good will of others, while at the same time, a bold sexual adventuress, capable of absolutely shameless behavior. I marveled at her, and I loved her.

She opened her eyes to the daylight, squinting. I watched her close and open them several times, until they focused, She looked at me and smiled, snuggled and comfortable in her own thoughts and feelings.

“I missed you last night, babe,” she murmured. “I tried to wait up for you, but I fell asleep. Why didn’t you wake me? I really wanted you to, you know.”

“You looked so peaceful, sleeping there, that I didn’t want to disturb you.” I countered.

“I wish you had of. I was so, so…wanting you.”

I could feel her hand moving under the sheets and I shivered as it brushed along my thigh. I felt the familiar twinges in my loins as she reached my cock and closed her eyes.

“Hmmm,” She sighed, “Oh, baby!”

I brushed her cheek with the backs of my fingers.

“You are so beautiful…” I said, trailing off.

She turned slightly, looking up at me and made a tight little ring with her lips. My cock surged with power. I leaned over and kissed her, licking her lips and poking my tongue at the little hole. I touched my middle finger to her lips and pushed it in to the knuckle. She sighed again and her hand tightened around my newly hardened cock. I replaced my finger with my tongue, this time kissing her passionately, prying her lips open, and passing my whole tongue into her mouth. She sucked it and began to twist and turn on the bed. Seizing my face with both hands, she kissed me back hard, her own passion mounting like a storm. Our tongues played this way and that, splicing together like dancers in a dream, forever tied together with some unseen bond. She released our kiss and laid her cheek against mine, gasping for breath. I loved watching her body react to passion—her breathing would become labored, her nipples would harden and she would flush around the top of her chest and shoulders. Sometimes she would break into a light sweat, but always, always, by some accidental biological twist, she would salivate. I have actually come just watching her get hot!

She turned over onto her back and looked at me, insistent, playing her role to the hilt. I knew my role, too, and I relished it. I stretched it out as long as I could, the anticipation so sweet, the urgency so critical, the discipline so divine! She has told me of similar feelings, and some times we exaggerate our roles to an extreme. Mounting her is one of the most truly erotic acts I will ever experience and penetrating istanbul escort her is pure bliss. She often comes as I mount, and always comes when I enter her.

This lovely April morning, bright and alive with spring, I lay beside her and longed for her. She in turn beseeched me with her eyes, deep soulful and receptive. I pulled the sheet back and looked at her tight knit, hard/soft body, loving the paradox. I ran my hand across her tummy, up over her breasts and onto her neck. I wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed. She moaned and swallowed, her muscles rippling in my grasp. I eased myself up into a kneeling position, locking my eyes to hers, still holding her long, lovely throat. She licked her lips and turned her head from side to side, moaning softly, clearly in some sweet agony. She spread her arms to give me room. I scooted up on the bed, and she scooted down, until my knees and her shoulders were lined up. I released her throat and lifted my knee, slowly swinging it over her breasts and touching down on the far side. I stayed there for a moment, kneeling above her, my cock extending out over her face, stark and naked. I was about to burst. Breathing became difficult, and my legs began to tremble. She was beside herself, moaning loudly now, swallowing repeatedly as she filled with spit. I fell forward slowly, my extended arms holding me up. My cock lay lengthwise across her face. My balls were resting on her mouth. She parted her lips, breathing deeply. I began to grind my hips into her face, very gently and lovingly at first, but as I became consumed, I began pushing harder. Her eyes were open as I began long involuntary thrusts, pressing down on her, my balls sliding off her chin. With a tremendous effort, I pulled back and sat up. She laid below me, writhing in anguish now, her face contorted, her eyes mere slits, but open. Taking my cock in my hand, I leaned forward again, and slowly began to masturbate over her face. She came almost immediately, whimpering and sucking for air. I eased back, not wanting to come just yet.

We rested for a minute, and though her wild throes of passion settled down, her breathing kept the same frenetic tempo. Watching her reveling in her orgasm was a terrific turn on for me, and I whispered “Now, love, I need you now!”

She immediately formed her lips into the position we both love, and I moved forward and lay my cock across them. A deliberate, slow push, a special kind of coitus, and I was in her mouth—warm, wet heaven. She sucked in her cheeks, with all her considerable strength, and my cock was locked in a pressure cooker, growing harder, if possible, leaking and jerking, straining for relief. I started fucking her gently, the little squishing noises, coupled with her wanton little moans taking their toll on me. I began to fuck her with abandon, my cock pistoning in and out of her mouth like a jackhammer. I lost all restraint as I pumped and thrust as hard as I could. She lay below me; her face buried in my crotch, and held on with her lips as best she could. She would thrust up every time I pumped, her fury matching my own. We came together—a great gush of spit and jizz splashing her face and soaking my pubic hair.

I fell all the way forward, laying on top of her, dripping the last few drops of jizz into her mouth as she swallowed. Spent and drained, we lay quietly in the still, soft spring morning, listening to our breathing, her quiet whimpering, swallowing noises and the serene cooing of the morning doves just outside our window. I turned aside a little, taking some of the pressure off her, and drifted away.

I don’t know how long I dozed, but when I came to, she was mouthing my cock, bringing it back to life. I lay still, enjoying the sucking sensations she created with her lips and tongue, feeling my cock expand and harden. She placed an arm around my back and pulled. I rolled over on top of her, raising my hips slightly and resting on my elbows. She escort bayan wrapped both arms around my ass, hugging me to her. I pushed as she came, her cries fleeing from around my cock like little birds finding the cage door open. I began to pump, a slow leisurely fuck, going deep and holding, pulling back and waiting—plunge and grind, plunge and grind. Neither of us wanted it to end. I could see her underneath me, her brow furrowed, eyes closed. The bottom half of her face was buried in my pubic hair, and the only thing I could see were her lips distended along the base of my cock. I managed to enter her throat, but from this angle it was difficult. She began a low, long moan and I new she was coming. I timed my release to coincide with hers, and we came together for the second time that lovely spring morning.

I came to after a few minutes, and a few minutes later, she did, also. She came up beside me and rested her head on my chest, lying very still. I could see that her eyes were open and that she was lost in thought.

“Jackson, am I a freak?” She asked in her little girly voice.

I was taken aback. I had worried that something like this would occur to her. One of my biggest fears was that she would feel guilt or self-loathing because of her sexual predilection.

“Do you feel like a freak, Chloe?” I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Some times I do. Some times I think I’m an obscene freak slut.” She sniffed. “No one else has sex this way.”

“You’re wrong about that. Other people do, you just don’t know about it.”

“Mmmm. You know of other people who have sex like we do?” All the while we spoke, she seemed to be looking off into space, detached and kind of flat. “ Tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Tell me about the other people.”

“What other people…?” I was thrown for a loop, and lost the thread of the conversation.

“The other people who fuck like we do. Do you know them?” She squirmed in a little closer, putting her arm around me.

“Oh. I knew a woman once who did.”

“How’d you know her? How do you know how she liked to fuck?”

“She was a friend of my cousin’s. I used to hang out with her friends. The guys used to talk about her.” I turned on my back so she’d be more comfortable.

“What did they say?”. She was getting excited, now. I could tell.

“She went down on all the guys around her. She was married, too, and even had kids! She was very pretty and really sexy. I had a crush in her—I was 17 and she was about 30. They used to talk about how she could take a nine inch cock down her throat.” Now I squirmed.

“They said that? You mean they talked about it?” She began to perk up.

“Yeah, they talked about it. She did too. She even bragged about it!”

“Oh!” She lifted up and looked at me. “Did you do it with her?”

“Yeah, I did.”

Chloe became agitated, barely able to contain her glee.

“How’d she do it? Tell me about it!”

“I drove her home from the grocery store one night and she offered me a cup of tea after I helped her carry the bags in. I was getting ready to go and she slinked up to me and put her arms around me. She said she really dug me, and kissed me. I just kind of stood there, kind of frozen. She asked me if I’d heard rumors about her. I said, yeah, I guess so, then she asked me what I’d heard.” I pulled Chloe close and began to nibble at her ear.

“What happened then?” Her breathing was getting deep.

“ I was nervous as hell. I said I guess I heard about what she did to guys. She laughed. She said I bet I know what you heard, and she kissed me again. She pulled me into the living room and pushed me onto the couch. She got down on the floor and went for my zipper. She took my cock out and jacked me off a little. She said to wait a minute, and she got up and went into the bathroom. When she came back out she got on the floor again and told me to look at her.”

I bent down close escort istanbul to Chloe’s ear and whispered, “She had false teeth, Chloe. She took her teeth out. She looked like a witch and she sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner. I came in her throat.”

“Oh, babe that’s hot! I want to meet her.” She lay back down, swallowing hard.

“I don’t have any idea where she is, now. I wouldn’t mind running in to her, myself though!” I tousled her hair.

We lay quietly again, soaking up the warm rays still coming in the window.

“I’ve got to get some water, love, you want some?” She didn’t respond. She just stared off.

While I was out in the kitchen, the phone rang, and I ended up talking for a half hour to a telemarketer. I hate that shit, but I always get caught up in it.

When I got back to the bedroom I was taken by surprise—Chloe had stripped the bed of all the sheets and was laying on her back with her head over the edge! Her body looked all the more naked with nothing to hide in. Her legs were spread wide and her arms were over her head, scraping on the floor. Her mouth was wide open, and she was pushing her lips out, making the biggest ring she could, and she was staring right at me. I came up close and got down on my knees beside her. Her throat was stretched out in front of me, like lovely sculpted marble, blue veins just beneath the surface, tight muscles contracting rhythmically. I put my hands beneath her head and lifted her to my lips. She was very wet; spit seeping from the sides of her mouth. I kissed her and tongued her, glopping her spit and mixing it with mine before oozing it back to her. She moaned.

“I’m a freak fucking slut. God, it’s so dirty!” Her voice was sandpaper on cement. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my throat!”

She was writhing, pulling her head up and sucking at me with her cunt mouth! I got a cushion off the chair and knelt on it, pulling her head between my knees. I looked down at her, wanton slut begging for cock! I glommed a mouthful of spit and leaned over her, letting it dribble onto her face and into her pulsing maw. My cock was about to break. I wrapped my hands around her neck and tilted her head down, my thumbs pressing into her velvety flesh. I pushed my cock into her, lovely, mushy goo. Her throat swelled as I forced it on down. She sputtered and half gagged, and yelled something, but I couldn’t make it out. I fucked her gullet, pushing as hard as I could, grinding in circles, deeper and deeper. I squeezed her neck until her veins stood out, and I watched in fitful awe as my cock was caught in her throat as she tried to both swallow it and repel it! She was choking on her lust, her throat jerking up and down, screaming nearly silently, my cock plugging her like a stopper in a bottle.

“Damn, Chloe, I’m going to come!” I was raging, hammering, driving as deep as I possibly could. With one final lunge, I came, spewing like a hydrant, shooting my come straight down her throat into the blissful deep.

She heaved and thrashed, pushing against me in a futile attempt to take me deeper still. I rocked back a little to watch her come, her muffled cries like some magic music somewhere deep in her soul. She went rigid as her release came, her body flushing deep crimson, tears leaking from her eyes and her throat constricting like a snake as I fed her all the come my balls could shoot.

We collapsed. I pulled out of her, realizing I must have been in her throat for five full minutes. She gasped and sucked air, her hands digging into the mattress. She pulled herself up onto the bed next to me and lay panting. After a while she bent over my rapidly deflating cock, leaned down and tenderly sucked out the last jizz to be had.

She laid back whimpering, making little guttural noises, swallowing repeatedly.

“I am a freak, babe. I’m a cocksucking, throat-fucking freak. I’ve been like this all my life, and I love it! You love it too, don’t you?” She closed her eyes and sighed. Her skin glowed and she radiated warmth and contentment, the very picture of a healthy young woman with healthy attitudes and appetites.

“Maybe I’ll get false teeth, babe. Would you like that?”

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