Chubby Tales part 4_(1)

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Things have been going great with me and Paul. He is nice fun and very sweet to me. There’s only really one problem. He is to nice and sweet.

I’m not saying that I want him to be some kind of ass whole that treats me like complete crap and neglects me. I’m just saying that in the bedroom he needs to be a little more rough and aggressive. He needs to bite me, slap me around a little, force his cock down my throat. I know that just isn’t really his style so I guess I’m going to have to go without, or find satisfaction elsewhere.

I woke up The other day feeling exceptionally horny. I had been with Paul the night before and we made love for what seemed like hours. he was slow and gentle. I don’t even think he put the entire length of his cock inside my ass. While I was able to give him several orgasms one hot load in my mouth and two up my ass, I was left unfulfilled.

I don’t wanna cheat on Paul but I want to be able to have some fun too. So I decided to go to one of the local adult bookstores that had sex toys and pick up something fun, that way I could control how far I wanna put something in my ass and be rough with myself and not feel like I’m cheating on Paul.

As I was driving to one of the local bookstores I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting. I also felt kind of weird because this was in the middle of day so I didn’t expect to many people to be at the store, so I would be able to shop in peace without any chance of temptation.

As I walked in the store I was relieved by it’s appearance. I expected the store to be dark and dingy. To my surprise the store was fairly well lit and clean. It appeared as if I was the only customer in the book store. The only other person there was a young lady standing at the cash register.

She looked at me and with a sweet but firm voice said “can I help you find something?”

I returned her friendly smile with one of my own and said “no just browsing” Obviously I wasn’t just browsing I knew exactly what I wanted . I just didn’t want this lovely young lady to see me going straight for the big vibrating dildos.

I walked over to the sex toy section where there are quite a few different types of toys to choose from. I reached out and picked up a small 4 inch vibrating dildo.

I heard a voice from close behind me say “Oh sweetie: you don’t want that one for your girlfriend, it doesn’t have much power.”

I quickly turned around to see that the smiling redhead girl from behind the counter was now right next to me. 

“Hi my name is Danny and I couldn’t help but see you were looking at the Vibrators so I thought you might need some help.” 

I couldn’t help but stare at Danny she was a very pretty girl. She had red hair with full pouty lips chestnut Brown eyes And huge suckable breast they had to be at least a double D cup. I wouldn’t say she was thin but I wouldn’t call her fat either she was just Curvy. her skin tight jeans let me see just exactly how Big and round her tight ass was.

My Gaze nilüfer escort at her body was only broken when I heard her say

“Here: this is the one your girlfriend really wants, it’s a multi functioning vibrator and it’s about 10 inches. 

She held up the massive toy almost as if it was like some sort of trophy. I could tell by the way she gazed at the massive plastic member that she must have a toy just like it, that has provided her hours and hours of pleasure.

Danny then asked me, “Is there anything else you think your girlfriend would like?” 

I thought for a minute about what I wanted and then I knew exactly what to say. “My girlfriend would love some nipple clamps, she loves having her nipples twisted and pulled on. “

Danny led me to the next aisle over and told me that there were several different styles of nipple clamps that the store carried. Danny explained to me that she had a favorite pair that she likes to use with her partners. She explained to me that her favorite nipple clamps are stainless steel and had teeth so it made your nipples feel like they were constantly being bitten down upon. I couldn’t hold back the excitement and I guess somehow Danny saw right through me trying to keep a straight face. 

Danny then asked me “Would you like to see what these feel like on your nipples?”

Danny began to slowly lift up my shirt. But in my excitement I forgot that I had on a lacy blue bra under my polo shirt.

“Well look what we have here” Danny said with a bit of a sarcastic smirk.

I Had no idea what I could say to get out of this. I thought to myself that I should just run out of the store and never ever come back. This woman now knows that I like to wear ladies undergarments. Before I could think of any type of excuse Danny asked me “So is the dildo really for your girlfriend or for you?”

I stammered and stuttered but finally got out the words “its for me I like to have some fun” I was completely embarrassed I can’t believe what I just admitted to this stranger, that I had only met a few minutes ago. Danny looked at me, I noticed that she was able to look me right in the eye without looking up and she wasn’t wearing heels, keeping in mind that I’m 6′ 1″ tall. 

“if you are going to buy these things you should probably test them out to make sure they’re right for you.” 

Danny went to the front of the store and locked the front door she then put the out to lunch sign in the window. She said in a very Stern voice “come to the back with me” 

I didn’t know what was going to happen but I just decided to jump right in with both feet and I followed Danny to the back room. There wasn’t anything special in the room just a bunch of boxes and a desk with two chairs.

In a Stern voice just like before Danny said “OK now get those big juicy tits out.” 

Having someone tell me what to do is definitely a turn on and it helps even more when she is a sexy woman. I pulled my shirt over my bursa sınırsız escort bayan head and then started to undo my bra. Danny licked her lips and got an excited look on her face, as she saw me pull my bra off and let my big chocolate globes free.

Only one second after my bra hit the floor Danny walked over to me and bit down hard on my right Nipple. “oh my God That hurts please stop” Is what I yelled out. Danny just took her mouth of the right nipple and clamped her teeth down on to the left nipple. 

Danny took my nipple out of her mouth and said “You need your nipples to toughen up if you’re going to be able to handle these nipple clamps slut.” Danny then proceeded to attach a stainless steel nipple clamp to each one of my nipples.

I could feel the teeth of the nipple clamps digging right into my skin. My nipples were rock hard and my cock was stirring in my panties. Right after putting the clamps on my aching nipples Danny told me to bend over. I was completely ready for what she was going to do. She was about ready to shove that 10″ toy right into my ass hole. As I stood there bent over the desk I could feel Danny pulling down my jeans to reveal my pink panties. Danny slaped my ass And said 

“What a tight little ass you have I bet your boy pussy is so tight and warm.”

I didn’t know what to say at all. So I just stood there bent over the desk waiting to get what wasl coming to me. I could feel what felt like anal lube going on to my ass. But this wasn’t like being with Paul. He would use alot of lube on my ass. Danny seemed to only use about a table spoon worth. I then heard a buzzing song, Then it just finally happened. This big vibrating dildos would be shoved right up my ass. I heard Danny whispering in my ear from behind me 

“Yeah baby do it yeah you little fuck toy take this big dick. Take every inch of this big hard cock up your ass do it for me.”

I was in complete and utter Bliss with that toy deep inside my ass. Paul’s cock was just as big if not bigger than that toy so I was able to handle it pretty easily. But the vibration created great sensations I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“O God Danny O God, Fuck me up the ass make me your bitch. Shove that dick up my ass. I wanna feel that big Dick right up my fucken ass”. 

Danny whispered in my ear ” Well do you really wanna be my bitch, do you really wanna be a little fuck slave”? 

My cock was throbbing I would have said yes to anything as long as she kept that toy showed up my ass. Danny told me to close my eyes and she would tell me when it was time to open them and I would get a great big surprise. I did exactly as I was told and when I open my eyes I really did get a great big surprise. Danny was standing in front of me naked and between her legs was a massive cock.

Danny looked at me and said “yes bitch I’m a tranny and I’m also your new master. now suck this dick.” 

Danny didn’t give me a chance to reply at all she just grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved me right down on to her big juicy tool. ” That’s it, that’s it you fucking cum slut fag gag on this fat tranny cock. yes you fucking slut.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me I had a toy up my ass and a big thick tranny cock in my mouth and there was nothing I could do to stop it even if I wanted to.

I could feel my cock throbbing as my mouth was being stretched to the limit by this huge tranny horse cock. I decided to reach down and try and play with my dick. This was a huge mistake. When Danny saw me reach down and start to stroke my cock she forcibly grabbed my head and shoves the entire length of her shaft down my throat pretty much Choking me. She yelled at me and said “You don’t cum until I say you are allowed to cum bitch.” 

I was turned on by the way this sexy woman was so forceful and dominating me I knew I could probably even come without touching myself. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and walked behind me. I was definitely ready for what she was about to give me I craved it and needed it and now I was gonna get it. I wanted it a rough hard fuck.

Danny proceeded to slide the toy out of my ass. I thought that maybe she would use more lube, But she didn’t. I felt something warm sliding its way up my ass. “Oh my God you’re fucking cock is stretching my ass hole I don’t know if I can take this” Danny didn’t have any mercy on my ass She continued to push her big throbbing dick deep inside me. She looked down at me and said “I just love how you pussy boys claim you wanna big cock and how much you love big cock but then when you get one you start crying but I’m not gonna stop I’m gonna keep stretching this whole until I get off and you love it .”

Danny was right. I said this is what I wanted and this is what I was getting. I looked back at Danny as she had me bent over the desk . I said to her “OK if I’m your bitch then fuck me like your bitch. Oh fuck yeah that’s it. Danny started to pick up the pace of her thrust in my ass. Her big juicy tits were hitting my back as she kept ramming deeper and deeper inside me I could feel my ass hole being stretched but at this point I was loving every inch of her throbbing cock. 

“Oh yeah oh God! Give me your cock it feels so good deep in side me! Yes Danny Fuck my ass” good.

I was now slamming my ass back into Danny’s cock I want it deeper and harder it was absolutely amazing, It wasn’t long before Danny yelled out” I’m gonna cum get ready slut my cock gonna fill your ass.”

I said “no”, and was able to push myself out from under her. I got down on my knees and held up my big chocolate man tits and open my mouth wide hoping she would get the hint. 

Danny got the idea and proceeded to walk right over to me and shoot load after load of hot sticky cum all over my face and tits. After she shot 4 or 5 loads of sweet cum I wraped my lips around her deflating member just to make sure that she had given me every drop of her sweet cream.

Danny looked at me and said next time we’re going to have to go to my place you little slut so I can show you some real fun I looked at her and said that might be fun but ” Im not gay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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