Cider and Mistletoe

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“I wonder if wearing an angel’s halo all year would keep me off of Santa’s naughty list.” I thought to myself, as I fidgeted with the tassels on my leopard print scarf.

The twinkling of red, green and white Christmas lights from the neighborhood, brightened the dark cold night. The flashing blue light on the policeman’s cruiser overpowered the effects. Speeding due to being late for the biggest party of the season got me into this mess of a ticket. No sparkling smile or mistletoe would get me out of it.

I knew I should have stayed in tonight but I was scammed into going to this tedious Christmas affair at my friend, Polly’s house. She used in her favor to get me to the party, the fact that I was now single for the first time in six years, thus able to enjoy the holidays, as most married folks can’t. I knew that I needed to get out and mingle in the social scene, so I accepted her party invitation.

“Look what it has gotten me so far!” I thought, as the policeman handed me my brand new ticket and told me I was free to go. I tried not to spin my tires, as I headed to the party at a defiant mile over the speed limit.

Polly, clad in an elfin suit, met me at the door. She giddily gushed, “Sherrie, love, I’m so glad to see you. Let me take your coat. Oh my, I love your dress! Where did you get it? Is it pure silk? Lord, how I wish that I had your cleavage! When did you cut your hair? Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice on you? Do you think it’s going to get much colder…I have to take my Granny shopping tomorrow? Guess who is here alone? Barbara White! She left her husband last week. I hope she doesn’t hog all the men from you. I hear she is trying to make up for the last 18 years of getting the wham-bam treatment from her husband….” Somewhere during this tirade I was escorted into the living room with the other guests, where I knew a few and not a lot.

Peter, Polly’s husband of ten years, was serving cider by the fireplace. Poor Pete dressed like St. Nick, he had the look of a man who was pussy whipped. I bet Polly used his husbandly rights as leverage to get him dressed as Santa. I couldn’t help but smile as I went over to rub it in.

“Santa, is there anything you can do about my speeding ticket, I just received on my sleigh ride over here? I have the officer’s name.” I asked, as he handed me a mug of cider.

I heard a smiling voice behind me say, “Santa, if you can fix her speeding ticket, then could you see what you can do about my divorce settlement? My ex wants everything, even my bowling trophies. Why? Only Heaven knows.”

I turned to face a handsome man of around forty-something with dark thick hair, a tall build and rather likeable rugged features. With a slight smile on my full lips, I said, “She needs them to hang hats on. At least, that is what I would use them for.”

He smiled, “ I think it would be a crime for you to hide your lovely auburn hair under a hat of any kind, my dear.”

“ Flattery will not get you far with Sherrie,” Peter said in a protective tone. “Go practice your newfound bachelor skills on some other willing chick. This classy lady is out of your league, Nicky!”

My would-be seducer was at a loss for words. I hid my smile behind a sip of cider, immediately coughing. “How many fifths of Jack Daniels do you have in this, Pete?” I asked, my upper GI tract on fire.

“Let me seduce her before you poison her, Petey!” Nicky said in a low tone.

Polly appeared beside me, “Sherrie, has Peter introduced you to his cousin, Nick from Atlanta? He is here for the holidays.” She waited for a reply and all I could do was wheeze. Glancing at my mug, she asked “Peter, you didn’t spike the cider, did you?” She waited for an answer, looking at Pete and Nick pass devilish glances at each other. “You boys! When will you grow up? Peter, at least warn people before you pour. Come along, Sherrie, I have something more palatable for you to drink.” Arm in arm, she and I left with the jingling of bells from her elfin hat.

In the kitchen, she poured me a glass of Zinfandel blush, “ There, Sweets, drink this. I warned Peter about his behavior. I knew I should have hired a Santa.” She looked at me with a very sudden casual way, saying, “So, what do you think of Nick?”

My answer was to reach for a grape from the fruit bowl on the counter. I wasn’t ready to discuss what I thought of her cousin-in-law. I didn’t know what to think of the way his voice sent shivers down my spine or the way he carried himself in that arrogant fashion that confident men do. Yes, he was extremely handsome and definitely likeable.

“Sherrie! Tell me. He is sexy, don’t you think? He is the hottest CEO at his company. This man is worth half a million dollars”

“Not for long,” I said, dryly. “His ex wants everything! Even his bowling trophies.”

The door chimes, announcing the arrival of more guests, interrupted us. Polly rushed out of the kitchen, as is her fashion, to greet the visitors. I leisurely strolled back anadolu yakası escort to the party. I found a perch near a newly wed couple I knew. Pretending to listen to their happy chirpings, I glanced around the room, searching for Nick. He was entertaining a busty blond in a red sequin dress, over by the Christmas tree.

Polly once again appeared beside me, noticing my glance. “Barbara!” She whispered in my ear. Yes, I remembered her. She and her family had attended a few of Polly and Peter’s summertime cookouts. I wasn’t very fond of her. She tended to be a rather uncouth woman most of the time.

Nick must have felt our eyes upon him, for he looked our way. Polly motioned to him, “Nicky, Darling, come here!” He excused himself much to Barbara’s obvious dismay, and headed our way.

In my ear, with our eyes upon him, Polly whispered, “Sherrie, he is very endowed according to his ex. That is why they’re divorcing!”

Taking Polly’s hand, Nick said with fondness, “Polly, you are the only woman here that can make me come by the crook of her finger.”

“Nick!” Polly said, blushing. “You are so bad. Are you having fun?”

He laughed, kissing her hand, saying, “Polly, my dear, I was trying to have a very good time.” He glanced over at Barbara who was watching us like a hawk does some poor little field mouse caught out in the open meadow. “Yes, a very good time indeed.”

I felt a tinge of jealousy to my surprise. I was a little concerned about my feelings. “Girlfriend,” I thought, “you don’t even know this man. Get over it.” I knew that he was a playboy out for just a good time. I mentally cursed Polly, for getting my curiosity up about his endowment.

Feigning boredom to cover my streak of green, I stifled a yawn. Nick glanced at me with those liquid brown eyes of his. “Bored, Miss Sherrie?” He grabbed me by the arm, uprooting me from my seat. “We can’t have that now.” He pulled me roughly to him, my womanly charms pressed tightly against his strong chest.

He looked above our heads. I followed suit. We were standing under the biggest sprig of mistletoe I have ever seen.

“Miss Sherrie, let me see if I can give you something to relieve your boredom.” He kissed me with enough passion to kill a whole herd of lovesick cows. I didn’t react at first. I guess the shock of it all was paralyzing me. His hands were squeezing my round bottom, as he slid his tongue into my mouth. Two can play this game, so I placed my hands in his hair, pulling him closer than close. He stiffened in surprise as my mouth captured his tongue and I started to suck on it. I wantonly brushed my breasts against his chest. I am sure that he felt the pressure of my diamond hard nipples through the flimsy fabric of my black silk dress. We were locked in a tongue death match. The victor’s prize would be an extra pair of lips. I felt someone pulling us apart, ending our tongue tango. Annoyed, I turned to the interloper. Ah, Barbara!

Pushing me to the side she coyly said, “My turn, Nick.”

He pulled her into his arms, smiling at me and said, “Variety is the spice of life, Miss Sherrie.”

Barbara looked at me arrogantly. I wasn’t going to let either know that she irritated me with her interruption. “You’re right about that. I guess you need some plain vanilla to cool down that jalapeno kiss I just gave you, Nicky.” I laughingly said. I raised a mocking eyebrow, waiting for his reply.

He looked at me with an unreadable face. Barbara locked her hands behind his ears; on tiptoes she arched her body towards his, puckered lips thrusting forward. The lack of lower bodily contact did not escape my notice. I left them before their kiss was finished.

A new group of arrivals were announced by the dinging of the door chimes. Since Polly was busy in the kitchen, I answered the door for her. I was swept into a pair of very strong arms. Doug, a very handsome younger man of at least 5 years, was tickled pink to see me. He had been after me for a dinner date, but I wasn’t interested in him in any way, except as a friend.

With his arms around me, I escorted him and the rest of his gang into the party full of Grinches, Scrooges, and Frosties. Doug encouraged me to sit beside him on a vacant loveseat. He tends to be a little touchy feely. Usually, I evade his wanderlust but tonight I found that I didn’t. I noticed that Nick and Barbara were standing very close to us in conversation. I wanted Nick to see that I was just as sought after as he. His sharp eyes soaked in all there was to poor Doug and his youthfulness, who much to my reluctance in admitting this, paled in comparison to Nick’s maturity.

Elfin Polly’s parties involved social games, catered to whatever age and social group that was predominant. This party seemed to have excess singles, me included. The first game introduced was one of men versus women in charades, geared to holiday themes.

The topics were rather plain and simple ataşehir escort to the average kindergarten child, but to a room full of tipsy adults, the game was extremely difficult. Peter’s cider, no doubt, was the culprit. My group of women consisted of Barbara, Polly, a cute young brunette whose name escaped my memory and of course, me. We were pitted against Peter, Nick, Doug and the brunette’s cute beau. I thought to myself how interesting this would be. And it was.

The answers to some of the charade antics were hysterical. Peter guessed that Frosty the snowman was Jack Daniels. Barbara’s guess that snow angels were bats made me smile. Nick’s charade of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” went over the head of his crowd.

I gleefully guessed correctly, commenting, “Would love to see you give clues to performing a blowjob!” under my breath.

“What?” He said, “Did you say you want to give me a blowjob?” His mischievous grin told me that he purposefully misunderstood me.

I smiled, saying, “It’s not too late to ask Santa for one for Christmas.”

He laughingly retorted, “I don’t think Santa could give one as well as your lips insinuate that you can!” This comment turned our reindeer games into more of an adult oriented game, involving one of Peter’s empty Jack Daniels bottle, yes, a game usually played in grade school called “Spin the Bottle”.

I didn’t really want to play and tried to make myself scarce. That didn’t work. Polly practically dragged me back by the hair on my head. I noticed that Nick and Barbara were there in the thick of things. Doug wasn’t going to play at first. Then he changed his mind when he saw that I was being forced to play by good-hearted Polly, whom I now thought of as a pain in the ass pixie.

I thought to myself that I might as well get a free kiss or two; it was the Holiday Season, a time for giving. I had been a pure nun of late, not giving none and not getting none.

I was the first to spin. I stood watching the bottle, listening to Doug whisper feverishly, “Let it be me, man. Just once God, smile on me!”

Nick was the lucky man instead. His smile at Doug was one of pure gloating and smug arrogance. “Sorry, bucko! But I guess I get the smile tonight.” He said to Doug, as he reached for me.

I felt sorry for Doug. His look of disappointment almost broke my heart. To make him feel better I said, “Don’t worry, Sweetie! The game isn’t over!”

Nick’s lips sealed mine as he wrapped his strong arms around me. His kiss had more passion than before. I felt his arousal and was glad that he couldn’t feel mine. My panties were damp and clinging, almost irritating my labia. The kiss lasted a good minute or two; in fact, it was Barbara who pulled us apart.

I was flustered. I usually keep myself intact. This male had me going and I wanted more kisses. But I hid all this extremely well. Or so I thought until I glanced at Pete and Polly’s knowing smiles.

Barbara went next, informing Nick to get ready. She was to be disappointed, too. The bottle pointed to a middle-aged co-worker of Pete’s who was wearing a Santa hat to cover up his balding head. She was frustrated as I told him he had to do better than Nick. A few other people had their turn. I was lucky and didn’t have to kiss anyone. But poor Barbara did. I noticed that Nick didn’t seem to mind Barbara kissing others. Doug’s turn came and he whispered some words over the bottle.

“Prayers might help. But I don’t think that it will land on Sherrie.” Nick said to Doug.

His comment jinxed Doug as the bottle landed on a cute blonde from Doug’s group of friends. She seemed very happy as Doug gave her a kiss. He lingered for a moment, his lips brushing hers one more time before he released her. I detected fireworks.

I whispered in his ear, as he sat next to me, “ Doug, Looks like you two have done that before.” He tried to feign nonchalance but I saw them exchange glances.

Thinking to myself that maybe Nick didn’t jinx Doug, I rose to get my drink refreshed.

Nick’s voice boomed over the noise of the party. “Where are you going, Miss Sherrie? It’s my turn and you are going to be the prize. Hey Polly,” he said, “ Do you have some chap stick. Sherrie is going to need some after I give her this kiss.”

Confidently, he spun the bottle. I remained standing, hoping that it would land on a guy. Honestly though, I wanted it to be me that the bottle chose. It wasn’t. Barbara was the victor. Nick didn’t bother to hide his disappointment, as she snared him within her arms, ready to devour. I watched Nick kiss Barbara lightly on the lips as if she were a relative.

He didn’t want her. He wanted me. The clarity of these thoughts came to me with the confidence of a woman who has a man’s desire at her fingertips. I had Nick’s. This thought scared me, because I wasn’t sure if I were ready for such fire, as I imagine his desire would be like. My wounds from the past were raw, aydınlı escort open and burning.

His eyes were on me as he brushed her lips with his. She tried to force another sloppy kiss from him. When she saw that he wasn’t participating, she released him.

Wiping his mouth, he said, “Sherrie, it’s your turn. I want a kiss, so spin.”

“You don’t have to win to kiss me, Nick. Ask Santa for my kisses. You might get what you want if you’re a good boy.” I said.

Angrily turning to Polly, Barbara said, “ I think this is a silly game.” She huffed off towards the bathroom.

I smiled at Polly, “Need some help in the kitchen?” She nodded, wanting as much as I, to gossip about what had transpired so far this evening. I wanted to know more about Nick. I wanted to kiss him again, and it didn’t matter if he had such amazing endowment as Polly insinuated. His kisses alone set me on fire.

On the way to the kitchen, I saw that Doug was involved in a conversation with the cute blond. I was glad to see that they were hitting it off. I liked Doug but not like he wanted. Polly poured us a shot of peppermint schnapps.

She said, “Girl, Nick is taken with you. Barbara is just too pushy. I heard her tell Nick that she wished he lived around here so that he could move in with her. She just met him, and hasn’t been away from her husband that long. Talk about scaring off a man!”

As the warmth of the peppermint liquor, coursed through my body, I reflected on what Polly said. Moving too fast can scare anyone off, especially gun-shy people like myself.

I could feel the effects of the alcohol. Polly poured me another shot. “I don’t need any more. I won’t be able to drive home.” I told Polly.

“You’re staying here. We have three spare rooms. No, make that two! Nick is staying for a few days. He needed a mental break from Atlanta and his ex. She used to be so nice and sweet. I think that money turned her into a bitch. Greed does that, doesn’t it, Sherrie?” Not waiting for an answer, she went on, “How are you doing? Not missing David too much are you? I know it’s hard on you. You dated him for over five years. But I think that you’re doing well. You seem to be having fun. I can tell that you like Nick. He really is a very decent man underneath all that he-man bullshit. When he and Peter get together, it drives me crazy. I swear that they regress back to grade school mentality.”

I didn’t reply to anything she said about David. I was very lonely without him. Missing the familiarly and comfort of the relationship more than I missed him. His excessive drinking was the reason behind our breakup. David needed the bottle to get through life. Nothing was ever his fault. Everyone was out to get him. When I walked out, I became one of them.

Polly saw the sadness in my face. She hugged me, whispering, “You deserve the best. I am proud of the way you are handling things.” Pulling away, we wiped the tears from our eyes.

I raised my shot glass in a toast to her. “Polly, since you have pull with Santa, and I want him to visit this year, I will stay tonight. I salute you on a great party that has been very entertaining and so far fight free.”

Polly clinked my glass with hers, saying, and “I hope it isn’t fuck free. Peter better not get too drunk on me!”

We drank our second shot, as Nick stuck his head in the door way, asking, “Hey you with the funny shoes, where do you keep your pen and paper?”

Polly asked why. He retorted, “I didn’t ask why. I asked where!”

Peter’s voice called to him, “Nicky, I found something…” the rest of his sentence was muffled by the party noise vibrating through the house.

Nick smiled, “Never mind.” He caught my eye and winked at me before leaving us. To my surprise, I blushed.

“I had better see what those two are up to,” Polly said.

“I will go and check on the guests for you.” I said.

Feeling quite giddy, I returned to the party. Doug was getting his and the blonde’s coats out of the closet. I hugged him goodnight, telling him to be safe. I smiled at the blonde and was relieved to see that she didn’t see me as competition over Doug. I saw them out the door, promising to tell Polly that they had fun.

The party was beginning to thin out. The light weights were heading home to their beds and sugar plums dancing in their heads, while the die hards were just getting wound up in full party mode.

I spied the cider bowl. “What the heck!” I thought. “I’m going have a headache anyway.” So I poured my self some cider. Standing there, ease dropping on conversations, I noticed that some mistletoe was on the floor. I might need this later I thought to myself. I quickly stuffed it in my cleavage.

Polly, Peter and Nick came over to where I was standing at the cider table.

Peter said, beginning a spiel that I was at once suspicious of. “Sherrie, as Santa’s surrogate for this party, I have to take care of any business that comes along. Nicholas here had been an exceptionally good boy. He has worked hard, donated time to charities, remembered important dates, eaten his broccoli and has supported his favorite sports teams even though they are losers. This makes him a very good boy. I have in my hand a letter from him, his wish list.” Nick stood watching my face with a noncommittal look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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