Cindy Moves Home

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Seventh inning stretch with the score tied. Vin Scully’s familiar face and voice was replaced by an ad touting the benefits of Budweiser as Trevor stood and stretched to loosen the muscles of his toned, taut body. ‘A Bud sounds really good,’ he thought as he turned toward the kitchen. He had only taken a couple of steps, however, when he stopped suddenly, riveted by the scene beyond the sliding glass doors leading to the pool area behind the house.

There, in all her twenty-five year old glory, was his daughter, Cindy, lying on her back on a chaise with her feet pointing toward him. Her legs were spread slightly to allow the sun free access to her firm thighs, giving him a spectacular view of the sensual swell of her wide, full pussy in the white bikini bottom. Without realizing he was doing it, he stepped closer to the window and moved sideways slightly to avoid a few stains on the glass. “Oh man,” he groaned as he felt his cock stir in his boxers. “This is just wrong.” But he couldn’t stop staring at the sensual lump of heaven between her thighs.

Trevor had always doted on his only child, and the two of them had been close since she was old enough to react to him as a person. After his wife had died in an auto accident when Cindy was only six, he had driven her to her ballet and soccer and horseback riding lessons. When she took up gymnastics, he had encouraged and praised her as she went from awkward backbends and cartwheels, to vaulting, uneven bars and floor exercise. She had pursued her gymnastics dream until she was sixteen, and he had watched in fascination as her body changed from that of a stick-figure little girl to a young woman with perky breasts, narrow waist, and rounded hips. More and more often as she matured, he found himself focused on her stiff little nipples in the cool air of the gymnasiums, and on the soft swell of her wide pussy when her legs were spread during her routines. He tried not to stare, but he couldn’t help himself.

Trevor was almost relieved when she gave up gymnastics because he had become so infatuated with her developing body that he had begun fantasizing about finding a way to see her naked, and even of finding a way to be able to explore her body with his fingers, lips and tongue. He would all too often lie in bed at night and masturbate while fantasizing about watching her rubbing her clit to orgasm. It didn’t help that on more than one occasion as he passed her bedroom late at night when she was older he could hear what had to be the sounds of her masturbating in her bed, and he would stop and listen, trying to identify the moment of her orgasm. As he listened, his cock would engorge and he would take it in his hand and stroke it strongly until just before his own point of orgasm. When she was done, he would return to his own room and finish masturbating as he fantasized about being able to see what he had just heard through her bedroom door.

After she went away to college and got a job, he dated several women before settling down for a couple of years with Rhonda, a fun, willing and independent woman who did not get along at all well his daughter. The day came, however, when Cindy called to let her father know she had lost her job and needed a place to stay. He said yes. Rhonda was furious and issued an ultimatum: her or me. Cindy moved home the following weekend.

He came back to himself as she stirred and sat up, realizing only then that he was rubbing himself absently through his Levis as he watched her pussy. She sat up with one leg on each side of the chaise, opening her crotch even further to his gaze. He reluctantly tore his eyes from where he wished he could be lying at that moment to find her looking pointedly at first his eyes, then his crotch where his hand had been as she sat up, and holding her bikini top loosely against her breasts with one hand while she untied it with her other hand, letting the straps drop to allow full tanning. Her eyebrow rose slightly and a smile played across her lips before she waved at him, then turned over to tan her back. Once again, her legs were spread so that he was looking straight into her crotch. She rose up briefly and looked back at him as if checking to make sure he was watching, then laid her head back down and moved her hips in a brief humping movement as though making herself more comfortable.

Trevor swallowed heavily before turning reluctantly toward the kitchen and the beer he had been aimed at when he was short-stopped by the sight of his daughter’s incredible pussy.

* * * *

The game was over. The Dodgers had lost in the tenth inning on a passed ball. Trevor was only marginally aware of that, however, because his attention had been diverted almost constantly to the view beyond the patio door over his left shoulder until the sun finally got low enough that Cindy got up and walked into the house.

She stopped briefly on her way through the family room. She hadn’t retied the bikini top which she still held loosely covering her. “Who’s izmir escort winning?” she asked.

Trevor had been studiously avoiding looking at her until then. “Um, I think it’s tied still.”

Cindy stood staring at the screen briefly before shrugging and turning to walk to her room. “Boring,” she observed as she crossed in front of her father. She stopped just before starting down the hallway. “What’s for dinner, daddy?”

Trevor had to bite his tongue to keep from saying “you”. Instead, as he turned his head toward her he said, “Spaghetti.” His voice trailed off when he found the left cup of her bikini top had dropped partially away from her firm little breast revealing a delicious, puffy pink areola and large, stiff nipple.

She made no immediate attempt to cover the exposed breast. “No garlic bread?” she asked innocently.

It was several moments before he was able to speak. “Uh, yeah. Garlic bread, of course. We always have garlic bread.”

“Goodie. I’ll make the salad,” she said. It seemed as if she suddenly became aware of her exposed breast and moved the bikini top back up to cover herself. Although it was subtly done, Trevor was certain her finger had been rubbing the tip of her nipple before she did. She looked him in the eye as she finished, smiled and turned back to the hallway.

Trevor reached down to wrestle his very erect cock into a more comfortable position. He could feel that he was blushing heavily and he took several deep breaths to help slow the thundering heartbeat he could hear in his ears.

“Holy shit,” he whispered as he watched her disappear into her room.

Of the several women friends he’d had since the death of his wife, he had accepted that they had all been companions and sex partners only. He knew that at a subconscious level his love for his wife had been transferred to his daughter, but he had believed it only to be love of the emotional kind. After her purposeful prick teasing display of her breast and erect nipple, he knew of a certainty that he wanted that to change.

He heard the shower turn on in the bathroom and walked down the hall, feeling as if his legs were being moved by an unseen puppeteer somewhere above him. When the shower door clicked shut as Cindy stepped into the stall, he tested the handle and found it unlocked. After a couple of minutes he opened the door just far enough to be able to clearly see her in the shower.

Behind the wavy glass, Cindy stood facing the mirror with her head back and her eyes closed. Her legs were spread wide and her hips thrust forward as her left hand alternately fondled her left and right breasts and nipples while her right hand strongly masturbated her clit.

Trevor wasn’t even conscious of opening his pants and taking his rock hard cock into his hand. It wasn’t until he was on the cusp of ejaculation that he realized what was about to happen and he put his arm through the door to grab a couple of tissues from the box on the counter just before his come shot from his cock. As he wiped the end of his dick, Cindy groaned softly as her orgasm thundered into her groin.

Trevor closed the door as silently and quickly as he could just before Cindy opened her eyes and turned into the shower stream to wash off the slippery liquid body soap she’d used as a lubricant to magnify the pleasurable friction as she masturbated.

* * * *

Trevor was easing the spaghetti into the boiling water when Cindy finally emerged from her room dressed in a crop-top tee shirt and skin-tight running shorts. He had seen what she was wearing when she was still in the relatively dimly lit hallway and was afraid to look directly at her as she walked into the kitchen because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off the points of her erect nipples pushing at the thin material of the shirt, nor from the swell of her pussy which the running shorts only emphasized.

“You ready for me to make the salad, daddy?” she asked as she walked in.

“You can if you want, but this won’t be ready for awhile. I haven’t even put the garlic bread into the oven yet.”

“Aw, I’m gonna make it now. I’ll just put it in the fridge until dinner’s ready,” she said as she opened the refrigerator and leaned down to get the salad fixings out of the vegetable crisper.

From where he stood at the stove behind her, Trevor found himself looking at the underside of Cindy’s pointy breasts hanging down like ripe fruit inside her short tee-shirt as she leaned into the refrigerator. He turned back to the stove in the vain attempt to subdue his lust and turned down the heat under the spaghetti sauce which was starting to bubble.

She brought the vegetables over to the counter and started cutting them up on the wooden cutting board while he worked at putting garlic butter on the sourdough French bread that would be warmed in the oven. There was a prolonged silence as they each concentrated on what they were doing. Without alsancak escort turning to look at her father, Cindy at last broke the silence.


“Yes?” He looked at her, but she continued working without looking at him.

“Did you, by any chance, come into the bathroom while I was taking my shower?”

His heart leaped into his throat and he looked quickly toward her, but she continued concentrating on the cucumber she was slicing.

“No. Why do you ask?” he managed to say without sounding too stressed.

“I thought I saw the door close just as I finished, um, shampooing my hair.”

‘She knows,’ he thought. ‘Should I play dumb, or tell her the truth?’

He decided to split the difference. “Well, okay, yeah. My, uh, my nose was runny so I reached in to grab a tissue.”

“What did you see?” She asked it quietly.

‘Yeah, she absolutely knows,’ he realized, ‘but I’m not going to embarrass her.’

“Nothing, really. I just reached in with my arm and grabbed a couple of tissues,” he told her.

She finally looked over to him briefly, then back to the salad. Nothing more was said until they sat down at the table with their plates piled high with food.

“I’m the reason Rhonda left, aren’t I?” she said as she took a piece of bread from the plate.

“Well, yeah, but you just made something happen that I was ready to have happen anyway.”

“She didn’t like me,” she said.

“Um, you’re right, but that wasn’t your fault.”

“Well, I pretty much couldn’t stand her either.”

“Yeah, I could tell that, too.”

She watched him put some salad onto his plate. “Don’t you want to have another woman in your life?”

“I have you, sweetie,” he told her honestly.

“I’m not going to be around forever, you know.”

“I know.”

She looked at him thoughtfully for several more seconds, then shrugged. “Okay,” she said at last.

After dinner she went to her bedroom to watch TV while he turned on the TV in the den. He sat staring at the screen, unaware of what was on. All he could see were the images in his mind of those exquisite nipples poking at her thin crop-top tee shirt. ‘God help me,’ he thought. He closed his eyes and listened to the roar of the engines from the delayed broadcast of a NASCAR race somewhere in one of the southern states. By the time the race was over, he was asleep, exhausted from the extreme tension that had come with his acceptance of the fact he wanted nothing more in the world than to lick his daughter’s pussy until she was out of her mind with the intensity of her pleasure.

In her room, Cindy was watching a video tape of her father as he pulled himself from the pool that had been taken before her mother died. Though he had a touch of gray in his hair now, his body was still almost as lithe and taut as it had been in the video and she found herself wondering what it would be like to run her fingers over the hard muscles of his stomach.

‘There must be something wrong with me,’ she thought as the video image of her father walked toward her in his swimming trunks. ‘You’re not supposed to want to explore your father’s body like I want to explore daddy’s.’ She squeezed her breasts and ran her fingertips around her nipples while wishing deep within her that it was her father’s fingers touching her. Her hand wandered into her crotch where her finger scratched absently at her clit through the running shorts, sending pleasurable sensations chasing through her body, and she fantasized that it was his hand touching and rubbing her.

“Oh, daddy,” she whispered, “don’t stop.”

The memory of the door clicking shut just as she finished masturbating in the shower caused her momentary embarrassment, but the titillating hope that her father had been watching her as she came turned her on even more and she started rubbing herself ever more strongly until she forced herself to stop short of coming.

She turned off the video and got off the bed, then walked over to look at herself in the tall mirror of her old-fashioned vanity. She pulled the tee shirt over her head and looked at herself critically from the front and both sides, squeezing her breasts out to emphasize the puffiness of her areolas and teasing her nipples. She was not at all unhappy with their perky, pointy profile in the mirror, but she couldn’t help wishing they were at least slightly larger. She reached down and pulled the band of the running shorts down until her carefully shaved pussy was fully revealed. It’s wide fullness completely hid her clit and inner lips and she frowned at it. ‘It’s too fat,’ she thought as she pulled it open to reveal her large, already swollen clit which she rubbed absently simply because it felt so good to do it. ‘I wonder if daddy would think it’s ugly.’

She finished stripping them off, then put on a pair of satin panties and matching camisole and looked at herself once again in the mirror. She scratched buca escort lightly at her nipples through the satin camisole, enjoying the tingling that chased from them into her groin, then sighed heavily as she climbed onto her bed, overwhelmed at the depth of her sexual desire.

She vaguely remembered seeing him naked when she was very young … maybe five or six years old. The one thing that had impressed her most then was that it seemed his penis was really large. Now that she had been with several men and had something to compare it to, she wondered if it was really as big as she remembered, or if it was merely because she was so little looking up at it that made it seem so. She had seen hints that it might be as big as she remembered when it would get semi-erect when he was in his bathing trunks, but she was sure it had never been as fully engorged as she knew from experience that they could get.

She lay back with her eyes closed, fantasizing she was lying with her head on his thigh, looking at his penis from mere inches away and nuzzling it with her nose and lips while she explored it with her hands. She reached down and ran a finger around and over her clit, simulating with her finger on her clit what she wished she could be doing to his cock with her tongue and shuddering with the deliciously pleasurable tingling chasing from her crotch up into her stomach. ‘I wonder if it feels as good to a man as it feels to me,’ she thought as she began including the slit of her pussy in the movement of her finger.

She stopped short of orgasm once again. ‘I want daddy to be doing this,’ she thought as she removed her hand from her panties, ‘but he probably wouldn’t want to touch me.’ She reached over to turn off the light on the nightstand next to the bed, then stretched out on the bed. The night was warm and she felt no need for either sheet or blanket. ‘Still, I know daddy was looking at me when I was sunbathing,’ she thought as she drifted off. ‘I hope he liked what he saw.’

* * * *

An infomercial was playing for a food preparation product of some sort which virtually every kitchen in America needed when Trevor woke up shortly before midnight. He clicked the TV off without finding out what fabulous bonus he could get if he ordered within the next twenty minutes.

After turning off the outside lights and checking the doors to make sure they were locked he walked toward his bedroom at the end of the hallway. When he found Cindy’s door ajar, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to peek in to see what he might see. She was fast asleep on her back outside the covers with one leg drawn partway up and bent at the knee. A slice of light from the streetlight outside her window fell across her satin panties, causing her pussy to practically glow in the dark.

Trevor stepped just inside the door and leaned back against the jamb as he drank in the stunning sight. He reached up to play with his nipples through his tee-shirt, much as she had been doing as she got ready for bed. Had she been any other woman he would have already been running his hands and mouth over her body — touching, fondling, tickling, tweaking, rubbing, probing, licking — with his need to arouse and pleasure her to orgasm and, in the process, himself.

His rock hard cock was out and being slowly stroked in his hand when he tore himself away from what he was imagining and doing. ‘I’ve gotta get out of here before I totally lose control,’ he thought. He reluctantly slipped back into the hallway, his cock still in hand, and went to his bedroom where he stripped down and looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door.

‘She wouldn’t want anything to do with an older guy like me, even if I wasn’t her father,’ he thought. The look in her eyes when she had caught him staring at her crotch where she lay by the pool and when she seeming purposely teased him with her bared breast caused him to doubt that momentarily. ‘Nah, she’s just practicing on me,’ he concluded. ‘There’s no way.’

His erection had subsided by that time and he turned away from the mirror to get the flannel boxers that he used as pajamas. Before he picked them off the bed, the door to his room opened and Cindy walked in, then stopped in shock when she saw him standing naked before her. She tried to tear her eyes from his cock which, while no longer standing at full attention, was still slightly engorged and easily as large as her memory had suggested it would be.

Trevor grabbed the boxers off the bed and put them on as nonchalantly as he could, especially since he really had no desire to do so. Hi, sweetie,” he said as he pulled the boxers over his now slightly more erect cock. “What’s up?”

Her eyes at last moved reluctantly away from his now covered but still magnificently obvious manhood. “I — I couldn’t sleep,” she stammered. He could tell she tried not to, but her eyes were again drawn irresistably to the still rising bulge in his shorts. As she looked back to his crotch, he finally realized she hadn’t put on a robe of any sort and that her stunning nipples were poking strongly at the satin camisole which covered only the waistband of her panties. There was a prolonged moment of silence during which they each stared in longing fascination at the erotic bulge within the other’s pants.

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