City of Angels, Round 01

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I plopped into the unforgiving hard shell of the turquoise blue molded plastic chair at a Delta Airlines departure gate at Los Angeles International Airport and released a heavy sigh. Two hours ’til boarding, and a cold beer would be refreshing. A kiosk just across the broad walkway beckoned incessantly but I had to maintain some modicum of self-restraint. The $4.37 per bottle ransom (tax-included) would quickly deplete my available funds. It had been an exhausting vacation emotionally, physically, and financially.

I arrived in the City of Angels just five days ago on the 28th of December. I had planned on going back home to Mississippi for my ten-day Christmas leave from the Mayport Naval Station, but at the last moment a buddy stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base called and invited me over to the left coast for some adult recreation. It was an offer much more appealing than the bland drudgery of sitting at my parents’ house and running around with high school friends. I immediately accepted.

The flight from Jacksonville to LA was uneventful; I amassed quite a collection of miniatures before a stop in Dallas and fell into a deep slumber on the final leg. Jeff met me at the airport and laid out our itinerary for the next few days: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach, The Tonight Show, Lakers vs. Celtics at the forum, the Rose Bowl, and Las Vegas were among the highlights. But first things first.

Jeff suggested I get unpacked and relax a little before seeing the sights. I entered my lodgings at the Beverly Hills Hilton and was rewarded with the most pleasant aroma to ever grace my nostrils. I could discern apple blossoms, honeysuckle, and plumeria wafting through my lavish digs, and I wondered if the fragrance was aerosol residue, or if there was an air freshener cached somewhere in the room. A splash interrupted my reverie and my immediate thought was that the adjoining door to Jeff’s room was ajar. I deposited my sea bag on the somewhat wrinkled queen-sized bed and moved to investigate. The adjoining door to port was shut and ataköy escort locked, but the head to starboard was not.

Candles adorned every imaginable flat surface, and provided not only the light but also a warmth contrasting sharply with the air-conditioned chill of the bedroom. I had located the source of the intoxicating scent that permeated my temporary quarters.

“I was wondering if you were going to find me,” came the voice from the goddess rising to her feet in the frothy tub. I was rendered speechless. She stood about 5’8″, weighed around 125 pounds and had shoulder length wavy hair that reminded me of the colour of honey. My mouth hung agape and the bewilderment mounted as she purred, “Don’t worry, if you’re Mike, you’re in the right room.”

I mutely took in the rest of her magnificent body: azure eyes that sparkled in the candlelight, pale but full lips bisected by gleaming white teeth, heavy breasts capped with large coral areola and thick stubby nubs protruding from the center, a gentle swell of ass just barely visible behind her flared hips, a small patch of tightly knitted pubic hair of the same shade as her glorious mane, just a sliver of pink in the center gave a hint of inner labia. She wasn’t one to sun bathe nude; the golden hue of the majority of her body surrendered patches of alabaster surrounding each areola and a small vee framing her vulva. I had her age pegged as early thirties. My trance was broken by the shrill trilling of the telephone. I stepped back into the bedroom and picked up the bedside handset, fully expecting to be told of a reservation mix-up.

“Hello,” I gasped, almost breathless.

A laugh greeted me from the other end, “I see you met Heather. I figured you might want to stay in tonight.” Jeff snickered, “I went to Vegas about a month ago and made a killing. I hit a three-team parlay, and decided to get you something special for your birthday. Anyway, it’s a couple of weeks late, but Happy Birthday, and Merry belated Christmas. I think she’ll be worth the price.” Before I bakırköy escort could utter a reply, he hung up. I cradled the receiver, turned, and found myself toe-to-toe with my interactive gift. She had wrapped herself in a three-inch red satin ribbon that hid her pussy and covered the tips of both breasts; a bow hung in the valley between her natural wonders.

“Are you ready to open your present,” she queried with a grin on her face.

My pent up testosterone exploded. I hadn’t had an orgasm except by my own hand in the last five months. I pulled her tight with my right arm just above her waist, spit on the fingers of my left hand, and ignobly probed beneath the ribbon at the crack of her ass for the opening to her cunt. I was ready to fuck, and wanted those sealed lips open and wet. She was a whore and I intended to fuck her like one.

“Easy big fella, easy,” she chuckled as she managed to push me back on the bed. “I’m not an ordinary street walker, and we have all night.” I was about to cum in my pants. “I think you need a little relief before you have an accident,” she cooed, reading my mind. Heather unfastened my slacks and tugged them down over my erection, which had escaped through the fly of my boxers. She knelt over me and took me in her mouth before I could raise a protest. I had never been comfortable having my dick sucked; I always found it more pleasurable to play with a woman’s pussy than to have her suck me. I attempted to shy away and she sensed my resistance. “What’s wrong?”

“Y….ya….you don’t have to do that,” I stammered, my first words to her other than a guttural groan when she presented herself for unwrapping and I briefly found a slickness between her thighs.

“If I don’t, you won’t last thirty seconds inside me, and contrary to popular belief, I want something out of this besides a pussy full of cum”

“I…..I…I…mmmmmmm,” as her tongue circled my balls.

“Shh,” she deftly parried my feeble riposte as she took first one testicle, then the other into her mouth. She kept a hand clamped around the base of my penis and another gently tugged at my ball sac. She wasn’t going to allow me to release just yet. She traversed the length of my manhood and scrotum with her tongue, and paused for a moment on the underside to give a little suction to my perineum while inserting a moistened fingertip into my anus.

“Oh God!” My toes clenched the bed spread, I arched my hips at the exquisite sensation. “I, I…ah…I need to cum! Please, no more! I’m gonna pop!”

She expertly moved from under my balls to take my entire shaft in her mouth. For the first time, I moved my hands and grabbed her by the back of the head. She tried to resist, but I held fast and tried to drill a hole in the back of her throat. I pumped twice with her nose and lips buried flush against my body and gave up my seed. I let her go after I began spurting, and she hungrily continued to suckle like an infant at the tit. I came faster than she could swallow, and as she pulled her mouth away from my cock, my final spurts shot up her right nostril, splattered her right cheek, and a dying rope flew backwards up onto my belly. It was so hot, I wondered if perhaps I had burned her mouth. I had never cum with such intensity or in such quantities. She quietly kneaded and milked one last bead to the surface, which she promptly cleaned off with her tongue.

She slithered from between my legs and to her feet. Semen dripped from her nose, the corner of her mouth, and there was a gob I hadn’t noticed before hanging like a length of rope across a nipple that now had to be an inch long and as big around as a dime. Sweat had popped out between her navel and the top of her pubic hair. The sliver of pink had deepened in color, and had begun to open like a glorious flower. Each petal was now clearly defined, and I could see the bud of her clit starting to protrude along with beads of dewy wetness escaping down her thighs.

“I’m going to clean my face up just a tad.” She turned to go to the bathroom as I lay spent on the bed. She stopped, bent slightly at the waist, reached around and spread her lips, and declared, “This is where your next load is going–after you eat my pussy. That was round one.” I already felt myself getting hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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