Class is Now in Session

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I decided that I did not want to spend another boring weekend in my dorm while my roommate was away at home spending time with her boyfriend. Life on campus is so boring; but I am not paying for college, so my mom and stepdad limited my college choices. I think I would have more freedom in a convent than I do here. Anyways, perhaps it would be cool to hang out with my stepbrother Joe for the weekend.

Joe is a pretty good step brother. We had our growing pains after our parents first got married, but now we are buds. He did not want to attend a regular four-year university after he graduated last year; but he is attending our local community college. Joe is also into swimming, and is on the college team. Truth be told, he’s got a nice body; lean but muscular. Even though he is a committed swimmer, he still likes to drink and party with his teammates. I am hoping, with our parents out of town for the weekend, he will be having a gathering at our house. I could use some drinks and laughs.

Swim practice was finished and the only boys left in the locker room were Joe and his friends Steve, Mark, and Rick. As with most boys, they were “bragging” about the chicks they recently scored with. Rick was lathered up making hand gestures the air towards his raging boner “I had Michelle by the back of her head as she sucked my cock. I could hear her gagging as I tried to get all my cock in her mouth.”

But Mark quickly replied, “She must have choked on a stray pube, because my thumb is bigger than your dick!” Rick chased mark from the shower and started snapping him with his towel.

Steve turned ignoring the other two, “Joe, I heard your parents are away for the weekend.”

Joe replied with a grin “That’s right! I had my neighbor, who is of age, purchase a couple of cases of beer for me. I was thinking you guys could come over, drink some beers and maybe watch some porn.”

At this point Mark and Rick came over and they all agreed to meet at Joe’s house at around 8:00. They finished dressing and they all left.

Because I didn’t have a car I had to ride a bus home from campus. After I got home I must have fallen asleep, because I did not hear Joe when he arrived home. His room is in the basement and mine is upstairs, so he seldom came up stairs unless he needed to. As I was lying in my bed I could hear the loud voices coming from the family room. I recognized the voices as his teammates, I met them a few times when I went and watched Joe swim. I was not ready to be social yet, so I just laid in my bed and listened to their conversation.

“Hey Joe thanks for having us over!” Steve said as he cracked open beer and took a swig.

Rick echoed the same but added “I wish your step sister Cindy was here. She’s a fine piece of ass.” Joe just rolled his eyes at him and chugged his beer. But as he drank down his beer, he thought about Cindy and maybe she was kinda hot. He never really thought of her in that way until now.

Joe commented back, “I bet she sucks a mean cock with the those DSL’s.”

At that moment Mark walked in and asked, “Who has DSL’s and what are they? I don’t want to catch an STD.”

Rick chimed in, “You are so stupid! DSL’s are “dick sucking lips” and Joe’s step sister has them. And I want them around my dick.” All but Joe nodded in agreement.

At this point I was sitting up in my bed straining to hear the conversation down stairs. I stood up and walked to the mirror and looked closely at my face. I thought to myself, “I do not have DSL’s; they are just experienced at working a cock to completion. Just the thought of sucking a cock was making horny. I crept out of my room and closer to the stairs to I could hear what boys were talking about now. The beers were starting to flow and their voices were getting louder and louder. I could hear the sounds of moaning and screaming in the background. They must be watching porn. What a bunch of pigs. “Yeah, fuck that bitch!” one of them shouted. Followed by “Man my cock is better than his and I’m not in a porn.”

Joe piped up and said “Shut up Steve. You couldn’t even please your own hand with that twig you call a cock.” Everyone started laughing.

Steve, red in the face, retorted, “Dude, I’ve been in the same shower as you, and I know my cock is club compared you.” Of course, with males, it was always about their penis size.

This was getting interesting. I have never seen Joe’s penis before, and I felt a tingling in my crotch. Was I getting excited thinking about my step brother?

“Put your cock where your money is. Show me your man meat.” Joe said trying to save face.

I decided to help me out. I coughed as I walked down the stairs into the family room. All eyes were trained on me. I was wearing an over-sized t-shirt and a thong. But all the boys could see was the t-shirt.

“Hey Joe, sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming home.” I said and smiled at the rest of the boys in the room.

He stuttered “It’s my fault, I know I shouldn’t have friends over when mom and dad are not here.”

I smiled and said, “Relax, I don’t care about you partying. As a matter of fact, I was hoping you would be drinking tonight. I had a terrible week.”

A look of relief came over Joe’s face, “Do you Kağıthane Escort want a beer?” he asked.

“Sure” I said, and walked towards the kitchen to get one.

Mark was speechless. He just stared as I walked by him towards the kitchen. Finally he spoke up, “Damn she is hot!” All of them shook their heads in agreement.

I came back in with a beer and sat down on the couch. “So besides watching cheesy porn, what are you guys talking about down here?” They all blushed in embarrassment.

Rick finally spoke up “Ummm, who has the biggest cock.” They all chugged their beers hoping not to make eye contact with me. I let them suffer in silence for a few minutes before responding.

“I hate to break it to you, but bigger doesn’t always make better cocks for us girls.” Now I had a captive audience, they seemed to be moving closer to hear my words of wisdom.

Mark asked the question, “What do chicks look for in a cock?”

I thought for a moment how to respond. I was sitting in my house with four young studs who are on their way to being drunk. This could make for a fun night. “Well it’s hard to explain in words, but I think I’d be able to show you all if you’re interested.” I already knew the answer, but I had to play the game.

Shockingly, Joe voiced some concern. “What do you mean show us?”

Steve elbowed him in the side “Shut the fuck up, maybe she’ll suck all our dicks.”

Joe turned to Rick and Mark and asked “Are you okay with this, knowing she’s my step sister?” They nodded yes with big grins on their faces. I smiled to myself, this is definitely going to be a good night. I may get a lot of cock tonight! But just to be sure, I innocently pulled my step brother aside and asked if he was okay with this,

“Joe if you are not comfortable with my helping you all out to for when you want to get laid in college, I’m okay with it.” Before he could answer I walked away. I needed another beer and maybe a shot of whiskey. As I walked out of the room as they huddled and talked.

When I returned I was carrying a beer in one hand a bottle of my parents whiskey in the other. I knew for men, drinking whiskey can give them a “whiskey dick”; which is a hard-on all night long! “Well?” I said, “Do you want to know our dirty little secrets about cocks?” In unison they all responded yes. “Okay, cock class is in session. Before we begin, let’s drink a shot for good measure (my good measure, I thought). We all did our shots and they waited for “class to begin.” “Alright class, the first thing you need to know is that we girls start with the package check” They looked at each other with a blank stare. “Let’s pretend we are in a club and you are standing at the bar checking out the asses in the room. At the same time we are checking out your crotches.” The boys were all dressed in sweatpants so it made it difficult to see their cocks. I decided to see if they were “all in” for the lesson.

“This is not going to work, I cannot see anything in those sweatpants. Everyone take off your pants and line up next to each other.” They all glanced nervously at each other.

Joe spoke up, “I’m not sure I am okay with undressing in front of you.”

I replied back “If anyone is uncomfortable at any point, they can sit on the couch and watch the rest of the class.” After a moment of hesitation, Steve, Mark, and Rick removed their sweatpants. Thankfully they were all wearing brief style underwear. I paused a moment and glanced over at Joe. He finally relented and dropped his pants as well. Holy shit I thought, I am staring at the outlines of four cocks. I must be in heaven. I decided to push my; “You know your shirts are hanging over your underwear, why don’t you take them off as well?”

This time it was Rick who spoke up, “We’ll take off our shirts if you take off yours too.”

“Well played Rick!” Mark complimented.

This was a no brainer for me; show my tits to play with four cocks. I acted like I was thinking about it, and then I pulled my shirt over my head revealing my breasts. My nipples were already hard. They followed suit quickly. I walked up to each of them and kneeled in front of their covered cocks. One by one I gave them my thoughts. Steve was first. “I would definitely give you a chance. Looking at your package I can see you have a big mushroom head and thick veins. I can see you are getting hard; I bet you are a good 6-7 inches.” Just hearing my words, Steve was growing by the second. As I moved towards Rick, I “accidently” lost my balance and had to reach out towards Steve. Naturally I got a good feel of his cock. I cannot wait to see it. Next came Rick. There was already a wet spot on his shorts. I looked closely at his bulge. “I cannot see the outline of your cock head. Are you uncircumcised?”

He replied timidly, “Yes.” as he bowed his head.

I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock before. “Rick that is so hot. Girls love to pull the foreskin down and tease the head. I’d love to play with one. You’d also get a second look.” With my comments he perked up both his head and his cock. As I moved to Mark, I could tell all the boys were enjoying my class. They were smiling and giggling. Mark was the shortest of all them. As I did my inspection, Kağıthane Escort Bayan he seemed nervous. “Looking at your package Mark you are the perfect size. You have a nice size head, not too big or too small. I bet if I drop your underwear, you are a long 8 inches, but not too thick.”

Mark smiled, “Actually when I measured it was 8 ½ inches.” I could feel my pussy heating up at the thought of him fucking me.

It was finally time for my step brother. I looked at him with an unsure look on my face, and he knew what I thinking. He nodded his head and said, “I guess you saved the best package for last.” We smiled at each other and he winked at me. He definitely filled his shorts.

“Why brother, what a nice package you have. You look to be very thick and long, but not too big of head. I bet you are a mouthful. I would surely give you a chance. He smiled and mouthed to me “9 inches”. My pussy was getting hotter by the second. I need to get one these cocks in my mouth and soon.

We paused for a moment and had another shot and a beer. They were anxious to know what was next. “Well boys” I said. “You may look good in shorts, but what do you feel and taste like?” The aroma of sex was starting to fill the room. I’m sure it was coming from my pussy. I know they could see that my thong was soaked through with my love juice.

Joe again spoke up. “Hey sis, why not join us and remove your thong. I know I’d like to see your hot box. It looks a little wet to me.” He gave me a sly smile. Since I had a captive audience I reached down and slowly removed my thong; exposing my neatly trimmed bush and glistening wet pussy lips. For extra measures, I turned around and bent over showing off my ass as I picked up my thong. I noticed Mark was licking his lips and Steve rubbing his cock through his underwear. One by one they quickly dropped their underwear. The whiskey was definitely working; each boy was as hard as a rock.

I thought for a moment, I was going to orgasm at the sight of their hard cocks. I kept the same order and walked up and kneeled in front of Steve. I could see he was trembling with excitement. I moved closer to him and opened my mouth to let the hot air travel down his shaft. He moaned with delight. He definitely had a huge mushroom head. It was blazing purple in color with a visible drop of pre-cum seeping out. I reached out a scooped up his cum and tasted it. “Oh Steve you taste so delicious” as I gently ran my hands up and down his cock. He was thicker than I expected and his balls were huge. I started playing with them with one hand as I stroked him with the other.

His breathing picked up and moans became louder. “Please don’t stop Cindy, this feels so good.” Without saying a word I put my lips around his head and slowly sucked as I moved up and down on his cock. Each time going further down on him. The others were mesmerized by the actions. It did not take long before he was yelling, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Moments later I was rewarded with a mouthful of a his cum. I couldn’t take it all in and some was running down my chin.

I took his cock out of mouth and used my fingers to get the rest of his love juices. Steven had a dazed look in his when I said “Your cock is great to suck on. You’ll get a lot of blow jobs in college.” I told the others I needed to clean up and get another drink before I continued.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face off. I was so horny, I started to play with my pussy. I didn’t want to stop, but there were more dicks to suck. Rick was ready for me when I returned. I assumed my position in front of him. I could see the head of his cock poking through the foreskin. What a treat I thought, my first uncircumcised blow job. This time I started playing with his balls. They were average sized and his sac was hairy. I leaned under and carefully kissed and licked his balls. This action was met with moans of approval. I heard him under his breath, “Can you please suck my balls?” I aim to please, and without hesitation gently sucked each one. His moans were getting louder. I moved from his balls to his cock. Pulling down the remainder of his foreskin from around his cock head, I used my tongue to tease him. Treating his cock like and ice cream cone I licked around his head and then down his shaft and back again. He tried to put his hands on the back of my head, but I pushed them away.

“Naughty boys get punished for not listening in class” I said; and then one motion I swallowed his cock in my mouth. His pubes tickled my nose as repeated the motion over and over again. I felt that Mark was starting to move his hips to meet my downward motion. I love being face fucked! His pace kept faster and faster and I kept sucking. I could tell he was going to cum soon; as I stroked his balls with my finger tips they started to pull up. I took his cock out of my mouth as he started to erupt. I left him cum all over my face. I was greeted with rope after rope of semen. I continued to jerk him off until he was done.

“Ah fuck, that was incredible Cindy.” he said. Again I used my fingers to gather up his cum into my mouth. Another satisfied student I thought. I got up took a drink of beer and again headed to clean up. My goodness Escort Kağıthane this is great, I need a cock in pussy or I am going to crazy.

Mark did not hear me return and was startled when I walked up behind him, pressing my tits on his bare back and rubbing my wet pussy against his ass. His hard ass stimulated my clit. I moaned into his ear as I reached around a grabbed his cock and started stroking it. “Oh fuck!” he said as I ran my other hand down around to his nipple and pinched it. Back on my knees, I used my tongue and messaged the underside of his cock. I know it’s the most sensitive spot on a penis. I could tell that Mark liked it because he was standing on his toes and arching his back. The longest cock I ever throated was 7″, and Mark was longer than that. I kept working my way down his shaft, up and down. Just when I thought I was all the way down, I still had more to go. After a few more tries and calming down my gag reflex I was hitting my nose against his body. Since I first took his cock in my mouth he has not stopped moaning. I tried not to laugh, but he sounded like a broken siren.

“Cindy?” he said, “Can I cum on your beautiful tits?” I stopped and kissed his cock and repositioned myself with his cock between my tits. Between the sweat and cum, I did not need a lube for him. I closed my tits are his cock and I started stroking him. Each time he came up I flicked my tongue on his cock head. After a few minutes he said was almost there. He removed his cock from between my breast and started jerking off in front of them. Moments later I was rewarded with a chest full of cum. I used my hands to cup my breast and pushed them towards my waiting mouth and tongue. I started licking myself clean. I was shocked when Mark placed his mouth on one of my tits and sucked and licked his own cum. What a totally turn on for me. The others were just as shocked but seemed turned on as well.

As I was coming out of the bathroom from cleaning about again, Joe was standing before me, naked with his massive hard cock pointing directly at me.

“You know you don’t have to this to me if you don’t want to. I’ve had a great time watching you suck off my friends.” I smiled at him, placed my hand on his cock, stroking it and replied

“Joe, I saved the best for last.” I winked at him with one last tug on his meat and headed for the family room. The others were drinking their beers watching a girl take it up the ass on the porn. The whiskey was still working because each of them still were hard and ready for action.

I couldn’t believe it, I am kneeling in front of my step brother whose cock is just inches from my face. And what a beautiful cock it was; at least 9 inches long and I never seen a cock so thick. To top it off he was clean shaven smooth.

“What do you think sis? Will I get laid in college?”

I stuttered “Yep, Yep, but not before I have you.” With that I tried to take him in my mouth. Oh my, he is big! He let out an approving groan as I continued work him into my mouth. I was determined to take him all the way in. Up and down, slower and and faster, deeper and deeper I took him in. I felt his hands on the back of head guiding me deeper on to his cock. I was loving it. At the same time he was pumping his hips towards my mouth.

In all my mouth action with Joe’s cock, I did not notice at first Steve was behind me. He laid down on his back and slide between my legs. I raised myself up as he positioned his cock under my dripping pussy. Slowly I lowered onto him. His big mushroom head stretched the opening to my pussy. I moaned with delight. I tried to focus on Joe’s cock, his tempo was picking up. Steve was pumping at steady rate and my orgasm was getting close. I mumbled with Joe’s cock in my mouth, “Rick, Mark, I have two hands available!” They eagerly walked over and stood next to Joe. I wrapped my hands around their cocks and started pumping them. In all the excitement Joe’s dick slipped out of mouth. I was lurching my mouth towards it when stopped me.

He teased me “You want my cock back?” He slapped my face with it.

I was moaning from the pleasure of Steve fucking me, but I managed a reply, “Please bro, give me your cock back. Please!” He slapped me again and shoved it back in my mouth.

“Don’t stop sucking until I cum!” he commanded. I never wanted this to end. My entire body was on fire.

Rick and Mark were overtaken by the scene, and they removed my hands and starting jerking themselves to orgasm. They moved in close to me and shot their ropes of cum in face and hair. After they finished they wiped their dicks clean with my hair. I could not take it anymore, I started meeting Steve’s thrust with my own and he screamed with delight as he unloaded in me. This put me over the edge, I trembled with excitement as I had the most incredible orgasm. I could feel my juices squirting out onto Steve, my pussy juice was running down his cock and over his balls. I knew Joe was close to cumming. I Started playing with his balls until his sac started to tighten up. I kept sucking and then reached around and stuck my finger in his asshole when he started to cum. “AHHHHHHHHH.” he yelled “Keeping sucking me Cindy.” He shot load after load into my mouth. Most of it spilling out of my mouth. I sucked and sucked until he was going limp. He finally removed his cock from my mouth. “You are the best sister ever Cindy.” He bent down kissed me hard as his tongue darted into my mouth. Me returned the kiss with same passion. He didn’t care that he too was eating his own cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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