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Readers: there may be some of you who notice this isn’t the original version. I changed the characters a bit and cleaned up my writing a little, but I assure you, the story is in its heart the same. All the series with formerly Jason and Marea (now Mark and Lily) will also change to fit it. I just was dissatisfied with my writing style (author’s constant process of trying to improve self). I also felt my characters needed to have a slightly different look and feel to them to them. Their personalities have completely evolved in my head to be different than I had planned so I’ve changed them very slightly in appearance to suit how I imagine them. Please enjoy. It’s still the same couple; you’ll see.


Lily hummed to herself cheerily as she unlocked the door to her apartment. Everything was perfect. She grinned as she locked the door behind her and sauntered off to the bedroom, her shopping bag in one hand and her purse in the other. Tossing both on the large bed, she giggled and checked the time. 4:45. Mark would be home in half an hour. That didn’t leave a lot of time, so she quickly began to undress. Piling her hair on top of her head and pinning it into place, she turned the water on in the shower and quickly scrubbed her skin with citrus-scented body wash. After rinsing off and shaving, she hummed her way around the bedroom while searching her makeup bag for a few things. Giving the clock another quick glance, she put on the eyeliner and mascara and then sauntered back to the bed to unload her shopping.

Grinning widely in excitement, she pulled out two white stockings with lace trim and rolled each one onto her legs. Digging further, she found the matching white lace garter belt and put it on, fiddling with the clips until they sat smoothly on her skin. A pair of panties and a bra followed, both black satin with white ruffle trim and lace frills. Putting them on slowly, she adjusted her large breasts in the bra to allow the small push-up pads inside it to work their magic. Giving her breasts a quick squeeze, she reached for the last few things: a white crinoline underskirt, a little black satin hat with white lace trim, a black satin baby doll dress with puffed sleeves and the same white ruffles along the hem and neckline, a little white apron, and a feather duster. Smiling to herself, she put the clothes on, and walking to the closet while pinning her hat in place, put on a pair of black pumps. She grabbed the duster and walked to the bathroom to examine her costume in the mirror, laughing out loud at what she saw. It was perfect.

She checked the clock again: ten past five. Mark would be walking in at any minute. She hurriedly positioned herself near the fireplace mantle, and began to make a show of dusting the various knickknacks on it with her duster. She had been dusting for only a few moments when she heard the key click in the lock on the door. Mark walked in, fumbling with his keys and reading over the mail he had picked up from the lobby downstairs. Muttering to himself, he leaned his shoulder against the door to close it and continued reading the letter he held in his hand, obviously only half-interested in it. Finishing and shrugging to himself, he locked the door and turned around, idly wondering if Lily was at home yet.

When he saw her, his jaw dropped. Lily’s long legs were wobbling slightly in her heels and his gaze followed them upward, taking in the lace tops of the stockings, the frilly underskirt, the white apron, the satin bodice, the low neckline, and the blushing face grinning at him coyly. He gaped at her and let his coat drop to the ground along with his bag and the mail. “Lily, what…?”

“Lily? Who’s that?” Lily chirped and bounced over to Mark.

Mark’s eyebrows furrowed and he tilted his head slightly to the side. “What do you mean, who…”

“Oh, I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just have instructions to clean this place up!” Lily began to make a show of dusting the walls, the bottoms of picture frames, and other ridiculous places. She began to dust off Mark’s chest and shoulders enthusiastically.

“What, pendik escort I don’t…” Mark’s eyes remained clouded for a moment, but his expression cleared and he cracked a grin when he realized what was going on. “Oh! That’s right! You must be the maid I hired to come clean the apartment for me!”

“Yes, of course, silly,” Lily fluffed the soft feathers along Mark’s neck. “Why else would I be here?”

Mark snickered. “Oh I don’t know… did you, um, check under the table and clean under there like I asked?” He grinned at Lily expectantly.

“Oh! Oh dear, I think that must have slipped my mind! Sorry, let me do that right now!” Lily gushed and skipped over to the table that sat near their kitchenette. She lowered herself to her knees and on all fours paced around near the table, looking around the chairs and dusting each of them.

Mark kicked his shoes off and followed her to lean against the wall and watch. He stooped over quickly to try and peek under the frilly dress and whistled lowly at the satin-clad bottom he saw. Lily glanced over her shoulder and caught him peeking, causing Mark to smile sheepishly and blush a bit. She cocked an eyebrow at him and turned around to face him, sitting back on her heels. “There! All clean just like you asked! Did I miss anywhere else?” Lily’s voice bubbled as she spoke, and she smiled sweetly at Mark, looking up innocently at him.

“Uhh, um… did you remember to… oh! Hey, could you bring me that thing over there?” He gawked at her cleavage pushing out of the deep neckline on the dress while pointing at a paperweight sitting on the computer desk nearby. Shifting uncomfortably where he leaned, his cock was already at attention, and he gazed at the tantalizing breasts waving in front of him as Lily brought him the paperweight.

Handing the lump of glass to him, Lily looked at him quizzically for a moment, and then laughed as he tossed it on the floor a few metres in front of him. “Um… whoops! Could you go get that for me again?” He grinned broadly at her as she chuckled and shook her head as she walked over to where the paperweight was. Looking at him over her shoulder she winked and bent over at the waist, feeling the short skirt ride up over her ass cheeks. She heard Mark stifle a groan. Bending her knees a little, she picked up the paperweight and ran her other hand along a stockinged leg, shaking her butt a little before standing upright again. Turning around, she sauntered back over to him and handed him the heavy glass oval. He looked at it, looked at her up and down, and tossed it on the floor again, grinning broadly as it landed in front of his feet.

“Uh, oops!” Mark offered, biting his lip as Lily knelt on the floor, offering him a fantastic view of her full, large tits pushing out of their confinement. She looked up at him, grinning, and began to dust him off, starting at his ankles and working her way upward to the bulge in his jeans. She ran her duster over it and made a surprised little noise that made Mark’s cock twitch.

“What’s this, then? Another paperweight? Tsk, you silly men keep such odd things in your pants. Here, let me help!” She eagerly began to work at his belt, and it was all Mark could do hold himself back from pushing her hands out of the way and ripping his pants off himself. Humming to herself, Lily undid the button and the zipper, and pulled his jeans down to reveal a bulge and a damp spot on Mark’s blue boxers. “Oh dear, it’s still there,” she sighed. “Hang on, I’ve almost got it!” She worked his jeans down to his ankles and pulled his boxers down to join them.

Mark sucked in his breath sharply at the feel of cool air rushing around his cock and balls. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply for a few moments, and then yelped at the sensation he felt next: soft , light, tickling touches. “What are you doing?” Mark bit his lip and groaned.

Lily looked up innocently at him. “I’m just making sure this is clean! I missed this spot!” She dropped the duster and wrapped both her hands around his thick length. “Hmm, sancaktepe escort I think I need to clean it a little more thoroughly…” her voice trailed off as her mouth opened, and Mark gasped as her wet tongue slid up and down his shaft.

“Ooh… I don’t know, I think it’s a little too dirty for just that…” he closed his eyes and his head lolled back against the wall as she sucked each of his balls into her mouth while stroking his cock with her hands.

“Mmm, I think you might be right, sir!” Lily nodded in agreement and waited until Mark looked down at her foggily before opening her mouth and sucking the head of his cock into it.

Mark made a choking noise and his eyes snapped shut again when he felt moist heat engulf the sensitive head. Breathing deeply, he placed a hand gently on Lily’s head and let his fingers work into the pile of flaming curls pinned there. He bit his lip, slowly opened his eyes, and looked down, only to see Lily’s brown eyes looking back at him hotly. His jaw dropped slightly as he felt the delicious suction begin and watched, entranced, as Lily’s head began to bob up and down. His knees wobbled as she cupped his balls and stroked the soft skin while increasing the rate of her head movements. She raised an eyebrow at him and he licked his lips back at her, causing her to moan in response. She looked so hot, kneeling at his feet in the frilly satin. He let his hands run over her neck softly and squeezed her shoulders as she began to add tongue to the mix.

“Ohhh, Lil… fuck…” Mark squirmed against the wall and cupped his hand around the nape of her neck. Looking down, he saw the heated look on her face and moaned. “Pull your tits out of the dress, Lil. I want to see them…” his voice trailed off as he was met with a response of more suction. Gasping a little, he closed his eyes and panted with his head back against the wall for a few moments. When he looked back down, her large, soft breasts were swaying back and forth lightly with her movements. He growled and tried to reach down to touch them, but could only reach to pet her shoulder again. With a groan, he reworked his hand deep into her hair and began to softly buck into her mouth. He sighed heavily as she began to pet and play with her swinging tits and pinch her hard nipples. He wanted to put his hands all over her all at once. He wanted to fuck her. She felt amazing, her mouth felt amazing, but Mark wasn’t able to think of much else except that he wasn’t going to last long, unusually. He wanted inside Lily’s pussy before he exploded and began grabbing at her head a little more roughly to get her to ease up her fast-moving mouth.

“Lily… I want… ahhh… I want to be inside you…” Mark groaned and tugged on her hair a little more firmly.

Lily put one hand on top of his, easing up his grip, and doubled her efforts. A whimper worked its way out of Mark’s throat as he tried desperately to hold it down. She had to stop soon. He normally did not have such an easy time of cumming from only a blowjob, but the sight of Lily in the racy costume and the way she seemed to be almost inhaling his cock was encouraging.

“I want to fuck your pussy. Be a good girl and turn around…”

Lily responded with a low growl in her throat and wrapped one arm around Mark’s leg, seemingly planting herself there. She added as much suction as she could and began to slide her tongue around Mark’s shaft as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She developed some kind of rhythm: sucking fiercely as she moved down, and swirling her tongue wherever she could when she moved up, while trying not to lose the suction she had. Mark had given up on his attempts to force her to stop what she was doing, and was torn between wanting more of her mouth and wanting to feel her pussy. He attempted to pry her hand away from being wrapped around his leg and tried to make her stand up or turn around for him, but she would have none of it. She growled fiercely and doubled her efforts, speeding up and slowing down occasionally, squeezing his balls, and raking şerifali escort her nails along his butt.

“Lil…” Mark’s voice was urgent as he frantically began to grab her shoulders, her hair, her chin, her neck, the wall as he teetered on the edge of control. “I’m going to… oh… your mouth is… ohhh…” his voice trailed off as he bit his lip and watched her pinch and rub her nipples as she sucked him as fast as she could.

With a loud groan, Mark’s hips bucked involuntarily and he felt his cum explode from him. Grabbing at Lily’s head, he felt her slide along his shaft a little more slowly as the thick fluid spilled down her throat. A little dribbled out of the corner of her mouth as his hips kept twitching a little bit, and he shivered at the feel of her mouth still sucking him through his orgasm. Lily purred encouragingly around his thick shaft and began to massage his balls gently, palming them back and forth until Mark’s body finally relaxed.

Breathing heavily and gasping a little, he whimpered at the feel of Lily’s ever-strong suction cleaning his spent cock. She lathed the skin with her tongue and sucked his balls clean of any little drops of cum that spilled onto them. Licking her lips, she smiled wickedly at Mark. “Now you’re all clean,” she purred, and began to stroke his cock softly with one hand while pinching at her nipples with the other. Leaning back a little, she spread her thighs with her heels still under her, flipping the hem of the dress up to reveal the garter belt and the now very wet panties barely covering her shaved pussy.

Mark leaned against the wall and slid onto the floor, breathing heavily and inhaling her scent. He kicked his pants off his ankles and watched Lily show herself off to him. Her nipples were flushed darker than usual and her chest was heaving and flushed pink. Her hair was a little dishevelled, and she bit her lip at him as she pulled the crotch of the small panties to one side, revealing her glistening slit. Mark’s cock twitched a little as he eyed at the freshly shaved skin, and he watched wide eyed as Lily dipped her fingers into her dripping hole, ran them along her clit multiple times while moaning, and slid the dripping wetness all around her nipples. Tweaking them with the new lubricant, she moaned hotly and licked her fingers before sucking her own nipples clean with a little effort.

She bit her lip at Mark, and he began to reach for her. His fingers had no sooner traced her inner thigh before she covered her pussy again, stood up quickly, and tucked her swollen nipples and breasts back into her dress. Picking up her feather duster, she bent over to dust Mark’s face lightly, and giggled at him. “I’ll be back in a few days just like we talked about to finish up cleaning the other rooms in the house! Don’t go dirtying this one up until then!” Mark stared at her, mouth agape as she blew him a kiss amongst more giggles and flounced off to the bedroom. She winked at him as she shut the door behind her, leaving him with a semi-hard cock and his clothing on the floor.

Mark scrambled up as soon as he had figured out what happened and ran for the bedroom door but upon grabbing the handle and attempting to open it, he found out it was locked. Groaning in frustration, he began to talk to Lily through the door. “Lil, open the door… I’m not done with you yet,” he lowered his voice and pressed his mouth up to the wood. “Let me in and I’ll help you clean up that hot little mess between your legs, hmm?” He tried the handle again desperately and tried to remember where he put the key for the door, both to no avail. “Let me come in there and play with you a little more,” he pleaded at the door a little longer and rattled at the knob again before it popped open in front of him.

Lily strolled out, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants and looked surprised to see Mark standing there. “Oh, hi honey!” She leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, and smiled at his stunned face. Giving him a brief glance she smirked and asked, “Why don’t you have any pants on? You’ll get cold! Better get dressed. I’ll start some dinner.”

She smiled sweetly at Mark and stepped past him, moving toward the kitchen with a purpose as Mark stared at her back in confusion for a few moments. Running his fingers through his hair he sighed, defeated, and walked back over to pick up his discarded clothing, wondering if Lily would do anything like that again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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