Cleaning the Shed day 3

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Emily awoke, laying totally naked on her bed, legs spread and a large wet spot on her sheets around her ass. Her mouth felt really dry and it took her a moment to realize that she still had her panties in there. She was exhausted but on the other hand felt a heavenly bliss in her mind. She didn’t want to move but she knew she had to. Her alarm clock had awoken her, luckily it was one of those that ring each day expect one turns it off. Emily remembered, this would be her last day to play in the old shed with her little lovers and she wanted it to be special.

She was contemplating ideas in her mind as her body brought her back to reality, she had to pee, badly. Her legs already out of bed she realized, that she could not just pee, for that she had to remove the tape over her pussy and risk freeing the cockroaches inside her house. She took a quick glance on her alarm clock. 9 am, her parents would already be off to work. She had an idea but it wasn’t the best, on the other hand she didn’t have much time to think any longer, as the urge in her bladder got bigger and bigger. Emily got up and practically ran through the house gathering items she might need today and threw them all into her backpack.

After a few minutes her backpack was full and she was pretty sure she had everything, at least she hoped it. She was about to open the front door as she stopped. Shit! In all that hurry she had forgotten to get dressed. So she ran back to her room, slipped into the first pants and t-shirt she could find and went out to the school as fast as she could. Her bladder was killing her on the way, but she didn’t was to pee herself in the open street.

Also she had let her panties purposely in her mouth, it was a trilling thought to walk outside with her mouth full of her used panties while not wearing any, despite the real dry feeling in her mouth it gave her.

The whole way she was walking really fast but as soon as she saw the school, she started running, so high was the pressure in her bladder and the cockroaches that were in her pussy didn’t help either. It seemed they didn’t like her running. All that movement made them active and some were even biting her tender flesh causing small but sharp pains in her lower region. In addition to that, her boobs bounced up and down making her uncomfortable while running. That was the price for not putting on a bra before leaving, she thought by herself. She could hold her boobs with her hand, but she needed her hands to hold her backpack tight while running and it wasn’t fare anyway.

As Emily reached the shed door, she could feel the first drops of piss leaking between her pussy lips. Not one second after she had unlocked the shed door and was inside, she stripped completely, which was an easy task considering she only wore two pieces of cloth and had to drop her backpack.

Fast she took an empty bottle and a funnel out of her backpack and put the funnel into the bottle. After putting the bottle on the ground she squatted over the funnel with legs spread. In a swift motion she pulled the tape from her pussy which didn’t hurt as much as she expected, her pussy juice and the little piss that already leaked had softened the glue on the tape. The tape wouldn’t have hold her pussy shut for much longer. Looking down, Emily saw that her inner pussy lips were clearly visible and they were lightly parted. She didn’t know if this came from her being horny or from all the insects that were in her pussy since yesterday.

With a huge relieve Emily let out a stream of piss, directing it with her hips right into the funnel. The smell of urine filled the room and the splashing noise from the bottle was clearly audible. Somehow Emily felt exposed by this, even though she knew that nobody was around.

The bottle was filled nearly to the top after she had finally finished. Standing up, she took the bottle up and surveyed her work. It was a light yellow liquid as far she could tell from the light that came from the open door, in her haste she hadn’t had time to close it, which was good, because she also didn’t have time to turn on the light in the shed.

After turning on the light, she didn’t bother to close the door, nobody would see her, she had worked here for two days now and nobody had been around. So she had decided to work today completely in the nude, that was for the little work she would do. Despite her playing with the insects the past two days and having an orgasm after another, she had achieved quite a lot she thought. She could probably show this to the janitor and he would explain it with her lacking sense of duty but recognize it as fulfilling her work and would let her off for sure. So she wasn’t planning on working too much and play more, after all this would be her last day that she could do so.

Back in the present with her thoughts, she took the funnel out of the bottle and led the bottle to her lips. She was more pouring the urine into her mouth than drinking, because she still had her panties in her mouth. The piss soaked them but they couldn’t absorb all her piss so she still had to swallow fast to not let the piss overflow her mouth. Which was really gölcük escort hard and she didn’t manage to do it very well, her warm piss splashed down on her tits, running down over her inflated stomach back between her legs where it had originated. The running liquid tickled her and was somehow feeling quite nice.

She finished like half the contend of the bottle, before she could drink no more. The salty taste of piss filled her mouth and the panties in her mouth were now totally soaked in it. She could suck on them and get a little piss out but this would take ages, so she decided to let them in and from time to time suck on them to add to her humiliation.

Now for the fun part, she thought. Her mind cleared of the need to piss, all the perverted ideas she had had this morning and yesterday came back to her.

First she searched the cramped shelfs and it didn’t take long for her to find what she was looking for. There in a box was it, a really long rope, that was originally used to separate the gym into two parts for burning ball for example. But some day it was replaced with one of those new elastic bands that would give way if a pupil ran into it instead of tripping and potentially hurting them. She would use this to tightly bind her body but first she had to find one other thing. Looking for another five minutes or so, she finally found something that suited her desires.

Before her lay one of the thick sticks used in a relay race, its diameter was a little bigger as two of her fingers. Also she found a broken tube of some sort, that probably once was part of a rod to hold a bar for high jump practice. It was roughly 2 inches in diameter and 5 inches long, in regular distances holes were drilled through it.

Emily rubbed the relay stick between her legs, with one hand stretching her pussy lips a little. As she did, one cockroach crawled quickly out of her pussy and up to her stomach tickling her a little. But it was a pleasant tickle, reminding her of the orgasms this little wonderful creatures had given her.

“Hey little buddy. You like crawling all over my naked body?” she spoke softly to the cockroach.

Great now I am talking to them, Emily thought by herself. I am going completely crazy, but if crazy came with so many orgasms and sexual fulfillment she was welcoming it with open arms.

After lubing the relay stick with her pussy juice, Emily dropped on all fours on to the big mat where all had started. With a little pressure and really slowly, she pushed the relay stick into her ass, only the tip at first but with rhythmical motions the fucked it deeper and deeper into her. It hurt a little at the beginning, but soon she started to enjoy the full feeling in her rear. She had read about anal on the internet and wanted to try it for some time now.

Disturbed by the movement, the insects inside her became active, starting to squirm and occasionally biting her from the inside. It only added to Emilys arousal, picking up the paste, she fucked her ass hard until the stick went in and out of her fairly easy. It seemed to lube itself while doing so which surprised her a little.

Carefully she put the stick aside and took the tube for high jump and rammed it up her ass. She screamed, the tube was wider as the stick and also quite cold. As she had pushed it as far into her as possible. Standing up, she still was holding on to the tube to make sure it didn’t slip out. With one hand on her butt she walked back to the rope she had found earlier, grabbing it with her free hand.

After a few seconds of haggling with the rope, she recognized that she needed both hand to do this, so she clenched her butt cheeks together and slowly let go of the tube in her ass. It seems to stay in place for now but she imagined it wouldn’t stay there for long so she hurried and started to use the rope to bind her tits into tight balls. After that she tossed the rope over her shoulders and reaching between her legs, drew the rope up between her pussy lips, securing the tube in her ass in the process. She carefully placed her clit between the doubled rope coming from her butt crack. Fiddling the rope through the rope between her boobs, she pulled it tight. It was biting into her flesh, especially into her tender pussy flesh. The rest of the rope she bound around her body, pressing her flesh together.

The feeling of the rope embracing her tightly was somehow comforting, even if it stung a little.

Now for her little lovers, she thought. Grabbing the hooks, she had used yesterday, she spread her inner pussy lips and inserted the hooks into her pussy opening, binding them together like yesterday pulling her pussy open anew, against the strain of the rope. Again a few cockroaches crawled out of her opened pussy but the most of them stayed on Emilys body, exploring her nakedness.

Walking back to her backpack, she discovered, that every step seemed to push the tube into her ass. From her backpack she produced six pegs and a role of tape. She pinned three pegs to each of her outer pussy lips stretching them even more. After putting the last peg on, she took the gebze escort tape and taped the pegs while pulling on her pussy lips, to her legs. With both her holes hold spread open and her body tightly bond, Emily was satisfied with her setup. Ok nearly satisfied, somehow she wanted to also torture her nipples.

So she took two more cloth pins out of her backpack and put one carefully over each of her nipples. It stung a little but wasn’t too bad and that was the problem, she wanted it to hurt more. After a short search, she found a couple of small sand bags. They were used to put weight on the rings in the gym. But these ones seemed a little light which was probably the reason why they were exchanged but these lighter ones were just perfect for Emily.

She put them on one of the remaining boxes which reached up until just under her breasts. Having to go a little down in her knees, she bound the sacks onto the cloth pins on her nipples. Emily stood slowly up, pulling the sacks off the box in the process. They fell down and were harshly stopped by the pins on her nipples. Emily nearly screamed out but could convert it in the last second to a harsh breath. It hurt quite a lot and the cloth pins were pulled down a bit directly onto her sensitive nipples.

Like this she waddled to work. She wouldn’t close her legs completely because the cloth pins hurt too much. This on the other hand just shook the sand bags hanging from her tits more, pulling painfully on her nipples. Emily tried to compensate this by walking slower but it did only slightly lessen the pain. She decided, that she had to earn the stimulation of her little insect lovers before she would let them have her, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. So she started working a little more, pulling cut open mats from the shed to the dumpster, while being completely nude.

After several hours of work, many of the insects in her pussy sadly had crawled out, in the meantime the pain from the rope cutting into her tender flesh just became too great and her tights were glistening with pussy juice running down from her held open sex. All this pain and mainly the humiliation had quite the effect on her, making her hornier than ever before. She threw the box with flat balls she was carrying into the dumpster and decided that she now had earned to play.

But first she had to clean herself. She still had some banana inside her pussy from the day before she realized and that could not be healthy, but on the other hand was nothing she did here really healthy. Nonetheless she went back into the shed, closed the door behind her and squatted down, spreading her legs in the process. With one hand, pulling the rope aside, she fingered the remaining fruit, which was astoundingly few, and insects out of her pussy. The cockroaches quickly hurried away, once out of her.

Now she wanted to wash herself, but she had nothing with her but the bottle filled with her urine. So she lay down on the big mat and lifted her butt high into the air above her face. It took a little bit of practice but finally she managed to aim the bottle with her urine to the opening of her pussy and poured some piss in. She snickered as she realized that she was pouring piss back into her where it had come from.

With her fingers, she rubbed the piss all over her abused pussy and also inside it. After a few minutes she decided that it was enough. She used her belly muscles to push the urine back out of her pussy, directly onto her face. Opening her mouth, she soaked her panties again, they had nearly been dry again. Emily thought that she had had her panties long enough inside her mouth, so she pulled them out, but instead of putting them aside, she pulled them over her head, forcing her to breathe through the piss soaked fabric.

Now she felt ready for her little lovers. She searched for them. A few were as always under the big mat in the middle of the room where she had found them first but she wanted more this time. So she searched for their nest or whatever it was called. It took hear nearly half an hour to find their biggest concentration. It took her so long mainly because she had to move slowly to not frighten them away. Which was not a bad thing at all because moving too quickly in her rope harness was nearly impossible. With every movement the rope bit into her tender pussy flesh.

She had found quite a lot of her little lovers but not nearly enough to satisfy her lust, so she came up with an alternate plan. One of the mats she had not yet thrown out, was in a pretty good condition, except that the filling had crumpled to little pieces. She took the mat out to the dumpster, but instead of throwing it away, she opened the zipper on the side and shook all the filling out. Now she had a large, empty, sturdy sack of kind. Waddling back inside, Emily put the cover of the mat down, with the zipper looking up.

For like the next hour or so, she started catching every bug she could find with her bare hands, pushing them into the mat cover, before closing the zipper again. At the beginning it was easy, she got a hand full at a time, even if darıca escort bayan most of them quickly slipped out of her hands she still got a few with every swipe. The first time she still felt a kind of horror, catching these insects with her bare hands, which was somewhat funny because she had had them inside her for like two days and was about to let them crawl all over her naked body, but she still felt it. Emotions are not always logical that’s why they are emotions and to be perfectly honest, the horror and disgust she felt for those bugs, just heightened her lust and craving.

At the end of the hunt, Emily would only catch one cockroach at a time. Lifting the mat cover up and looking inside it, she thought that she had done a good job. Inside was a pool of cockroaches and woodlice, even more than had been inside the box yesterday.

For practicality she freed her nipples from the weights and pins, stretching them. This was done while rubbed her clit, which made the pain a little more bearable.

Carefully she opened the zipper wider, cautious to not let any insects escape. Even more careful she stepped into the cover, waving cockroaches aside with her foot, to not crush any. The same proceeded with the second foot and as soon she was standing completely inside the cover, she pulled it up over her head and closed the zipper shut from the inside. Now she was trapped inside the cover, totally nude, her ass and pussy held open and her body bound tight together with hundreds of cockroaches and woodlice. Well not really trapped, for she could open the zipper from the inside with a little effort, but it felt like she was trapped and she liked thinking she would be. This thought made her pussy drip. Her world was now this blue cover with the little light shining through illuminating the insects.

Slowly she lay down inside the mat, spreading her legs and pushing her bottom up a little, so that the tube inside her ass was accessible for her little lovers. This was it she thought, this was what she was worth, a sex toy for insects. Nude and bound like it should be and exposed to a living mass of them. They were her masters now, giving her the stimulation she needed by crawling over and into her most intimate parts. Exploring her body as they wished. Already they were surrounding her, crawling all over her naked skin, her bound and sensitive breasts. Their feet tickled her nipples, which were particularly sensitive.

She bathed in the sensation, enjoying every second of it. Her arousal heightened even more if this was possible and her first orgasm of hopefully many drew closer and closer. Her concentration was broken by a new feeling inside her lower regions. There they were, it felt like two cockroaches, crawling inside her ass, exploring her from the inside.

Her pussy too got a lot of attention, apparently the cockroaches had found a liking for her pussy juices. With eyes closed she lay there, enjoying the insects crawling over her skin, stimulation her tits, pussy and butt. She had set an alarm on her phone to go off in three hours when she had to go home, so she could just relax and enjoy the feeling. It didn’t take long for her to reach her first orgasm. The time flew by, minutes felt like seconds and orgasm after orgasm stroke her young body, shaking her, leaving her mind in a drifting state. All this, while more and more insects crawled into her, filling her up.

A strange noise woke her like a shock out of this dreamy state. She took a while to recognize that it was her alarm going off. But could this be, could three hours already gone by? It felt like one hour tops. It did cost a lot self-control but eventual she sat up, unfastened the knots on the hooks, letting her poor abused pussy close a little. Switching to a kneeling position, she slowly pulled the tube out of her ass, which felt like it was glued to her bowels, trapping all insects still inside her. Opening the pins on her outer pussy lips was quite painful as the blood rushed back into them. Pulling her panties from her head, she put them on how they were intended to, securing the insects inside her pussy.

It took her some time to open the zipper from inside, especially because her fingers were kind of shaking. Finally free she stepped out. Looking down she inspected her body. Her breasts were quite red from being bound this long. Peeking inside her pants revealed that her pussy lips had a similar look. She could feel the mass of insects inside her bowls and pussy and she liked it, she would take them home again and maybe try to letting them out tomorrow without getting caught by the janitor. Untying the rope around her breasts hurt more than she had thought, carefully she pulled the rope out of her panties, slowly so because the rough rope burned her inner pussy lips by sliding between them. Red marks all over her body showed where she had been bound.

Emily got dressed, cleaned up the mess she had made as good as possible and went home. The feeling of cockroaches inside her pussy she was already getting used to, but the feeling of them inside her ass was new and also exciting. Again it was difficult to maintain her composure in front of her parents, but she retired to her room as soon as possible, just laying nude except her panties on her bed occasional playing with herself, but mostly just lying there enjoying the feeling. Eventually she drifted into a deep exhausted sleep.

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