Cleaning up Bob’s Mess Ch. 04

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Big Tits

The next day was Saturday and Bob and Brenda were gone all day. When they returned that evening, Brenda was carrying a bag and she had a grin on her face when she held it up. I just about came right then and there. She has that flowing dishwater blonde hair, blue eyes, the cutest face and a body other girls would kill to have. On this day, Brenda had her hair in a braided pony tail, hoop earrings along with all her other jewelry, and lots of eyeliner. She was swearing a tight glitter grey sweater, a tight black skirt, sheer black pantyhose with the flower designs, and long black leather boots. She smelled like expensive perfume and was simply the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

“Hey Mark. What’s up?” she asked as she flashed that sexy grin bearing the whitest, straightest teeth ever. “Are you going to join us tonight for some fun? We went shopping today and got some goodies,” Brenda excitedly announced.

Brenda started pulling out the items, one at a time. She had a black strap on dildo which looked about ten inches long, a pair of hand cuffs, a bullet vibrator, a tube of KY jelly, and a set of ben wah balls. These ben wah balls were rubber balls connected in about an eight inch rubber string. The balls were the size of those rubber balls you get in a gum ball machine.

Brenda held up the package of the balls and started reading the back outloud, “Guaranteed to excite and enhance your anal pleasure.”

I said, “Sure, sounds great.”

“Good. I got some surprises up my sleeve.” Brenda said sheepishly.

Bob came in and went straight to the bathroom to piss and Brenda told me they went dancing after eating. They started getting horny, so they came home early.

“I was sucking Bob all the way home in the car.” Brenda told me. “His cock is definitely ready for us.”

We went into the bedroom and Bob was already sprawled out in the bed with nothing on but his socks. His dick was already rock hard and stood up the full 9 inches and tightly pressed against his stomach, past his belly button.

Brenda ordered Bob, “Don’t be rude! Get up Bob and let Mark lay down. Let him suck on your cock for a little while. Mark lay on your back and Bob you sit on his chest like you do when you titty fuck me.”

I climbed on the bed and laid down on my back. Bob straddled my chest with his knees on both sides of me. He scooted up until his long prick pushed against my chin. Brenda was completely dressed but wanted to instruct us. She took a pillow and placed it under my head so that my chin pointed down to my chest.

“There we go,” said Brenda. “Mark, go ahead and suck Bob’s cock.”

Bob placed his dick in my mouth and it always takes me a few minutes to get used to the size of his cock head. He put his hand on the top of my head to steady himself. He slowly thrust his hard penis in and out of my mouth, as though he was fucking my imaginary tits. Every time he would withdraw his cock, it would make a loud smacking sound.

Brenda instructed Bob, “That’s it. Slow and steady. Hold him steady. Don’t let his mouth get away. Keep making love to his warm mouth.”

Brenda now had her hand under her skirt and inside her nylons and panties. She was masturbating as she now instructed me, “Oh yea. Take it. Don’t be afraid of it. You know that cock better than anybody. That’s it. Suck it like woman. Hold nice and still while Bob makes love to your warm wet mouth. Oooohhhh!”

She continued to talk to both of us, “You two are turning me on. I’m going to cum! Bob, you keep feeding Mark your dick. Feed it to him but don’t fuck his mouth, I want you to make love to it. That’s it, that’s it, go slow.”

Bob was gently sliding his erection in and out of my mouth. Brenda started moaning while working that clit over with her finger. She had her eyes closed and tightened up while she orgasmed. Bob continued his rhythm as he held the back of my head as he slow fucked my mouth.

When Brenda finished cumming, she pulled her hand out of her panties and licked her fingers. She then placed those fingers under my nose and said, “That sure is some sweaty pussy. Smell this Mark. I know how you love all those good aromas.”

Because of Brenda’s dancing, her vagina did smell like sweaty pussy but it turned me on immensely. Bob’s big dick wasn’t the only penis fully erect at that moment. The room already smelled like sex and we hadn’t even got going yet. She ordered Bob to go in the bathroom and clean his ass really good with soap and warm water. He pulled his saliva covered cock out of my mouth and went to the bathroom. He later told me that when Brenda said that to him, he thought it was so I could rim his asshole.

“Mark, you scoot down. I’m going to straddle your face at the same time Bob fucks me doggy style. While Bob is fucking me, I want you licking his balls and cock as he pumps. Mark, you can also lick my pussy once in a while too.” Brenda said.

I scooted down and Brenda hiked up her skirt. To my surprise, she was wearing a garter belt and stockings instead of pantyhose altıparmak escort which I couldn’t tell earlier. She stood up on the bed while wearing her leather boots and squatted down over my mouth facing my feet. She got on her knees and rested her pussy on my face. I dug my tongue in and out of it. I licked and ate Brenda while she was jostling around on me. She lifted up and now my face was wet with her juices. She pointed her ass upward. Bob had returned from cleaning his ass really good.

“Bob, now get behind me and fuck the shit out of me. Mark, I want you to put these ben wah balls in Bob’s ass, ordered Brenda.

“Now wait a minute. Nothing is going in my ass,” exclaimed Bob.

Brenda snapped, “Yes they are! When a guy cums, you are supposed to slowly pull them out and this enhances the orgasm and makes him cum like a racehorse. You want to cum real hard don’t you?”

Bob thought for a second, “Well ok, but be sure they are really lubed up.”

Brenda got up off of me and said, “Mark, you better get Bob ready for this before we start.”

I sat up. Bob opened up the ben wah balls package and KY and handed them to me. He got on his knees with his ass sticking off the side of the bed. His ass smelled good. I could tell he cleaned it well. That was his invitation and I proceeded to stoop down and dig my face into Bob’s ass for his preparatory rimming. It was just too tempting but I also knew it would get Brenda going. As I licked his butthole, I made sure to spread lots of saliva around the puckered entrance and Brenda was off to Bob’s side stoking his dick for him.

She was talking to Bob, “That’s it baby. Let him get in there. Let him get that asshole lubed up for you.”

Brenda then turned her orders to me, “Mark, keep tonguing it. I want him to be really wet. I witnessed for myself that you really know how to rim a guy. Bob was bragging about you and how hard you made him cum.”

With my face buried in Bob’s ass, I couldn’t see anything but I heard a buzzing sound and looked up. Brenda was using the vibrator on herself with one hand while stroking Bob’s big cock with the other one. I was about to pull out of his ass to see Brenda masturbating when she said…

“No No No,” she ordered me. “Don’t you dare stop. You keep licking his ass until I cum.”

I went back to work on Bob’s asshole until Brenda stopped whacking him, clenched her legs together and came very hard with the buzzing vibrator sounding very muffled. When she finished cumming, I stopped licking and squirted the KY on my palm, took the rubber ben wah balls and ran them through the lube like I was jacking them off. The lube was now well spread over the balls. I slowly starting putting the balls in Bob’s asshole using my fingers to stuff them in one at a time. Bob was tensing up the whole time.

Brenda was preparing Bob by stroking him once again and with an encouraging voice said, “Honey, let him put those in there. Just relax. I know you want to cum real hard, don’t you? This will help you blow your head off when you shoot and I know you want that.”

I had finished inserting the balls into Bob. The only thing sticking out was the two inch tail at the end. He was now ready. We all regained our position on the bed. I was on my back; with Brenda on her knees directly overtop my face and Bob on his knees inserting his long cock into her pussy. She was pretty wet, so he had no trouble getting it in.

He started to thrust in and out to get Brenda going. I had the perfect view of that long fleshy cock sliding in and out of all those pink folds. His cock was already glistening with juices and his balls were jiggling as he fucked. The smell of sex was overwhelming in the small space above my face.

Brenda was moaning when she spoke to me, “Mark, lick Bob’s balls! And lick my cum off his dick.”

I followed her instructions and raised my head up a little to lick Bob’s nuts. It was difficult because of his movement. I stuck my tongue out which pretty much caused Bob to run his balls over it back and forth as he fucked Brenda. I was basically being tea bagged. I would also try to stick my tongue on his shaft and lick the cum off it as he pumped. Now that sounds easy but if you have every tried it, you know you can only dart your tongue in at strategic times to cop a lick. Bob was considerate and didn’t put his cock all the way in Brenda to allow me a little gap for my tongue. When you have 9 inches, you can afford to do that.

Brenda was thrashing around now and getting close to cumming when she stopped very quickly, jumped up and shouted, “SHIT!”

In unison, Bob and I both asked her what was wrong. She said that she had run out of birth control pills earlier in the week and had forgotten to get more. She wasn’t protected. Brenda asked if we had any condoms and neither of us did.

Brenda thought out loud, “Ok, change of plans. Bob, I know how you don’t like to be interrupted when you cum but you cannot cum in me. Mark, you love the bursa anal yapan escort taste of Bob’s cum and we have the ben wah balls up Bob’s ass.”

She continued, “I got it! Bob, you fuck me missionary and when you are ready to cum, Mark will be your condom.”

We both were confused.

“Mark will be on his knees, beside the bed, on the floor, right beside you, Bob. Right before you cum, you pull out of me, hurry and shove your cock in Mark’s mouth and blast off. It is like having your own personal condom on standby, only you get to feel the real thing which is Mark’s warm mouth and I will pull out the beads to give you that extra jolt” Brenda said.

Brenda was on the bed, lying on her back, with her ass hanging over the side, skirt pulled up, stockings on, and her leather boots up in the air. I got on my knees beside Bob as he positioned himself to enter Brenda. I could still see the ben wah balls tail sticking out of Bob’s ass.

Bob held Brenda’s ankles as he began to fuck her. He was moving that long prick in and out at a good pace. She was moaning and talking. She was saying things like, “fuck me harder” and “pound the shit out of me.”

Brenda had a filthy mouth and can talk dirty with the best of them. She came really hard but Bob kept fucking. She was having multiple orgasms throughout Bob’s pounding. He never stopped. He was starting to build up to his own orgasm. There was cum running down her hole onto the bed and Bob’s prick had globs of white goo slathered all over the shaft.

“Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum,” warned Bob.

“Ok baby. Remember, don’t cum in me. You have your ‘rubber’ right next to you.” Brenda reminded him.

In attempt to put Bob over the edge, Brenda started encouraging me, “Mark, thank you so much for being Bob’s condom. He can’t cum in me but he can blow in your mouth. Your mouth is his rubber.”

She switched back to Bob, “Bob, go ahead and cum in your rubber. Shoot your load in your condom. Go ahead now. Do it! Fill it up!”

I believe Bob and I were completely mesmerized with Brenda and her sex talk so we didn’t say much. Bob started grunting and shaking. He very quickly pulled his dick out of Brenda’s pussy. He first sqeezed off his shaft with his hand, turned to me, squatted down slightly to get to the right height, then fed his huge cock into my mouth while grabbing both sides of my head. Brenda was also as quick as she jumped off the bed, bent over and grabbed the ben wah ball tail sticking out of Bob’s asshole.

Bobs grunts turned into screaming as started to cum. As Bob was about to shoot, Brenda started to slowly pull out the ben wah balls.

Bob continued to scream in pleasure, “FUCK!! I’M CUMMING! AUGH!”

Combined with his ben wah ball withdrawal, and his pent up sperm from all the teasing and the fucking, Bob arched his back, looked up at the ceiling, closed his eyes, and let out a cum blast like never before. The first shot alone completely rocketed out and just about choked me when I felt the powerful wad hit the back of my throat harder than ever before. He held onto my head for dear life as he released his large amount of spunk. Bob was still screaming from sexual bliss and his hips jerked violently. He continued to empty his balls with shot after shot. I actually had to reach up and hold his hips to keep him from moving around too much.

I had given many blowjobs before that instant and I swear that was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever witnessed, including the very first time when he shot that huge amount of thick cum on himself which I ended up cleaning off. Those ben wah balls massaged his prostate enough to cause him to increase his amount of sperm. Some of it even ran down my chin which never happens. When Bob’s orgasm started slowing down, Brenda was now holding the anal beads in her hand. Bob was still holding my head until he had completely finished up.

When all the commotion stopped, I reached up, took hold of Bob’s shaft, and slowly withdrew his cock. When I reached the point when only his head was left in my mouth, I pinched my lips together and slid off the head, completely pinching them together at his piss hole not to let any of his sperm to escape my mouth. It was difficult to swallow it because of the clumps. It took a few attempts to get it all down. When you read a lot of fictional stories, people will write and tell how they swallow it right down. I am telling you from experience that thick cum does not go down that easy. It is like swallowing clumpy pancake batter. Sometimes it takes a while and many times it takes a chaser to finish it off. When I finally did manage to swallow it all, there was so much that I felt full. I felt like I had consumed a warm milkshake.

Bob watch me closely then stumbled back. I could tell he was literally weak at the knees. He was completely out of breath and said, “I have never felt anything like that. Brenda, you were right. I swear, it felt like my dick head was blowing off! That was bursa bayan escort the most powerful orgasm I have ever had.”

“And Mark was there to capture it for you.” she added. “He did a great job as your ‘rubber.’ Bob go sit down and recuperate. I am going to give Mark his best orgasm ever,” Brenda added.

Before Bob had a chance to walk away, Brenda grabbed his softened cock and squeezed out the remaining cum into her other hand. She used that cum as lube as she grabbed my hard on and began to stroke me. Bob’s cum, in addition to my own precum, work very well as lubricant.

Brenda stopped whacking me long enough to put on the black strap on dildo she brought. When the fake cock was in place, she sat down in a chair and it looked like she was supporting a ten inch hard on herself. She then ordered me to take off her boots.

“These leather boots are warm and my feet are sweaty,” Brenda said to me. “I want you to take them off of me and love on my feet,” as she lifted one foot in the air.

I went over and unzipped the side of her boot. I slipped it off revealing her black nylon clad foot. I did the same to the other foot. She was telling the truth, her feet were very sweaty. Brenda’s sexy feet were soaking wet. I put her feet together and placed my face against the bottom of them. They smelled of nylon, leather, and sweat. I sniffed and rubbed my face all over them and occasionally licked and sucked her toes through the wet nylon. I continued loving her feet with my mouth and face for about ten minutes as she encouraged me.

Brenda would say things like, “That’s it, worship my feet. Lick em! Lick the sweat off my feet. Sniff em! My stocking feet are so sweaty, I’m glad you are airing them out for me. If you’re good, I will let you have these nylons and you can sleep with them tonight or even wear them as you sleep. Go ahead, suck my toes. Suck my pretty feet.”

This girl knows how to push someone’s sexual buttons. It is no wonder Bob loves being with her so much. I thought that as I continued to nuzzle my nose and tongue into her feet. Because of me telling her that one of my fetishes was feet, she was really using that knowledge to get me going. I almost came without touching myself.

Brenda took her feet away from me and put them on the floor. She spread her legs and instructed me, “Now I want you to blow me,” as she was obviously referring to her rubber cock. “Go ahead and suck my ‘dick’. You know you want to.”

I put my mouth on her “cock” and proceeded to give it a great blowjob. I was sliding my mouth up and down, periodically licking the shaft and head, and using my hand to stroke as I did it. Brenda had her hand underneath the strap on frigging her clit to this scene. She started shaking, lifted her legs and pointing her nylon toes as she orgasmed.

When Brenda stopped cumming, she said, “I love watching guys suck dick or fuck other guys. I love it like you guys love watching lesbians kiss or have sex. “

She continued, “Ok, now I want you to lube my ‘cock’ and ride it. Go on, get the lube. This cock is not much bigger than Bob’s so you shouldn’t have much problem.”

I greased her “prick” up and eased myself down on it. When the head reached my anus, I put a little extra weight on it to get it started. Once I got used to the size, I slid all the way down to where I was sitting on her lap. I do remember it was a little painful.

“Am I too heavy?” I asked her.

“Not at all,” she replied. “Now, start bouncing on my dick. Ride that black mother fucker.”

I was facing away from Brenda as I bounced on her “cock.” I was fucking her “cock” with a fast pace as my own erection bounced up and down with precum leaking down my shaft.

Brenda ordered me, “Now turn around and face me. You need to look me in the face as you ride my ‘dick.'”

I straddled her lap with my knees and sat back down on her black strapon just like a woman would do to her man. Brenda took hold of my hips and guided me as I rocked on her “cock.” She looked me straight in the eye as I bounced on her. She leaned in and started softly kissing my neck and shoulder.

Brenda was whispering to me, “Go ahead and beat your meat while I’m fucking you.”

I started fisting my own cock as I bounced.

Brenda continued to softly kiss and lick my neck as she whispered to me like she was the man and I was her woman, “Go ahead baby, ride me! Don’t be afraid of it. That feels great. You feel so good on my ‘dick.’ Oh yea! You’re gonna make cum. I’m gonna cum!”

All of this was going to really make me cum as I continued to flog away on my cock. I was getting close as my eyes became glassy.

Brenda ordered Bob over to us, “Come here and help me lay him down on the floor. I want to keep my ‘dick’ in him but I want his ass straight in the air and only his shoulders and head on the floor.”

Bob came over and they both laid me down just like Brenda ordered, all the while her strapon never left my butthole. Brenda was now standing over me with her legs straddling my hips. My legs were pointing straight up to the ceiling and my own dick was directly over my face. In this position, it was hard for her to really fuck me but she just moved it slightly in and out. Brenda’s cock and crotch were holding me almost upside down. She reached down and replaced my hand as she was now jacking me off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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