Cleanup Boy

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I’d been walking around the casino for over two hours. Michelle, my sexy 40 year old wife, was in our room with Ty, her lover, and he’d told me to leave as soon as he’d arrived. I’d pouted and begged to stay and at least be allowed to watch, but Ty had just laughed and shoved me into the hall. Michelle’s laughter as the door slammed shut still echoed in my ears, and my arm was sore from Ty’s rough twisting it as he’d humiliated me in front of her. I checked my phone for the hundredth time at least, still nothing.

I found a bar and ordered a beer and shot, needing something to calm my nerves. I resisted texting Michelle as I waited, knowing it would bother her and trusting that she’d text me as soon as they were ready for me to come back. I chased the shot with the beer and tried to watch the game on the bar TVs, but I couldn’t get the sound of Michelle laughing as Ty had so easily thrown me out of our room. He had literally almost lifted me off the ground and dumped me in the hall. And he’d done it effortlessly. No wonder she liked him fucking her so much, I thought. He was far more muscular than me, bigger in every way, I knew.

Finally, just as I finished my second beer, my phone went off. Come on up, Sweetie

I hurriedly paid my tab and rushed to the elevators. My head buzzed from the drinks and thoughts of what my wife had been doing for nearly three hours. I jammed the button as soon as I got to the elevators, desperately willing them to get there faster. The bell rang and I tried to rush in as soon as the doors opened, but I ran right into Ty. My mouth dropped open as I looked up at him and stumbled back. Nevşehir Escort Ty smiled down at me and laughed as he left the elevator. Three of his friends followed and as they rounded the corner, I heard them all roar with laughter. My mind raced as I rushed into the elevator and pushed the button for our floor. I nearly ran for our room when the doors finally opened.

“Honey?” I called nervously after fumbling with the key card and slowly opening the door. The smell of sex permeated the room.

“In here, hon,” Michelle called softly from the bed. I slowly walked down the hallway and entered the room. Michelle was sprawled naked on the bed, smiling dreamily. “Hi,” she purred.

“H-hi,” I gulped, taking in the scene before me. The bed was destroyed, sheets thrown off, pillows strewn about the room. The clothes Michelle had been wearing were nowhere to be found. And… my heart skipped as I realized Michelle was covered with cum.

“Ty brought friends,” Michelle smiled, confirming my fears after I’d seen them get off the elevator with him. “It was… wonderful,” she finished after closing her eyes dreamily.

“Honey… I…” I didn’t know what to say. This was so much more than we had ever talked about.

“You have work to do, Cucky. Take your clothes off,” she ordered. I quickly stripped, not knowing what else to do. I was trying to be mad, but I couldn’t help but be turned on.

“Good boy!” Michelle smiled, reaching up for me. I joined her on the bed, taking her hand. She was covered in cum. There had been three guys with Ty, and it looked like they’d all cum on my wife.

“More than Nevşehir Escort Bayan you ever thought you’d get to clean off of me?” she asked, teasing.

I looked Michelle’s beautiful body over, not knowing what to say. Both her breasts had thick cum splattered all over them, a small pool had formed between them on her chest. Her perfect little belly button was filled with cum. The smell of spent semen was stronger than I’d ever experienced.

“Go on…” Michelle urged.

I leaned forward and kissed her left nipple gently, tasting another man’s cum for only the second time in my life. Michelle moaned softly as I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it clean. I licked along a trail of cum up to her neck, then back down another white ribbon. I slowly crisscrossed her chest, licking her lover’s cum off her gorgeous breasts. I hesitated at the pool of cum that sat between her breasts, suddenly feeling self conscious about what I was doing.

“Don’t stop now, Cucky,” Michelle laughed. I slurped at the pool of thick cum loudly, taking my first real mouthful of cum off of my wife’s chest as she laughed loudly. “There you go! Good boy!” Michelle said. I could hear her smiling. I then took my time licking down Michelle’s sexy cum-soaked belly. Her belly button was filled with cum, which I didn’t hesitate to loudly slurp and suck out.

I finally arrived at Michelle’s sopping pussy. I crawled between her legs to get a better view. She’d obviously been fucked. Her labia were swollen and pink, and white cream oozed freely down her slit.

“A creampie just for you, Bri,” she said lovingly, knowing Escort Nevşehir this was the core of my cuckold desires. “It’s just Ty in me, Hon, go on…” she added.

I licked my wife’s cum filled cunt deeply. I lapped at her messy lips faster and faster as she moaned with pleasure. She lifted her legs wider and I licked deeper and deeper. I concentrated on her clit, licking faster and faster, until finally she came. A soft, slow orgasm, timed with my deep tonguing on her clit. I moved my tongue down, lapping at the last remnants of cream on her ass.

“Mmm… that was nice,” Michelle whispered.

I moved up, putting my aching cock between my wife’s legs, hoping.

“No, no,” she chided. “You’re just the cleanup boy, you know better than that!” she scolded me, rolling away from me and onto her stomach. “Besides, I don’t think you’re quite done…”

I could see that her perfect ass still had some cum and cream on it where she’d lain in the wet spot on the bed. I groaned as I dutifully went to work licking my wife’s ass clean.

“Please…” I begged as I licked the last of Ty’s sticky cum off Michelle’s ass. “Please!”

“No. You can lick all you want, but don’t touch me with that little dick,” Michelle practically barked. She’d never been so aggressive about denying me.

“Okay,” I whispered sadly, still hard as a rock, sore, and turned on more than I’d ever thought possible.

“Good boy,” my wife smiled as she rolled over to go to sleep.

“Michelle? I love you” I told her.

“I love you, too, Brian,” she whispered, already close sleeping.

I listened to her breathing, knowing she must exhausted from the evening she’d had. Four guys! How was I supposed to sleep knowing that my wife had been with four men tonight? And I’d licked their cum off her body – all of it, and willingly!

I knew it would be a long time before I slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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