Co-Worker Makes Her Move Ch. 01

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A few years ago, I joined a software start-up as a sales representative in their Charlotte office. The company was headquartered in Silicon Valley. It was considered by the industry as an ideal place to be at that moment due to the rumors that we would become an acquisition target by one of the giant software firms in the next 12 to 18 months.

All of my interviews took place at the company HQ on the same day. They flew me out to the West coast as the result of strong phone interviews and personal recommendations. I would meet with the head of HR, the VP of Sales, and the CEO all in one day. Although nerve-wracking for me, it was the most convenient way to schedule this for everyone involved. The interviews went well and I received a generous job offer.

Three weeks later, I was ready to start my first day on the new job. My manager, who lived in Chicago, indicated that I should ask for Mary Lynn when I arrived. The Charlotte office was actually an executive office suite that had a common reception area and shared admin staff for the several firms who rented offices there. Mary Lynn was the receptionist for the entire shared office suite. She was absolutely stunning. Dark brown hair, light suntan, hard, hard, hard body and a great smile. She dressed in a completely professional manner, with an expensive looking silk blouse and a tight skirt. The skirt definitely showed off her figure, but it was business-appropriate with a hemline a few inches above her knees.

Mary Lynn was obviously making a real effort to keep it all under wraps. With her body, it was a losing battle. It would simply be impossible for her to dress demurely enough to deflect attention. She was nice, but not flirty. Selfishly, my initial thought was that maybe we could be successful in growing the business in the region to the point where we needed our own office – and we would take Mary Lynn with us.

With Mary Lynn standing only a feet away from me, I caught a whiff of her perfume. The scent launched me into a quick mini-fantasy of her serving as my administrative assistant. In my mind, she was always bending over in my office to pick up files, pens, paperclips, whatever. Mary Lynn broke my daydream by reaching out her hand to point towards the shared conference room.

While we were looking the room over, I had another vivid mental image pop into my head. Without asking, I would bend her over the gleaming conference table, rip her skirt off (zipper destroyed), pull down her panties, and ruthlessly fuck her from behind. Mary Lynn would protest a little, but then give in to the overwhelming, shuddering orgasm that I was providing her. (Clearly, I was going to have trouble getting any work done around Mary Lynn.)

She showed me around the common areas; copier room, mail room, kitchen, etc. My eyes were fixated on her chest, although I tried my best to maintain eye contact. Finally, Mary Lynn said “let me show you your office.” When we walked through the door, she leaned on my desk with her legs crossed while I looked around and became acclimated. Mary Lynn stayed in that position, discreetly looking me over as if appraising a painting, while awaiting a verdict from me.

I smiled and said “very nice. Thank you for the tour.” I honestly didn’t mean it as a double entendre, but she took it that way. She gave me a very subtle smirk. I wondered how many cheesy pick up lines she received during any given day. She was undoubtedly the center of attention in a place like this. There were men all around, but very few women.

After a brief moment of silence between us, Mary Lynn smiled back at me with cool confidence and said, “I am sure you will like it here.” As she stood up to leave, Mary Lynn asked “have you met Lisa yet?”

“No, not yet,” I said. “I would like to. She is well respected out at headquarters in California. She had several “Salesperson of the Quarter” plaques hanging on the wall out there. Is she here today?”

“I haven’t seen her, but I will let you know if she comes in,” said Mary Lynn. “Will you be needing anything else?” My mind screamed “blow job.” Somehow, I managed to engage my brain filter in the nick of time and kept that thought to myself.

Lisa was the other sales representative working out of the Charlotte office. I knew her by reputation only. Previously, I was her competitor. I had heard that she was very attractive, very smart, very charming, and highly principled. One always assumes that a beautiful woman in the software business must be using her looks to succeed, since the IT world is heavily populated by males. However, Lisa was a CPA with a dual degree in computer science, so she had technical chops as well as considerable visual artillery.

I spent the next couple of hours reviewing old proposals and reading through marketing materials. Around 11 am, Mary Lynn rang my extension and said, “Lisa just came in. I will tell her you are here.”

Within minutes, Lisa knocked on my door and introduced herself. We exchanged pleasantries and played the “do you know so-and-so?” game. It turned out that we had several bahis siteleri old colleagues and acquaintances in common.

Lisa was wearing a vibrant, royal blue wrap dress, which showed off her perfectly toned legs plus a little bit of cleavage too. Her outfit was totally professional, but I made a mental note that nobody would wear that outfit if they were easily offended or uncomfortable with male attention.

In contrast to Mary Lynn’s professionalism, Lisa was very flirty with me. I caught her staring at my crotch a few times. Was this the way she acted in front of customers? I started getting an involuntary bulge in my pants, which made her smile. I pretended not to notice. Lisa profiled all of the key people out at headquarters. Basically, who to trust and who to watch out for. Once again, she stared at my semi-erect cock. This was no longer a coincidence. This was deliberate. I rambled on about something, but my mind was elsewhere. I had a flashback to every deal that I had lost to Lisa over the years. I started to gain some badly needed perspective. She was fighting with laser-guided missiles and I never had a chance.

When Lisa turned to leave my office, I decided to launch a missile of my own right at her. “Can I take you out for drinks after work? It’s a nice day. We can sit outside somewhere.”

“Yes, let’s do that. The last guy in your role was obnoxious and I never liked him very much. It will be good to make a fresh start with you; get things off on the right foot.”

At the end of the day, Lisa and I met in the parking lot. She gave me directions to a gourmet Mexican place nearby that she liked. As she did so, Lisa waved her arms around, pointing left and right, explaining how to get there. I was captivated by her ripped upper arms. She had total girl-guns. Her arms had nicely defined biceps with a hint of vein showing. She was feminine and not bulky by any means, but it was obvious that she hit the gym. I guessed that she was probably sporting low double-digit body fat.

I wondered where she worked out and how quickly I could join, if only to check her out in workout clothes. Before I could ask where her gym was located, Lisa opened the door to her car, a BMW 3 Series convertible, and sat down. As she did, her dress rode up all the way up her thigh. “Oops,” she said with a wink.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was packed with the twenty-something after work crowd. We were in our thirties, probably 10 years older than the average in the room, but both of us were managing to keep it together nicely – thank you very much – and we blended right in.

“This place has the best margaritas,” Lisa explained, “and plenty of eye-candy too. I came here once with your predecessor, Bill, and he was a complete ass the whole time.”

“What happened?” I asked, knowing she must have many tales up her sleeve. This was going to be a fun evening. She grinned and moved her bar stool a few inches closer to me so that she could relay the story in a conspiratorial way.

“He was such a show-off, introducing me to his friends as if we were dating. He insisted on driving us here from the office, so we left my car back in the parking lot. Once we arrived, he kept ordering us margaritas with an extra shot of tequila on the side. It was an obvious ploy to get me drunk. It worked. Whatever. But, there is no amount of liquor in the world that would get me to sleep with him.”

With that ice-breaker out of the way, Lisa moved on with her tale. She was progressively showing more cleavage and now it was my turn to stare – as she had done to me earlier.

“Towards the end of the night, we were running out of things to talk about and my buzz was wearing off. Bill mentioned that he had a golf outing nearby, scheduled for very early the next morning. He asked if he could stay at my place. I made an excuse to get out of it. Bill sulked and he didn’t say another word as we waited in the valet line. Once we were in his car, he accidentally broke his key off in the ignition.”

“How did he do that?” I asked.

“He was just drunk enough that he didn’t realize the valet had left the engine running. He snapped the key right off.,” she laughed, wincing at the memory. I laughed too. It was a good story, for sure.

“He went berzerk, screaming at the valet and cursing his bad luck,” she recalled.

“I mouthed the words “help, call me a cab” to another valet standing nearby and he sprung into action.” Lisa gave me another smile because she could tell I was enjoying her story.

“I told Bill that I needed to visit the lady’s room. I went inside, but I stood by the door, waiting for the taxi. Without him noticing, I made my escape,” she marveled.

“What happened the next day?” I asked.

“Well, it was a Friday. He must have made his golf match because he never came to the office,” she said. “When Monday rolled around, he didn’t mention it and neither did I. He left the company about a month later, so we never discussed it again.”

“That is some story,” I said. “It canlı bahis siteleri will be tough for me to top that one.”

Now that her story was told, Lisa shifted her weight backwards in triumph on her bar stool. She was sitting sideways to the bar and she was facing me. I caught glimpses now and again of her upper thighs. When she moved, I could just barely make out that she was wearing lacy white panties.

“What about you? You must have had a few dating misadventures along the way,” she said.

“It’s been a while since I have dated. My wife and I separated about a year ago, and we are in the process of finalizing everything. It has taken longer that I thought it would, but that’s what happens when the lawyers get involved. They don’t want the party to end too soon for obvious reasons,” I said.

“I see,” Lisa said. “Sorry to hear about that. Any kids?”

“No,” I replied. “We were trying but weren’t having any luck. The odds are not in your favor when you are in your thirties. However, it was all a blessing in disguise. She ended up having an affair with our fertility doctor.”

“Wow. That stinks,” she said. “My deal isn’t much better. I put my ex-husband through law school and ended up getting pregnant. He started fooling around with a girl in his study group – while I was pregnant – and left me before our son was even born.”

“Speaking of which, I better be going,” she said. “My sitter will need to get home before it get’s too late.”

We said our goodbyes and Lisa thanked me for a fun night out. I hadn’t been out with a woman other than my soon-to-be-ex-wife in a long time, so it was a good ice-breaker for me too. It was not a date, but there was plenty of banter and sexual tension between us. I drove home looking forward to getting my personal life going again.

The next month flew by and I did not see much of Lisa in the office. We both traveled during the week in our respective territories, and I also took a few trips to the West coast for training. One day, Lisa ducked into my office and said “have you made your plane reservations for Chicago yet?” We were going to be attending a regional sales meeting there the following week.

“Not yet. Give me your itinerary and I will book the same flight as you,” I said.

Lisa handed me her phone and I copied down the flight and hotel details from her calendar. She stated, “I love Chicago. We will have to go out one night to hear some blues while we are there.”

“Great. Kingston Mines is a good place. They have two stages and the bands play continuously. When one band takes a break, you face the other way and the other band takes the stage,” I said.

During the flight to Chicago, we talked shop about business and the time went by quickly. As we were preparing to land, Lisa asked me “how is your divorce coming along?”

“Done,” I said. “We settled and signed documents two weeks ago and I just received a copy of the decree in the mail.”

Lisa smiled and said, “good for you. I am sure you are glad to have that behind you. Must be a relief.”

“It is. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s done. My lawyer did a good job for me and I can’t complain with the outcome,” I replied.

We landed in Chicago and shared a cab to our hotel. Lisa asked me to meet her in the lobby at seven and we would go out for the night. When I got off the elevator, Lisa was already there waiting for me. She looked amazing, wearing a tight pair of jeans, a silk tank, and a short, fitted jacket made of blue leather.

We took a cab to dinner and Lisa sat pretty close to me in the back seat. The night was getting off to an encouraging start. Afterwards, we walked to Kingston Mines and had a great evening. The music was awesome, the drinks flowed, and Lisa kept touching me during our conversations. She would rest her hand on my thigh on a few occasions and squeezed my arm a couple of times.

We decided it was time to leave and hailed a cab back to the hotel. Once again, Lisa sat right next to me in the backseat and she continued to touch my knee or thigh while we talked. I was receiving a blatant invitation for sex back at the hotel, and I started getting an erection just thinking about the possibilities. There was no point in hiding it and I am sure Lisa noticed it, just as she had on my first day at work. At one point, she leaned forward in her seat and turned to look at me directly. She held my gaze and did not break the eye contact. I took that signal for the opening that it was and pulled her in for a kiss. We went at it like two soap opera actors. My head was spinning from this beautiful woman, the music, the alcohol, and the jerky taxi cab ride. She moved her hand slowly up my thigh while we kissed. I was wondering how far she would go, given the fact that our cab driver was watching everything. My cock was aching from the anticipation. Upward went her hand. Finally, she arrived at my crotch, but she hesitated for a moment. Instead, she started unbuttoning my shirt. When she unbuttoned the lowest button, Lisa moved güvenilir bahis from kissing me to sucking my nipples and lightly rubbing her hands all over my chest and abdomen.

“Lean back,” she whispered. I made eye contact with the cab driver, who by now had moved his rear view mirror so that he could watch what we were doing. We were getting close to the hotel now and I needed to let him know that he should just keep driving around. I made a circular motion with my free hand and he understood, pushing down on the gas pedal while he changed lanes to drive past the hotel.

Lisa worked her down my stomach with her tongue. Finally, she unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and started stroking my cock through the fabric. One more button, then another and another and she had my jeans completely undone. “Lift up for a second,” she whispered again, as if the cab drive might not realize what she was doing.

When I lifted up off the seat, she pulled down my jeans, but not my boxer briefs. Instead, she continued rubbing my cock through the fabric while she rose back up to kiss me again. I was about to explode, wondering if she was really going to give me a blow job in the back of this taxi.

We kissed wildly and she finally slipped her hand under the waistband of my underwear and grasped my cock with a firm grip. She held her hand still. Maybe she was sizing up my manhood?

As she made her way back down to my lap, I started to look around at my surroundings, just taking in the craziness of the moment. There was a lot of traffic all around us, obviously. Tall buildings everywhere. It was lit up like daytime and there were people out and about. The cab driver was practically in a trance watching us, and I had to shoot him a mean look just to get his eyes back on the road ahead of us.

Lisa licked around my belly button and was tortuously slow about it. Then she looked at me and took me in her mouth. At first, she just took the head. Then she started licking it like an ice cream cone and swirled her tongue around the head. Then she alternated licking and swirling. I was about to explode. With her other hand, she started feeling my balls and they began to tighten up from her touch. Again, I made eye contact with the cab driver. He understood and began to circle the block once more. Lisa rose up to a kneeling position and began to deep throat me, sometimes softly, and then sometimes furiously bobbing up and down. It was the most intense blow job that I have ever had, bar none.

My breathing started getting ragged and she knew that I was close. I tried to unbutton her jeans and I also put my hand up her shirt to unhook her bra, but she wiggled away. “Later,” she said quietly. I guess she did not want to actually get naked herself in the taxi, especially with our extra-attentive cab driver. Understandable, but I was feeling guilty about getting the better end of this deal and I wanted to repay the favor.

“Why don’t we take things back to your room before its get out of hand here,” I suggested.

We straightened ourselves up and I asked the cab driver to take us back to the hotel. The fare was $40, but I gave him $80 and we made a hasty exit.

Inside the hotel, we giggled like small children while looking at ourselves in the mirrored finish of the elevator doors. Lisa said, “I have never done anything like that before in my life. What in the world got into me?” I just grinned, reflecting on my good timing and not wanting her to regret it.

While we waited for the elevator to arrive at her floor, Lisa asked me if I had ever done anything like that before. “Once, but I was too young to fully appreciate the situation,” I said.

“That’s impossible, how could you not fully appreciate a girl giving you a blow job – basically in public?” she snorted.

“Well, her mother was only three feet away,” I replied. “But it’s not what you think.”

“Good. I can’t wait to here this one.”

I explained that when I was 18, my girlfriend, who was also 18, asked me to ride with her family to the Atlanta airport to drop her father off for a business trip to Europe. They had a big Chevy Suburban and we rode in the back seat with her little brother. On the return trip that evening, her little brother rode in the front seat and her mom drove us home. My girlfriend had brought a pillow with her and she leaned it up against me and fell asleep. For a while. When we were about half way home, she woke up. It was completely dark in the back seat. Her mother was listening to talk radio and her little brother was asleep. My girlfriend reached under the pillow and started rubbing my cock. After another couple of minutes, she unzipped my jeans and started giving me a hand-job. “I couldn’t believe the risk she was taking with her mom only a few feet away,” I said.

“That is amazing,” Lisa said. “I wouldn’t have been that daring at 18.”

“She didn’t stop there,” I said. “She rearranged her pillow slightly and started giving me head – for the first time. She never would do that before, so I was really surprised. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth because I didn’t know how she would react. I was getting close and told her. She kept going anyway. I tried to pull her off of me, but she just clamped down tighter. Finally, I couldn’t hold off any longer and exploded in her mouth. She took it all.”

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