Coast to Coast Pt. 07

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The idea of attending a wrap up party with these weirdos seemed appealing to me from the start. And as soon as I told Lyll, he was more than happy to have the chance to go.

Still with the belt locked on under his jeans, after eating his lunch he set out to find location, date and time, to let us mingle with the attendees.

And also this put a question in my mind, a completely feminine question, I will admit.

What should I wear to such a party?

Definitely something in theme. I was thinking of wearing the harness, but I had to pack it before going to the party, and it would be unfeasible having it around that night and then rush to put it into the boxes, first thing the following morning.

Not something I looked forward to, I had the room also for the next day and I was planning to recover the whole weekend that between police station and escapades with Stephanie had been pretty taxing.

Still, thinking about that, after lunch I started to collect the material around the stand, starting with all the leaflets and the business cards in the backroom.

While I was sifting through cards and forms, I found in a corner Lyll’s briefs. On a wim, I put them in a box to be shipped back to Markus’.

Once I had reduced all the cards to a couple of cardboard boxes, I set out to unlatch my corset to be more agile. It was a hard task, but with some wiggling I was able to give something in the back enough to unlatch the front busk.

Setting this thing aside, I started to empty the exposition, leaving the harness and all the big pieces for last, since there would be Lyll to handle the weights.

There was a pretty consistent variety of manacles and handcuffs, and I put them in their boxes with bubble wrap for protection.

It seemed to me that their use and application were simple and yet just three days before I had no idea of what their purpose was. Go figure.

After dealing with the cuffs, I started to wrap some different dildos. Apparently Markus has a thing for metal and it was disconcerting to feel the appropriate form and all the ridges on something so cool to the touch.

After all, the dicks I had the occasion to deal with were hard and warm in my hands.

I thought of the thing Dawn stuck in my pussy the day before, and I asked myself how different could it be to have a solid steel phallus instead of a rod of shifting balls that literally drove me crazy on the brink of an orgasm.

Furtively I took a middle sized specimen aside for further investigation.

As Lyll returned, he got all the information about the party, it was on the roof of the hotel, and we were invited to be “dressed for the party”.

“No, big deal. For you.” I retorted, patting the crotch of his trousers.

“About that…”


“When are you going to let me out?”

“Later, do not worry. Can I bring you to the party in chains?”

He thought about it for a second.

“Yes, mistress….”


We put the harness away, it would be cumbersome to carry in my car. And in the end, during the afternoon we managed to prepare all the boxes. I opened Lyll’s belt and let him search for his underwear. Unsuccessfully.

Finally, I prepared the belt and the ring with the manacles to carry them in our room. I also got a ring gag.

He was looking suspicious at my choices but he did not say anything.

When the speakers boomed on the exposition floor that the thing was closed, I was more than happy to report that I was sticking the labels on the boxes. The shipping company should come the next day to pick them up. I inspected the space to check for any leftovers, but I could not find anything.

As we got back in the room, I went under the shower. All day in a catsuit had covered my skin in sweat.

Purposefully, I had left the bathroom door open and after a while a naked Lyll made his appearance.

As far as I could ascertain, the chastity belt had on him the same effect it had on me. So I invited him and his rock hard cock for round two in the shower.

This time he grabbed my arms and forced them behind my back then he forced me to the wall, and his member found its way from behind. He thrusted so hard that it seemed as if my feet left the pavement for his upward movement.

It was so raw and good that I came again with force and lust.

After the sex, we finished to wash our bodies and I kicked him out of the room as I proceeded to rinse my hair.

I returned to the room and he was closing his chastity belt on. It was quite simple, once he put it on he had to simply force the lock shut, with an ominous click. Then he put on the latex hood I had forced on him that morning.

I took the ring gag in my hands but I decided to wait and lock him back in the ring and manacles.

I did not put any padlocks on him since both the circle and the manacles could be closed with a simple wrench. He waited patiently as I was doing my makeup and when I donned some bursa escort platform boots.

As I picked up the metal bra, he told me to stop.

He rose from the bed and approached me. I was right when I noticed that the contraption forced his mouth to the right height. He ate my pussy with such skill, I thought my brain was oozing from my ears.

I was pushing his face on my crotch, I could feel his breath on my body, on my clitoris, as he gasped for air.

The orgasm swept me from my feet, and lucky for me there was the bed behind me.

I cleaned his face from my juices with a piece of the linen, then I put the ring gag on him before he could say anything.

With the sensation of his tongue on my pussy, I collected the dildo and shoved it in my wanting hole, and with trembling hands, I put the belt on to close it in me. Another click echoed in the room.

The pressure was at first overwhelming, but as I came down from the excitement, I could feel that it was adjusting its position inside me. I could definitely feel its presence, but it was a distraction, not a pain.

I put the leash on his neck and we went out of the door.

I walked towards the elevator, strutting away in my platform boots. If only a week before someone had shown me a picture of myself in that precise moment, I would have directed him to a psychiatrist. A good one, for that matter.

Reaching the upper floor, I saw the rest of the party attendees. Well, we were not the weird ones, not even in the top tier.

There were restraints, latex and leather practically everywhere. A buffet table was in the middle of the large terrace and tables were arranged all around.

We were greeted by one of Lyll’s friends, a latex producer lady in her thirties, who was showcasing a skintight catsuit. She was accompanied by another girl, one that I had seen the day before at her stand, dressed in a bra and panties, latex black, whose arms were encased in an black leather armbinder.

“Glad you could come, I’m Raphaela, she is Vanessa, I see that you have managed to put Lyll in a bind, don’t you?”

She had a beautiful voice that sounded Spanish, she took Lyll by the chin and lifted his head up as he could go.

Then started to caress his nipples. I could hear him moaning despite the gag, and I only imagined what was going on in the cock tube of the chastity belt.

The whole scene also had an effect on me.

I blurted something along the lines of “Wait a sec, he is mine now.”

Meanwhile, I could feel my vagina engorging with lust and fighting for space with the steel impaler that was stuck there.

For a moment, I had forgotten that foolish move, and this whole resistance made it absolutely relevant for me.

Unfortunately, I had no way to address the situation, and I realized that maybe it would be more uncomfortable than the balls Dawn had used on me the day before.

Well, at the end of the party, I would be done with it. For the meantime, I had to go with the flow.

Raphaela and Vanessa showed us to their table, and sat with us while someone carried some food for us.

I opened Lyll’s gag and removed the ring from his mouth.

“You know, me and Lyll here, we go way back. Is it, dear?”

And with these words, she slightly pinched one of his nipples, enough to take him by surprise.

“Yes, Raph, I did have the time to chat before. How is it going?” Lyll, even trussed like that, struck up a conversation with his old acquaintance.

From what I gathered, Raphaela was Brazilian, and her accent was not Spanish but Portuguese. She was a designer of latex clothes. Vanessa was her model, and they lived together, and purposefully kept their relationship vague.

As Raphaela sat beside Lyll, I had the instinct of sitting near Vanessa.

I gave a good look at her beautiful body. Ample breasts, long legs.

On the spur of the moment, I asked Raphaela.

“May I?”

She looked at me, then at Vanessa, then back at me.

“By all means.”

I told the model to tilt her head to the left if she wanted out, something Dawn told me it was responsible to do, and I put the ring gag on her. Then the leash was around her neck. We left the table, me in metal armor, she in latex.

There was a little stage on the side of the terrace, and as I conducted her in that direction I could feel she was fighting back.

But, under close observation, she did not tilt her head.

On a nearby table they had ordered champagne, so there was an ice bucket. This sprang an idea in my mind.

I locked the leash to one of the rafters above the stage, then I went to collect a pair of ice cubes. Unable to move away, she tensed as I pulled down her bra and took her left nipple between my fingers. It was not hard but as I placed the ice cube over it, it instantly became pointy and stiff.

A yelp escaped her gagged mouth, but she had no choice in the matter.

Then she tried to scream bursa escort bayan from the cold of the ice, but again the gag did its job very well.

I was like on autopilot, completely following my instincts, and after the ice had thawed a little on her breast, I put them in her mouth.

“Swallow.” Was my order.

I then put her bra on her and get another couple of ice cubes.

Using the latex, I lodged them inside the cups of the bra, right over the nipples.

She tried to move them away but her arms were still encased in an armbinder, so she had limited reach of her tits.

I picked up another cube, and using a finger I pried open the hem of her panties.

The cube slid in there like a missile and then I used my hand, from outside the latex, to lodge it inside the labia.

At this point, Vanessa was screaming in joy, or pain, or both. I asked her if she wanted out. And she moved her head to say no.

A woman stood up from a table nearby.

“I’m Sue, can I join?”

Immediately I asked Vanessa if she was fine with that and she nodded.

Sue was carrying some ropes with her, and this should be very interesting.

Swiftly she loosened the leash from the rafter and she passed one of her ropes over it, tying a knot on the top of Vanessa’s armbinder, then she started to pull, forcing her to bow forward while her arms were pushed up.

“This is called strappado, and it was used as a torture. Right now, we can use it to block her in position.”

She pulled another rope from Vanessa’s right ankle to the side of the stage, and she did the same with the left one.

The rope was tightened to force her legs apart, this put pressure on her arms, forcing her to bow even deeper to find relief.

“Ok, now she is all yours.” Sue sat beside the stage, and my hands started to roam her thighs and the inside part of the leg.

Vanessa was thrashing against her restraints, but her position was inescapable.

I grabbed another ice cube and started to push it against her anus, under the latex briefs she was wearing.

Her legs kept twitching and she was so hot and sweaty that it melted almost instantly.t

As I grabbed her tits from behind, I could feel that the ice made the latex bra cold to the touch, yet they were sensitive enough to turn into little rocks as soon as I pinched them.

She was literally shouting through the gag, and I immediately stopped and put that out of her mouth.

“Cramping… arms….”

We untied the glove as fast as we could and she literally collapsed to the stage floor.

While Sue was loosening the rope on her feet, I took her in my arms and massaged her muscles to ease her pain.

Once all the ropes were off, I carried Vanessa back to the table, only to find Lyll and Raphaela locked in a deep kiss. His hands were still tied to the wheel, for lack of a better term, but his tongue was working overtime.

They stopped when I arrived with Vanessa.

Suddenly Raphaela’s expression changed from bliss to worry.

“Nothing, just cramps.” Vanessa immediately quipped. From a rational point of view, I could understand her fear, after all she gave her slave to me, a perfect stranger, but remained responsible for her well being.

Sue came to our table carrying the armbinder that she had in the meantime untied from the rafters. I unlocked Lyll’s hands from the ring and ordered some drinks for the table.

Apart from our dresses it seemed like a pretty cool party like the one you can find on a table in a normal pub, in a normal night

Raphaela told us how she happened to know Lyll. She had been a model for him for some sort of metal collar that he had manufactured years before.

He had even used her as a model during an expo very similar to this one.

She said that before meeting Lyll she was not into kinky things, and neither seemed to be interested in them.

But that experience sparked something in her.

As words left her mouth I could recognize something that I myself was going through, and I listened closely to what she was telling us.

After working with Lyll, she found some jobs modeling some leather outfits. Then a thing led to another, and she found herself first just selling, and later designing leather clothes. A year before, she had started a latex fashion brand and this was really their first outing with their products.

She was pretty happy with the reception of her creations, and had even got in touch with some Europeans interested in importing those things overseas.

Raphaela felt very excited and tipsy and she asked us to follow her to her suite.

On the way to the lift we grabbed a couple of bottles of complimentary champagne, and we followed them.

Still buzzing with curiosity, I asked Raphaela to let me try Vanessa’s armbinder, and once we got to her suite, she started to put it on my shoulders.

The shoulder part could be worn like a jacket and I felt escort bursa that it put no pressure on the steel bra, then she guided my hands into the sleeve and started latching up the thing.

“Ok, I can make it tight as I want, just tell me when it is enough. Do you understand?”

I nodded, feeling the pressure on my arms while she was threading the lace up.

I was looking at myself in a mirror in the room and the reflection let me see her fingers pulling it tight.

I have never been into yoga and all those things, yet I considered myself quite flexible, so Raphaela seemed to take forever to close me in that thing.

When she finally took a step back to admire her work, I felt my elbows touching in that sleeve. The position of my arms was pushing my breasts forward against the steel domes of the chastity bra.

And I must say that I was really a sight to see.

The ensemble created metal and white latex was catching.

“Do you want to go out?” Raphaela asked while I was still testing my boundaries.

My hands were useless, crushed palm against palm and the only thing I could do was to push them to the side, reaching my breasts, but that was uncomfortable.

So I resolved to let them down in the middle of my back.

I told Raphaela that I could stay in that thing for a while, no problem.

The mere fact that I could not use my hands added to the sensation that just knowing that there was a steel dildo stuck in me that I could not reach.

While I was lost in my thoughts, Raphaela was fitting Vanessa in an electric blue leotard. She was completely nude.

As she was putting it on, I saw that she was folding her arms before putting them into the sleeves. Her palms were on her shoulders.

And as Raphaela zipped her up, I finally saw someone wearing a butterfly jacket. It was a model that I had spotted on the racks the day before, during the expo

She could not use her hands since her arms were folded in two pockets with only her elbows protruding.

The sight of Vanessa’s torso completely enclosed in electric blue latex was turning me on even more, and I came near her and started to tongue kiss her beautiful mouth.

She was obviously excited as well, because she was kissing me back.

“Hold on, you bitches.”

Raphaela started to open the zipper on Vanessa’s leotard, starting from the crotch and then picked up another latex garment.

She made her wear it, it was a pair of high waisted latex panties.

But there was more, on the front part there was a limp piece of latex that I could not recognize.

She made Vanessa sit on a chair and pulled some belt from the pile. In a short time, she had bound her torso and her ankles to the side of that chair.

“Now, you, on the floor.”

She was referring to me, and forced me to sit on the floor.

With Lyll’s help, they secured my ankles to my tights so that I could not stand anymore.

Then they pushed my head between Vanessa’s legs, and I finally discovered what was the limp piece of latex dangling from her crotch.

It was a hood.

“You ok?” Asked Raphaela.

I simply nodded as she forced the tight fit of the hood on my head.

The black latex engulfed my head entirely and the elastic material was pushing my mouth and nose directly on her pussy.

I could smell her, and it was intoxicating, and the only thing I could do, in that pitch black island of horniness, was to start to lick her outer labia.

And the more my tongue explored her crevasses, the more I could feel my own pussy trying to squish the steel dildo that was locked into me.

Muffled, I could hear only a few sounds from what was happening outside of my little hood.

They must have bound something between her knees behind my back, so that every time I tried to push back from Vanessa’s crotch, her legs were pushed together clamping my head in a vice.

So I had no choice beside ravaging her vagina, and so I did, relentlessly, and felt her body squirming in her bonds.

The hood made her moanings seem distant, so I could assess what I was doing to her primarily from the buckling of her crotch.

I could taste her juices oozing in my mouth, on my nose and it was intoxicating and maddening, and my thoughts went to Stephanie, stuck in her trolley with a towel drenched in her Mistress’ juice to bring her to madness.

In that moment I understood, and the mere realization brought new heights to the build up of my orgasm.

As I frantically moved my mouth on her labia, with my breath cut short by the growing excitement, I found that I was out of air, since the hood was tight on my head, and I ended up trying to suck any air directly for her pussy.

Between the air shortage and the excitement, I must have passed out, because I did not realize that, sometime later, they picked me up, freed my legs and put me near Vanessa on the suite bed.

The exhaustion from the last days of discovery and excitement got really the best of me, and I went from orgasm to deep sleep instantaneously, and it was startling when I finally woke up after some indefinite amount of time, to discover that I was still bound by the armbinder and, obviously still in my belt and bra.

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