Coaxing Daddy’s Cum

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Big Tits

There was no time for a long encounter, because things just didn’t work that way today for Melissa and her father. But they were both anxious because it had been (as it always had…) way too long. Somehow the fact that they didn’t usually go for quickies made the possibilities for this tryst even more exciting, because doing it fast was something they had never tried.

They were standing close, both knowing that they were going to wind up naked and fucking again. Through careful planning they had always managed enough time to enjoy each other without haste. But this time it would be a delicate balancing act – quick hard lovemaking that would leave them satisfied (at least for a while) and still manage to use every available minute of the time that they had. They kissed, long wet kisses with a hint of restraint so that the touch of their lips wouldn’t overwhelm them into being done too soon.

Melissa was wearing low slung jeans and a pretty blouse, chosen just because she liked how sexy she looked in them. And because a good little daughter pays attention to the clues that come her way, she had figured out how to turn her Daddy on even more. A slip in a conversation last month had caught her ear, and instead of the sneakers she usually wore with her jeans she had on a new pair of lacy white schoolgirl socks turned down above her ankle, and, courtesy of her part time job as a salesgirl at Rave, a pair of very dressy high heeled sandals. She could hardly balance, but the look in Daddy’s eye when he saw them let her know that she was dead on target, and the target was to drive Daddy’s cock as wild as possible. It was all very titillating, wearing dressy heels, jeans and babygirl socks, because she knew she was radiating ‘fuck me Daddy’ signals that only her very own father could read.

They shared lots more of those delicious kisses, more fondling through her jeans, his pants. Dad centered his palm over her breast, savoring the feel of her through the thin material of her blouse. He gently massaged her nipple to its most erect state, and the other one followed of its own accord. It was hard not to notice both of her nipples poking out and begging for Daddy’s attentions, and she was proud of this arrogant display of her newfound sexual nature.

“Daddy?” she said, steeling herself and leaning her mouth back, away from his. “I want to watch you do yourself.”

“What?” he said, his voice muffled through soft kisses on her neck. He didn’t stop, and she did love the feel of his lips nibbling the sensitive spot just underneath her ear. It made her want him inside her right now, this minute.

Briefly Melissa thought she might have to save her request for another time. But she had definitely made up her mind. She was going to ask him. She tried hard to ignore the temptations of his hand between her legs caressing her through her jeans, and the delicious shivers running down her spine. She whispered against the myriad distractions of his tickling kisses. She ignored the warm wetness between her legs that wouldn’t be gratified unless Daddy’s cock was inside her, stretching her full. She gathered her will, refusing the forbidden desires pleading to be satisfied again and whispered, trying to make him understand.

“You always get to watch me. You get between my legs and lick me, and then you reach up and put my hand down there so that you can see me make myself cum. I want the same thing. I want to see you do it to yourself, like you do when I’m not around and you’re thinking of me. I want to watch you masturbate so I can learn how to do it the way you like best.”

Her hands had unzipped Daddy’s pants, setting him free. Free to be stroked. Free to be licked. Free to show how much he loved her by splashing her with sticky need.

“Do I get a fuck first?” he said.

She giggled. “Of course, Daddy. As long as you don’t cum inside me this time.” Eagerly her hands reached down to unzip her pants and she smiled, looking into her father’s hungry eyes as he watched her make her pussy available for his hard cock.

Melissa stepped out of her jeans and panties, which always seemed to be wet when she was around her dad. Thoughtfully she handed her sopping underwear to him. She knew he couldn’t lick her and fuck her at the same time, and this way he would have the scent and the taste of her most private place to savor while he thrust himself inside her. She was a bad girl to do things like this, but Melissa always knew just how to tease her daddy and after all, behaving like a vulgar slut turned her on just as much as it did him. She turned her back to him and bent over, straining to bend as far as she could, her hands wrapped around her lacy ankle socks Beylikdüzü Escort at the end of her long coltish legs, offering her wickedly bare ass to her own father.

The unaccustomed heels made her unsteady, and even though she’d promised herself that she wouldn’t, she was forced to spread her legs a little in order to stay upright. She had always wanted him to take her like this, but he never had. This was a position born of necessity, of the need for quick fulfillment and a lack of time. And until now they had always been able to take their pleasures slowly. But now time was short and this was the perfect opportunity for a standing bent-over fuck.

Her hair fell about her face, and she braced herself with her hands on her ankles. Melissa still had on her high heels and pretty blouse, and though her bent over position wasn’t exactly comfortable, she felt very wanton and sexy. Only really dirty girls want to be fucked so badly that they don’t take the time to remove all their clothes, to lay down and be comfortable. She felt like such a whore fucking her own father like this, but the rewards were too great to ignore. Her father clutched her panties to his face and inhaled her scent, drinking the essence of his wet little girl before he plunged himself inside her tiny need.

Melissa’s legs weakened from the overwhelming sensation of being filled with her daddy’s huge cock, and she almost fell. But she resolutely refused to surrender. To fall would let him slip from her pussy, and that would be nothing less than catastrophic. It felt too good to have him inside her. She needed it too much. And so she tried her very best to accomplish many things all at once; to catch her breath, to balance on her high heels, to let Daddy take what he wanted so that she could have what she wanted.

Her father dropped her moist panties on her back and put his hands on her narrow waist, guiding her, feeling her trembling under his fingers as he fucked his own daughter. His hands slid to her ass, gripping it so tightly that she knew it was going to leave marks — bright purple and green bruises and those little red half moon cuts from his fingernails. It hurt, but the pain merged into the pleasure of being fucked, enhancing it and screaming to Melissa of her father’s need for her.

Once, in exhausted post-lovemaking whispers, curled up in each others’ arms in her bed, he had tried to explain to her why his grip was so strong, why he always left the colorful bruises on her pale white skin. The memory of his whispered voice added fuel to her engine; the gas pedal floored, the hi-test gasoline flowing freely as her motor raced to catch up. She panted as the tension built, sending her at NASCAR speeds to the checkered flag, riding her Daddy’s voice as much as his cock.

“I love it when I’m inside you, Melissa. Your warm wet velvet insides feel like home, sucking me in and gently resisting my absence. Your ass is so white and cool under my fingers, and the contrast to the sticky heat of being inside you is more than I can bear. I want all of you, inside and out, and I feel as if I can somehow merge your skin into mine if only I hold on tightly enough. Then I will have the thing that I want most – to become part of you.”

The memory of his whispers inflamed Melissa, sending shivers up and down her legs, and the words rose unbidden from someplace deep inside her. “Oh, God, Daddy!” Her voice was weak and scratchy. Every thrust into her slit felt like a homecoming; finally, finally, he was back where he belonged.

“Remember……..” she whispered, and even the single word was difficult to say. Every time he thrust into her all of her breath was pushed out, as if her pussy and mouth were one connected channel running through her middle and Daddy’s cock was forcing the air through her. It was hard to speak through the assault.

“Don’t …….. cum………inside ………me……………!”

Daddy had always had enough control that she wasn’t quite sure why she’d said this — perhaps she was just lost in the moment. On the other hand she could feel his legs trembling as they pressed against hers, and she knew his orgasm was not far off. Perhaps his excitement would override his will; he would spend himself inside her and her plan to watch him play with himself would have to be shelved until next time. She thought she could hear him gasping too, over her own attempts to catch the remarkably elusive oxygen. Suddenly it occurred to her – just because Daddy was supposed to wait didn’t mean that she had to. And she was so close already……

Melissa put her hand between her legs so that she could rub her swollen center. Her fingers Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan became drenched as she felt the effects of Daddy’s cock tugging her lips and sliding in and out of her. The combination of her never-ending need, the long time since her last fuck from her father and the mixed ministrations of her fingers and the pulsing cock were enough. More than enough. She came, wildly jerking as the delicious spasms rushed through her young body.

Daddy held on tight, letting her relish every spasm as the triumvirate of her fingers, her father’s cock and her tight slit sent humongous waves of pleasure roiling through her. Although it could never match the quantity of her father’s wet discharge, there was enough of her cum to splash on her fingers and drool down her milky thighs. Her release was hard and fast and oh, so exquisite. Why couldn’t she be with Daddy more often so that she could be taken quickly like this? She didn’t want to steal him from his work, her mother, his life. Not really. But God, she wished that there was some magic that could give them enough time together.

Daddy relaxed his grip on her waist, letting her finish but quite unable to completely stop moving inside her. The finish line receded into her past, leaving her feeling worn and very noodle-like. As the orgasm faded behind Melissa her mind slowly returned. Wistfully she remembered that there was no time for the usual long cuddles, second times and lazy recuperations.

Time, the thief that always stole Daddy away, intruded, and she was forced to lean forward and off his stiff cock long before she would have liked. On the other hand, it felt good to stand, which eased the strain in her back and her suddenly weak legs.

She turned to face her father, greedily pressing her body against his and kissing him while she was still trying to catch fresh air after her massive cum. She cupped his wet cock against her taut little belly so that she could rub it up and down against herself.

She swallowed hard — it was time to face reality. As much as she wanted to lay down with him, to trade more soft kisses and maybe have another good cum or two, it was time to get on with things. Besides, she really was anxious to watch, to see her father play with himself. “Now you have to do what I want, Daddy,” she whispered.

Melissa let go of his erect cock and settled herself on the bed Indian style in front of him, her knees deliberately spread apart just so that he could look down at her sore and well-used pussy, her delicious long legs, her pretty white socks and new high-heels. The bruises and little cuts left on Melissa’s ass by her father’s harsh grip stung as she sat on them, but she cuddled herself inside the pain the same way that other less lucky girls would wrap themselves in a warm blanket.

Daddy stepped near, his hand sliding up and down the cock that was still wet with cum from being inside his daughter. With his other hand he clutched her ankle, unable to resist touching her, and they both knew that he was thinking that he’d like to rub himself on her so that they could watch his bright pink cock splurt warm cum on her legs. It was OK that his hand was gripping her ankle, though — she had made no rule that he couldn’t touch her. Just that he had to make himself cum. Since he was always playing with her when she did herself for him, it was only fair that she should get to do the same. It was her turn to set the rules.

Daddy stroked his wet swollen member and Melissa cupped his balls in her hand, feeling the skin stretch and go slack with his pumping. She teased him with her eighteen year old fingers, tickling his cock from the bottom. It was long and wet and hard, and it was easy to imagine it inside her, sliding in and out as it tried so very hard to fill her with warm white baby seeds. His hips began thrusting, pounding his cock into his hand. Her face was close enough, and she couldn’t resist. Her rules, right? She bent her head closer, stuck her tongue out and licked the head as she would a drippy ice cream cone – trying to catch all of the honey that was a mixture of wet seed escaping his cock and her ‘fuck me’ syrup. He moaned softly, and she knew he was getting close because she had learned to read his ‘I’m gonna cum’ signals many encounters ago. She loved being the object of so much desire. She had learned that all Daddy had to do was look at her to make him want her. But seeing her fingers on his hard cock was enough to make him ready to cum.

“Do you want to see my titty, Dad?” she whispered, adding to his thirst. He swallowed hard and stroked himself even faster. His tiny nod might have been just from the motion of his Escort Beylikdüzü masturbations, but she took it for a yes anyhow. She abandoned her light caresses to unbutton her shirt and tug it down. She removed her breasts from under the material, making sure that her father had a good view of her pale skin and erect nipples. “Is that better, Dad?” She knew it was and she smiled — she could feel his excitement ratchet upwards even before she got her hands back in place, tickling, touching, smearing her liquids around so that she could watch Daddy’s hand make him cum.

Watching him was so exciting. So this is what his cock looked like when it was inside her, sliding in and out of her slippery pink vagina until it shot its load of baby-making seed. Hot and swollen, greedy to mix its juice with her own. She wished she had more time for another fuck. Dammit, she should have saved this idea for a time when she was already so worn and satisfied that her need wouldn’t be weakening her resolve. But she hadn’t been lying at all — once the thought had occurred to her she really did want to see him masturbate.

Strangely Melissa was a little disappointed. It was all very exciting watching him fondle his cock, and she knew that Daddy loved doing dirty things with her. But he wasn’t doing anything special, anything different than what she did to him with her own hands. His cock slid in and out of his clutched hand, swelling, looking hungry and getting nearer and nearer to splashing her, just like it did when she stroked it. She had expected to learn some secret, some hitherto undiscovered technique that manly men kept to themselves, and she would use it to please Daddy. She was disheartened to learn that there was no such secret.

But then Melissa looked up at him and saw the love and desire in his eyes, lust powered by watching his own daughter tickle the exposed parts of his cock as he stroked it.

In that moment she realized that what he had sworn to her over and over must be true — it was being with her that made the best orgasms for him.

It was her fingers, her lips, her body that he craved so much. She looked back at his hand moving faster and faster, her new revelation making his impending orgasm even more exciting. It was she who inflamed his desire. Even though it was his hand creating the necessary friction, his lust was still totally driven by his little girl, his Melissa. The thought made her feel warm and sexy and loved, and she couldn’t wait for his sperm to splash on her.

Daddy grabbed her hair, tangling his fingers in and holding on tight, as if he was afraid that she would somehow abandon him at the last moment. But she would never do that to Daddy. Not ever. And especially not when he was doing just what she wanted. She’d been waiting for an eternity for this. Well, at least since last week when the idea popped in her head.

He leaned over her, using his hand in her hair to bend her head back so that he could kiss her. She gave her lips to his as if it was simply his due to take whatever he wanted, and indeed it was. In contrast to the painfully tight grip in her hair, the kiss was gentle, and his body twitched as the touch of her young lips pushed him to the brink.

“I love you, Melissa,” he panted into her lips.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Entranced, Melissa’s eyes returned to her father’s cock. It was true, the things she’d said — circumstance had never allowed her to watch him cum like this, to see his masculine hand massaging the needy cock that was usually ramming inside her. The mindless creature didn’t know that it wasn’t Melissa’s soft skin caressing it towards a flaming orgasm, and it drooled clear pre-cum in an almost steady stream.

Suddenly Daddy moaned. He pulled the skin of his cock taut. After a second or two of hungry straining while it swelled impossibly larger it exploded all over her hand. Hot globs of slimy sperm squirted out of him and she giggled in delight it splashed onto her palms, her fingers, her wrists. It drooled and slid over her hands, trying to escape and fall into her lap as if it knew it should be on her bare thigh so that it could blaze a wet trail to her tiny pink slit and swim up inside her. Thick ropy strands dangled from her fingers, and Melissa played with her new pearlescent liquid jewelry as if she’d never seen anything so pretty. Indeed she hadn’t, because Daddy’s sperm almost always wound up inside her.

And of course, this warm fresh cum was destined for the same fate. Melissa couldn’t resist and she started to lick the sperm from her fingers, slurping, tasting and swallowing every drop of the cum that her Daddy had given her.

Between delicious licks which Melissa savored like the finest ambrosia, she giggled and whispered, “Thank you, Daddy.”


Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed it. As always, feedback and votes are welcome. If you liked this one, do go and read some of my other tales and let me know what you though of those, too…

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