Colin Helps His Sister On The Farm

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I was just twenty when my Mom got the call from my sister, Olivia. She needed help. Long story short, Livvy’s husband of ten years had walked out on her, leaving her to manage their small farm on her own.

Now, Livvy is twelve years older than me, so at thirty two, she had been away from our family home since I was ten. Of course, I had seen her from time to time during her married years – but I had grown up a lot in that time too.

I am, if I dare say it, a bit of a fan of intimacy with the ladies. I had early stirrings of sexual arousal and eventually lost my virginity aged eighteen to a sweet and obliging girl called Rosie who enjoyed relieving me of my virgin label. Since Rosie, there have been quite a few girls that I have enjoyed intimately and as far as I am concerned, there will be quite a few more. Being from a farming community, there may not be so many girls around to choose from but there are plenty of opportunities and most of the girls round our way are quite open to the idea of a bit of horizontal recreation.

When Mom told me that I had to go to Olivia’s farm to help her, I was not happy. I knew how remote her place is and the chances of any female company were just about this side of nil. But I was in no place to argue and Livvy is family so I took our old pick-up and set off to my sister’s farm. It was a three hour drive and for the last hour I doubt that I saw another vehicle or person. Livvy’s farm was quite high up on some sort of a natural plateau of good fertile land, hence it was remote. I think they had only been hooked up with powerlines a few years ago.

When I rolled up, Livvy was soon out to welcome me. I quickly realised that I had lost track of my sister’s good looks. Either that or my tastes were maturing. She had a rosy glow in her cheeks, her wavy dark hair was long and tied only in a pony tail and her figure was fit and trim. My eyes alighted on her proud chest, all wrapped up in shirt and overalls but clearly a lot bigger than I had realised when she was at home. Livvy gave me a powerful embrace, perhaps more in relief than affection. After all, help had arrived. But the memorable part of it for me was to have her huge breasts pressing onto me.

Over some fresh coffee, Livvy told me the full situation. The farm was okay but constant hard work. Her husband, Sam, had gone off with a younger woman from the nearest town to the farm. It had come as a complete surprise to Olivia.

She told me, “Colin, my husband just upped and left me without a sign. His note said that he needed more intimacy in his life. I sure don’t know what he meant by that. I allowed him intimacy with me once a week, whether I wanted it or not. Actually, I usually didn’t want it but he had his needs as he called them.”

I just sat wide-eyed at this revelation. After all, I had been managing four or five times a week from a choice of three girls back home – and I still wanted more! Anyway, we moved the subject on but the reality was beginning to dawn on me that my own sex life was taking a severe down turn.

I set about helping Olivia with the farm work. It was straightforward enough but hard work too. Livvy pulled her weight and she fed me well. I had my own bedroom and I had taken my laptop with some good hot porn on it. I settled into a routine of supper, to bed for some porn with masturbation and then sleep till day break. If I woke with a dawn horn, I’d probably satisfy myself again before getting out of bed.

One night, it was incredibly warm. The air was still and I was wet with perspiration. I was watching one of my favourites, two lesbian girls in action when a well-hung guy turns up. I was masturbating as I watched the guy fucking one of the girls while he licked the other. My stiff cock was in my hand and I was naked and on top of the bed clothes.

Suddenly my bedroom swung open and my sister stood there starting to speak to me just as her eyes comprehended what was on view. She said “Colin, I was………oh, oh my gosh! Oh, I’m sorry ………!”

Her timing was incredible because she caught me just entering my climax. I could not stop – or would not! I was locked in to having my orgasm. Olivia stared open-mouthed as I grunted and groaned and my cock spurted my thick cream onto my bare chest. She could see everything.

She slowly closed the bedroom door, still staring at me in all my splendour, coming down off my high, semen trickling off my body, my laptop giving out the sounds of a guy grunting and a girl climaxing.

I lay there, half stunned by the occurrence, not knowing what to do next. My mind raced through a cavalcade of thoughts. I should do nothing, I should go to her and explain, I should go back home and – well, what the fuck should I do – all swirled in my hazy brain. My eyes caught the image of the porn guy coming on the girls’ tits and they squealed with joy. It made me smile as I re-lived the look on my sister’s face. I decided to clean myself up and go to talk to her. I pulled a pair of pants on, packing my softened cock in gently.

I knocked Gaziantep Fetiş Escort gently on her bedroom door. “Livvy! Livvy! Can I talk to you?”

“Come in.” she said, gently.

I turned the handle and edged into her bedroom. The room was softly lit and my sister sat up in bed. I immediately noticed her nightdress which was quite matronly and fastened up to just below her chin.

“Gee Sis, I’m sorry. I never meant for you to see that. You took me by surprise and I, well, I guess I just couldn’t stop. I was too far on to – you know!”

“I’m sorry Colin. I should’ve knocked. I didn’t think. And I certainly never expected you to be doing that! To yourself!” Her latter words were stressed with a type of disgust. I felt the need to defend myself.

“Hey Sis, I’m a young guy and I have certain needs too. And I ain’t getting any of them round here – ‘cos there’s no one to get them with. Back home I had a bunch of girls ready to provide me with – well – you know – let’s call it relaxation. If I can’t get the real thing, I need to satisfy my needs the only way I know how.” I said it all quite firmly.

Olivia sat up higher in her bed. “I’m sorry Colin. I was just a bit shocked. I’m sorry that there’s no girls round here for you to – well – do stuff with. Do girls do that back home without being married then?”

“Hell, yeah!” I blurted. “Loads of ’em do! And I get my share, let me tell you!”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure you do, Colin. So that stuff on your computer, were they local girls?”

I laughed and explained the porn which seemed like a shocking revelation to Olivia.

“Look Colin. Let’s forget it, if we can. I realise now that you have desires and needs and there’s not much chance of you finding girls around here so I’ll be careful to respect your bedroom privacy.”

I was glad her tone had softened and then I realised that all the talk had been about me. I rudely asked my sister a personal question. “Say, Liv, you must have needs now Sam’s gone?”

She took it in the spirit I’d asked it. “Well no, not really. I’ve never been so very keen on all that stuff for some reason. I let Sam have his way once a week, like I told you and that was more than enough for me.”

“Just once a week though!” I blurted, not thinking of her ten years of marriage but focussing on my five times a week on average even unmarried.

“Well, yes! I let him have his way once a week and if he took too long I rolled him off my body.” I laughed, picturing her doing just that.

“I’d’ve rolled right back on you! And I’d’ve carried on till you was screaming in passionate ecstasy!” I blurted without thinking.

“There was never any ecstasy for me!” she countered, probably too loose lipped.

“My girls get ecstasy! I ain’t just in it for myself. I’ve got a reputation with the girls round our way back home, a good one too. But Sis, don’t you ever think Sam might still be here if you’d’ve given him a bit more?” I asked nosily.

“I don’t know, Colin. But he’s getting it now for sure so he won’t be back.” I looked at her as her words permeated. I realised she was getting no sex and she was probably still in her sexual prime.

“Do you miss it?” I asked her.

“I don’t think about it!”

“I’d miss it. I do miss it – the real thing, that is!”

We said ‘Goodnight’ and I returned to my room, laying naked on top of the bedclothes. I realised I was thinking about Olivia, with her fit body, going without sex. I wondered if she masturbated and I realised that the idea of her doing so excited me. I tried to imagine her naked, pleasuring herself and I got a full erection. I was seeing Olivia with new eyes, picturing her fit body, imaging her naked, her long hair cascading down over her shoulders and reaching her ample tits, erect nipples poking out. I pictured her shapely ass, imagined her bending over so that her pussy lips were showing. I guessed that she has a plump mound and large pussy lips. I imagined a cock head pressing between her lips, slowly burying itself into her.

My climax was intense and my second ejaculation was big by my standards. The creamy fluid trickled and pooled on my body as I lay there realising that I’d just pleasured myself thinking about my sister.

Next day, it was hard work as usual although I did catch Livvy looking at me on a few occasions. Mind you, I was looking at her more than once too. Over our evening meal she asked me about the girls back home.

“So, they don’t expect you to marry them. You just do that stuff with them – for fun.” She asked.

“It’s more than fun!” I blurted, adding “and they love it as much as I do!” She asked me how often I had sex. “Oh, most nights of the week. I’d do it more if I didn’t have to work.” I could see that my words were making Olivia think. We turned in and I pleasured myself by hand uninterrupted.

Next evening, after dinner, I was about to turn in when Livvy said “Hey, Colin, come and talk to me before you go to sleep. ” I guessed that she was subtly saying that I should go to talk to her after I had masturbated. I didn’t have my pleasures, I lay there thinking. I waited a while then went to her room. Knocking gently, I heard Olivia invite me in.

“Hey Sis, y’okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, maybe nervous.” she replied.

“Nervous! Why?” I asked her.

Well, I’ve been thinking – a lot! I realise that you being here means you’re missing your girls – and your sex. And I think I understand what it means to you – all that stuff you do. You’re a guy and you need it. And – I thought a lot about this and – well – if it helps you – and if you promise never to breathe a word – to anyone – especially Mom – well, I’d be prepared – only if you wanted to of course, don’t feel you have to – I’d be prepared for you to do that stuff with me, err – to me – on me, oh, whichever it is.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head as my jaw dropped. “Do it! With you! My sister!” I gasped.

“Yes, with me. I realise I’m your sister so there’d be conditions of course. You’d have to stop if it hurt me. You’d have to be quick. Mom must never know! And if it goes okay and you want it more than once a week, I’d consider it, providing you ask me nicely! And, Colin, I’m not meaning this for us to become lovers. I’m offering you use of my body for your sexual needs, because I know you want sex.”

“Sex – but you’re my sister!” I blurted, repeating myself and not stopping to properly take in Livvy’s offer.

“Yes, but it’d be me doing it for you. For your pleasure. You’re my brother and I love you – as a brother – and you’re helping me on the farm and I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ll do it for you if you want it!”

My mind raced – and I realised that my cock had stiffened. I knew I could not hesitate without hurting Livvy’s feelings. In any case, I realised that the fact that my sister was offering me sex was certainly not an anathema to me – it was just the opposite. “Yeah! Yeah! Okay! When?” I enthused.

“Well, shall we see how things are tomorrow night?” Olivia offered.

“Yeah, fine – amazing in fact!”

Next day, we both worked hard as usual. Neither of us mentioned the offer Olivia had made. I noticed my sister’s body more that I had tended to previously. Her jeans were tight on her and I made out her shapely thighs and her tight firm ass. Her shirt was loose on her but as the day got hotter and the work got harder, I saw the shirt clinging to her sweating body. ‘Fuck me’ I said to myself as I realised she was braless and her tits were big and firm, sculptured by her wet shirt.

Evening came around. We both showered before supper. Over the meal, we talked farm talk and planned the next days chores. After we cleared up the supper things, Livvy said “Join me when you’re ready.”

“You still sure about this?” I asked.

“Course I am. I wouldn’t lead a man on about something like this!” she replied and went off to her room.

I went to my room, trying not to be over eager. I stripped to my shorts and after another pause I padded softly to her door and knocked.

“Come in.” she gently replied. I eased the door open and entered the dimly lit bedroom.

Olivia was laying nearly flat out, only the one pillow raising her head. I could see she wore that nightdress with the high collar again. She pulled the bedclothes open on the empty side of the bed, inviting me in. I scrambled in beside her.

“Colin, this will obviously be awkward for me at first so please bear that in mind. I guess I’m gonna pull my nightdress up and you’ll get on top of me. There’ll be no need for kissing or stuff like that. I’ve lubricated down there for you already. That’s how I did it for Sam. So, over to you.”

I was somewhat deflated by her business-like approach and it was not helping to think about this is how it was for Sam – but my morals are few where sex is concerned and a fuck is a fuck.

Livvy wrestled under the bedclothes so I pulled my shorts off. My cock was solid and ready just from my randy mind. I put my hand out to touch Livvy under the bedclothes. I placed it on her flat stomach. Slowly sliding lower I encountered bush – and what a bush. Liv was as hairy as nature intended. It had been a while since any of my local girls had offered such a hairy mound. I smoothed my hand slowly over her, realising that her pubes went to the tops of her thighs. Undeterred by my discovery, I found her lips and eased them open. She was very slippery inside, a gel I reckoned. I teased her clitoris and I felt her body shake a little in reaction.

I mounted my sister and as I nestled between her thighs, I felt Livvy raise them to offer herself more openly to me. Olivia turned her face to one side, away from me. Suddenly, I realised the enormity of it. My sister was letting me use her body for sex. I was about to fuck my sister.

My experienced cock found her slippery cunt lips and I began to ease into her.

Slowly, gently, I penetrated Olivia and I realised that she was amazingly tight, my tightest pussy experience ever – by a long way. And she had been marries for ten years! Man, Olivia was tiny and she felt incredible to my cunt-starved cock.

I groaned with pleasure as I pressed more cock into my sister. She remained silent until I was about two thirds inside her. Then, as I pushed more in I heard Liv gasp. I saw her hand come up to her mouth and I think she bit on her fingers as she took more of my cock inside her. No wonder she had mentioned about stopping if it hurt. Thankfully, she did not tell me to stop. She took my full length of cock into her tiny tight pussy.

I was exhilarated. I began long slow strokes into her delightful fuck hole. Liv remained motionless as I used her body for my pleasures. I tried to control my sexual excitement in order to last a respectable length of time even though I guessed that Livvy wanted it to be over. But I was very aroused. I realised that fucking my sister was a huge turn on for me. The other girls were just girls – and fair game. Olivia was family – and out of bounds – and I adored it in my mind as much as I physically enjoyed her tight cunt.

I couldn’t gauge how long I lasted before I felt the sensations begin. I decided not to hold off. I felt my cock head swell more – and I think Livvy felt it too. I gasped uninhibited as I began to climax, spurting heavily deep into my sister. And I did come heavily. I felt the power and volume and quantity of my spurts, all more than normal. It was only as I lay panting on my sister’s body that I thought about contraception. I dared not ask her at that point. I rolled off Livvy and lay panting beside her.

“That was amazing!” I gasped breathlessly with shameless honesty. I was, after all, displaying delight about fucking my sister, to my sister.

“Good. I’m glad.” said Olivia softly as she pulled her nightdress down over her huge bush and soft thighs.

We remained silent for a few minutes then Olivia said “You’re a lot bigger than Sam, a lot bigger. I could tell the difference. He’s my only man till you.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I asked, quite concerned. “Only, you’re really tight – fantastically so!”

“Not hurt – but I could feel the difference – and you went deeper than I’ve ever had before.” said Livvy.

“Z’that good?” I asked her.

“Well, we weren’t doing it for me but, yeah, it was nice enough.”

“Liv, it shouldn’t be just for me. It can be something for both of us, you know.” I told her.

“Oh, Colin, sex is for you guys. I just do my duty.” she said in a very matter of fact way.

“Not true Sis. Sex is for you girls just as much as it is for us guys. Hey, haven’t you ever had an orgasm?”

“I doubt it – so I guess that means no. Anyway, I’m happy to do it like we just did.” said Liv.

“Well, I reckon you could get more from it. And, if I’m being frank, you could get more involved then you’d get more from it.” I dared to say. Olivia looked at me quite sternly then her expression softened.

“Sam said stuff like that. But, I’m too set in my ways to change now.”

“Well, we’ll see, Sis. But, I loved it so let’s not lose sight of that, okay.” I squeezed her thigh as I spoke.

“Sleep here, Colin. I’d like you to sleep with me now that we’ve …! Well, you know what we’ve done. “

We slept in the same bed. During the night I woke a couple of times and I wondered if I dared mount Livvy again. I was stiff as could be, my cock head bulged hugely, because I was still excited from our earlier fuck and the extra thrills I had enjoyed from the fact that it I had taken pleasure in my sister’s cunt. On the second time I woke, I gently stroked my erection hoping to bring myself off without waking Livvy.

I felt Liv’s hand touch my arm. She whispered “Do you need it again – with me?”

“Yeah! Can I?” I whispered back.

Without answering verbally, Liv moved in a way that I knew was her pulling her nightdress up to her hips. I rolled onto her body, my cock quickly finding her wet pussy again. I plunged in quite firmly in my excitement and I heard her gasp. I began to fuck her, quite hard.

Liv had turned her face to one side again. I held my mouth over her ear then I licked her ear and kissed it with my open mouth. I lifted slightly and whispered directly into her ear. “Oh Liv, this is so hot. I love it. You’re so tight, so wet. It’s so horny fucking you.” I heard her groan or gasp. I carried on whispering into her ear. “My cock’s so hard, I’m so excited by you. Your cunt is amazing!”

Olivia turned her face to mine. Her eyes were wide. She was panting into my face. I felt her hand touch the back of my head and push me down so that our lips met. We kissed feverishly. I even felt her hips moving, pushing herself up to meet the thrusts of my cock. My masturbating and then this hot fucking meant I was all too soon close to climaxing. I pulled our kiss apart and gasped “I’m gonna come – in your hot wet cunt!”

Livvy gasped “Yesss!”

My body shuddered with another intense climax. Livvy was holding it close to hers. Her head was now beside mine. She held me to her in a loving way, our bodies joined as I spurted into her again. I heard her gasp “Oh Colin!” as I finished ejaculating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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