College Days I

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There exist few moments when a simple “yes” or “no”, a quick nod or glance, a simple missed opportunity can alter an experience. “If only I had…” or “I wish I would have just asked her…”, or “How could I not have noticed?” If only I had known then what I know now. Sometimes you miss these opportunities…but…sometimes you don’t.

It was the spring of my senior year in college when I first met Abby and then, a few weeks later, Sarah. Those final months of college are often filled with mixed emotions, and I was not immune to any. That past winter I had just broken up with my old high school sweetheart after five years of dating. Although the breakup was a good thing, and had been in the works for some time, it still is never easy, and I was, indeed, “on the rebound”. Also, during this time, as with every senior across the land, I was plagued with the question of “what am I going to do next?” At this point, I still had not secured a job, had not applied to graduate school, or even thought much beyond what band to see the coming weekend. And then, as always, there is the lack of motivation for anything academic…”Senioritis” I believe. So, let’s count, first I had an aching heart, second I had no future, and third I really didn’t care about much of anything. Hmmm…it all adds up to interesting young man.

My roommates and I had just returned from a long Spring Break road trip. After an exhausting 22-hour drive, we decided to pick up a case of beer and some pizza to wind down from the trip. After a few hours of inane conversation, we decided to head to the local pub for some beers and pool, and to see whom else was back in town. My roommate Brian saw, Lisa, a woman that he had been lusting after for quite some time. Lisa had a friend in from out of town. Her name was Abby. Short, cute, spunky but a bit mysterious.

Abby and I talked. We played pool. We talked some more, then tagged along as the group went to another bar for some dancing. As I mentioned earlier, I was on the rebound. We danced. The speakers blared some Rolling Stones…something about being free to do what I want…

That bar closed and we headed to an after hours club. Abby and I had been at each other’s side for almost four straight hours. It was now or never and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. After a few more dances, I turned, pulled her to me, and kissed her. I felt free. We kissed again and I felt her press up against me. We excused ourselves and went next door to a late night coffee place. It was going to happen. We both knew it. With no need for more delays, we abandoned our cups and headed to my place.

I was in a haze. This would be the first woman I had been with since breaking up with my old girlfriend. I was ready. No one was around the apartment as we urgently headed to my bedroom. We fell to the bed and ravaged one another. Abby, in her black skirt and sweater, rolled on top of me. I raised her skirt, pulled her ass into me, and ground my cock into her. Reaching back I pushed with my hands and sat up with Abby straddling me. I pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned her sweater to reveal a tight white tanktop. I then flipped her onto her back and, kneeling in front of her, slid her skirt and panties across her hips and down her legs. Leaning forward, she pulled at my belt, and yanked my zipper down. I helped her pull my jeans off while she grabbed my cock. She then pushed me back and slithered up on top of me again. Her nipples poking through her tight top.

Abby straddled me as our mouths explored one another. She ground her clit in circles around the base of my cock. I reached over her ass, between her legs, and grabbed my cock. I held it firmly against her slit as she slid up and down. Her cunt and my cock were wet.

I wanted to fuck her, to slide my cock between her wonderful lips. I was ready to ask but she erased the thought from my mind as she sucked my tongue between her lips and, letting go, began a slow descent down my body. A nuzzle on the neck, a flick of the tongue across one nipple, and then the next.

“I think you’re going to like this,” she grinned.

Her hands draped across my abdomen and then to the buttons of my jeans. As she looked up into my eyes, she first pulled the top button, then the next, then the next, then her hand slid in, and then she pulled the last. Her one hand wiggled through the fly of my boxers, tickling my hair, while the other began to push the tops of my jeans down over my hips.

Free of my pants, she wiggled up between my legs and went down on me. Wow. It is fairly obvious when a woman enjoys sucking cock. Some don’t. Some put up with it. Some take the “I do you-you do me” approach. And some love it…Abby loved it…so did I.

Abby knew. Boy did she know. She held my cock in one hand and pressed the other into my abdomen. She held the head to her lips and whispered. The vibration made me jolt. Abby carefully licked the head of my cock, backed off and blew a breath of warm air across me. Her hand moved down and grasped the base of my shaft as she began to canlı bahis lick my cock just below the head. She knew. My cock hadn’t even been in her mouth and I was ready to cum. She really did know. Again, she raised up, blew across the tip of my head, licked the slit, and lowered her mouth down on me. Her mouth was loose around my cock as she lowered it. She then sucked in as she raised up. Loose as she lowered. Sucking as she came off. She really, really, really did know.

I tried to tell her I was going to cum. Let her decide what to do, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. She had to know as my breathing quickened, my back arched and my stomach tightened. I felt my balls pull up.

“Oh Abby. Now. I’m going to cum.”

Then there are those few seconds when only she knows what will happen. She may back off, or keep sucking. I tensed, just hoping that she would do something spectacular, no matter what that be. She didn’t move. She kept me in her mouth. One hand holding my cock and the other squeezing my balls. As I said, it is not hard to tell when a woman enjoys sucking cock. Abby was good. She sucked with her mouth and squeezed with her hands and I cried, “Oh…fuck…”

I came. And came and came and came. Somewhere in the middle she must have backed off a bit. I didn’t notice. She kept squeezing. I kept cumming. She moved the tip of my cock to her cheek while continuously pumping me.

“Yes. Come on. Yes.”

I shot again. On the side of her face and into her hair. Fuck it was good.

She climbed back up to my side.


I noticed her wipe a drop of cum from her cheek. “Do you want a towel?”

“No, I don’t mind at all.”

Her response almost made me hard all over again. I mean, with my meager experience, not too many women enjoy a man’s cum let alone want it on their face. Damn this woman was sexy. So I firmly held her face and gave her a deep kiss. I felt and tasted my cum as our tongues moved around and around. A deep kiss, flicks across the lips, another deep kiss. While I was turned on by her willingness to let my cum linger on her face, she was turned on when I thrust my tongue into her mouth tasting my own cum.

“Guys don’t usually kiss me so soon after. They don’t want to taste their own cum. Don’t you mind?” She was so hot. I looked at her face.

“No. I don’t mind at all.”

We drifted off to sleep.


We spent the next day downtown at the art museum. One of the more famous museums in this part of the country, which she had never visited. There are few places more erotic than an art museum and none of that was lost on us. As we moved through the exhibits, we made every attempt to bump into one another. A quick touch, a playful grab or slap. Back outside, after a couple of hours browsing, we looked over the river, and held each other close.

“That was fun.”

“Yea, fun. Would you mind kissing me?”

She place her hands on my chest and stretched herself up to reach my lips. But she didn’t kiss me. She licked me. Licked my lips, opened my mouth, and sucked at my tongue.

Reaching down, she squeezed my cock, whispering, “Time to go.”

We arrived back at my apartment in the early afternoon. Using the excuse of exhaustion, we attempted to lie down for a nap. What a meager attempt. Spooning her, I reached around and cradled her breasts. I slowly moved my hips into her. She arched her back, both pressing her tits into my hands and her ass into my groin. I unzipped the back of her skirt, she lifted her hip, and I removed her clothing. I flipped her on her back, and, sliding my hands up her shirt, I moved down between her legs.

“No. Come here.” She pulled me back up. “I want you inside.”

I reached to the side of my bed for a condom and knelt up between he legs. She reached up and held my cock in one hand and my balls in the other as I slipped it around my cock. Her legs rose up and I scooted down. Still holding my cock, she pulled me into her.

I’d never felt anything quite like the way she moved. Not up to that point, and never since. She lifted her hips off the bed and I could swear her cunt was spinning circles around my cock. I was holding on for dear life while she continued her furious dance. I was pumping, she was spinning. I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Yea”, I told her. “I’m cumming”.

I told her again. “Now, Now…I’m cumming.” I pushed into her…once…twice.

She stopped and squeezed me inside of her. “Yes. Go… Now! Oh, yes, yes, me, now!”

I could feel her pulse around my cock. I came and rocked back and for the inside of her. She opened her eyes, let out a sigh, and giggled, with a smile on her face, “Well, that was fairly synchronous, wasn’t it?” I laughed and she gave me another little squeeze before I pulled out. Wow.


She had to go back to her friend’s house that night and went back to school in D.C. the next day. Oh man, what a weekend. I went out to eat with my roommates.

Steve looked at me and said, “You kaçak iddaa know, she looked just like your old girlfriend. You realize that, don’t you?”

Shit. She did. But my old girlfriend never fucked like that. Not even close.

“Well, maybe a bit…but not really.” They knew what I meant as we all laughed.


Sarah was next. We actually met over the phone when I called to remind her that she signed up to help with some volunteer work that I was organizing. I met her for the first time that night when I picked her up in the van. I was low on gas so a number of the volunteers chipped in. Half jokingly, I promised to buy them all a beer next time I saw them. I dropped Sarah off. We hadn’t talked much that night

The next evening, I saw Sarah in the cafeteria. We sat down and ended up chatting for over an hour. Attractive, down to earth, funny. I should have asked her out that night. Should have. Should have. Should have. I needed to stop letting these opportunities pass.

Figuring I owed her a couple of dollars, I called her up the next Friday and offered to pay her back with a beer. She agreed to meet me at the pub that evening. It was crowded, but we found each other. We talked and got to know one another. Even though we drifted off to see other friends, we always managed to bump back into each other.

We left together. After a slow walk back to her house, we played some silly games and drank wine as we got to know each other. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, but after an hour or so, I reached over to kiss her. As we kissed, we rolled off the couch, and sandwiched ourselves next to a coffee table. With Sarah on top of me, I pushed the table away. We kissed and ground our bodies together. Rolling across the floor. Then, with me on top, I moved my hands up her sweatshirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Yes. I touched. Explored. Spread my fingers out across her breasts and slowly closed my fingers, trapping her nipples between them. Sarah inhaled sharply. Again, I spread my fingers out across her tits and again closed them on her nipples. With her nipples caught between my fingers, I slowly raised my hands from her breasts, rotating them around in small circles, until her nipples slipped from my hands. She gasped for air once more.

“Oh yes…that’s what I like. Play with my tits. Touch me.”

Once more. Open and squeeze.

“Kiss me. Use your mouth.”

I wasn’t about to disobey. I raised her arms above her head and pulled her sweatshirt off. She kept her arms resting there, while I traced my fingertips back down her arms, across her neck, down across her breasts, and, with my the backs of my hands, back up to her nipples. While squeezing her nipples between my fingertips, I lowered myself down and begun to kiss the undersides of her breasts. Around to the top and then down to her nipples. Sarah raised herself to me and I sucked her nipples into my mouth. My tongue flicking across the tips.

“Yes. Like that. Oh, yea.”

I then moved my hands to the sides of her chest and pressed her tits together, her nipples touching. I again lowered my lips to her and sucked both nipples into my mouth, moving my head side to side.

“Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.”

We stayed there for quite some time. With my hands and fingers, lips and tongue, mouth and teeth. Amazing.

We finally went up to her room. I followed Sarah up the stairs, and, as she clutched her shirt to her chest, I could see where her waist and the small of her back disappeared into her jeans. She looked back at me and I melted. This could amount to something.

We didn’t have sex that night. Didn’t even take off the rest of our clothes. Just embraced, kissed and drifted off to sleep. I had to leave early the next morning and strolled back to my apartment with quite a grin on my face.


The next weekend we found ourselves back in my apartment. In my room, we had been rolling around in bed for over an hour. Talking, grinding, kissing. Our clothes half on – half off. I was pretty worked up and ready to move on. I would have done anything she wanted at that time. Sarah was shirtless, her tight nipples reaching upward. I was playing with her breasts as she wiggled below.

She looked down at me, “Could…could you kiss me…kiss me more.” And she guided my hand down to her pussy, “Here…,” and, as my fingers slid in, “Yes.”

Again, not one to disobey, I slid my arm down under her left leg and placed my other hand on her belly. I kissed one thigh and then the other. I blew a soft breath across her pussy and then stretched my tongue to her folds. I felt my way up between her lips and then, with long strokes, began to move up and down from bottom to top. I hooked her other leg over my arms and began to explore her clit. Under the skin, I flicked my tongue back and forth. A suck, a nibble, a flick and then back down the length of her lips. Over and over again. Sarah tightened her legs around my head and held me there as she rocked her hips.


She kaçak bahis relaxed her legs and I pulled back with a final kiss on her thigh.

“Come here.” She pulled me up and kissed me. Then, flipping me over, she straddled me, rose to her knees, grabbed my cock and began to slowly jerk me off.

“You want to cum? Are you ready?”

I didn’t need to answer.

Again, it is not had to tell when a woman enjoys giving head. And Sarah enjoyed giving head. She sucked and licked the length of my penis. She used her hands on my chest, my stomach, and my cock. I was fast approaching climax when she further lowered her mouth and began to suck on my balls. Never had I felt such a shock run up and down my spine. She jerked my cock with one hand and used the other to raise my balls up into her mouth. First one and then the other. I was shaking.

“Oh Sarah.”

She moaned and I felt the vibrations all through my cock. She felt me tighten and moved backup the shaft. With a flick across the head, she lowered her mouth and jerked me harder. She squeezed my balls once more and I shot deep into her. Once, twice, and again. She held me in her mouth, letting my sperm drip down back over my cock. With one last lick she raised her head and smiled.

“Come here.” I said as I pulled her to my side.


Sarah and I continued our relationship throughout that spring and summer. She moved back home for the summer. About two hours north, where she hoped to put away some money for a trip to Europe in the fall. We both made frequent weekend trips and our relationship thrived. I had never experienced such a sexually charged woman. We fucked all the time, in all sorts of positions, in all sorts of places. Blowjobs in the car on the way back from the movies. Fucking in the woods during a hike. Handjobs in a quiet corner at parties. We masturbated for each other. Phone sex. I went down on her every opportunity I had. All this and there was no one else that I would rather hang out with. Concerts, baseball games, fairs, hikes. All in all, an incredible summer.

But, still, thoughts of Abby crossed my mind. Every once in a while I could picture her sucking me off…me cumming across her face. I knew that Abby lived somewhere nearby, but wasn’t exactly sure where. One day while alone at Sarah’s house, I looked up her name in the phone book. If only I could get together with her one last time.

I called Abby the very next day. Figuring I didn’t have anything to loose, I explained the situation. I told her I was dating Sarah, who was incredible in so many ways. But that I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I came right out and told her that I wanted to fuck her again, to feel her cum around my cock, to feel her mouth on me.

I think Abby was a bit shocked. But, she didn’t hang up on me. I told her that Sarah lived close by, that I could get away on some afternoon. Abby didn’t bite. But still, she didn’t hang up. We began to have a more normal conversation. Talked about summer, what Sarah and I had been doing. We had a nice conversation. I told her that Sarah and I were actually headed to a show that night, perhaps she could come and meet us. I gave her my cell phone number to call if she ever changed her mind. At least I tried.

Sarah and I went to the show. Kind of a funky Deadhead type band playing at a local club. Abby showed up. I saw her across the room where she seemed to be hanging out and dancing with a few other women. She looked good. Her hair was a bit shorter, she wore red lipstick, and was dressed in tight black jeans and one of those little white tops. Revealing enough to just show her belly and the curves of her hips.


“Abby? Wow, how are you? Hey Sarah…Sarah, this is Abby, an old friend.”

I had actually told Sarah about Abby just before Sarah and I had started dating. Sarah knew that Abby and I had at least one hot weekend together, but I am sure that she had forgotten about it by now.

“Hi Abby, nice to meet you.”

They seemed to like each other. We actually hung out for quite some time…dancing, talking, drinking. Abby looked hot as she moved around the dance floor, and Sarah looked even better also with a tight tank top, but with a loose flowing skirt.

When Sarah excused herself to the ladies room, Abby and I found a booth. Sitting close, she placed her hand on my leg, and leaned in to nuzzle my neck.

“So, how do you want to go about this? You want a quick blowjob out by the car? How about I make you cum right here at the table? It would be no problem.” She ran her hand across my erection. “I could get you off before Sarah gets back.” Abby squeezed my cock…hard. I must have looked like a bus hit me. “I know…I know,” She said as she blew into my ear, “you want us both. Don’t you?” The thought had crossed my mind. “You little pervert, you want us both. Well, well, well.” Abby backed off a bit and took another drink. “I’ll be back.”

I waited at the table for quite some time watching the band and gazing across the dance floor when I noticed Abby and Sarah dancing near the stage. They looked good. Moving their hips, arms stretched above their heads, cheeks flushed from the heat. Amazing. They finally came back to the table and we spent another hour talking, dancing and drinking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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