College Judo Ch. 05

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The three of us became a . . . well trio I guess. Shane and I paired up on a regular basis, and occasionally I got that itch that he scratched so well. Sometimes Shane would bring Marc, and he was always eager to play. His initial exposure to man-on-man sex might have been on the rough side, but he didn’t seem to mind. There was a rhythm to it all and everyone seemed happy with their individual roles.

During the final judo class of the semester, I noticed that Shane wasn’t his normal self. Well actually he was acting very normal for someone else, which was very abnormal for Shane. He was quiet, polite and didn’t even come close to pissing anyone off. All were very unusual for him. As the class changed clothes and chatted, Shane seemed in his own world. He left quickly and left me wondering what was up. Shrugging to myself, I finished changing and headed to my house.

I’d only been home for a few minutes when I heard a soft knock. Expecting a neighbor or salesman I opened the door, shock to find Shane on the other side.

“Hey,” said Shane.

“Hey Shane. What’s up?”

“Not much. Just thought I’d drop by and see how you were.”

Crap this was worse than I thought. He was being polite to me, with no one around.

“Come on in Shane. I’m sure you’re hungry,” I said.

He nodded and moved through the door, sitting on the couch with no effort to get food from the refrigerator. Now very concerned, I grabbed two beers and carried them over, handing him one.

“What’s wrong Shane?”

“Nothing. Everything great.”


“No, really. I graduate in a few days and today I got my orders. Everything’s going great,” said Shane.

“Your orders? What does that mean?”

“You know, my deployment.”

Now I did dread the answer to my next question.

“Deployed to where?” I asked.

Shane tipped the beer back, draining the entire bottle and then setting it on the table. Shane seemed mesmerized by the carpet as he contemplated his answer.


“Oh. Fuck.”

“No its great. Active duty. I can’t wait to get started.”

“When do you leave?” I asked.

“Monday. Well Monday I gotta go home and get things ready. I leave for my tour next week,” said Shane.

We sat without speaking for the longest time we had ever been in shared silence. Finally Shane let out a sigh and looked at me.

“Can I spend the weekend, here with you?”

Somewhat taken aback I looked into his eyes, trying to put all this together. “What about graduation? Your parents are coming I’m sure.”

“Yeah, they are. I’d like for you to come too.”

Now it was my turn to drain the bottle in my hand before answering. As I set the bottle down I locked my eyes on Shane’s.

“Sure. I’ll come to graduation, and you can spend the weekend. It’ll be a last blowout before you leave!” I said, trying to put a good spin on the unexpected turn of events.

“Good,” said Shane. He stood and grabbed my hand and tugged. “Come on, I wanna fuck.”

I let out a chuckle as my crass Shane started to resurface. Allowing him to pull me up, I followed him to the bedroom. As we stood beside the bed, Shane gently wrapped his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss transformed into a passionate exploration as his tongue demanded entry into my mouth, and once admitted began gently investigating throughout my mouth. As I reeled from his loving and passionate initiation of our session, I began to reciprocate. Tilting his head, I kissed my way to his ear and started chewing on his ear lobe. I was surprised to hear a low growl rumble from his chest as my teeth sank into his lobe. I ran my hand down his chest and then under his t-shirt and caressed his torso as we continued kissing and tasting each other.

Just as I was about to pull his shirt over his head, he sank in front of me until he was kneeling before my crotch. Running his hands up my legs, he cupped my ass. He leaned in and began blowing his hot breath through my slacks and over my now hard cock. His hands kneaded my ass as he began chewing on my cock. Soon he had my body filled with desire. After several minutes of cock worship, he moved back and unbuckled my belt. Soon he had my pants pooled around my ankles. Smiling he pushed me back onto the bed and then started removing my socks and shoes. Once he had slid my pants off my now bare feet, he took my toe into his mouth and started sucking it like it was my dick. While it wasn’t really my thing, Shane seemed to be enjoying the toe sucking so I relaxed and enjoyed it. Eventually he moved up my legs, running his hands over my legs.

His hands shifted and he gripped the back of my knees and pushed them back against my chest. Holding them back he started moving down toward my hole. Just before I told him I wasn’t in the mood for anal, his tongue pierced my sphincter, and I let out a small squeal. I lost track of time as he ate my ass. Pleasure was coming in waves as his thick tongue danced around, over and inside of my anus. My ass was twitching once he moved away, reaching up he sank two fingers deep inside me and started figging my ass as he smiled down at me.

“I want to fuck you Matt. You ready for a good hard Army fucking?”

“Oh Sakarya Escort god yes. Fuck me college boy! I really need your hard dick in me!”

Standing up he slipped his shorts and jock below his nuts and then crawled onto the bed. I opened my shirt and started playing with my nipples as he came closer. Feeling the swollen head of his cock pressing into me I twisted my nipples hard and pushed out with my ass, as I tried to suck his dick inside of me. He paused just inside my outer gates and waiting. Smiling he watched my body twisting under him, trying to pull more cock into my ass. I was moaning loudly and furiously rubbing my nipples, needing to be filled.

“Fuck! Put it in! Quit teasing me, goddamn it!”

“You want some fuckin’ hard college cock Sensei?”

“Goddamn it! Yes!”

And with that Shane rammed his cock hard into my butt. Never pausing as I gasped at the sudden entry, he plunged and rammed into me like a prized breeding stallion. As I gasped and yelled he pinned me under his powerful body and took what he wanted. Finally the pain faded, replaced by pleasure. I relaxed against the bed, unable to do more than just relax. Feeling his need to take me I didn’t fight him, and actually started to enjoy my submissive role.

“Fuck my ass Shane! Fuck it hard!”

Grunting and dripping sweat on my back, Shane continued to pile drive into my throbbing gut. His staying power was far longer than usual and I was starting to get that great tingle inside from the relentless pounding he was doing on my prostate. Just when the delicious pressure was starting to build inside me, Shane’s fingers dug into my waist and I could feel his cock swell inside me. As I panted under him, trying to move so I would find release too, my ass was flooded with hot boy juice. His throbbing dick painted my gut while he twisted and moaned, keeping my ass pinned to the bed.

“Oh god,” moaned Shane, “Your ass is always so hot and tight.”

“Five more seconds, you couldn’t last for five more seconds!” I said to him with a growl.

Shane ripped his cock out of my ass and jumped off the bed. Quickly stripping he moved onto the bed on all fours and turned to look at me.

“Fuck me Matt! Breed my twat!”

Throwing off my clothes with a fury, I was quickly was naked as Shane. Pulling him so his ass was hanging from the edge of the bed, I ran my precum-covered cock up and down his ass crack a single time and then thrust into him hard and fast. As I drove into his sweet ass, Shane’s arms collapsed as he grabbed the sheet in pain, his ass in my grip now I started returning the pounding that he gave me. I tried to delay coming, but I was already too close. After barely a handful of thrusts I felt cum racing to fill Shane’s ass. I pinned his hips against me as my dick sent spurt after spurt of hot juice into his butt. As the last dribble emptied into him, I collapsed on the bed beside him. He was still on his knees, his body trembling from the pounding it had just received.

I caressed him slowly, tugging on his chest hair and tweaking his still hard nipples. Finally he looked up at me and smiled. Moving slightly he started licking down my chest, tugging my bush in his teeth. Once he arrived at his destination, he sucked my flaccid cock into his hot mouth like a vacuum. His tongue and mouth quickly drained the last traces of juice. Moving lower he ran his tongue over my perineum and then licked the liquid silver that was dripping from my ass. Once he had preformed his cleaning duties, he lay beside me and gripped my head in his hands. He pressed his lips against mine, feeding me some of the delicious treasure he had found. I was lost in the post-orgasmic bliss for an interminable length of time as we explored each other, at a much more gentle pace this time.

I reluctantly pulled away and ran my finger over his jaw, realizing how very handsome Shane actually was. Finally finding my voice, I brought up our other constant, food.

“You hungry?”

“I’m fuckin’ starving!”

“Ok, pizza sound good?”

“Fuck yeah! I’ll order,” said Shane.

“Just no more of those goddamn little fish”


Reaching down I smacked his ass hard, and then laughed. “You asshole. No fish, don’t like fish, I like tube steak.” I laughed at my adolescent joke and then smacked him again, this time leaving a handprint. Shane just wiggled his ass and smiled.

“Come on,” I said, offering him a hand up. “And pull on some shorts. I think you almost gave the delivery guy a fucking heart attack last time when you answered the door in just a jock strap.”

“He liked it. He’d of sucked me if I’d of let him.”

I laughed and pulled him up, leading him to the kitchen. I grabbed my own shorts and put them on and then watched him dance from foot to foot trying to pull on his shorts while pinning the phone against his ear. As I walked by I grabbed his nuts and squeezed, causing him to squeal a little into the phone, which he tried to cover with a cough. At that point I overheard him say,

“Yeah, extra anchovies. That’s right.”

And he hung up the phone with a smirk at me.

“Asshole, that’s what you get for yanking my nuts while I’m on the phone,” said Shane.

I Adapazarı Escort looked up from the recliner I was sitting in and flipped him off. “Paybacks are hell jackass,” I said.

Without a word Shane walked up behind me and started massaging my shoulders. He went on for several minutes and I had started to relax, my eyes closed to the pleasant sensation. He stopped working my muscles and stripped without me knowing it. I felt the movement on the chair as he climbed over the chair and then on top of me. When I opened my eyes his hairy blond ass was lowering to my face.

“What the fuck!”

“Eat me Matt. I need my ass rimmed!”

I started to argue when a drop of white cream bubbled from his ass. Reaching up with my tongue, I licked the drip from his swollen asshole. Gripping his hips I started feasting on his butt, licking and sucking with gusto. I knew that the pizza would come soon and had an idea to keep Shane on edge while we ate. Sliding from under him, I slapped his ass.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Quickly I ran to the bedroom and retrieved what I wanted. Walking back I saw that Shane had obeyed and was frozen with his ass almost at eye level. He looked back at me with a questioning look and I smiled at him,

“Close your eyes and you’ll get a big surprise!” I said.

Shane seems about to argue with me when I slid a finger into his hole. At that his head dropped and a soft moan came out of him. Once I had him moaning, I positioned my other hand and the surprise, a large butt plug. I let some spit dribble onto it and then removed my finger from his butt. As my digit slipped out Shane opened his eyes and spotted the butt plug.

“What the hell is that?”

“A butt plug dumb ass.”

“For what?”

I smiled and started rubbing it against his distended ass lips. “For your ass, I want to keep you nice and primed.”

“Oh god. Yes. That feels nice.”

With that I move the plug back and spat on his hole to give him a little lube. Then I ground the butt plug into his asshole, watching his ass lips stretch around it, pausing at the widest point to twist it inside his butt.

“Oh fuck! That feels good. Put it in Matt, shove that fucker in me!”

And with that I shoved the toy completely into him. Once it popped past the inner sphincter, I released it and watch with fascination as Shane’s ass sucked it into place.

“Oh god damn. That feels so hot. Come on Matt. Play with my ass. I’m really getting horny!”

I smacked him hard on the ass and laughed, “Put your shorts on Shane. The pizza will be here soon.”

“What? You’re going to leave it in?”

“Yeah, it should get you nice and hot.”

Shane nodded and slowly moved from the chair, with numerous small moans and gasps as the plug bumped against his prostrate. The show continued as he put on his shorts, balancing on one foot and then the other, causing the butt plug to twist inside him and his cock to drip precum. Once he was finally dressed he sat down beside me, with a loud gasp as the butt plug pressed deep inside him.

“Fuck, this feels amazing!” said Shane.

“Good, and you can get the door, because I think the pizza is about to be delivered.”

And just on cue the doorbell rang. Shane shambled across the room, opening the door and trying to keep focused as he paid the kid for the pizza. Walking back he sat the box between us, taking out a piece and began eating as he also obviously was grinding the plug into his butt. Looking down I remembered that he had ordered the pizza with the damn fish on it. But I was enjoying his show enough that I didn’t press the anchovy issue any further.

When he finally finished the pizza, and it was finished, he’d eaten every crumb, Shane started taking matters into this own hands. He started rocking harder on the butt plug as he ran his hands over his body. After a few minutes it was obvious that he was going for broke and I was just going to be a voyeur to his fun. He groped his cock through his shorts while he continued to caress himself. After a few minutes both hands moved to his hard nipples and he twisted and pulled on them as he rode the plug.

Suddenly Shane stood up and ripped off his shorts. Looking over at me, he stood panting with sweat glistening on his body. Walking over to me he sat on my knee, I could feel the firm rubber against my thigh as he ground his ass into my leg. He wrapped his arms around me in a surprisingly affectionate way. His panting was filling my ears as his hot body rubbed against mine.

“Oh god Matt, you feel so good. Your body makes me hard and horny. I need to come Matt, please let me come,” said Shane in a whisper.

In answer I reached between us and found his hard dick. Wrapping both hands tightly around it I started stroking up and down. Shane responded by leaning back as far as he could while still grinding his ass against my leg. In a surprisingly gentle session, we moved and sighed as the levels of pleasure built in Shane. Eventually he started thrusting into my hands and I knew he was about to unload. Slipping one hand to his balls, I wrapped my hand around them and squeezed while stroking his cock.

“Oh fuck, shit! Yeah, that’s it,” said Shane. The Serdivan Escort words had barely left his lips then he erupted. The plug apparently did its job because he coated both of us with hot jizz. Once his body stopped twitching, he fell against my shoulder and kissed me.

“Oh fuck. That was so good,” said Shane.

“So the butt plug is a toy you like?”

“Oh fuck yes. I love how that thing felt.”

Shane ran his hands over my chest, smearing his cum into my chest hair. He leaned down and licked off a few of the bigger spots. After we had both cooled down, Shane stood and pulled me after him toward the shower. I watched as Shane readied the shower and then moved with him to get inside. We cleaned each other carefully, including emptying Shane’s ass of the plug. We kissed and caressed an long time for the two of us. Even as we dried off after the shower there was almost a tenderness to Shane’s caresses.

As we were drifting to sleep with Shane spooned against me, I heard him inhale.

“You smell nice Matt. Really nice.”

Again, as I drifted off to sleep I wondered what was going on with him.

I woke in the morning to the sound of the shower running. Walking into the bathroom I aimed my dick at the toilet and let loose with my morning stream. At the sound, Shane turned and looked at me.

“Morning Matt. You were sleeping like a log so I didn’t want to wake you. Gotta get ready for graduation.”

As I shook the last drops from my penis I considered again why he was asking me to go. But decided I could at least do that. We chatted as he finished showering and I watched as he toweled off. As he dried his crotch I noticed that he handled his cock quite a bit. For some reason he suddenly became conscious that I was watching and stopped.

“What’s wrong Shane?” I asked.

“Well. . .”

“Just spit it out soldier!”

Shane grinned, “Yes sir!” He paused for a minute to think, total out of character, and then said, “I really liked that butt plug yesterday.”

A little surprised at the seeming change in topic, “Yeah, I noticed.”

“Well I want to wear it. All day. Today,” said Shane.

I thought about it for a minute, “Are you sure?”

Shane ran his hand over his ass and sighed slightly, “Yes.”

“Well then go for it. Just try not to come during the graduation ceremony!”

Shane grinned and ran to the bedroom. Returning quickly with the toy in his hand, he handed it to me with the lube. Turning away from me he bent over and grabbed his ankles.

“Put it in, please,” said Shane.

I nodded and then dribbled lube on his tight rosebud. Rubbing it inside with my finger I quickly spread the lube over his hole. I rubbed the latex plug over his ass and enjoyed his soft sigh. Coating the plug, I slowly teased it into Shane. By the time it was embedded inside him, we were both erect again. I grabbed Shane’s cock and stroked it a few times.

“How does that feel soldier?” I asked.

“Fuckin’ fantastic!”

Shane stood up and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard. “If we had time I would so want you inside me.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’d be pounding that tight boy hole.”

Kissing me again, he turned and walked back to the bedroom. He pulled on his clothes and came back in as I was stepping into the shower. He moved against me, kissed me again and then tugged at my fat cock.

“I gotta dress. See you at noon?”

“Sure, where should I meet you?”

Shane spent the next couple of minutes outlining the day. Again he kissed me and ran his hand over my face. As he walked out the door he turned and winked at me.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of events and people. Shane introduced me as his judo instructor. His parents were amazing and his dad had a great sense of humor. I got the feeling that they didn’t quite know what to do with Shane but loved him anyway. At one point his mother even thanked me for being such a good influence on her son. Little did they know that my blush was because I felt more like the corruptor, rather than savior. I did notice Shane grinding his ass a few times but he seemed to get through without jizzing in his pants. Marc even came by at one point to congratulate Shane. When Marc left I thought he looked more upset than I expected but I decided I must have been wrong. Saying our last goodbyes to his family we headed back to my house.

Almost as soon as we walked through the door Shane threw himself at me.

“Oh god! Get this thing out of me and fuck me! Fuck me hard!” and with that his clothes went flying and before I knew it he was kneeling on the couch with his ass presented to me. My own erection had quickly sprouted and as he laid his chest on the back of the couch I fished it out of my fly. Moving behind him, I ripped out the butt plug and then buried my cock deep in his gut. With no waiting I grabbed his hips and started pounding him furiously. His ass was so hot from the day long edging with the butt plug that it wasn’t long before my juice was squiring into his slick ass. For once my fucking didn’t trigger an orgasm in Shane. He turned with a look of hunger on his face that marked the beginning of an amazing 24 hours of sex. During the rest of the weekend we fucked in every conceivable place in the house, and a few that might not be conceivable to most. With only short pauses for food we bred each other like never before. Finally by Sunday night even Shane was exhausted and completely drained and we lay on the bed from our last mutual orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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