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One of my last assignments in college was to write a paper on a relationship. I was thinking about who I would write about and Sam and Jackie came to mind. I met Sam in college and I was always amazed by how well he and his girlfriend got along. Never had a fight, that I knew of, and truly seemed to be the best of friends. They love being with each other. Not just the alone time but any time. They would sit together to watch TV or do homework. They didn’t need to talk or anything. They just needed to be by the other. I found this interesting since I had never had anything even close to that in my life. I asked him to tell their story and why he thought they were so good together. After a couple of six packs, he agreed to tell me his story. It started just like I thought it would but then, it took a turn that I didn’t expect. It was probably due to the 9 or more beers that he drank but I still was not expecting him to go into the details that he did. I couldn’t use their story for my paper but I felt compelled to write it. I would have never believed this if I didn’t hear it come out of his mouth.

Sam and Jackie had been dating since high school. It seemed like they were joined at the hip. It was very rare to see one without the other. They were the cutest most perfect young couple. Sam played football, ran track, and play intermural sports during the winter. He was a 5’11” good looking young man. Because of his activities, he was in great shape and he turned many of the young girls’ heads. Jackie was a tennis player and involved with many of the service organizations. She was a 5’6” blonde with a perfectly proportioned body. Just two good looking, toned, Midwest teenagers. They both came from good families who were active in the local community. Sam was seen often with Jackie’s family and Jackie with Sam’s. Each family had taken on the new member and they were involved with whatever that family was doing. Car washes, charity dinners, community rummage sales, whatever. If Sam’s family was doing something, Jackie was there and the same for her family, Sam became a part of it.

Sam and Jackie met at a local restaurant chain where they both worked. They knew each other before but they didn’t become close until they starting working together. One day Sam got up the courage to ask Jackie out. They went to a movie and at the end of the night, they shared their first kiss. As time passed, they acted like a newlywed couple who were always holding hands and cuddling. Sam told me that all of his friends were asking for details. They all assumed that the two of them were having sex, even though he assured them that they were not. They were both virgins when they started dating and it was nothing more than kissing for several months. Eventually, they started heavy petting and dry humping. Since nether of them had ever done this before, it seemed like heaven to them and they were both happy with the pace of this relationship. Several more months passed and they started talking about sex. Sam said that he was the one that brought it up but that Jackie was very happy with just the hands stuff. She didn’t see the need to actually have sex yet. One day they were talking about their future and both agreed that they wanted to spend it with each other. Sam took this as his opening and said if we are going to be together, shouldn’t we be together? Jackie agreed. The planned the big night.

Sam picked up Jackie and they went out for a nice light dinner together. Jackie had said many times that she would have to have liquid courage the first time and that it wasn’t going to be in a car. Sam remembered this and had picked up some booze and had gotten the keys to an older buddy’s place. Although Jackie knew this was going to be the night, she did not know the plan and was so happy that he remembered what she wanted. They had a few drinks and started to make out. Time seemed to stand still. They eventually were both in their underwear when Sam removed her bra. Now he had felt them many times but this was the first time seeing them. They were beautiful, perfect size for his hands with nice perky nipple. It just seemed natural to start kissing, licking, and sucking on her tits. While he was doing this, Jackie was moaning and grinding against him. They had gotten so used to dry humping that they forgot what they came there for. Before they ever got their underwear off, they heard his buddy’s car pull into the driveway. He made lots of noise and took his time getting to the door. Sam and Jackie had time to get dressed and although they looked like they had been making out all night, all their clothes were on and he didn’t know what almost happened on his couch.

Sam brought Jackie home and they said their goodbyes. They did not talk about what just happened or didn’t happen. Sam said that he was thinking that maybe this was a sign, that Jackie might have been right about not having sex. He said that everything was perfect and it still didn’t happen. He started to think that planning it wasn’t the best idea and for now he would just wait to see what happens. That was going to be hard because it was right around then that şişli escort he realized that he had the worst case of blue balls ever.

The next day, Sam picked up Jackie and they went out for brunch at the restaurant that they both worked at. They had a nice meal and talked about everything except the night before. He figured that neither of them wanted to be the first to bring it up so they didn’t. They each had household chores to do and since they both had to work the next day, they had to get them done. Sam dropped her off at home and he went home to do his chores. They had made plans to go to a movie or something that night so he knew he would see her again later. After getting his yardwork done, Sam showered and shaved, gassed up the car, and went to pick up Jackie.

Jackie got in the car and told him that there was party at a friend’s camp that they should go to. They picked up some alcohol and headed out to the camp. The place was about 30 minutes away on a 2-lane road. The whole way Jackie was very quiet and seemed fidgety. He asked her if something was wrong and she said no. Just excited to get to the camp. When they arrived, Sam was surprised that there were no other cars there. Jackie said that we were early but she knew where the key was. They enter the camp and immediately Jackie started to stick her tongue down his throat. Although he didn’t mind, Sam asked what’s going on? She said that there was no party. She couldn’t stop thinking about last night and what almost happened. It took her twice as long to do her chores because she could not concentrate. She said that after doing her chores, she went to take her shower and her panties were so wet that it seemed like she pee’ed herself. She knew that they weren’t wet from peeing or even sweating, she had just been horny all day. She took that as a sign that they had to try it again tonight.

They were kissing and feeling each other just like they had done a hundred times before. When Jackie reached down and undid his pants before he tried to even remove her shirt, he knew she wasn’t kidding about tonight. He followed her lead and undid her pants. He found that she was telling the truth when he found her panties absolutely soaked. They walked, still kissing and feeling each other, into the bedroom. They were laying on the bed once again, in just their underwear. Sam said he was playing with her tits and she rolled over and said maybe later. She grabbed her pants off of the floor and pulled out a 3 pack of condoms. Sam was surprised but thrilled that she had truly planned ahead. She torn the condom wrapper and quickly figured out how to put it on his cock. She took off her panties, climbed on top, and slid down until the tip was right at the opening of her wet pussy. He pulled back and asked are you sure you want to do this. She didn’t say a word, just shock her head and pushed onto his cock. She let out a low wince and paused for just a moment as he entered her for the first time. She slowly started to grind on him but as she got used to it, she started pumping harder and faster.

This, being the first time that his cock was ever in a pussy, meant that he was not going to last long. He was pretty sure that his balls decided that they were not going to be blue that night and there was no stopping his explosive orgasm. She smiled and kept right on riding. Although he had cum, the desire and hard on never left. She kept riding until she came, hard. She was breathing hard as she rolled off of his still hard cock. She laid on her side with one of her legs on top of him. They kissed for a bit and she looked down at his cock. He still had the condom on and his cum was still in the tip. She said it looks like that did its job and then she carefully removed it over his still hard cock. She asked how long his cock was going to stay hard? Not knowing, he said probably til I cum again. She pulled another condom out of the pack, put it on him, and then pulled him on top of her and they started to fuck again. This time, he came and she did right after. They got dressed and straightened up the cabin. On the ride back to the city, Jackie was sitting next to him and just smiling. He said it was the best night of his life up to that point because she was the one who wanted it so badly. It was very exciting.

Sam went on to tell me that nothing really changed when they were in public. They were still the cute couple that everybody knew were in love. What changed was when they got to be alone. They had sex all the time. Being young and curious, nothing was off the table. They tried all kinds of different positions. One night he said he was licking her tits and just slid down her body until his face was between her legs. It felt as natural as anything to start kissing and licking her pussy. She started moaning and pulled his head closer. After several orgasms, she pulled him up for a kiss and his cock slipped right in. She wasn’t fond of her own juices which she tasted on his face but she learned to love it. A few weeks later, she pulled out his cock while they were driving from dinner and give him his first blowjob. She asked him not to cum in her mouth because she wasn’t ready for that. As much as he wanted to, he made sure to tell her when he was getting close and she would finish him with her hand. They eventually started 69 ing. When he would get close she would turn around and they would fuck until he came. One night the stars aligned and when he told her he was going to cum, she grinded harder on his face and let him cum in her mouth. The second-best night of his life because it was her choice, she wanted it.

They kept trying different positions while fucking and her favorite was on top. He said that he loved them all but doggie was his favorite except they didn’t do it very often because it always made him cum too fast. Whenever he was horny and they didn’t have much time, she would give him doggie so he wouldn’t get blue balls anymore. Jackie seemed to like everything and anything having to do with sex. They kept experimenting and trying things. They did oral on their sides, 69 with him on top, standing, anything they could think of. One night she ended up sitting on his face. She loved it and sat on his mouth every chance she got.

She was in her new favorite oral position one night and started to really get into it. She was moving so much that his tongue ended up in her ass. She loved it. She moved forward and back to get attention on her clit and then her ass. He was surprised that night because when she came, his tongue was in her ass not on her clit. She really liked have her asshole stimulated. This went on for a couple of weeks where every time, she would ride his face from clit to asshole. He didn’t mind because he enjoyed giving her oral, anything that made her happy. After she had cum once or twice is this position, she would always blow him or slide down and fuck his brains out.

A few months after she had learned about her love for anal play, he had just finished making her cum on his face when she said that she wanted to do it doggie style. He figured she was tired and just wanted to get him off, but she said that she had an idea that might make him last longer in that position. She got on her hands and knees and he entered her from behind. He didn’t know what she was going to do but in just a couple of minutes he told her if you are trying something, it isn’t working. She reached back and pulled him out of her pussy. She put the head of his cock on her still wet asshole and pushed back. He said his cock went in all the way until there was nothing left to give. Unfortunately, a few pumps later and he was shooting her ass full of cum. He said he told her that didn’t work but she just smiled and said yes it did, she got to feel a cock in her ass. He told me that it wasn’t his favorite but they did learn how to do anal in the missionary position and did it every month during her period. She was happy and he got laid even when she was bleeding. They went on over the next few years learning what each other liked. The positions, the speed, the force. They made a great couple in and out of the bedroom.

When they went to college and both lived in the dorms, Sam didn’t have a roommate, so Jackie spent every night in Sam’s room. They had taken the legs off of Sam’s extra bed so it would slide right under the other bed. When they were done with the before sleep adventures, one of them would pull out the other bed to sleep on. This always ended up being Sam. Sometimes Jackie would wake up horny and just roll down onto the other bed and onto Sam, other times, Sam would reach up under the covers and start rubbing Jackie’s pussy until she woke up and spread her legs. She would either throw her legs off the bed giving him full access to eat her pussy or she would pull him onto her bed for a nice fuck. They were just made for each other.

At this point I thought I understood why they seemed like the perfect couple. They were young when they got together. They truly enjoyed being with each other. They learned about life and love together and they had a great sex life. If one of them wanted to try something, the other said yes. What else could you want? I told Sam, I see why you two are so great together, I get it. Sam said ya but I haven’t told you why I will never leave this amazing woman.

Sam went on to say that Jackie was the best. In public, she was the most wholesome girl you could ever ask for and when they were alone she would satisfy every one of his desires. He always wanted to make her happy and she felt the same for him. So what else could there be? Did she have a trust fund or a rich uncle that was leaving her everything? What?

Sam proceeded to tell me about Shannon, Jackie’s best friend. It was Shannon’s family that owned the camp where the two of them had lost their virginities. He said that he didn’t know it at the time but Jackie told Shannon everything. When she told her about what didn’t happen that at his buddie’s place, Shannon was the one who said that she should surprise him with the night at the cabin. He found out that Shannon knew every detail about their lives. Every event that they volunteered at, every dinner, or movie, or date, that they went on. She even knew about their sex lives and everything that they were trying and doing. At first, he was shocked that Jackie would share all of their intimate details with her but it didn’t really bother him.

Sam and Shannon had dated for a short time before he got with Jackie. After he and Jackie became a couple, Shannon and him always had this innocent flirting going on. They both liked the other but nothing even came close to happening between them. They were just good close friends, not as close as Jackie and Shannon, but close. He was OK with her knowing all the juicy details. Jackie was always trying to make him happy and if he had to feel a little embarrassed when they were with Shannon because she knew all about their sex life, it was worth it. If fact, he told me Shannon was the reason that Jackie is the best girlfriend ever. Jackie knew about the flirting that was going on between the two of them. He asked her once if it bothered her when he flirted with Shannon but she said no, it’s OK.

One weekend, Shannon came to the college to visit for the weekend. Sam knew that there would be no sex for a few days because Shannon would be staying with Jackie in her room. He didn’t mind because they always had a great time when Shannon was around and he would be able to sleep as long as he wanted that weekend since he would have his room to himself.

Shannon got to campus around dinner time on Friday night. They went out for pizza and a few beers then played cards and talked until the wee morning hours. He went back to his room and the girls went to Jackie’s room for the night. The next day they went out for brunch and then spent the day hiking and exploring the beautiful area that the campus was in. They finished their day with a quick dinner and Jackie reminded everyone to eat light because they were going to a big party that night and everyone was going to drink a lot. They went back to their rooms and everyone showered and got ready for the night. They met back up and headed over to the house where the party was at. Everyone got drunk but Shannon got absolutely shitfaced. She was having trouble standing up so they figured that they better get her to bed. Since Sam’s dorm was closer, they decided to just put her to bed in there. Sam and Jackie weren’t done partying yet so the plan was to get Shannon tucked in and then they would go back to the party for a while. They got to his room and noticed that Shannon’s clothes were all wet from her spilling on them so Jackie took one of Sam’s big shirts to put on Shannon. Sam started to leave the room when Jackie started to remove Shannon’s wet clothes but Shannon told him that he didn’t have to go. While he was standing there, Jackie took off all of Shannon’s clothes except her panties.

Sam had flirted enough and looked at her enough to know what Shannon had under that bra but seeing them in the flesh was exciting. They were in no hurry to get the shirt on but he still only had a couple of seconds to enjoy the view. After that, Jackie tucked her into the top bed and the two of them left to go back to the party. After a few more hours at the party, Sam and Jackie were pretty drunk too. They stumbled back to the campus and Jackie told him to just let Shannon sleep in that bed. Everyone was too drunk so Jackie went back to her dorm and Sam went back to his. He entered the room, stripped down to his underwear, and jumped into the lower bed with Shannon sleeping in the higher bed.

After a couple of hours Sam said that he woke up to pee. When he walked back to his bed, he saw a bare leg on the upper bed. He told me that he just thought that this was Jackie but if he had to be honest, he is not sure. Either because he thought it was Jackie or because of the booze he didn’t care, Sam laid on his bed and reached his hand up on this female’s body. He slid his hand down until he was gently caressing her pussy through her panties. After a few moments, her legs spread and give him complete access. He slid his hand back up to get them in her panties and when he touched her bare pussy, she started to moan just a little. He rubbed her pussy lips and even dipped a finger in a little way but he avoided the clit at first. When she started to move a little, he went straight to the clit and her moans and movement increased. When he would dip a finger in now, her pussy was soaked. Even now he isn’t sure if he knew that it was Shannon but he couldn’t stop.

When Shannon started to buck her hips, he reached up and pulled her panties off. He pulled her legs over the edge of the bed so her feet were resting on his bed with her legs on each side of him. He dove into that beautiful, wet, and oh so tasty pussy. He licked up one side and down the other then licked her from her clit to her asshole. As he was making her squirm with his month, he reached up under the shirt and felt those nice tits. He thinks this is when he knew for sure who he was with. Shannon had nice tits but they were smaller than Jackie’s and he felt the difference right away. He loved Jackie but he had a pussy in his month and tits in his hand so he would worry about that later. He kept this up for what seemed like forever. He said that he did not know how many times she came but it was at least twice.

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