College, Women and Sex

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Lets start with a non-dictionary definition of the word ‘college’.

‘College: a place to meet women; a place to learn about sex; a place to go to stay out of the army; a place to goof off for four years and piss away your parents money; (archaic usage)’ a place to go to become educated.’

That’s my definition and I’m stickin’ to it. I’ll only deal with the most important parts of the definition, women and learning about sex.

It all started in 1954 when I packed my stuff and left home for the first time to attend a college in upstate New York. Till then I had lived at home with my parents, a rather up tight couple with only one child, me, and a Victorian attitude about almost everything, especially sex. My sex education at home, there was no sex-ed in school in those days, consisted of my mother telling me that if a girl didn’t want to go swimming I should not throw her in. That was it, no explanation, nothing. I knew why not and it seemed silly that mom could not say that she might have her period. Those things were not talked about. Therefore I went to college with a plethora of sex information gleaned from my friends most of whom knew less that I did.

College started with a bang. The fraternity house rush, the prelude to being asked to join a house, provided parties and blind dates every weekend. The rushees, being new to the fraternity scene, were provided with dates with women recruited from the nearby women’s colleges and nursing schools. These dates ran the gamut from lovely ladies to candidates for winner of “The Pig Pool”. I lucked out as I never had a date from the latter category.

Now let me endeavor to enlighten you about some of the ladies that I met on dates, blind or otherwise during my four year stint in college. There are several that stand out above all the nameless, faceless others.

A four year odyssey begins.

Lyn – “The Shy Girl”

During my freshman year there was a dry spell till the Thanksgiving break. The blind dates had been a mixed bag. None were worth dating again.

I went home for the long weekend without any plans for dating. I called my friend Ron and he told me that his girlfriend had two friends, also home from college, that needed dates that weekend. The plan, he said, was to go to the Valencia Theater for a movie and show. The problem(?) was two girls and only one me.

Ron and I drove over to his girlfriends house to socialize and meet her two friends. Unbeknownst to her friends, I was to choose one of them as my date and Jenny, Rons’ girl, would set it up as an almost blind date. The girls would never know I had picked my date.

When we arrived, Jenny ushered us in and introduced us to her friends, Eleanor and Lyn. We talked about the usual crap, college, our majors, high school, the upcoming Christmas vacation, bla, bla, bla. Both the young ladies were charming but Eleanor was a little loud and brash while Lyn was a bit shy and retiring. Soon the girls decided that Ron and I should leave as they wanted to catch up on girl talk.

As we drove home Ron was urging me to go out with Eleanor. He had heard that she was a real party girl and would make out on the first date, maybe even more. That sounded good to me, horny as I was from a lack of females on the campus of an all male school but something kept telling me, “Choose Lyn”. So for no apparent reason, except my little voice, I did.

Jenny set the date up and warned me that Lyn was known as a no nonsense, no make out type of gal. She had to know a guy well before kissing was permitted and more than kissing was unthinkable.

(Now she tells me after I’m committed. Oh well, maybe I made the wrong choice.)

On Saturday evening we went to Lyns’ house to pick her up for our date. It turned out to be a grand review as all her relatives were there for dinner. (To evaluate me?) We had her mother, father, sister1, boy friend of sister 1, sister2, uncle, aunt, male cousin, female cousin and grandmother. The only one whose name I could remember was her grandmother as she had told me to call her Grandma like everyone else did. We stayed for a little chit-chat and then got the hell out of there. (I felt like I had just been judged, sentenced and hung.)

We took our leave and started the 12 mile drive to the Valencia. Lyn on one side of the back seat and me on the other. Not an auspicious start to our date. We talked mainly about the colleges we attended and high school. It seemed we both went to the same high school and never knew each other. It was a big central school with 750 in the graduating class our year so it was no surprise that we had not crossed paths.

Things went better during the movie and show. I put my arm on the back of her seat touching her shoulder. No response. I pressed her shoulder. Still no response but no rebuff either. I pressed again and she moved slightly toward me but that was it.

On the drive home she sat in the middle of the seat instead of against the door. A good sign I though. I reached out and illegal bahis touched her shoulder and amazingly she slid over and leaned against me. My arm went around her and she leaned in closer. I moved my lips slowly to hers waiting for the rebuff. None. I pressed my lips to hers and we were kissing on the first date. We broke the kiss and looked at each other and by unspoken mutual consent kissed again. This time my slightly parted lips felt her just barely touching them with her tongue. I returned the favor and then we were lost in the deepest longest kiss I had ever experienced. My cock hardened and began to leak cock lube.

When we came up for air she pulled away saying, “I never did anything like that before. I don’t know what came over me. I feel kind of funny.”

“Since Jenny told me you never kissed on a first date I was kind of shocked. But it was great. I loved it”, I said. “Let’s do it again.”

“Oh no, I have to think about what I did. I still can’t believe I did it. I don’t even like to French kiss. I can’t imagine why I feel so funny”, she said in reply.

She stayed leaning against me but that was it for kissing on that date. After this relatively slow start I still wanted to see more of this lady.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I called Lyn and set up a date for the Christmas break. Radio City Music Hall with all the glamour of the Christmas show.

We were going to take the train from Long Island to ‘The City’ as it was quicker and easier than driving. I picked her up and we drove to the nearest LIRR station. She sat a respectable distance from me but not over to the door. Remember these were the days when cars had no center consoles to separate the front seat and no seat belts.

The train ride to the City was uneventful and the conversation again revolved around college, friends and family. When we got to Penn Station I was lost as I rarely went to NYC.

Lyn took over. The shy reserved lady became a real pushy New Yorker. She knew all the tunnels in Penn Station and the best and fastest ways to get to the subway we needed to take us to Radio City. It turns out she had been working in NYC summers since she was 15 and could stomp a spiked heel into the instep of a grouper with the best of them..

She took a firm grip on my hand and maneuvered us in, out and around till we were on the subway platform. I guess she thought I’d get lost if she didn’t hang on to me. Once on the platform she continued to hold my hand and leaned into me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She came willingly.

During the subway ride to Radio City Lyn again took and held my hand. We left the subway and walked hand in hand to the Radio City. Once inside we found our seats and began looking around marveling at how large and impressive the inside of the theater was. Soon the lights dimmed and the movie started. I still remember the movie was ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’.

With the movie underway I put my arm on the back of Lyns’ seat and barely touched her shoulder. She reached up and took my hand. I assumed she was going to push it away but instead she pulled it down to the top swell of her lovely breast and pressed it there beneath her hand. She placed her other hand just above my knee and squeezed lightly with her finger tips. Neither one of us said a word. We just remained like that for the rest of the movie. By the end of the movie my cock was rigid and I’m sure there was a damp spot on the front of my pants. This was the girl who I was warned did not make out. I got a sniff of that tell-tale pussy aroma from Lyn. I suspect her panties were a bit damp just like my pants.

From then on we made out every chance we got but that’s all we ever did the freshman year.

That’s about as far as it ever went with Lyn during the freshman year. But there are three years to go. She may reappear. She has potential.

Marion – The “No Titties Girl”

Marion was a blind date I had for a concert in the spring of my freshman year. She was from a nearby teachers college and had a reputation of being a cock teaser. We met at the fraternity house where we had dinner and several drinks. The more she had to drink the more touchy feely she became putting her hands on my arms, neck, shoulders and thighs. That was OK with me and I got in a few good touchy feelys myself. When I did she rebuffed me and told me that was not nice. Lip service I found out. She loved it.

We went to the concert that was to last about two hours. Needless to say we took some libations to the hall so we wouldn’t get too thirsty. We got back to the house and had several more drinks. We were close dancing with my leg between hers, sliding over her pussy. After several minutes of this close contact she suggested we go out to my car. When we got to the car she told me to sit in the passengers seat while she got in the drivers side.

We began to make out but every time I tried to touch her breast she would say no. Finally after casino siteleri much making out and no titty touching, she turned to face me, slipped her long tongue into my mouth and straddled my lap. She pulled her skirt up so her very slippery silk panties were pressed on my crotch right over my hard cock. She began to slide her silk covered cunt along the length of my very excited cock. My dick pressed her wet panties up between her pussy lips so there was full contact with her clit and swollen lips. Her silk panties were soaked, slippery and sticking between her cunt lips and over her clit.

She was dry humping me for all she was worth. She kept sliding faster and faster till I was about to cum and she was panting and moaning. “You’re supposed to be on top”, she said, and flipped over onto her back without missing a beat. Her legs were splayed one on the floor of the car and one over the back of the front seat. I could see her pussy lips, red and swollen, through her soaked panties. That was to much for me and I reached between us to free my trapped cock.

“What are you doing”, she whispered.

“Letting my cock out”, I moaned.

“OK, just don’t take my panties off”, Marion replied.

Her wet, silk draped crotch was now sliding along my slick, bare, throbbing cock. I was in heaven. She redoubled her efforts to not so dry hump me. She pressed harder and made sure the shaft of my cock was sliding between her pussy lips and the head was bumping over her protruding clit. “That’s making my cock as hard as a rail…I’m going to shoot my load if you keep it up. You better slow down.”

She kept saying, “Don’t cum…don’t cum. I’m not ready”, but still she kept grinding her pussy harder up and down my throbbing cock. It all became too much and my balls began to boil. My cock ached it was so hard. I went rigid moaning “I’m going to blow my nuts”, and blew stream after stream of cum onto her panty covered cunt. She was furious because I erupted before she got off’ but I quickly silenced her.

I slid down and began to suck and lick the cum soaked panties, pussy lips and clit. “Oh damn, more, more, lick my pussy. Just don’t take my panties off”, was all she could say. I sucked and licked up and down her cunt slit till I felt her clit start to get longer and harder. Her hips were bouncing on the car seat and her head was rolling from side to side while she held my mouth tight against her puss. Then I did it. I sucked her clit, panties and all as far into my mouth as I could and bit down gently on her throbbing girl cock. “Oh my god,”‘ she screamed and pulled her panties to the side exposing her engorged pussy lips and pulsing clit to my ravaging tongue. Her clit vibrated and extended further out of its little hood. It was now sticking out about an inch and a half. It was like a tiny cock with a hard on. She tumbled into her orgasm.

“Oh,.. yes,.. yes,.. don’t stop… keep licking my clitty so I keep cuming… it’s sooo good… suck and pull on my clitty… stick your tongue up my cunt hole… oh shit, don’t ever stop… more,.. faster, tongue fuck my cunt… lick my ass hole… damn you,.. make me keep cuming you bastard.” She sobbed and moaned how great it felt as she convulsed from orgasm to orgasm. I reached up to squeeze her boobs to see if that would keep her tripping from orgasm to orgasm. She instantly sat up and grabbed my hand. I was rebuffed with a firm, “No titties.” The game was over.

That was the story everyone who dated Marion told about her. Her tits were sacred and no one knew why. They were small by comparison to most ladies I knew. I think the girl had a problem…but it was surely fun finding out about it.

Jan – “The Candy Girl”

The freshman year was drawing to an end but there was time for one more date from the good old teachers college. Jan was truly a blind date. I had never seen or met her till she appeared in the living room of the girls dorm. She was dressed in a yellow flared skirt with a tight yellow jacket buttoned down the front with many, many little buttons. Her breasts were impressive. High and conical just waiting to be squeezed and sucked.

We got to the car and decided, at her suggestion, to go to the local drive in movie. Neither of us knew what movie was showing but that didn’t seem to matter to Jan. It was still light when we arrived so we went to the concession and got some drinks and goodies. Jan insisted on getting some of the big round lollypops with Tootsie Roll in their centers. Cherry, grape, orange and lime, two for each of us.

Back in the car we settled down to wait for the movie to start while some of the guys in other cars played ‘spotlight tag’ on the screen. As soon as the movie started Jan turned and leaned back across my lap so her head was almost touching the door. Her legs and feet were on the seat. I put my left arm behind her to support her head and dropped my right hand down to her thigh. She responded immediately by pulling my head down and French kissing me poker siteleri long and hard.

I moved my hand from her thigh to her breast and gave it a little squeeze and nipple pinch. She reached for my hand but instead of pushing it away she moved it to a little zipper tab at her jacket collar. I grabbed it and pulled it down. The many buttons folded back out of the way like magic. She again reached up and kissed me sucking on my tongue and nipping my lips. She seemed pretty horny and obviously wanted to play.

I slipped my hand under the fold of her jacket and tickled her nipple through her silky overflowing bra. With a little more exploration I found the bra had a front clasp. A flick of the fingers and the bra popped open and her firm hard nippled boobs were swaying and bobbing in front of me. I kept rolling and pinching her nipples till they were hard as steel and she was softly moaning.

Sliding down a little I took a nipple into my mouth and licked and tweeked it while sucking hard. “Bite them,” she said, “I it’s no good unless it hurts a little.” So I bit them lightly while sliding my hand down her leg to the hem of her skirt. As my hand slid down her legs began to part a little so I could rub the inside of her knee. I rubbed and inched my hand up her thigh. Her titties had puffed out and were now half ping pong ball sized mounds on her breasts with hard long nipples sticking out. She was rolling her hips on the seat and whimpering. There was a definite aroma of hot pussy in the car.

“Bite harder,” she purred.

My hand went higher and encountered very fine soft hair. She wasn’t wearing panties! As I parted her downy bush she sat up kissing me and said, “Can I have one of my lollies now?” I passed the sucker to her and she popped it into her luscious mouth. Leaning back again she said, “OK, lets continue. My pussy needs some sweet loving.”

I slipped a finger between her pussy lips and found her hard, twitching love button awaiting my touch. She moaned and took the lollypop from her mouth offering it to me. I sucked it in and she twirled it around and pulled it out of my mouth making a pop noise. Holding the pop by the end of the stick she lowered it to her pussy and slid the red cherry sucker up into her cunt. She slid it in and out several times while moaning and sucking my tongue. I thought she was going to cum fucking herself with the lollypop. Just as I thought she was there she pulled it out of her flowing pussy and offered it to me again.

What a treat. I sucked it in and savored the taste of cherry and pussy juice. I needed to get into this action so I took my lollypop and added it to the one already in my mouth. All this time my finger was tapping her clit. It was hard and sticking out. I took my pop out of my mouth and began to bounce it on her clit and rub it on her pussy lips. She was going wild. She pulled her lolly from my mouth and kissed me with her tongue darting in and out. She put her lollypop back in her mouth as I penetrated her love tunnel with my pop.

It slid in easily and I spun it around in her cunt tickling her G spot. She slid her pop into her pussy to join mine and we alternately fucked them in and out. Her other hand came down and started to pinch her rigid clit. I pulled out and started to massage between her cunt and her ass hole with the candy dildo. Her clit rubbing and lollypop fucking became frantic as I popped the pop into her back door and pressed. Her sphincter opened and my pop slipped in just as she reaches a screaming, thrashing orgasm impaled on two lollypops.

“You sick fuck, that’s disgusting… get that thing out of my ass… oh, no… leave it in… spin it around… fuck my ass with it… pull it out and shove it back in… yes, just like that… real slow, massage my asshole with it… pull it partway out so my ass is stretched open… ,” she went on almost incoherently.

She flailed around whimpering and screaming as she peaked several times. Her cunt was flowing a river that ran down over her asshole lubricating the ass pop. As she calmed down she pulled the loly from her pussy and pulled mine out of her ass. She looked at me and said, “Now you’re going to have a sweet fuck.”

She moved so she could get at my zipper and freed my dripping hard on. She took the pop that had been in her ass and rubbed all over my cock till it was coated with the sticky candy and pre-cum juice. Turning with her back to me she lifted the back of her skirt and reached back grabbing my rod. She slid the head up and down her slick pussy while rotating her hips. Holding my cock in position she slowly lowered her hips screwing her slick, candied cunt down over my candy coated cane. I reached around her squeezing and twisting her tits as she began to fuck up and down on my pecker. She put her lollypop on her clit and began bouncing it. I could feel her loly tapping against my cock as she continued to fuck me with longer deeper strokes. Then she stayed perfectly still sitting on my lap with my cock deep in her pussy. She started bouncing the pop on my tightening balls. I was going crazy from the sensation of the pop rubbing my nuts and her squeezing and releasing me with her cunt muscles. I kept pinching and twisting her tits while she moaned and rotated her hips around my cock.

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