Confessions of a Firehouse Floozy Ch. 02

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It probably sounds like the act of a woman obsessed, but I really did have some dry cleaning to pick up that following Monday and it was a gorgeous day so I decided to walk. And if that walk just happened to take me past the fire house, well…okay. Yes. Maybe I was a little obsessed. But all I was doing was walking, right?

Jack and another fireman hottie were outside washing down the pumper engine. I stopped and watched, dry mouthed, as they strained against their uniforms soaping down the truck. As luck would have it Jack’s companion got called into the station house for a phone call, leaving him alone at his work.

“Is that a fire engine in your garage or are you just happy to see me.” I teased, walking up to where he stood working.

Jack chuckled. “What brings you by?” He tossed the sponge into the bucket and focused his full attention on me.

I shook the Cleaners bag hanging off my finger. “It was such a nice day I decided to walk.”

“Uh-huh.” He wasn’t buying my excuse either. “I thought for sure you came down here to wrap you legs around my big, shiny pole and slowly slide down it.”

I grinned and stood on my tiptoes to peer over his shoulder into the station, looking for the pole in question. “Ooh…can I?” My chest brushed against his arm briefly and I heard him moan quietly.

“Only if you promise to make it as wet as you made my fingers the other night.” He agreed in an urgent whisper.


“Yo, Jack. I thought I was gone long enough that you would’ve finished up.” A voice called from around the back of the engine.

I stepped back just before we were joined by the other fireman. “Well okay, that’s an absolutely acceptable reason to drop everything.” He was younger than Jack, but just as hot. Actually, I’m under the firm belief that there is no such thing as a non-hot fireman. “Kenny Cafferty at your service, ma’am.” He said with a friendly smile, extending his hand to me. Oh yeah, definitely no such thing as non-hot fireman.

Amused by his obvious interest, Jack introduced me. “This is my neighbor Angela.”

“You live in a very beautiful neighborhood, my friend.” Kenny shook my hand enthusiastically.

I laughed brightly, wondering why I had waited so long to visit this station house full of lusty, strapping men. “And all of us supermodel-types just love to fawn over you hunky firemen-types.” I teased, winking at Jack meaningfully.

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” The younger man said on a sigh.

Funny. I was just thinking the same thing myself. Or at least that I had died and woke up in some sex-pot’s body.

“Any houses for sale there?” Kenny added hopefully.

“What? And have to share this bounty with you?” Jack slid his arm over my shoulder possessively. “Find your own super-models, junior.”

I decided it would be best for me to leave now before I ended up fucking one, if not both of them on top of Phil’s freshly cleaned suits. “I’d love to stay, but I have to get back to super-model land now and get ready for that all night orgy.”

Kenny whimpered mournfully. “It was a pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” He shook my hand again and added with a grin, “And if there’s every anything that the old man here can’t do for you…anything…just give me a call.”

Oh yeah. Heaven. “You’ve got it, hun.” I promised, putting a little extra wiggle into my walk as I continued on my way.


I didn’t see Jack again until the end of that week. I thought that maybe I had overstepped my boundaries at the fire house earlier this week and forced myself to back off some. But with uncanny timing he was on his way out of my house when I got home that morning and I couldn’t avoid him any longer.

“I was about to take a break.” He explained, motioning his head to the garage. “Care to join me?”

I am a weak, weak woman. “Sure.” Weak and unable to even come up with some paltry excuse why I shouldn’t.

He pulled two cigarettes out of the pack and held one out to me with a wink. “Unless, of course, there’s something else of mine you’d rather wrap your lips around this morning.”

“Ohh, which to choose?” I took the cigarette he offered and tapped it against my lower lip thoughtfully. “Can’t I have both?”

Jack laughed and held the lighter out for me. “I think I owe you an apology.” I said after luxuriating in the first inhale. “I might have been a little out of line the other morning at the station.”

“Nah. Not at all.” Jack shook his head, watching the smoke swirl from the tip of his cigarette. “But you had Kenny in a tizzy all day. He even offered to work for me for free if I’d just help him out with you.”

“No way.” I said in disbelief.

“Oh yeah.” He leaned closer and brushed his finger over my cheek. “Hell, I spent the rest of that day trying to decide whether it would be hotter fucking you myself or watching Kenny fuck you.”

My mouth hung open and he took advantage of the opportunity to rub his bahis siteleri thumb along my lower lip. “You wanna watch?”

“Watching you cum last Saturday was so fucking hot.” Jack’s hand proceeded southward in a lazy exploration of my neck and shoulders. “Then again, feeling your pussy tighten around my finger was hot too…and it will be even more incredible feeling you clench down on my cock like that.”

I did a mental Snoopy Happy Dance. He said ‘will’…as if it was a foregone conclusion that there would eventually be sex between us. But, about the rest… “Not that I don’t want to fuck you, because believe me I do, but I am intrigued by this ‘watching me’ thing.”

Avoiding eye contact, Jack instead made an intense study of his finger working its way down the outer curve of my breast. “You have a fire fighter thing, and don’t tell me you don’t—” he added when I would have protested. “And I have a voyeur thing.”

I thought about the situation for a moment. I was being offered the opportunity to do at least one hottie fireman, possibly two if I played my cards right. “Why can’t you do both?”

“You would do that?” Jack looked up at me in surprise.

Hell, with those sexy brown eyes and that noble fireman thing going on for him, I’d do just about anything. “Sure. Why not?”

“And you don’t have a problem with me watching?” He repeated for clarification’s sake.

I shook my head. “In case you haven’t noticed, I like to turn you on. And if watching Kenny fuck me like a dog is gonna make you hard, then I’m all for it.” I pulled him close for a quick, fierce, tongue-filled kiss. “Just know that when we fuck it’s gonna be a thousand times hotter.”

Jack looked for a second like he would gladly ditch the rest of the plan and just fuck me now, but his cell phone picked that very inopportune moment to go off. Angrily he tugged it off his waistband and looked down at the caller ID. “Oh Angela, I just had the greatest idea…”

He grinned broadly and hit the receive button on the phone. “Kenny, man am I glad you called. I am really in a bind and I need your help. I’ve got to get a job done next week and I really could use a second set of hands—” He paused, listening to the younger man’s reply, and winked at me. “Look, I’ll see what I can do about it. But I don’t know if she’s even interested in you or she was just being polite…Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m sure a few of the women have been able to resist you…Just do this for me next Tuesday and you won’t be sorry. I promise.” He listened for another moment before giving me a thumbs up sign. “Thanks man. You’re a life saver.”

Jack snapped the phone shut. “Please tell me Phil is out of town next Tuesday.”

“Not only out of town, but out of the country.” I purred. Oh, I was going roast in hell for this I knew, but at least I was going to have a great time along the way.


Tuesday couldn’t happen soon enough as far as I was concerned. My overwrought libido had me in an almost constant state of arousal. Of course, it didn’t help that Jack was teasing me into a fireman feeding frenzy every time he saw me. Somehow in his warped guy brain he decided that whispering all the feel good things he was going to do to me afterwards would somehow inspire me. Instead it only made me hornier than I had ever been in my entire life. Too much more of this and no amount of fireman cock was going to satisfy me.

After dropping the kids off at school I all but flew home to the get the main event under way. When I pulled into the driveway I noticed an unfamiliar sports car parked there and smiled on the inside. Oh this was going to be a very good morning.

“Jack, whose car is in my way?” I shouted down when I entered the house.

I heard him running up the steps and looked down to find Kenny in shorts and a tank top, looking even sexier then I remembered. “I’m sorry about that ma’am. I’ll get that right out of the way. Jack’s not here and—” He stopped as recognition sank in and it was all I could do not to giggle aloud. “Angela? Wow! This is your house?”

“Well hello, Kenny.” I pushed my sunglasses up into my hair and peered down the stairs, smiling at him. “I have to admit, I’m just as surprised to find you here.”

Kenny climbed up the rest of the stairs and stood close to me in the entryway. “A good surprise I hope.”

Oh god did he have a delicious body. I wanted to put a dollop of whipped cream on top and eat him whole. “Very good.” I motioned for him to follow me into the kitchen. “Actually, I’m glad you’re here.”

“You are?” He asked in wide-eyed surprise.

Oh, this was almost like taking candy from a baby. “Yes, I am. I’m afraid I wasn’t entirely honest with you when I saw you last week.”

“You weren’t?” Kenny said uncertainly.

I stepped up next to him and rested my hand on his chest. His hard, rippling, ohmigod I cannot wait to see him naked chest. “I’m not really a super-model.”

“No. You’re much canlı bahis siteleri better.” Kenny chuckled in relief, his hand warm on the small of my back. “You’re real.”

Oh he was smooth. If I wasn’t the one doing the seducing I might have very easily been the seducee. “Mmmmmmm…you are such a sweet talker.” I couldn’t help myself any longer. I ran my hand over those firm pecs…I was officially upgrading this to a Great morning. “Kenny, remember when you said you’d help me out if Jack couldn’t…”

“Yeah.” He nodded eagerly, the hand on my back subtly pulling me closer to his body.

“Well, in the morning I come home to take my shower…all alone…with no one to wash my back…” I looked up at Kenny with my best pout. “I’d love to have a strong, sexy fireman like you wash my back.” I moved in close so our bodies were touching.

“Well, ma’am, I—” He swallowed visibly and I knew I had him.

“Unless, of course, you’d rather not…” I stepped away and looked stricken, hoping that chivalry wasn’t completely dead. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.” I added before heading down the hall to the bedroom.

Jack and I had worked out all the details prior to this morning, and we had agreed that he would have the best view if I could get Kenny into the bathroom and Jack could sneak in after and watch from the closet. God the thought of him in their watching me get fucked was hot. Oh I was so going to make this worth it for him.

I made sure Kenny was behind me before doing my slow striptease with my clothes and heading into the bathroom. I bent over to test the water, giving what I hoped was a tantalizing wiggle and climbed into the tub. It wasn’t long at all before I heard his work boots thud onto the tile floor and I knew I had him.

The shower doors slid open and I gasped in mock-surprise as Kenny slid in behind me. What a fantastic specimen of man he was. Damn this wasn’t going to be a sacrifice at all. He picked up my shower scrubby and started with my back, then turned me around to wash the front as well. It wasn’t long before the scrubby was long gone in favor of his hands. Kenny touched me everywhere, his long fingers surprisingly adept.

And did I mention that Kenny was packing? Damn what a fine piece of equipment. I did all the kissing and caressing I could stand before I was on my knees, sucking that delicious piece of manhood into my mouth. I heard the bathroom door bump into the wall and knew I had an audience, which suddenly made this blow job that much hotter.

Gotta love those firemen. Those strong, muscular arms that haul you up and those powerful torsos thrusting up into you. Before I knew it Kenny was fucking me right there in the shower and damned if it didn’t feel incredible. I lost track of Jack and time and everything else as Kenny surged into me again and again. He might have fucked me there all day, but the water suddenly turned icy, thanks in no doubt, to my partner in crime.

Kenny didn’t miss a beat, though. Wrapping my legs around him he carried me into the bedroom, his cock still stiff and deep inside of me. He set me gently onto the bed and continued pounding into me, bringing me to orgasm after shattering orgasm. Holy crap. Never let it be said that the young bucks don’t know what they’re doing. This one was determined to do me until I surrendered.

“Fuck me, baby.” I urged in a whisper. “Fuck me like you’ve always wanted to fuck a woman, hun. Give me all you’ve got. I need your cock inside of me. Filling me. Oh yeah, pounding into me.”

That was enough to send him into a pounding frenzy, pistoning wildly into me. I was coming on a fairly regular basis and poor Kenny probably had some healthy scratches on his back to wear home. A movement in the corner caught my eye, and I knew it was Jack in the closet. I closed my eyes and envisioned his hand wrapped around his cock, jerking off in time with us. I wanted to make this good for him so I wrapped my legs around Kenny and fucked him as hard as I could, my eyes fixed on the closet the entire time.

I could feel that Kenny was close and urged him on. “That’s right Kenny, come for me. Fuck me so hard, baby. Fuck me so hard.” I clenched up tight as I felt him convulsing inside of me. “Oh yeah, fuck me like the sexy fucking fireman you are.”

Kenny groaned and covered my mouth as he thrust deeper into me and filled me with his hot seed. On a scale of one to ten Kenny was definitely an OhMiGod. I glanced over his shoulder as he collapsed on top of me and imagined Jack spending his load as well and thought that that was infinitely hotter somehow than what I had just done.

“Jesus, that was fucking awesome.” Kenny praised, falling back onto the bed next to me. “You are the hottest woman I have ever fucked.”

I chuckled. “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I bet you say that to all the women who can’t resist your uniform.”

Kenny smiled noncommittally and ceased on my right nipple, belatedly paying his respects. güvenilir bahis “Whatever it takes.” He agreed playfully, moving his attention to my other nipple.

He kissed me deeply and I felt his cock stirring against my leg. “Whatever I can give.” I agreed, amazed at his resilience.

I urged Kenny back onto the bed and slid down his body, planting strategic kisses here and there as I worked my way down to his resurgent cock. By the time I got there he was hard and just begging to be sucked.

I wrapped my lips around his thick head, tasting myself as I slid down his length. Kenny tangled his fingers into my hair and urged me further…as if I’d need any encouragement. I actually enjoy sucking cock, from both the power aspect and the sheer pleasure of rewards given at the end of a job well done.

I glanced up at the closet where I knew Jack still watched and slowly sucked Kenny’s cock down to the base, savoring the full stiff length. I could’ve sworn I heard a groan from behind the slatted doors when I pulled up and sucked him in even deeper. It wasn’t long before I was fucking Kenny with my mouth, bringing him closer to a second orgasm with every down thrust. My hands curled around his balls, gently squeezing, coaxing them into yielding their special prize.

“Oh fuck,” Kenny groaned, thrashing underneath me. “I’m not gonna be able to hold off too much longer.”

“Then—” Down and back up again, tongue lapping at the pulsing head. “—Don’t.”

Poor Kenny. I don’t think he’d ever actually been allowed to cum in a woman’s mouth before. He tried to push away once or twice, but I would have nothing to do with that nonsense. I wanted that sweet sexy fireman to shoot a load of cum down my throat. I wanted to guzzle every delicious drop. And I wasn’t going to let him leave until I had what I wanted.

“Oh hell.” He moaned before bucking up and shooting his second orgasm down the back of my throat.

He was probably expecting me to run off and spit it out when he was done cumming for me, not swallow what I could and share the rest with him in a hot, tongue-filled kiss. “No, I was wrong before. You are the hottest woman ever.” Kenny closed his eyes and fell back onto the pillows in exhaustion.

“The same could be said for you.” I cooed, running my hand up his torso. “But, I have a favor to ask you—”

“Sure. Anything.” He caught my hand and slowly sucked on my fingers. Damn this boy was randy.

“With Jack being my neighbor and all, well…” I chewed on my lower lip and tried to look distressed. “I’d really rather you not tell him about this. I wouldn’t want him to think—”

“Oh darlin’, you’re secret is safe with me.” Kenny nodded reassuringly. “And I think if I want to stay employed there and not get transferred to Beruit or some other fun spot like that I’ll want to keep this very wonderful interlude strictly between us.”

I leaned in and gave him another sizzling kiss. “Thank you for understanding.”

“And while I’d love to stay up here and fuck you a few dozen times more, I really better get back to work before Jack comes back. He’s gonna think I’ve been loafing all morning.”
I watched him walk into the bathroom to collect his clothing and sighed appreciatively. “I’ll tell him you were helping me out with a few things upstairs.” I winked playfully and stretched my pleasantly sore body.

Kenny climbed on top of me and kissed me again. “How do you expect me to leave when you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked laughingly.

“Lying there looking all sexy.”

He nibbled a path down my neck and I swatted him away before I ran the clock into overtime. “Much as I’d love to fuck you a few dozen times more, I’ve got to be out of here before noon.”
Sighing dramatically, Kenny grudgingly climbed off the bed again. “Just try not to look so sexy this time.” He smiled and pulled his shorts on. “Or I may not be able to control myself.”

I laughed again and pointed toward the door. “Back to work, buster!”

“Mmmmmm, a woman in charge. Now that is sexy.” He hesitated playfully with his shirt. “Are you sure you don’t want to—”

“Go!” I repeated, sitting up and putting my hands on my hips threateningly.

“Oh, like that’s not sexy.” Kenny came back and dropped one last intense kiss on my swollen mouth. “I know. I’m going. That was just a Thank You.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” I murmured as he closed the door.

I had just fucked my first fireman. And my second was in the closet hopefully having enjoyed his dirty little part of the whole event. Assuming he would want to complete the voyeur thing and quietly sneak out as well I headed for the bathroom and my second shower that morning. The hot water certainly helped soothe my aching muscles. I definitely wasn’t as young as I used to be…but I would gladly wear my aches and pains with a satisfied smile for the rest of the day.

When I got out of the shower I noticed a red blouse of mine sitting next to the sink, which was odd since I know I was wearing a t-shirt this morning. I picked it up and found that Jack had indeed enjoyed my little interlude with Kenny almost as much as I had. I smiled and ran my finger over the sticky fabric. Oh yeah, this morning was just a warm up for the main event.

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