Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 06

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“Goodmorning Tom, did you sleep enough?” Robert asked me between kisses.

“Goodmorning sleep yes, sex not quite enough yet.” I said to him seriously.

“You can’t be serious Tom, it is my first time with a man, I need time to get my second wind, let my cock heal after the workout you gave me last night my balls may never recover.” Robert said a sly smile on his face.

I rolled him over holding him down.

“I may need to get restraints for the bed so I can keep you till I am done with you.” I said seriously.

Robert had a look of concern on his face.

“Babe I’m kidding I wanted to make sure I had pleasured you enough last night, I have so much more to show you yet, there is so much more ways I can make you cum.” I said to him.

“Really I like the sounds of this, so you and I will play together again?” Robert asked me.

“Robert Babe yes I want to explore so much more with you, show you ways to please a man, and ways he can please you. Babe I want you to fuck me.” I said to him staring deep into his eyes.

“Really Tom you would let me do that to you?” Robert asked snuggling in tighter.

“Robert I like you, you are one sweet man, you and I will have lots of fun together in this bed if you still want to have sex with me after last night.” I said to him sincerely.

Robert rolled on top of me, his eyes on my eyes, his lips just above my own.

“Tom you have to know I really like you too, more than I have ever liked another person ever in my life.” Robert said leaning in for a kiss.

Robert and I snuggled together under the covers, kissing touching each other.

“Coffee? Are you hungry?” I asked him between kisses.

“Yes Please, coffee and if I am honest Tom I am starving I did not have dinner last night I was too nervous coming here to eat.” Robert said to me.

I rolled him off of me gave him a kiss and made my way to the kitchen. I got the coffee maker going, then I would make us both an omelet.

“Babe you do like omelets right?” I yelled to him still in bed.

“Yes Tom anything is fine, don’t go to any trouble on my part.” Robert said walking into the kitchen naked, his cock semi erect.

“You do like omelets yes or no?” I asked him pulling him in tight.

“Yes Tom I am not a fussy eater, I will eat whatever you put in front of me.” I looked down at our cocks as he approached me, both of us semi erect ready for another round.

“Tom No I can’t just yet Please, give me an hour or so.” He said pulling back from me.

I pulled him back in to me.

“Babe come on an hour really how about half an hour?” I teased him stroking his cock.

I poured him a coffee putting out cream and sugar, Robert sipped his coffee while I chopped and prepped breakfast.

“Dam you have a fine ass Tom, that was one of the first things I noticed on you, and your handsome face of course.” Robert said learing at my ass.

“For gaziantep escort me it was your eyes, you have the darkest sexiest eyes I have ever seen on a man, your face, when you did smile you light up a room, your body how you are so well proportioned, the tattoo’s are so sexy as well, and of course your package the way it protrudes in your jeans, I so wanted to slide my hand along your bulge so many times.” I said to him leaning in for a kiss.

I got breakfast prepared, refilling his coffee, pouring us some orange juice, finally buttering our toast. We took a seat at the table, him directly across from me, we both mesmerized by each other.

“This is so delicious Tom, you are one amazing cook.” Robert said to me.

“Thank you so much Robert hope you and I can enjoy this often, you can stay for the day can’t you?” I asked not knowing his schedule.

“Tom I am off today, long weekend for me till Monday. Can I spend the night again?” Robert asked me.

“Did you really think I was about to let you leave so soon? I may let you go home Monday maybe.” I said laughing.

“If the sex is as good as last night and the food is this amazing I am never leaving you.” Robert said chuckling.

“Oh babe the sex will only get better, the food too will improve that much more, easy to cook when you have such a hot handsome man to cook for.” I said to him smiling.

Robert and I were in the middle of breakfast when I got a text from Lisa wondering what I was doing or should she say who.

I smiled as I read it aloud to Robert.

“You would never believe who!” I texted back

“Tom what did you say to her?” Robert asked me.

I told him what I had sent, his face dropped.

“Tom I am not sure I am ready for all this.” Robert said putting his fork down.

“Babe come on, you want to go back to before? Do you want to be in that same dam closet for the rest of your life? Do you want to try to make this work between us?” I asked him.

Robert sat there his head down, he grabbed his fork cut into his omelet, looked at me and smiled.

“Tom thanks to you I can never go back to being in that closet anymore, you brought me out to be the real man I really am. I have never felt so good about something as how I feel with you. If it works for us two then great but you helped me be the real me, the man I always knew I was. Thank you so much Tom I will never forget you ever.” Robert said a tear running down his cheek.

“You are most welcome, you are the sweetest man I have ever met, once you get past the rough exterior.” I said to him.

Robert and I finished up breakfast and were clearing the dishes, he clearing the table me loading the dishwasher. We were talking, making out we did not hear the front door lock unlock, imagine the shock for poor Lisa finding her best friend and her ex boyfriend in the kitchen naked kissing.

Lisa stood there her eyes trying to figure out what exactly she was seeing here, were Robert and I really naked and kissing?

“Tom what to hell is going on here? Robert you’re naked, and your’re kissing Tom?” She belted out.

Till this exact moment we had not seen or heard her come in, she caught us off guard, and naked of course, she had seen us both naked but not lip locked like we were just now and semi erect of course.

“Lisa what are you doing here?” I asked not sure what to ask at this point.

“You send me a message that I would not believe who you were with, you seriously think I am not going to come over to find out?” She asked me.

Robert obviously upset excused himself to go get some clothes on, I followed him to my bedroom.

“Robert please don’t run out on me, I want you to spend the weekend, I want to get to know you, I feel a real connection between us Please.” I pleaded with him pulling him to me.

“Not sure I’m ready to deal with this right now Tom, it’s a lot for me to process, for her to find us naked kissing in your kitchen, I need to leave for a bit to wrap my head around all of this, what if she tells my friends Tom? I can’t be out of the closet, I’m not ready for any of that, I felt safe with you but to have everyone know Tom I just can’t.” Robert said to me his head on my chest in tears.

“Robert I would never tell anyone about you and Tom, you come out if and when you’re ready, if not then stay in where you are safe and comfortable, you don’t have to come out to everyone, just the people you are comfortable with the people who care for you, Robert I will never tell anyone.” Lisa said to him trying to make him more comfortable.

Robert grabbed his clothes got dressed and was out the door, I heard the motorcycle start up, he revved it a few times then shut it off. Lisa and I stood there looking at each other. Robert sat there for a few minutes, put the kick stand back down then walked back into the house, walked right up to me grabbed me and held me, his lips pressed to mine.

“Tom with you at my side I am ready, I can do anything, I can conquer the world.” Robert said kissing me.

“Lisa I am so sorry it did not work out for us but you can see why.” Robert told her his arm around my waist.

“Coffee anyone?” I asked them.

We sat and talked Robert told us of his homophobic upbringing, how his friends acted and treated gays, he always knew he was different, he assumed everyone felt the same way just hiding it like he was. He met many men he was attracted to but would soon make them scared to be even close to him, with the exception of Tom here who stood his ground, not only in the coffee shop but on the street that day.

Lisa gave us a weird look.

“Tom made me face feelings I tried to hide for so many years even from myself, buried deep inside of me, made me be the man I was born to be. When he offered to kiss me on the street, in front of everyone, standing so close to me telling me he wanted to touch my penis, his legs holding my legs between his, he had me terrified he may lean in and do either or both, then he leaned in and kissed my cheek now what was I to do? I was powerless against this man, frozen in place. I knew he had me against the wall at this point I was done for.”

“Then he invited me over, he was kind, told me he would not harm me in any way, he would be gentle with me take his time, not pressure me to do anything I was not ready for, most of all he would not tell anyone. I was safe with him and felt safe with him even him being this close to me at the time in the middle of the street. Tom made me feel like there was only he and I in the whole world, his eyes on mine I was safe with him beside me.” Robert told us that single tear rolling down his cheek.

“I sat outside his house for a good hour maybe longer before I got the nerve to knock on his door, with him shutting his lights off I knew my window of opportunity was closing. I got off the bike and walked over, I knocked so softly in case he was in bed. When he opened the door my heart swelled, there was no turning back at this point, just looking at him in his doorway I knew I could not turn and run off, I was powerless at this point.” Robert admitted to us.

“Lisa I am sorry I did not tell you it was indeed Robert I had talked to that day we were at the coffee shop” I said to her.

“I suspected as much, I saw how Robert looked at you Tom he never looked at me like that, he was mesmerized by you Tom.” Lisa told us.

All three of us sat there looking at each other, finally all of us laughing at the whole situation. Lisa made her excuses and left, Robert and I stood at the door after she left looking at each other.

“Thank you for this Tom, this would have been so hard or impossible for me to do, Lisa will be the hardest person I will have to tell, most of my friends will never be told.” Robert told me.

Robert and I got in the shower, he and I would take a ride on his bike, I always wanted one now might be a good excuse to buy one, but for right now it felt good to hold him so tightly as we cruised down the roadways.

Robert laughed as I pulled him in tight to me my hands on his crotch, his cock straining to get out of his tight jeans. Robert and I went out for lunch, we found a quiet little bistro on the far side of the city, a place no one knew either of us, not that we were hiding but we wanted privacy. After we ate we returned to my house, Robert parked his bike in the garage this way no one knew he was here, and the bike was safer this way.

Robert and I decided on something for supper, then we sat and talked, he and I hardly knew each other, the few things he told us, him not knowing much of myself as well. We had a beer and sat and chatted for most of the afternoon. Robert and I went out back to go for a swim in the pool, naked of course he and I played in the pool for hours then settled in with a cold beer in one of the loungers.

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