Connie’s Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 04

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Part 4 -‘Gary’

My name is Connie and I am 21 years old. I’m 5 ft. 8 in. tall, about 120 lbs., dark brown hair about shoulder length, with green eyes. But I have been told that I have a killer body, whatever that means, my stats are 34C-22-34. These are the tales of my Aunt Val’s continued influence on me. This is the final part of a 4 part series. Please read them all.

Gary and I started dating that Friday night. We went to “Dairy Queen’ for hamburger and ice cream. We mainly talked about my fondness off exposing my body and he seems to be all right with it. I was wearing just a little sundress that night and I flashed him a few times around town and a few other guys as well. We did fuck and he has a nice big one like Ted. He said he had only been with one girl before me and I told him I had also only been with one girl before him. His eyes got big and I laughed and said I meant three guys before him. I just didn’t tell him it was my ‘Uncle’ or “Aunt’ or ‘twins’.

The next date I fucked him not 15 minutes after he picked me up. I had him pull to the side of the road and sucked his dick until hard then lifted my skirt and climbed on his lap behind the steering wheel in broad daylight as cars drove by. He actually helped me flash that night by lifting my skirt to expose everything below my waist to any and all to see. He fucked me over the hood of his truck in the club parking lot before we left. I tried to shock him and rode naked back to my house, he wasn’t upset, and we both enjoyed the ride.

The next time we seen each other was yesterday afternoon. He joined me, Ted, and Val at the creek. He was a bit shy to get naked at first but he soon gave in when everybody else got naked. He seemed to enjoy himself. Especially the part where I fucked alt yazılı seks him and Aunt Val fucked Ted while standing chest deep in the creek side by side.

And last night was our best night ever. Aunt Val let me wear her little black see-thru mesh dress but I didn’t wear the g-string under it, I went commando! Gary had asked me to dress as sexy as possible because he had someplace special to take me and that nobody would complain about my lack of attire where he was taking me.

We got on I-75 and head south of town (Gainesville, Fl.) about 40 miles to a ‘Mans Club’ I had never heard of. They let me in free but charged Gary ten bucks just to get in. I was stunned to see completely naked women walking around serving drinks to the patrons. We got a booth and watched some women strip naked on the raised walkway.

Gary said, “You’re mighty quiet. Are you mad at me for bringing you here?”

“No,” I said. “I was taking it all in. I didn’t know a place like this existed around here. I actually like it. As a matter of fact, I think it would be fun to try something like that.” I pointed at the girls stripping on stage.

“Good. I’m glad you like it because tonight is amateur night and I was kind of hoping I could talk you into dancing and stripping on stage in front of all these guys.” He said.

My heart jumped when he asked me. I said, “I would love to try it! Who do you talk to, to get me up there?” He motioned over one of the waitresses and talked to her. He said that she would send someone our way.

A few minutes later a well dressed man came to our table and sat down and talked to us. He took my name and told me to come along back stage because the amateurs started in about 30 minutes porno 92 and I might want to pick out a costume in the back since I didn’t seem to be wearing much. I scooted out the booth and bent over to give Gary a kiss and I felt his hand pull up the back of my dress as I kissed him. I told him that was very naughty of him but left the dress pulled up as I followed the man to the back.

I picked out a long black slinky number with matching bra, garter, and g-string panties. I would be the last of four girls to dance. I stood in the back and watched the other girls dance. I didn’t care about winning the thing; I just wanted to take off my clothes in front of all those men and women out there. I danced as best I could; copying some of the moves the other gals used and ended up winning the frigging thing. The owner congratulated me and gave me $200. I was still naked on the walkway with everyone looking at me and I could feel my juices running down my leg. I told the owner thank you and that it was so much fun and that the place was so nice that I wished I worked here. He whispered in my ear, “I have an opening and if you are really interested, come back to my office in a few minutes and we will talk.

I put back on my little black sheer dress and we talked and he told me what the girls made on an average and I thought to myself, I could make more here in one night than I did all week at ‘Taco Bell’. I told him that I was going to be starting classes in a few days and what I really needed was just a part time job for now. He said he had other part-time college girls here already and that they did more than just dancing. They also waited on tables if needed. I told him I had no problem with that. So we came to an agreement and I my first xvideos porno day is this Monday night. I was all excited when I returned to Gary and he actually seemed happy for me. They opened up a small dance floor in the corner and Gary and I headed there. In no time, Gary had removed my dress and let me dance naked with anybody I wanted. We seen other girls give their dates hand-jobs or blow-jobs and nobody seemed to care so just before we left, Gary gave me my biggest thrill yet. He bent me over a bar stool and fucked me in plain view of everybody. He then let me walk naked out of the club and across the parking lot to his truck. We pulled into a rest area off I-75, on the way to his home and fucked again. I spent the rest of the night with him. I think I have found my man. He said it turns him on to see me expose myself in public and he is not a bit jealous of me doing it, plus he has a big dick for my pleasure! I haven’t had to use my vibrator in over a week I think Aunt Val would be proud of the exhibitionism I have become and I want to thank her for her training.

I asked Gary how he felt about me having sex with another man. He said that as long as it was protected sex and as long as he knew about it and I didn’t sneak around and try and hide it, he could live with it, and as long as I wasn’t forced into it. I asked him if I ever wanted to try and do two men at once, would he be willing to be on of the two. He said that he would like that because he would love to watch me get fucked by someone else. I think he is ready to meet the twins again but this time it will be way different than the other time. Maybe my fantasy of three men at once will become reality!

Gary has asked me to move in with him already. I told him he was sweet and that I would love to but that I thought that right now was a bit fast. I told him that if we felt the same way towards each other in a couple months as we did right now, I would definitely move in and live with him.

Ya’ll come see me sometime at the Men’s Club just look for ‘Sunshine’.

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