Conning Mom

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“Listen Marie I’ve been trying to talk to you for weeks about this but I’m so ashamed…I don’t know how…”

“Hey babe I’m your friend right? Just say it; it’s ok.”

“Yeah I guess, well it’s Tommy; he wont leave me alone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh shit…well he’s saying terrible things and doing …”

“Come on hon; you’ll feel better if you get it out.”

“He says he…needs me to have sex with him… and he’s been feeling me up. Every time I turn around I have to take his hands off me. It’s awful. He won’t stop.” Lorraine started to cry and her friend put her arm around her.

“Come on hon, it’s not such a big deal; he’s just a boy”

“A boy? He’s eighteen and how can you…how would you feel if your Frankie did that?”

Marie let out a little giggle, “I don’t know; I might be flattered that he found me sexy.”

This made her friend laugh and Lorraine said “Oh come on; be serious. I have a problem.”

“Tell me what he says exactly Lorraine”

“Well he says he has no girlfriends and the girls don’t like him because he doesn’t know what to do and that I’m the only one he wants anyway…crazy stuff like that.”

“I think I smell a rat Lorraine”

“What do you mean?”

“Hang on to your garter belt girl but I thing I know what brought this on.”


“Ok, but if you breathe a word of this to anyone I’ll kill you. It’s Frankie he got it from… my Frank.”


“Look, about two months ago Frankie came on to me with those same lines only I was naïve enough to believe them at first.”

“So what did you do?”

“I slept with him.”

Lorraine’s mouth was visibly open and it took her a wide-eyed moment to recover. “You didn’t.”

“Oh I did babe…I did and I do. He was very convincing, my little actor. I thought he would cry one day when he told me how the girls made fun of him and all so I let him kiss me and I rubbed him until he came in his pants…and then…well…things progressed night after night.”

“You mean he makes you have sex with him every night?”

Marie giggled again. “You’re not getting this girl. Every night it turned into more and more until we got to point where I was having as much fun as he was. By the time I caught on to the little bastard’s game, I was hooked. Listen Lo, we’ve both been single moms for a long time and I wasn’t getting any more than you. It feels good Lorraine; that’s all I can tell you. I take care of him and he takes care of me and it’s a lot better than Mr. D. – not that I have anything against a little help but the real thing beats the rubber thing any night of the week.”

“Oh Jesus, do you mean you do everything with Frank?”

“Everything plus…oh don’t look so shocked; when someone eats your pussy as if honey was coming out of it, you might do ‘everything’ too.” Lorraine cast her eyes down with a hapless sigh.

“Look babe, I’ll talk to Frankie; I’ll get him to make Tommy back off.”

“Yeah…ok…thanks…” They kissed each other’s cheek and Marie left Lorraine who looked more confused than ever.

That night Marie spoke to Frank. “Listen Mr. Fix-It, I know you’ve been ‘coaching’ Tommy on how to get into Lorraine’s pants but it’s not working, so cut it out.”

He started with his innocent ‘Who, me?’ routine and then laughed out loud. “How do you know about that mom?”

“Lorraine told me.”

“Well the funny thing is, the idea actually came from him. Tommy’s been complaining to me for years about his problems with girls and everything I told him never seemed to work. I really felt bad for him. Then when I started getting turned on to you – you sexy bitch…” He reached over and gave his mother’s tit a squeeze; “…I said all those things to you to get you into bed.”

Marie slapped his hand playfully, “And then you told him that it would work for him.”

“Righto, mom.”

“Well you were wrong; and by the way, have you told the whole world you’re screwing your mother?”

He laughed, “No mom, I never told Tommy about bursa eskort bayan us. The only reason I suggested it to him is that all he ever talks about is his mother’s ass: how round it is, how beautiful it is. He’s been talking about it since the day he accidentally saw her naked. He told me the day it happened how she was getting into the shower and bending over the tub. She didn’t know Tommy was home and the bathroom door was opened enough for him to see. I tell you mom, he’s been obsessed with her ass ever since.”

“Well if he’s built anything like you, good luck to her.”

They both laughed because they had once tried anal sex. Marie wanted to see what it would be like but Frank’s big cock turned out to be too much for his mother’s small ass but they were both content to focus on other things.

Frank began to focus now and his mother saw the look on his face that the sex talk had produced. She laughed and said, “Come over here; I want to see if it’s as big as I remember it.”

Marie undid her son’s pants and the big meat was swelling as she freed it. She took one hard breath as she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate what she knew would be only half of her son’s thick cock. She thought she would choke to death on the few occasions she had tried to take more. Frankie wasn’t complaining; she sucked enough of him to make him more than happy.

She loved to listen to him moan as she stroked the shaft with her lips and tongue. She loved hearing him tell her that no one had ever sucked him like she did and she also loved knowing that he would be sucking on her pussy soon. And the best part for her was the sweet punishment of that big cock inside her; she loved how her son fucked her…and fucked her.

At almost the same time, Lorraine was doing the dishes and Tommy was standing by keeping her company. Her confusion and anger at her son’s attempted manipulation of her was building. Finally she said, “You think you’re cute don’t you.”

Tommy was somewhere else in his head and misread her tone. He said, “Not as cute as this.” He playfully tapped between his mother’s ass cheeks.

The wet slap across his face stunned him. She had never hit him before and she was filled with remorse as she watched him redden. “Oh I’m sorry Tommy…but…” She started to cry.

He put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Don’t cry mom, I’m sorry; I shouldn’t of done that. I won’t do it again. I won’t do anything again.” He turned and walked away.

Lorraine stopped him by the couch and said. “Listen honey, let’s sit and talk about this. I got angry because you were trying to do what Frankie did just to…”

“What do you mean, ‘what Frankie did?’ What does this have to do with him? I told him how I feel about you, that I love you and all and he said I should do something about it.”

“You mean you didn’t…?”

“Mom, all I told him was that I had seen you once and…”

“Seen me once what?”

“Well I saw you without your clothes on and since then I realized that it was you that I want to be with…you know…and that’s maybe why I have trouble finding girls because…I don’t know…because they’re not you.”

“Oh honey, I thought…oh it doesn’t matter what I thought but you’ll find someone who…”

He interrupted her and said fiercely, “Don’t you understand I’ve loved you and wanted you ever since I can remember. This didn’t happen yesterday. This isn’t a game. I love you, I love you…I love you.”

His face was right up to hers; she looked into her son’s eyes and saw the depth of his desire. She was overwhelmed. Her apprehensive lips met his for reasons she had not begun to understand. The kiss took her past understanding. She was caught in the maelstrom of intoxicating fluids that coursed through her. She wanted him.

Tommy’s hands roamed over his mother’s body without finding rest as they kissed. He was kissing his mother but what made him hard was that his mother was kissing him. His mother’s tongue was in his mouth and his mother’s bursa merkez escort hand was on his cock. Every space between their kisses was filled with him telling her he loved her.

He undressed her quickly and she helped him. He threw the pillows off the couch as the sight of her totally nude before him had him straining in his pants. All the creamy skin against the dark blue of the couch was starkly beautiful. He undressed himself and directed her onto her hands and knees. He got behind her and cast his eyes over the perfect globes of his mother’s ass. He stroked the curves around to her dewy pussy and touched her until the fine hairs were saturated. Her eyes were closed and her breath was labored in anticipation of her son’s cock. When he finally guided it into his mother’s wet hole she began to tremble. She felt herself gradually being filled as his cock found its way deep into the humid conduit. He reached to hold the conical breast that heavily filled his hand. The nipple was hard in the center of his palm and his mother moaned softly as he gently massaged her aching breast.

When her channel was totally gorged with her son’s shaft he was at her ass. He massaged it with his thumbs as his final thrusts hit her sweet spot. A responsive moan followed each contact. “Tommy, Tommy…baby…momma’s filled with you…my Tommy in me…yes baby…”

He leaned over her back as he gave her his cock and almost whispered, “I want your ass mom…I want your ass.”

“Ok love…ok baby…just don’t hurt me…do it slow baby.”

He pulled out of his mother’s cunt and saw that her hot juices covered his cock. He placed the engorged knob on his mother’s asshole and evenly pressed the thick end past her ring. He wasn’t sure if the high-pitched note his mother squealed was from pleasure or pain. He had waited so long to have her this way; he didn’t ask. Her voice was almost whimpering when she said, “Oh baby, it’s so big in me …oh…oh…push in me easy baby…easy”

He went deeper into his mother’s ass and she cried out. He was where he wanted to be, where he had fantasized he would be but his heart held his urge to push deeper into her. “I’ll stop mom,” he said as he began to withdraw from the hot sheath of his mother’s tight passage.”

“No love…stay”, she said as she reached back to hold her to him. “Be in your momma’s ass. I want you there. I want you to come there. Please let me do it for you baby.”

“Mom, you don’t know how much I love you.”

“I know baby, I know…come in me love, come in me.”

Tommy put some saliva on the exposed part of his shaft and pushed in again, gently working the length of his cock until it was fully up his mother’s ass. This time it felt different to Lorraine. She had pushed past the pain and the fullness of her son’s cock in her felt good. It felt good to do it for him and it felt good that he wanted to do it to her. She raised her ass higher and bit the pillow as she felt him driving into her toward orgasm. She anticipated the lubricating cum as he told her he was coming. She bucked back against him as she felt the spurts filling her. She grabbed her cunt to come with her son. Their sounds went on for a long moment after they were both finished – finished for the moment. As she held her son who covered her with kisses, she smiled and said, “If this was a con…don’t ever tell me.” He never did.

Tommy and his mother lived as lovers for about eight months and filled their nights with each other. They saw a lot of Marie and Frank and talked openly about their common situation. The four of them were very close so it was especially upsetting to Lorraine when Frank broke it off with his mother. He’d gotten involved with a girl half his mother’s age and when she found out about it, Marie raised the roof. They stopped sleeping together because Frank was unwilling to give the girl up.

What frightened Lorraine most was the conversation she had with Marie when Frank moved out. Lorraine went over to comfort her friend and Marie was bursa sınırsız escort bayan frozen. Lorraine had never seen Marie cry and she wasn’t crying now; she just seemed dead. She spoke in a monotone and looked at her friend without seeing her. “Lo, it’s worse than my divorce. My own son…I did everything he wanted…do you know I told him I didn’t care anymore if he slept with that girl…I just wanted him back. I threw myself at him…he just doesn’t want me anymore…”

Lorraine had trouble finding words that would help her friend. She had grown so close to Tommy; she’d always loved him but the added dimension of being his lover had intensified it to the point where all her energies were invested in him. She could no longer imagine a life without him. Thinking of him leaving her as Frank had left Marie clouded her mind with fear.

That night Tommy came home a half-hour late from work. Lorraine was on him as soon as came in the door. She kissed him with anxiety, “Where were you? I was worried.”

“Mom, It’s only twenty after, I had to finish up at work. What’s got into you?”

“You, I need you baby. I need you to get into me.” He laughed and before he could say anything she was on her knees freeing his cock. She got more of his cock into her mouth than she usually could because he didn’t have time to harden fully. It felt strangely good to be sucked that way. As he stiffened Lorraine sucked him manically. Usually she was slow in her ministrations. She would lick her son’s shaft and leathery sack until he throbbed for her mouth. She would take his cock between her breasts and tease the tip with her nipples. There was no play now. She wanted him to come. She wanted proof of his desire for her in her mouth.

Very quickly she had it. The force and intensity of her sucking and rubbing brought him off only minutes after she started. The first blast of cum to the back of her throat calmed her a bit and she hungrily squeezed the base of his cock as she pulled back with her mouth along the shaft time after time to get all his juice. After he caught his breath Tommy said, “Whoa, what was that all about, mom?”

She was almost shaking as she stood and told him about Marie and Frank. He shook his head and smiled at her. “Mom, come inside with me.”

He led his mother to the bedroom and sat by her on the bed. Her eyes brimmed as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. “Mom, close your eyes.” She obeyed. Tommy took his mother’s bra off and gently stroked her back and breasts as he spoke to her. “Mom, I love you. I’m not Frankie and I’m never going to leave you. It was always only the sex for Frankie. For me, the sex is only another way to say I love you. It’s wonderful making love to you but it’s wonderful because I love you. You’re my heart.”

His mother was breathing deeper and more easily as Tommy took her skirt off and continued stroking her. He put his hand between her legs and said, “I’m here…” He put his hand across her breast, over her heart and said, “…and I’m here…always.”

She was comforted as his kiss sealed his pledge. As she reclined and opened her legs she said, “Be in me love.”

He was slow with her and she was pleasured with each stroke as he filled her pussy with inch after inch of his hardness. Her moist channel soaked from his loving. Her voice was a whisper as they rose together. “You’re so good for me baby…I need you for everything…I never knew how much I needed you…to love me…to make me yours.”

His mother’s pussy grasped him as she spoke, it held him as a hand as he stroked into her belly. He didn’t know anything could feel this good until he’d had his mother, his mother who wanted him, his mother who loved him. They kissed long languid kisses and their tongues played in an echo of their lovemaking. He strove to find her end with his cock that ached to release into her. The rhythm of her hips synchronized with her son’s as they pulled each other up to orgasm. Her hand came to rest lovingly between her legs where her son was pleasuring her. His finger pressed the sensitive pucker of his mother’s ass and she came. She arched and let out a long exquisite moan. She stayed up and when she felt her son filling her she came again. Their juices joined and their lips held each other until the peaceful descent found them calm in each other’s arms: lover to lover mother to son, year after year.

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