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I felt on top of the world on the Monday morning looking forward to my day at work. I was in such a good mood even my friends were surprised, I was bombarded with questions like, “What’s happened to you?” “Who’s the lucky guy?” “You win the lottery?” etc… How I wished I could tell them it was a woman who made me feel this way, and not a man.

The teasing embarrassed but also pleased me in a way, it made me the center of attention in a way and I liked it.

That evening Sheila phoned me and we chatted for quite a while. She told me how much she had enjoyed having me and hoped I’d felt the same way about her. It revived my memory of what we had done and how much I’d enjoyed it; just the sound of her voice was exciting to me.

I assured her yes I did feel strongly about her, and how pleased I was that she wanted to make love to me. I was surprised at myself for saying things to her that I never thought I could say to another person, man or woman. She started referring to me as, “my love” and told me how she had been attracted to me for a few weeks before my old car gave her the excuse to talk to me.

She recalled our lovemaking and touched on some of it telling me how she thought I was a little anxious, and that I should learn to relax more to enjoy each other. I felt myself getting aroused as she reminded me those things, and I recalled how beautiful my orgasms had been.

Before she hung up she sent me kisses over the phone, saying to have a good night and to think of her, as she would be thinking of me, and we would see each other the following evening at swimming.

I had started a load of laundry before she called, and now rushed to get it finished. Finally time for bed and I undressed completely and looked at my naked body in my mirror and saw the improvement from my working out. Thinking of her, I ran my hands over my body smiling to myself in the mirror as I began to pleasure myself. Falling back on the bed I lifted my legs and moaning out loud pleased myself over and over.

The following night I was one of the first at the pool and waited for others to arrive, my friends from work showed up. I took my time changing into my bathing suit secretly waiting for Sheila to arrive.

I was so pleased to see her, as before she was in her track suit having come for her workout at the gym, and to me it seemed she took forever to strip out of her clothes and get into the shower. Seeing her naked body now did something for me now I’d experienced the pleasure it had given me at the weekend.

I tried to be casual and cool as if nothing had ever happened between us, but it was hard. Finally after she struggled into her swim suit we got into the pool and she began the first of her laps. I tried to keep up with her but found I couldn’t, she was a much stronger swimmer than me.

Still in between her laps she would come over to me to rest for a moment and talk. In the water her wet swimsuit was moulded to her tits making them seem more pronounced her nipples very prominent. I wanted to touch them as bad as I felt myself get wet and wished we were alone so I could.

When she felt ready for her next set of laps, she gave my bum a brief squeeze as she kind of flipped over backwards. For a brief moment I saw the crotch of her suit dark looking and tight against her pussy, then she turned over and swam away from me. It was as if she was deliberately showing me her love hole just for that brief second.

Again I tried to keep up with her but I soon fell behind and when tired I waited talking to other ladies, when she took her next break and came over to chat with me. She was out of breath and smiling, then again when she felt ready to do some more laps said, “Come on” and flipped over as before and swam away. Keeping up with her in the pool was hopeless for me but at least I tried.

A buzzer sounded to announce our hour was up and we moved over to the ladder to climb out of the pool. Sheila was ahead of me, climbing up the ladder ahead of me I got a lovely close up of her beautiful ass. The material of her swim suit was ticked tightly into the crevice between her ass cheeks, so once she was off the ladder placed her two forefingers under the material to pull her suit free of the crevice to make she more comfortable.

I followed quickly as we headed for the locker room, as before she peeled off her suit and headed under the shower to rinse off before bursa escort drying herself. We weren’t the only ones using the showers but I only had eyes for Sheila, and again I was treated to a lovely view of her magnificent body as she peeled off her bathing cap and proceeded to brush out her hair in front of a mirror.

After we went to the coffee shop where we joined other ladies and chatted for almost an hour, then we all said “goodnight” and walked out to our cars. Sheila got into hers first and crooked a finger indicating for me to come closer and I leaned in her car window and she whispered, “now you be a good girl and see you Thursday” giving me a quick kiss on my lips as she started her engine. I admit I was hoping for more.

The following night my daughter phoned and we must have chatted for a half hour, I could tell she was still suspicious as I had to tell her what I’d been doing since we talked last. I told her about going to my swimming and she encouraged me to keep it up and other exercises, and to watch what I eat, and no junk food.

Thursday night was similar to the Tuesday swim and again I would try to keep up with her swimming, still I enjoyed seeing her in the water she seemed so graceful. After as before we had our coffee with the others and this time we made a date again for the Friday evening, and I was to pick her up at her apartment.

I enjoyed dressing up for my date only this time I wore hose and normal panties and a nice navy blue dress, slipping into my heels I checked myself in the mirror before driving to her apartment to meet her.

She buzzed me into the building and I rode the elevator to her apartment where the door was open for me to walk in. She was dressed and I had to wait for a minute while she finished putting on her makeup, she held her coat for me to hold while she got into it then grabbing her purse we left for the pub.

When we got there we managed to find a tables so we could sit with our backs to the wall, I liked that as it is a habit of mine to see who’s there as well as what’s going on with others.

There wasn’t much difference from the previous Friday evening as we listened to the music, and fending men off who wanted to chat us up. Only this time I was sure how the evening would end and I felt good about it. After all we had gone all week since the previous Sunday without making love. I was aching to make love to her again, except for our goodnight kisses on the Tuesday and Thursday nights after swimming I hadn’t been able to touch her.

Now sitting so close, our hips and thighs touching I wanted to so badly it was hard to keep my hands to myself. I was still too shy to make the first move, so had to contend myself with seeing her smile at me, her beautiful boobs looking like they wanted to be released from their holders, her nylon clad knees poking out from her mini dress.

She was in no hurry, obviously enjoying the music and camaraderie of the pub. We made two trips to the ladies room and both times hoped we could have a bit of a cuddle, but both times there were other women in there so we couldn’t. I did worry a bit about whether she wanted to make love again or did she just want platonic friendship.

It was as if she was deliberately teasing me until at last around 1 o’clock, just before closing she suggested we could get our coats and go.

Outside in the fresh air she put an arm around me as we walked to my car and just knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed, I felt my love for her coming to the surface and gave her a hug. Once in the car we kissed, a long passionate French kiss, her hand found its way onto my thigh and moved up at which she sat up. “Oh you’re not wearing your pretty undies” she sounded disappointed, “your pretty knickers; I wanted you to wear them.”

She sounded so disappointed I regretted wearing normal panties and pantyhose, and promised her in future I would for our ‘special’ dates.

Inside once we hung up our coats we embraced, her breathing was getting heavier as her hands fondled me. She unzipped my dress and I stepped out of it and she took my hand and said, “Come make love to mummy, I want you, I need you” and led me to her bedroom.

She undid my bra before taking off her own dress and bra so she was just in her panties and thigh highs. Sitting on the bed, she expressed her disappointment again at my not wearing my ‘pretty knickers and garters’ bursa escort as she pulled my hose and panties down so I could step out of them.

Now standing naked in front of her except for my jewellery, I’m sure I trembled in anticipation of what was to happen. I saw the excitement in her face as she looked at me, almost licking her lips and I was so pleased I could arouse her like that. Pushing herself further on to the bed she whispered, “come on, I want you to love me.”

I lay beside her in her arms so now I could kiss and fondle her lovely tits, I started squeezing and caressing them, and her nipples were very hard. She gripped my hand by the wrist and whispered, “Not so hard dear, this is your body and I want you to love it, give it much pleasure.

It was agonizing at first as she taught me to caress her skin with just my fingertips, not to touch her nipples at least not right away, rather to just tease and caress by going around them. Then to kiss her throat, slide my tongue down over her breast till I could finally lick her nipples.

I followed her instructions as she whispered them to me, holding my head on occasion as we kissed, long deep tongue searching kisses. I knew there was no need to rush things, we had all night and all she wanted me to do was to love her, and love her I did.

I was now more comfortable in my ability to please; just with men it was always so much quicker as if they couldn’t wait to stick their cocks into me. Once I started to lick her tits she would arch her back so as to present them to me for our pleasure, soft moans were escaping from her mouth as she kissed my tits, first one then the other licking and sucking my nipples as if they were ripe raspberries.

My hand didn’t stop caressing her body, down over her hips with just my fingertips as she had shown me feeling the material of her knickers. Opening her legs as if to invite me to explore her pussy, the soft moans and sounds she was making me feel very much. I felt her move her hips and opening her legs, but I took a page and by passed her pussy to caress the inside of her thighs. I lightly scratched at her crotch on occasion to feel her wetness till she whispered the magic words, “knickers off.”

I got off the bed for a moment to pull them off her slowly, smiling to see she was still wearing her shoes, once they were off completely she spread her legs wide. Her hairy pussy was open; her pussy hair glistening from her juices my caress had induced in her. I now climbed on and pressed my pussy against hers.

I felt the smoothness of her nylons against my skin for a moment as she raised her knees to squeeze me with her thighs, then opening them and pressing her hips up against me as I began to hump her. I began slowly at first, then faster and faster as her sounds beckoned me to fuck her. We were both crying with pleasure as out orgasms hit at the same time making us both cry out from the intensity of it.

Automatically I went to slow down till I felt her heels hit my rump, her thrusts under me urging me to keep going so I did. The magnitude of the feelings rushing through our bodies was awesome bringing on another powerful climax, followed by yet another till I collapsed beside her on the bed, my heart pounding, my breathing harsh.

How long we lay there in each other’s arms I don’t know, it just felt so blissful. Our breathing quieted and she moved to lean over me smiling and kissing me, softly at first looking into my eyes, then a little harder her tongue probing deep into my mouth, her hand holding my chin for a moment then started to caress me. Her fingers lightly touching my neck, then slowly down over my chest to my tits just as she had instructed me.

She now made love to me, slow beautiful love just as she had instructed me, she took her sweet time bringing my body alive, my moans and whimpers responding to the delights I was experiencing as my body squirmed to her touches. When she finally mounted me it only took a few seconds before the sun appeared to burst over me, I held on to her feeling her thrusts against my clit as she fucked me in turn.

We made love all night, the sun was up and daylight starting to fill the room when we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mother was calling urgently so I hurried to the bathroom and had a glorious pee; my lover came in while I was on the throne saying good morning with a bursa eskort smile.

I got up and Sheila took my place to relieve herself, asking me to get her juice from her fridge and put the kettle on for tea. Suddenly I thought about my daughter phoning and told Sheila about what happened the week before. She smiled and said, “relax you can check your voice mail from here” and taking her phone she told me the numbers to use to do that. Sure enough there was a message from her for me.

I phoned her from Sheila’s, another female answered her phone and I asked for my daughter and she came on and we chatted for while.

After we had fruit for breakfast she invited me to take a bath with her, again she make a remark about her body belonging to me and that I should learn to take care of it, and handed me a washcloth. I loved washing her, the hot water and slippery soap made it exciting as I washed her all over. It pleasured her too and after she kissed me, and we took turns finger fucking each other before we got out and dried off.

I had to get my grocery shopping done and said so, Sheila offered to come with me and after she struggled into a pair of jeans and put on her ‘trainers,’ off we went.

We went to a Mall and we arranged to meet for coffee after, as she wanted to do some shopping too, then after we left for my house. She had gone to a liquor store and bought some wine amongst other things. Once we were home I put the stuff away and showed her round my house, it wasn’t much compared to her nice apartment, but it was all I had. She was very complimentary and I know she was just being nice.

She stayed for dinner and she helped set the table and put out a bottle of wine, so we had a hearty meal washed down with the wine. I was still in the dress I’d worn the night before, including my pantyhose although I’d left my panties off.

We had an early night and made love as we had before, this was sweeter this time as there was no need to restrict our vocal sounds like we had to in her apartment. She invited me to get on top and present my pussy to her face so she could lick me, and I had full access to her pussy to. I loved her smell and taste as I pressed my face into her, licking and sucking on her clit to her sounds of pleasure.

In the morning we were up early and showered together and I gave her a nice tongue bath and massage then we had our juice and tea for breakfast then decided to join me for my morning walk. She introduced me to ‘power walking’ and we must have walked miles as we were out for over an hour.

Sheila had suggested we got out for brunch then go for a drive in the afternoon. So back home I took a quick shower to freshen up and went into my bedroom to dress. I had told her the week before about David and the things he had bought me, particularly about the ‘pretty knickers’ as she called them and asked to see them. I was embarrassed as I went through my dresser drawers showing her my collection but all she did was coo with delight.

She selected a Basque and another rather kinky outfit made of black silk, and had me try it on. Next she handed me a pair of black stockings and watched as I fastened the straps to hold them up. I could see in her eyes she was getting excited, but just said, “OK put on your dress and let’s go” leaving the room.

Once I was ready we left and I drove her back to her home and waited while she got dressed. She undid one of the packages she had bought shopping the day before, and removed a nice blue tap pant outfit complete with garter belt and stockings.

I realized later she bought that outfit mainly to please me that because I’d worn David’s sexy underwear, I would feel more comfortable if she started wearing a harness and stockings too as she called it. I didn’t mind really as I did enjoy erotic undies, and thought it was nice of her to think of pleasing me.

The brunch was held in a nice restaurant and it was a regular event with a bunch of other ladies too, they didn’t necessarily all go every week. There were always some who would be there. Some of the ladies had families and couldn’t always make it, but it was a nice gathering never the less. Sheila introduced me to the others and they made me feel very welcome.

After we went for a drive on the old highway along the river, then later stopped for Tea at another place, Sheila did like her tea and I think she was trying to convert me. I didn’t mind as I could drink either Tea or Coffee, although she said that Tea was better for you than Coffee, probably an old English house wife’s tale. I know I felt very comfortable being with her and I felt she was happy with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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