Contest Ch. 09

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author’s note: thanks for reading! This isn’t really a rollicking conclusion… but I still had fun with it, I hope you do too!


After both of the horny and oversexed girls returned home, Danielle glowing but shy when she told a shocked and aghast (not to mention jealous) Violet where she had been the night before, and listening as Violet related her own experiences, they both decided that they were done. They would both lose, in the main because they finally admitted to each other that not only did they need another day of rest now, but both of their two final choices were so repugnant to each that it might just be better to lose and give themselves up to Jared for a night. It didn’t really bother Danielle – most of her thoughts were still on Christine – and now that Violet had been dominated a few times she didn’t have the same antipathy to it as before. In fact, she rather wondered what being dominated by Jared would be like. Still, as her friend described her lesbian experience she couldn’t help but wish that she could win and dominate Danielle.

The next day the two girls received an email from Jared telling them that they had until 11:59 that night to complete any final tasks, and that he’d expect them both at his house at 10am sharp the next day in order to finish things up. Danielle and Violet called each other again to reassure themselves that neither would be doing another task. They’d both be losers. In fact, to totally assure themselves of that fact, they spent most of the afternoon and evening together until it was far too late for either of them to go out and do a task. Wishing each other good night, they both went home to thoughts of what the next day would bring.

Violet in particular was rather antsy, nervous in fact. It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to give herself up to Jared… but oh how she had wanted Danielle.

Sudden inspiration made her decision.

That night, at 11:50pm exactly, a surprised aydın escort Jared opened his door to find Violet on his doorstep. And what a Violet. Her hair was done in two buns on either side of her head, emphasizing her Asian heritage, and her makeup was carefully applied; when she opened her coat she was wearing very little underneath. A black leather corset that propped up her breasts rather than covering them, and emphasized her tiny waist, smooth silk thigh highs that ran up her legs and showed off her shaved pussy wonderfully.

Jared raised his eyebrow as sudden understanding came, “Come on in,” he told her, “We don’t have much time if you really mean to do this.” Violet nodded and stepped into the house, shedding her coat as she went.


The next morning Danielle arrived at Jared’s house about 15 minutes early and was surprised to see that Violet’s car was already there. Usually her friend wasn’t early for anything. It almost made her a little nervous, except that there was no way Jared would let anyone cheat.

A smiling big black Jared opened the door, looking down at the shorter blonde cheerfully.

“Hi Danielle, come on in…” he stepped back so she could pass him, “We have a surprising development that we need to discuss.”

“Surprising…” her voice trailed off as Violet walked around the corner, blushing and completely naked. Oh no…

“Yes, a very surprising development.” Jared’s voice was like the voice of doom behind her, deep and amused, but to her ears foreboding and ominous, “You see, Violet came here last night a little before midnight and asked me to help her complete a fifth task.”

“YOU!” Danielle was actually shaking with outrage as she glared at her friend, “How COULD you?! We made a deal?”

“Sorry,” Violet said, a little ashamed but not regretful at all, “But I’ve wanted to play with you for a long time Danielle, and I couldn’t pass up what might be my only chance.”

Danielle aydınlıkevler escort glared, fists clenched, but then her heart sank as Jared’s fingers ran down the small of her back.

“I think we should take this down to the basement.” he smiled as he passed the wincing girls… they’d seen his basement before. Violet smiled too, and then turned away as Danielle stood in the foyer, pretty face sagging… for a moment she considered running away out the door… but a deal was a deal. She followed them to the basement.


Not long afterwards her tears and moans were heading straight into Violet’s pussy, she was eating her friend out as Jared paddled her ass from behind. It had started with Jared and Danielle finishing stripping down, then almost immediately Violet had propped herself up on a pile of cushions and had Danielle got on her hands and knees to eat her out. With her ass high in the air she made a perfect target and Jared had said so and then started spanking her with his hands. As her firm globes turned pink and she moaned into Violet’s sopping pussy, he’d grabbed a leather paddle and began to spank her with that.

Now her ass was bright burning red and she was sure she could feel heat emanating from it. She wasn’t even really paying attention to eating Violet out anymore, her ass hurt so much, but it didn’t seem like her friend noticed too much, she was soon rubbing her pussy all over Danielle’s mouth and nose as she came.

Danielle went through a lot that much, some much enjoyed some not at all. Violet laying beneath her and sucking on her clit and fondling her huge breasts and Jared’s long cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. Jared and Violet sandwiching her, Violet with a large strap-on. The cropping that Violet had given her back and ass, the stinging burns as the long flexible rod whipped around her body because of its length. The many many minutes spent with Violet crawling all over ayrancı escort her body, fondling, pinching and squeezing… the rather pleasurable mutual oral sex. At one point Jared had strung her up so that her arms were stretched wide over her head as he whipped her massive tits, Violet between her spread legs busily licking at her leaking pussy; right after that he’d gotten behind her and fucked her ass while fondling her sore breasts and Violet licked her to orgasm as he ravaged her ass. With her friend’s body underneath her, she buried her face in the wet pussy, massive breasts pressing against Violet’s belly as the girls licked and sucked. Her ass cheeks were burning from the earlier beatings and her tight hole was burning from the rapid thrusting of Jared’s dick… and she was incredibly horny as she did the two sexual acts that used to disgust her the most. Shoving two fingers into Violet’s ass, she drank her friend’s sweet juices as she came beneath her, shuddering with her own climax just before Jared emptied a load into her ass.

It was constant orgasms and constant pain… when she finally stumbled out of the house the next morning she was covered in love bites, stripes, and some bruises… and her pussy was quivering from the amount of times she’d cum. Fulfilled despite the discomfort her body was now in, she sighed happily as she fell into her own bed and went straight to sleep.

In the house Jared slipped an arm around Violet.

Looking up at him, she asked, “Why did you let me do it?”

“Other than the fact that you’re mine for a week now?” he grinned at her, “And that you looked damn good when you came over last night?”

“But you would have had me anyway, for a night,” she said, insisting on a real answer, “Why’d you lie about me doing the task?”

“Because,” he said, lowering his face to her upturned one for a kiss, “I got to watch you with her, and now I get you for a week. Now come on, let’s go rest up – you’ve got quite a week ahead of you.”


Two weeks later, on their first date, Jared and Violet ran across Danielle and Christine enjoying each other’s company – and kisses – at the restaurant. Smiling broadly, the two happy couples waved at each other before settling down to their respective partners.

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