Corky and Billie Ch. 06

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The tape recorded voice went on and on, just as though it were reading something interesting. Corky was only half listening to it, anxious to finish the chapter so he could put the “books” aside for a while. Besides, Billie had promised to get away for the evening. He paused the tape to make a note on his braillewriter, then resumed reading. He would never for the life of him figure out why some British guy named Lamb would want to write about a Roast Pig in the first place.

Corky felt his braille wristwatch. After five. Between ten and quarter after. He paused the tape and made another note on his braillewriter. Can’t be that much more left. Maybe he could finish the damn thing. The phone rang. There was only one phone, on the kitchen wall. It rang a second time while he went to it. “Hello?” he said.

“Hello,” Billie said.

“Hey! Hello yourself!” Corky exclaimed with evident pleasure.

“You doing anything interesting?” she asked.

“No, just boring myself silly with this English Lit.” he replied.

“Want some company?” she continued, a little coyly.

“That all depends,” Corky answered. “If you mean Joyce, I’d rather be bored with English.”

Giggling, Billie said, “Now why would I be calling you if I meant Joyce? I was thinking more like me, you silly goose. Did you forget we had a sort of date tonight?”

“I’ve hardly thought about anything else for two days now. I got an idea,” Corky said. “How about if we get a pizza or something? You know, a pizza for two, only for two?”

“Just what I was thinking! I could call in a delivery for seven, and be there by the time the pizza arrives,” she said. “Is that okay?”

“You mean you don’t want to go out for the pizza?” Corky teased.

“Jesus, Corky, sometimes I have to wonder about you.” she giggled. “What do you like with your pizza? Besides me, I mean?”

With negotiations completed, Corky speeded up the tape and finished his reading assignment, tidied up the apartment a bit, and decided to grab a quick shower before Billie arrived. Six o’clock. Plenty of time. A nice hot shower was one of the real pleasures in life, as far as he was concerned.

The bathroom had an exhaust fan. Between the noise of the fan and the rush of the shower, Corky was in splendid isolation from the rest of his surroundings while he lathered and rinsed, lathered again, rinsed again, and thought about Billie, his very own personal girl teacher.” His recent experience being a “blind judge” at his neighbors’ party was sort of “extra curricular.” He would need to talk to Billie about it, and tonight would be his first chance. He hoped tonight would be his first chance for other things too.

He felt a familiar stirring with the thought of Billie, and found his penis beginning to stretch and wake up. Should he? Better not. But an extra lathering and rinsing wouldn’t hurt, would it? Hell, it was his own soap and his own dick, he guessed he could wash it as fast as he wanted.

Better lather up the hairy parts first, including the balls. Then grab the shaft near the bottom with one hand, and scrub up to the action end with the other, using a firm grasp and a steady rhythm.. Cup those hairy balls gently now, they need support too. Man, look at that eager baby grow! Pausing, he carefully touched the very tip with his forefinger, which seemed like a little eye there, with closed lids. If that little eye could only open its lids and see, what secret wonders could it behold?

It was a dick to be proud of, he knew, for Billie had often told him so. The contestants at Rose and Vy’s party seemed to approve of it, too. He wished Billie could just lay her eyes on it now! Or her strong hands! Or her soft moist lips and tongue! Or better yet, with her thighs spread wide apart and that sweet other mouth, the mouth down south, pushing up to him, yawning wide and welcoming him inside, and, and, …

* * *

“I want a medium pizza,” Billie said, “crispy crust, with sausage, mushrooms, and extra cheese.” She gave them Corky’s phone number and address, only a scant three blocks from the nurse’s residence at the hospital where Billie was a student nurse. She checked her watch. Five thirty. She would be free to check out at six. That’s enough time for a quick shower, one of the real pleasures in life, as far as Billie was concerned.

The noise of the exhaust fan and the rushing stream of water blotted out other sounds of the nurses’ residence. No time to shampoo, so a shower cap protected her hair from a serious soaking. No time for a bush trim either, you don’t want to do that in a hurry, for sure. A good basic “get it all clean” shower will have to do. She lathered generously and rinsed thoroughly. It felt so good she did it all again. Maybe she wouldn’t risk a bush trim, but she’d wash “down there” really well. She knew her Corky, knew what he liked, and loved him for it, too. If only they could spend more time together, it would be a perfect world.

Funny, Billie thought, how so many things in a shower looked a lot like a cock. She blushed at the thought, but considered Escort Bayan the tubular soap jell dispenser, the plastic cylinder of shampoo, and the rigid rubberized handle of the handheld shower head. Billie wondered briefly what guys used to spruce up their private pleasures. She squeezed more soap from the head of the cock. Yes, yes, give it to me, baby! Let that big thing come all over my tits and my bush! She blushed again, and slowly worked up a good lather. The sudsy water flowed slowly down over her belly and filled the spreading gap between her pussy lips, and damn, that felt so fucking good! More soap, more chasing the suds around with her fingers, more up close spraying with the shower head to carry the frothy pleasure away, then another ejaculation of soap. She massaged her breasts with her free hand, but wanted somehow to do them both at once.

Before she knew it, she had thrust the soap dispenser between her legs, and held it there firmly, up tight against her pussy. She squeezed her thighs around it to hold it there without using her hands. She could tug on her nipples with both hands now. Good exercise, she thought, a girl needs good exercise to keep in shape. If she couldn’t ride her horses, or ride her man, she’d just have to make do. You’re not going anywhere, you magnificent little fucker! You’re too big to go in, but I’ll ride you until I’m through with you, you gorgeous hunk of — hunk of — plastic!

Shit! What am I doing? I’m so horny! Maybe I’ll just have to make it happen, I mean I’m right here where I can get all squeaky clean again, and I need it, I need it a lot, but I need Corky down there more than I need this stupid can of soap!

Then Billie skillfully brought herself off with a shuddering climax, biting her bottom lip to stifle any cries, and only the shower stall walls to cling to. No more soap. Just running water now. Lots of water. Carry it all away. God that was good! She picked up the soap dispenser, kissed it, thanked it, and put it aside. It was good, yes, but she hoped for something better, and soon.

* * *

Billie arrived just as the pizza delivery person was pulling away. She touched Corky’s doorbell, and let herself in without waiting for him to respond. She dropped her tote bag and ran into his outstretched arms, where they shared a huge hug.

“Wow,” she said, “that pizza sure smells good, and you smell good too. You’re both good enough to eat!”

“I’m so glad you could get away, baby,” Corky replied. “What time do you have to be back?”

“Well, let’s put it this way,” she said, “I brought some cheese Danishes for breakfast. They’re in my tote bag with a change of undies and stuff.”

“Fantastic!” he replied, and an enormous grin overspread his face. “Do we owe thanks to Aunt Carolyn again?”

“Well,” Billie said, “it’s my regular monthly overnight, but I had to ask her to cover for me if Mother or Daddy happened to call. Marianne’s Aunt Carolyn is on our side, you know.”

“Speaking of which, have you heard from Marianne lately?” Corky asked.

“We talked by phone a couple of times,” Billie said. “Have you heard from her?”

“Um, no, not since that last night.” he replied.

“When the three of us shacked up?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Corky said. “We need to talk about that night, and some other things, too.”

“Sure thing,” Billie said, suddenly more worry than she let on, “but the pizza is hot, and I don’t know about you, but I’m starved, so we’ll eat first, talk second, then round third, and head for home plate! Okay?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Corky agreed, and they tore open the pizza box, divided the pizza with four pieces each, and got right at it.

When they had finished, Billie said, “The first night we got naked together, there was hardly any light at all, and I was as blind as you that night, remember?”

Laughing, Corky replied, “Then lights it is, all the lights you want.” So saying, He turned on the desk lamp, then closed the blinds. It must be just about dark out there anyway, isn’t it?”

“Yes, just about. Do you put lights on when you’re here alone?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“Sure,” he replied. “It tells people someone’s here, and anyway I’m afraid of the dark.”

“Oh you are not! You’re a big tease!” she said, “or a real bullshitter, I’m not sure which you are.”

“Come sit by me and let’s talk,” he said as he moved to the sofa.

Billie joined him, still worried, but sat on his lap, and draped herself invitingly around him. Corky encircled her waist, and caressed her lovingly. They kissed deeply. Corky found and admired her generous breasts.

“Oh Corky, I’ve missed you so,” Billie whispered. “Tell me we’re okay, and you still like me a little, and everything will be all right?”

“Billie, my beautiful Billie!” Corky replied. “I think of you all the time, and can’t get enough of you. You are my other half, my mirror image, my companion in craziness, and this afternoon I even took you into the shower with me.”

“You did what?” she gasped.

Corky blushed a little. “Well, I took a quick shower, and well, one thing led to another, and I found myself with this big dick in my hand, and it wanted to know what it was I had in mind for it tonight. It was you, of course, and I sort of promised it would get to see more of you.”

“Oh my God,” Billie said, “I did that too today!”

“You did what? You had a big dick in your hand and thought of me?” Corky asked laughingly.

“No, not a dick, girls don’t have dicks,” she replied. “Have you forgotten your girl lessons so soon?”

“yes,” he laughed. “I guess I need a refresher.”

“Good, we can do that!” she replied. “I was actually humping a can of soap in the shower, and wishing it was you doing that to me,too.”

“Did you get off doing that?” he asked.

“Well, yes,” she admitted. “Did you?”

“Yes, big time,” he confessed, “but just once.”

“Well, just once for me too,” she added, “because I was running late!”

“Billie,” Corky said, “do you get the impression we have never really been apart since the first time we met?”

“Definitely!” she squealed. “Not for a minute! So let’s hurry up and get our serious talking out of the way. These tight clothes I got on are pinching me all over and cramping my style!”

Corky laughed, and began more seriously, “I been thinking about Marianne. I like Marianne, and I think she likes me too. And I know you love us both, and of course we both love you, too.”

“All that’s true enough,” said Billie. “But something weird must have happened that night. All I know is, I went to the john to check on my tampon and see if I could get safely out of my panties, and when I got back to the bedroom where you were, Marianne had hers on again, and she couldn’t wait to start playing ‘titty touching’ like we used to do, only this time with you as a referee.”

“While you were gone,” Corky continued, “she said she thought I was not too happy about what we were up to. I said she was probably right. She said she was uncomfortable too, but if I had my heart set on getting laid, and you were still not ready, she’d gladly do the honors.”

“Marianne can be pretty blunt like that,” Billie said thoughtfully. “But she meant it, too, you know.”

“Yeah, well, the thing is,” said Corky, “I loved getting naked with the two of you, but girls are not just interchangeable parts like light bulbs or batteries. Sure, I would love to have been laid by you that night, and maybe by Marianne too, but the idea of her ‘pinch hitting’ for you just didn’t feel right. So I said if you weren’t ready yet, maybe we ought to wait for a bit. I suggested we could just play naked together, and suggested the ‘titty touching’ stuff you two used to do.”

“That was a lot of fun,,” Billie laughed, “trying to figure out how a blind guy could referee us, while we were trying to keep our titties always touching like that.”

“Maybe I discovered my true calling,” Corky joked. “Speaking of which, I have to tell you about something else that happened to me last week.”

“let me guess,” Billie teased. “You got laid, right?”

“Well,” Corky replied, “not exactly laid.”

“Not exactly?” Billie asked with interest. “You mean you nearly got laid? You don’t have to tell me about it if you don’t want to, but I’m dying of curiosity just the same.”

So Corky told Billie about his neighbors, their parties, and his role as judge, selecting the winner of the lingerie and “pleasure product” competition. He skipped the part about the post party tension relief he shared with Rose and Violet. Maybe he would tell her later.

“Oh Corky,” Billie exclaimed, “That’s wild! But now I’m worried that you may not want me so much any more.”

“Of course I want you, and more than ever,” Corky argued. “After all the different pussy and tits I saw at that party, I couldn’t wait to get back to you again. If you had been there, I know you would have won.

Billie sighed, “I’m so fucking stupid about all this, Corky. I was so worried about losing you, I thought I would need a little help from a friend to, you know, see that you could get a little something when I wasn’t available. But it seems like you can get plenty without my help or Marianne’s at all.”

“Can you forgive me for looking?” Corky asked sheepishly.

“Forgive you for being human, you mean?” Billie replied. “It’s funny, you know, but I’m sort of proud of you. I’ll just have to work a little harder to keep you happy, and keep you for myself, that’s all.”

Corky continued, “I’ve seem a lot more of the world since we saw each other last, but I kept comparing everything I saw to you. And you know what? It was you I took a shower with this afternoon.”

“I’m grateful for that,” Billie said, “but damn it, Corky, I didn’t break out of prison to come down here and get my ears talked off, I came down here to get ravished, and get crazy, and do a little ravishing myself. So let’s put our hot pants friends on the back burner until tomorrow after breakfast. What do you say to that?”

“I say that sounds good to me,” Corky said, laughing. “Do I get a refresher first? Or do you just want to get tossed in the hay?”

“When you were my guest at Mother and Daddy’s, I called the shots,” Billie said thoughtfully, “but now I’m your guest at your very own place, so it’s up to you to call the shots. Just so you know, I’ willing now, I’m on the pill, and I love your cock! And if anything hurts, or seems too much, we’ll just stop and talk about it. And don’t you dare say a word to me about any refresher course, okay?”

* * *

Pulling her close to him, Corky said, “You are giving me such an incredible gift, I want to unwrap it slowly and appreciate every inch, and ounce, and second, of you.”

“Wait!” Billie said. “Let’s make sure the blinds are drawn and we have a small light in each room, okay? In case we get a chance to ‘do something’ in each one?”

“One kitchen, one bedroom, one john, and here,” Corky said. “Wow, Billie, four times? Do you think?”

“Count on it,” she giggled. “Be right back. Um — don’t do anything until I get back, okay?”

“I’ll try not to,” Corky laughed, “but it will be hard, really hard.”

“I sure hope so!” she giggled, and she was off. She grabbed her tote bag, went to the kitchen, and left the package of pastries there. She closed a blind on the back door, which led to a porch in the rear. Then the window over the sink had a shade to be drawn, and the small light over the stove was just enough. The bathroom needed no attention, but she left a few personal things there, and couldn’t help checking to see if there might be a second toothbrush next to Corky’s. Nope, none! Well, what did she expect? So she boldly planted her flag there.

The bedroom was next. The blinds were open and had to be closed. She turned on the lamp on the bedside table, glanced around the sparsely furnished room, and was satisfied they were now secure. She returned to the living room, where Corky was still sitting on the sofa, with his fly open, and his semi-erect dick out to greet her.

“Oh, wow,” Billie said, “is that all for me?”

“It’s for us both, baby,” Corky said, “you can play with it all you want, but I get to keep it when you’re through. Okay?”

Laughing, Billie said, “Okay. I wouldn’t dare take it back to the nurses’ residence anyway. It would be worn out in no time.”

“You mean you’d pass it around?” Corky teased.

“Hell no,” Billie replied, “are you kidding? I’m talking about just me. If I had that beautiful cock handy all the time I’d be using it all the time too. You have no idea what a horny little monster I am inside!”

“That’s interesting,” Corky said, “because I sometimes wonder what I would do if I woke up some day with a pair of tits like yours, or a beautiful pussy like yours. I’d probably break my neck trying to get at it, and then you could be my nurse and take care of me.”

“Jesus, Corky,” Billie laughed, “you’re crazier than I am, and that’s saying something. If you ended up with a broken neck because you had my pussy and was trying to lick it, and I ended up being your nurse and had your dick to play with, I’d probably screw your brains out right there in the hospital, and we’d both be in deep doo-doo, for sure.”

“Unless Marianne’s Aunt Carolyn was still your supervisor,” he continued.

“But seriously,” Billie said, “sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have a nice hard cock and really fuck somebody with it. Am I awful?”

“Hell no,” Corky replied, “I wonder the same thing myself all the time.”

“Well then,” Billie said seductively, “if we just stand around talking about it, you’ll never know, will you?”

* * *

Corky moved toward the sound of Billie’s voice, and found her waiting for his contact. They embraced without speaking. Corky dropped to his knees before her. Tracing down over her hips and thighs, he saw she was wearing slacks, so he continued down to her feet, and removed her shoes. He would not make that mistake twice. Raising again, he encircled her waist, while she encircled his neck, and they kissed and murmured each other’s name as their excitement increased.

Corky slid his hands under the hem of her sweatshirt and caressed her bare back. That back again! It was a broad sweep of exquisite flesh, a back to die for. He raised the shirt from the bottom, and Billie lifted her arms to ease its removal, then resumed her clinging. Her slacks were next. Corky slid a hand beneath the elastic waistband at either side, and eased them past hips and buttocks. He was careful not to remove her bra or panties, preferring to savor that task as a separate pleasure. The slacks dropped, and Billie stepped out of them, one foot at a time.

“Oh my, you handsome stranger,” she purred, “look what you’re doing to me! You’re taking off all my clothes! Most of them, anyway, and the fresh air feels so good!”

Reaching around to the rear of Billie’s bra, Corky was surprised to find no clasps to release it. It had no shoulder straps either. Those gorgeous breasts were draped with lace, which seemed to offer little support, but provided a very feminine decorative protection. The clasps were between the cups, a style with which he was now familiar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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