Corporate Fantasies Ch. 01

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Erin is an HR rep for her company. She sets up interviews and helps candidates through the process. Once they’re hired, she makes sure everything is arranged for their first day. It’s a fairly easy job and the best part is she comes across a lot of men. Her first interactions with them are over the phone. She has a smooth, husky voice she uses to lure them in. It makes them excited to interview just to get the chance to meet the face and body that go with the hot voice on the other end.

Recently, one man in particular stood out over the phone. Most try and be charming or witty when Erin called. But Michael was very relaxed and unaffected by their phone conversation. He had a deep, sexy voice and a confidence absent of arrogance about him – it was her turn to be drawn in for once.

“Well, it was nice talking with you Michael. I look forward to meeting you next week.”

“Thank you for your help getting me scheduled Erin,” he replied very business-like. She was disappointed. Usually she had them eating out of her hand. But she liked a challenge.

Erin spent the following Tuesday morning while getting ready for work paying close attention to how she looked. Erin was a beautiful. canlı bahis She’d been a lanky, goofy teenager that blossomed into a woman who knew how to get what she wanted. Erin’s porcelain skin was set off by black hair and large brown eyes, which she’d always used to her advantage. Erin could look across a room and make eye contact with a man and in that look tell him of her innermost desires. She hadn’t come across a man that could resist that look.

She wore fitted black suit pants that showed of her small, tight ass and long legs. As she buttoned her blue blouse over her cleavage she wondered… one unbuttoned or two? She knew that Michael had to be just as sexy in person as his voice was over the phone, but if he was as professional, the second button would be overdoing it. Later that morning as Erin sat at her desk drinking her daily cup of coffee and checking her email, the receptionist called. Michael had arrived for his interviews. She took a last look in the reflection of her window to make sure she still looked good. She was glad she wore the lace black thong this morning.

As she entered the reception area she saw him. He was in a dark blue pinstripe suit holding kaçak iddaa a folded newspaper in one hand and a briefcase in the other. He stood scanning the half of the front page showing on the newspaper.


He looked up at the sound of Erin’s voice calling his name. Her breath caught slightly. Michael was gorgeous. He had sandy blond hair and the most stunning blue eyes she’d ever seen. Under his suit she could tell he had an amazing body.

“Erin? Nice to finally meet you in person,” he said as put his briefcase down and extended his hand. She took his hand and shook it firmly. He had nice, strong hands. Erin immediately thought of what it would feel like to have those hands fondling her. They made small talk as Erin escorted him from interview to interview. She found him to be down to earth with a great sense of humor. She liked that. When it was time for Michael to leave, Erin found herself still disappointed that he hadn’t responded to her the way she’d hoped he would. He was friendly, yes, but he showed no sign of attraction whatsoever. “Oh well,” she thought.

A couple weeks later, Erin caught wind that Michael had accepted the position he interviewed kaçak bahis for. Her heart jumped a little at the thought of him being in the building every day. As she prepared an office for him, she thought ahead to him sitting there at the desk. She began to imagine what could happen in that office. It would all start out very friendly of course.

“Here’s your new office, Michael,” Erin would say as she’d close the door behind them. “Let me be the first to welcome you to the company,” she would smile coyly as she sat down on the desk in front of him. He would be sitting facing her to see she wasn’t wearing panties under her tight skirt. They would exchange no words – Michael would stand up so Erin could see his hard on pressing against his pants. He would lay her back on the desk and push her skirt up around her hips. After dropping his pants, he would grab her hips and thrust himself inside her, easily, because she would be practically dripping on his desk from excitement. He would feverishly thrust in and out, his balls bouncing off her ass as he went deep inside her with each pump. Her legs would be wrapped around his back hanging on as she was pummeled into the desk….

Erin’s heart jumped again as she was brought out of her fantasy rather abruptly by the IT guy who’d brought Michael’s new computer.

“Where do you want it, miss?”

“Right there on the desk, please,” she responded with a laugh.

To Be Continued….

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