Cottage Life Ch. 02

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Julie ate her breakfast and gulped down the last of her coffee. “C’mon then, we’re burning beach time!”

Danielle walked down the hall and popped around the corner, “All set!”

Julie gave her the up down and finally asked, “You’re not wearing that are you? Don’t you have another one? It looks like it’ll rip open the first time you move!”

I turned to look and see and holy shit. What a beautiful young woman. My eyes were taking in all that that sight had to offer, that was one hot body. Again I was lucky that I jerked off not long ago, but I was beginning to stir.

Danielle interrupted my thoughts, “Well it’s from last year. It fit fine then and I didn’t try it on before we left..Look…I’ll obviously get a new one when we get home, it’ll be fine for now. You’re coming too aren’t you dad?”

“Aww you know I’m not one for the beach, I was going to do some things around here and get supper ready for later on and have it ready for when you two got home.”

Danielle looked at me with a look that I had never seen before. “C’mon, you’ll have fun…you’ll like it…you never go…come with us.”

The look was very….seductive. There was nothing in what she said or the way she said it …..but those eyes….that body…I was melting. “Umm…yeah…O.K….why not.” I smiled. “I’ll run in and get my shorts on real quick and away we go. What about you dear?”

Julie looked over, “My stuffs in the car, I forgot to get my beach bag last night. Besides, it’s under the lawn chairs and cooler…….aww shit…I forgot to pack the cooler. Oh well, I was just going to get changed at the change room when we got there., and it appears we are going to need some ice from the concession stand. You go get changed, Danielle, grab some pop and chips out and throw them in the cooler will you.”

Julie went out into the living room to get her sandals and keys as Danielle went over to the fridge. She passed by me with that same seductive look and didn’t even try to look away as she did, her eyes were directly on me, like I was a target or something. She got to the fridge threw open the door and proceeded to bend over real slow, legs straight. I was expecting her to lick her lips and slap her ass, I could have been watching a stripper with the way this little show was going. And what a show it was, knowing what her pussy looked like, now I’m getting a very explicit view of her ass. What the fuck, where the hell did this girl come from. Danielle broke her gaze and began looking for the pop, I took the opportunity to head back to the bedroom for my shorts.

I locked up and wandered over to the truck, Julie and Danielle waiting impatiently inside. It always seemed like a such a pain in the ass to go to the beach. Julie packed like it was some epic adventure: lawn chairs, cooler, radio, beach blanket, beach umbrella, towels, sunscreen, munchies. Christ, give me a towel and a tree. The whole trip was a five minute car ride, and it took longer to walk out, find a spot and set everything up. Assuming that you only had to make one trip from the truck.

We found a parking spot and proceeded to unload all the junk, and once we got down to Julie’s beach bag she grabbed it.

“Hah ha!” She yelled triumphantly. ” You guys get to unload and set up, I’m going to get changed!”

Julie walked away leaving Danielle and I kind of stunned. “Don’t forget to get some ice!” she yelled back.

“What a bitch!” Danielle muttered under her breath as she grabbed as much as she could.

We walked out from the short pathway between the beach and the parking lot and surveyed the area.

“Well the change room is way over there, and the concession stand is way over there the other way. I think that if you’re mom wants to play games, then we can play our own.” I chuckled and with that we set out toward the concession booth.

It was a good five minute walk to the booth Gaziantep Olgun Escort and from the change room, another five. Seemed fitting that if Julie didn’t want to help out with the set up of all the stupid junk she insisted on having, then the least we could do is put her out a little bit and send her on a nice stroll.

We stopped a ways away from the booth and dropped everything down in a heap. There was hardly anyone around. It was a nice secluded beach that only the locals knew about, all the tourists stayed at the beach in the nearby town. Kind of made the whole thing tolerable I guess.

“Looks like a good spot, yes?”

“Yup, looks like it’ll do.” Danielle responded.

“Here, you go and get some ice, and I’ll get everything set up.” I handed out a five to Danielle and sent her on her way. Damn it was tough not to watch her. I never meant to set that up, but shit! Her ass was soooo nice, I watched as she went. Each cheek moving slow with each step she took, only to stop with a sudden jiggle from everything tightening up. She had the most amazing hips too, really a hipnotic sway to say the least. Marilyn Munroe would be envious. I reached down and squeezed my cock. Damn, that was nice. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking about Danielle this way. I had never had these thoughts before and I wondered how much of these things I had missed. Had she looked at me that way for a long time now? Had she always had that walk? Or was I only aware of them because I saw her half naked?

I puttered around laying out the blanket and setting up the umbrella and the rest of the beach-ware, trying to make sense of what was going on in my head and what I should do about it. I sat down and lit a smoke, having accomplished my task. I stared out across the water and thought about so many possibilities as to what was going on. I started to come to the conclusion that I should make better attempts to stop looking at Danielle in any sexual manner and just be a better dad. Besides, I highly doubt she wanted me the way I was starting to think.

Suddenly, Danielle jumped down on the blanket, startling the hell out of me. Snapping me back to current reality.

“Where ya at space cadet?” she laughed. “Mom’s still not back yet?”

“No, I dunno what’s taking her so long. oh well.” I answered and butt out my cigarette in the sand as she dumped the ice into the cooler.

“Well , I plan on going out swimming so you’ll have to put the sunblock on me.”

“I thought that you put that stuff on after you were done swimming?”

“No, silly. It’s that water-proof stuff. You put it on right away and then you’re good for the day.” Danielle answered as she grabbed the sun screen, sat down and applied it to her legs.

I watched as she worked the sun block in, shining up her legs in the process. She got on her knees, reached down and pulled her swimsuit over slightly and the rub turned into a caress as she worked the cream into the tops of her legs and inner thighs. She turned on her knees and slid her fingers in under her swimsuit just enough and rubbed both butt cheeks.

“Here, do my back.” she commanded as she looked over her shoulder and handed the cream to me. Danielle pulled her hair up loosely in both hands.

Now that was hot! Beautiful young woman sitting up on her knees, hair pulled up, glistening skin shining in the sunlight, tight bathing suit with ass cheeks hanging out. Damn, I tell ya.

I put the cream on my finger tips and started to work it in to her shoulders.

“Not so rough daddy…….not so rough.”

That was a a half assed moan, half assed whisper I thought. My heart started to race and I gulped. I softened my touch on her back and tried to match what I thought was her gentle caress. The only thing that I could imitate was the sensual back rubs that I used to give her mother.

“Don’t forget my sides here too.” she said.

The open sides of the swimuit allowed me to touch from her rib cage all the way up her arms to her fingers. She extended both arms and I reached out to start at her wrists. I grabbed ahold of them and in doing so naturally came forward closer behind her. I slowly worked in the cream coming back up her forarms, closer to her outer shoulders.

Danielle meanwhile was in heaven. She was loving every minute of this bit of attention, she had been wanting it for so long. Feeling her dad’s big hands stroking up and down her back, over her arms. She was biting her lip, eyes closed and eyebrows tightening. He reached down and touched her sides and that’s when she let out a soft, quick, quiet, moaning “ohhhhh”.

That was definately a sound of enjoyment, I knew it, I couldn’t help but hear it. I was rock hard at the release of that noise. I couldn’t think of anything else but touching her soft skin and how intimate this all was. Another couple of inches closer and my hard on would have been poking her right between the cheeks. My previous resolution was out the window, my daughter was a sexual goddess and I could not picture her any other way. I couldn’t help but slide my fingers just under the sides of her swimsuit and come up to touch over the sides of her breasts.

Danielle’s eyes opened wide, she couldn’t believe Brad had actually touched her in a semi-sexual way. It was only the sides of her tits, but it was enough. She loved it, she actually came a little bit. She was so turned on by the touching and that last area did it. If it weren’t out in public she would have for sure had his cock in her mouth right now. She would have spun around and forced herself on him right then and there.

“Um…there…I…uh….think I got all of you”

Not yet…Danielle thought as she spun around.”O.K….Your turn!”

I was trying to quickly hide the signs of my erection. “Um…O.K.” was all I could stammer out as I quickly laid belly side down on the blanket. I had just copped a half-assed feel on my daughter and got away with it. I had a mix of guilt and pleasure, a rush of excitement with being able to do something irrational and taboo. I had totally gotten caught up in the moment.

Danielle, meanwhile, was taking in the sight laid out before her. She was aroused so much. She wanted to strip down, go up to the top of the blanket, shove her pussy into her dad’s face, grab the hair on the back of his head and make him eat her out. With that thought going through her head she glanced around. With Brad looking away from her and no one else in the area to see, she pulled her swimsuit aside. She gave a couple of quick rubs and shoved a finger in and out. She stopped as quickly as she had started, she needed to touch herself. She wished Brad had done it but it obviously wasn’t going to happen on the beach. She had thought that a quick rub would have satisfied a need but all it did was excite her more. Danielle grabbed the sunscreen, coated her fingers and started rubbing the cream into Brad’s calves, slowly massaging him. She encircled his leg the best she could with her hands, moving upward slowly to his thigh. She relished in the feel of his muscular legs. She moved under the edges of his swim trunks and went just slightly under them. How she wished he wore a speedo or something that would allow her to get closer to a more intimate area. She started in on his lower back, moving up in slow sensual circles, rubbing around his sides until the ground impeded her progress. She rubbed his shoulders and started to move on his arm closest to her, encircling it the same way she worked on Brad’s legs. She was getting so wet, being able to feel his toned arms. She moved to work on his other arm but instead of moving to the other side of his body, she just leaned over allowing her breasts to rub onto his back. Her nipples were semi hard before, but the sensation of rubbing against something stiffened them right up.

I was loving every minute of Danielle’s “massage”. It had been a long time since someone took the time to touch me like this, even though this was only putting sunscreen on me, it was an erotic necessity. My hard on started to disappear as I kept rationalizing that it was alright, she’s only a step-daughter, she’s not really related or anything, she’s just someone that I kind of help out with a place to stay and food and stuff. I was giving in to all the ideas that this was O.K. Her hands on me was sensual and kept me mentally aroused, but as soon as I felt her nipples gazing my back, I was instantly hard again.

“Turn over and I’ll do your front.” Danielle commanded.

I froze. Sure my thoughts were trying to bring this to a point of normal, but allowing Danielle to see my arousal, to let her know she turned me on was quite another thing. Damn all this was happening so fast. And yet to not respond to her demand might indicate to her that something was amiss.

I turned over quickly and bent one leg up, trying to once again hide my raging hard-on. I looked over to her as she squeezed out more sunscreen and examined her pointed stiff nipples. I wasn’t sure what was going on in her mind. Maybe she just didn’t care that she was showing me her arousal. Maybe she was just a little cold.

Danielle reached over and started rubbing the cream into my stomach, flirting with the waistband of my shorts. She said absolutely nothing but just worked away at her task. Then, without any warning, she moved to straddle me, forcing my leg down and placing her crotch squarely and firmly against my hard bulge. She still said nothing but looked me straight in the eyes as she worked the sunblock into my chest. She changed her technique and started moving her whole body instead of just her arms and hands. I knew exactly what she was doing, and she knew I did.

She moved up slightly, pressing back firmly on my stiff rod. Slowly she increased her distance as she leaned forward more to rub my shoulders. She slid back down rubbing her pussy over the entire length of my shaft. Danielle kept everything subtle, but deliberate. If it weren’t for the material that kept us distanced, I would have been so deep in her twat. I laid there with my arms outstretched, stunned, but fully aware of what was going on. I was speechless but loved every minute of it. Here was my daughter…….er…step-daughter…er…. sex goddess, dry humping me. My pre-cum leaking from the tip of my dick every time she put pressure on me.

What was only a couple of minutes felt like eternity as I looked up at her. Suddenly I saw her lips quiver ever so slight and felt her knees pull into me a little bit. I caught the sight of her eyes flutter as she moved closer to me and kissed my cheek, pushing her pussy onto me one last time.

“All done” she whispered in my ear and started to move off of me. To anyone else it probably would have just looked like someone helping someone get ready for sitting in the sun. But in reality, it was an one hell of an erotic connection. I laid there, unable to move and trying to make sense of what just happened.

“Well, Swimming time!” Danielle announced.

I rolled over to watch her walk away. Her swimsuit showed wetness half way up her ass. She had obviously had a very large ogasm, and I couldn’t get over the fact she made no noise at all. She was being so non-challant about the whole thing, like it was no big deal, like nothing even happened. “What the fuck!?!” was all I could think.

“Come on! Don’t just lay there!” Danielle hollered back to me.

I still had a very stiff cock, but figured very quickly that there was obviously no point in feeling uncomfortable with Danielle seeing it. As I said before, I hated the water, but for some reason, this time, I was looking forward to going in. I headed toward the water and upon surveying the beach, saw Julie in the distance, making her way over to finally join us.

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