Cottontail Ch. 02

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[NOTE – Please Read “Cottontail” to see what came before this chapter – SRS]

# # #

“Bro… fuck me!”

Jenna’s impassioned plea filled my ears, making my insides turn hot and cold at the same time. I mean, it isn’t every day that my eightteen year-old sister – who happened to be the instigator of this scene, believe me! – bends her naked body over the end of her bed, and begs me to drive her crazy with a royal screwing.

But, that’s exactly the position I found myself in, perched behind her soft, cream-white backside with the honey sun-tanned skin of the rest of her accenting it perfectly. My dick poised just a hairsbreath away from sinking into the pink-sweet flesh of her puss, which creamed the top of my prick with every tremble her body made, the heat searing along every inch of me.

This whole thing seemed so surreal. I mean, the last thing I expected to come home from college to was my little nudist sister, admitting she got turned on by seeing me masturbate in the past…

Well, if you don’t get the drift by now, I guess you’re on you’re own!

“mmm, come on,” she sighed, turning her head to stare at me over her shoulder, dragging the long, red braid of her hair across the butter-nut tanned skin with a silken hiss. Her baby-blue eyes now dark and smoky with lust, and the tone of her voice thick with need spoke volumes to my ears. “Don’t you want to, Bro?”

Something just clicked over inside me… call it going over the edge, or whatnot, but right then and there I decided that if I was going to screw my little sister… hell, I was going to do it on my terms! Reaching for her shoulders, I pulled her upright, so her body was touching mine from hip to throat, while we were back to front. Before she could form a word of protest, I slipped one arm around her waist and hoisted her onto her bed, clambering in behind her to keep us connected by contact.

“Hey, wha-?” She started to turn around, looking shocked that I hadn’t just plowed ahead into her puss. I cut her off with a kiss, which was firm and hot at first, then it turned slow and scorching when she willingly opened her lips to allow my tongue to slide inside. With her mouth so engaged, I let my hands roam over her at will, drinking in the soft curves of her body with every touch.

Jenna eventually broke off the kiss to pant out a moan. “Mmm, I’d say you DO want to…”

I just half-grinned at her. “Well, since you talked me into it,” I replied, cupping her breasts with both hands, trapping each stone-hard nipple between my fingers as I kneaded each orb gently and firmly. Brushing her titan braid aside, I trailed nibbling, wet kisses along her neck, over her collarbone and down the slope of one tit.

Jenna shivered under my touch, her knees shaking from the utter bliss rippling over her. Her arms looped up around my neck, just before her hands wormed their way into my hair; curling around the brown locks as she tugged me further down, encouraging me to reach her turgid nipple.

By then, I was lost. Utterly, hopelessly… the only thing nagging in the one corner of my head that still had rational thought was ‘okay, sport, you’re going to fuck your sister… now how are you going to do it?’. Keeping my hands moving – more to keep Jenna from coming down to earth from her sub-orbital passions – I cast around for an answer for that question. That’s when I spied the sight of the blue sky out through her open window… bingo!

Before Jenna had a chance to think or make another move, I curled my arms around her and lifted her back up from the bed.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” Jenna squealed, reflexively clamping onto my shoulders. “I thought-.”

“Don’t worry,” I growled, rumbling my R’s as I swung her around and started walking out of her room. “We’re going to fuck, little sister… I’m just changing the locale,” I grinned.

That got a big look of surprise on her face, which shifted into a very naughty grin as she watched me carry her into the hall, heading towards the stairs…

# # #

Sure, we had her bedroom, and that soft bed of hers… but, hell, I figured if I was going to screw this hot little mink, best to make it a coupling we’d never forget!

Pushing open the sliding glass door at the back of the family room, I stepped out into our backyard. Mom and Dad had recently built a deck out here – elevated, with a wide space for sunbathing, and a hot tub tucked away in the shadiest corner, as well as a sauna bath on a half-deck just below – to take advantage of our summertime months. Add to the fact it had a great veiw of the small garden (that’s Mom’s) and the wide expanse of green grass (that’s Dad’s pride and joy), it was a thing of domestic-urban beauty…

It was also the perfect place for a little imprompteau fuck-session!

Jenna giggled at me as I carried her across the deck. “I can’t believe you wanna screw outside… Bro, you are so nut-ball crazy! Even so, she hardly made any move to squirm out of my arms and dash back beyoğlu escort inside the safety of the house.

“Kind of late to say that, isn’t it?” I replied, stopping next to the glass topped table that dominated the one corner, next to Dad’s gas grill. Letting her down for a moment, I let my hands brush over her before I turned towards one of the lounge chairs to snag one of the soft, brightly colored cushions. “Here,” I said, plopping the cushion on top of the table,”have a seat.”

Jenna giggled and parked her perky backside on the cushion. “Are you gonna do what I think… OOH!” She gasped sharply, because I’d leaned over between her legs, spreading them apart with one hand to rub her clit with a long, sawing stroke.

“Sis, did I ever tell you… you look good enough to eat?” I said with a grin. Not waiting for her to reply, I crouched down between her dynamite legs and braced my spread hands on her inner thighs. Her puss was exposed oh, so sweetly, glimmering and pink in the sun.

“AoWAH!” Jenna was shocked, thrilled and very turned on as I slowly licked and sucked on her labia. Her legs tensed, then relaxed as the little shocks raced up into her belly, coiling around like warm tongues of flame as the pleasure filled her.

She had a taste that was all her own: tart like a raspberry, yet sugar-sweet and full of a heady, light musk that was like ambrosia to me. I fell into my task with gusto, slurping up every drop of her cream I could reach with my lips and tongue.

The end result was that Jenna could hardly keep seated on the table. Her hips lifted up, undulating in rocking waves that grew with each pass of my oral attentions on her puss. I ended up with both palms craddling her butt cheeks, fingers dug into the taut flesh as I tried to control her movements… hell, I’d have sooner tried to hold down a wild bronco, because just then she hit the first wave of her approaching orgasm.

“Ah… fuck!” Jenna hissed, arching off the cushion to try to seal her puss more firmly to my mouth. “Damnit… don’t… ahhAH!” Her tummy was a rippling wave of flesh, as the contractions of a small orgasm crashed over her. My ears were pinned to my head as her thighs clamped tight, muffling the panting, cooing sound she mad as we both rode it out.

Eventually, her leg lock relaxed enough, and I could pull back from her steamy puss. Looking up, I couldn’t stop the grin that spread over my face… Jenna was covered with a flush of blush from her throat to the tips of her breasts, as well as a light sheen of persperation. Stretched out on her back, her hair had come loose from her braid, falling in a tumble of auburn curls which covered part of her face as her head rocked back and forth on the table top.

“…ooh, Geezus!” she moaned.

“Liked that, did you?” I asked lightly.

Jenna didn’t reply by words; she gripped my arms and pulled on me, forcing me to slip up from my knees to lean over her. Bracing on my arms against the table top, I let her cling to me, pulling herself up to meet me halfway before giving me a slow, smokey kiss… one that I really didn’t want to end!

Eventually, Jenna let go of my mouth, trailing one hand down my body untill it came to the hard pole of flesh, sticking out of my groin like a piece of solid crystal. Curling her fingers around my cock, she murmured dreamily, “Hmm! Bro’s still got a stiffy…”

I nodded slowly, knowing what I had to do, but not sure what Jenna was going to do next.

I shouldn’t have worried.

“Bro… fuck, ME,” she breathed, letting her legs snake out to wrap around my waist. Letting myself be tugged towards her body, I started to reach down to help guide myself into her… but Jenna batted my hand away, keeping a grip on my cock as she shifted a bit on the cushion to line us up properly.

“Geez, Sis!” Those two words were followed by a huff of air, driven out of my lungs as the feeling of wet flesh eveloped my cock. Jenna’s legs curled around my hips, pulling me to her until I was balls-deep inside her, holding me tightly as she and I savored the wicked union of our most-intimate parts.

Lacing her hands behind my neck, my sister pulled me down until her lips were right next to my ear. “Mmm, you feel so, so GOOD, Bro,” she moaned.

“Mmm, you’re better, baby!” And that was the truth! Jenna’s puss was like a slick, tight sheath around my turgid flesh. Every stroke was pure bliss for me… I can only imagine what it was for her, but from the noises Jenna was making, it was clear my little sister was liking the way I was fucking her.

The sun beat down on our coupled forms; making us work up a fine sheen as our bodies worked like pistons on a fine machine. Leaning back, I swept my hands along her sides and over her upthrust breasts, feeling her hard nipples scrape my palms. This made her arch up into my touch, a burst of breath escaping her lips in pleasure. Her hands fluttered to my sides, clutching fiercely to pull me in with every thrust; like she was trying to sarıyer escort draw us together to form one complete body.

“God, Jack! I love the way you fuck me!”

“Feeling’s, mutual, baby,” I grunted, dropping my head back down, pulling my sister closer into my body as I blinked to clear the sweat from my eyes…

That’s when I saw we’d collected an audience!

Across the backyard, beyond our fence, was the backyard of the house on the other street parallel to ours. I’d never noticed before if anyone lived there in all the years I’d lived in my parent’s home. Of course, it stood to reason that someone had to be in residence! Even so, it was a big shock to see someone standing in full view of both me and Jenna. A tall fellow, thirty-ish and tanned with dark hair, was there on the elevated platform of a redwood deck. He must have been a late sleeper, because I registered he was clad only in a long robe, loosely belted at the waist, with a white coffee mug in his left hand.

At first sight, I nearly put a stop to the fucking I was giving Jenna. It was one thing for the two of use to be screwing, but getting caught, out the light of day like this!?

Then, a small part of my lust-driven mind had to pipe up with a speck of reason: the guy was a stranger, and he hadn’t seen me before. He had to think I was Jenna’s ‘boyfriend’, so what was wrong with the two of us fucking, he had to be thinking. From a second look, he wasn’t turning around to leave. either to let us be or to call the authorities on us. In fact, he just stood there with a look that seemed one-part shock, one-part amusement, and something else I couldn’t read just then…

Of course, considering I was balls-deep inside Jenna, my mental faculties were understandably hindered somewhat!

Deciding to just leave our watcher be, I returned my focus to my sister. By now, Jenna hand shifted position on the table, moving onto her side with one leg stretched up the length of my chest. Driving into her this way, I was treated to a whole new sensation along the length of my dick, which make the sparks fly through each wet contact. Together, we were both panting and filling the hot air with our moans and sighs of rapture… you’d have thought we were on location, filming a porno!

In the middle of this, Jenna suddenly gasped, then let out a soft giggle. “Bro… I, oh… think, we, ummm… we’ve, got company!”

“Hmm?” I was so far into our screwing, I barely caught her words.

“Jack,” she said, following my name with another, amorous-laced laugh. “There’s somebody… ah, God! There’s, some, one… umm, watching us fuck!”

I feigned surprise, opening my eyes to look across the yard. “Oh, really?” I asked, never stopping for one moment as I took in our audience of one; still standing there, watching me screw Jenna.

Jenna raised up a bit, casting a glance at me with a look of surprise. “You’re not freaked out, are you?”

I twisted my hips a bit, driving the length of my cock along Jenna’s clit. “Do I looked freaked?” I hissed, feeling the walls of her puss clench in reaction to my thrust.

“Ahh, damn…” Jenna dropped back down onto the table top, her body twitching with the ripples of pleasure that my thrusting was generating inside her. “This is, so… so, nuts!” she hissed.

“Do you, ummph… wanna stop?” I asked.

Snapping her head around, Jenna fixed me with a look that would have killed me on the spot. “You do… ah! I’ll, never, speak… oooh!”

Since that was her stance, who was I to argue? I flipped Jenna leg over, turning her hips so that she had to slide partially off the table, doing what I could so we didn’t come detached. When I had her on her belly, I started drilling her from behind, gripping her small waist with both hands, feeling her buttocks slap into my groin with each thrust. The pitch of her moans climbed with every passing moment, along with her legs, which curled to hook behind my hips to pull me even closer into her.

Looking down, I gazed at the junction of our bodies; my stone-hard cock was ploughing through the buttery-softness of Jenna’s puss, and her pink flesh was flowering around my shaft with a gleam of her sweet cream making it shine in the sunlight. This was heightened by the pale white portion of her bottom – the untouched flesh boardered by the parts that were suntanned – that little cotton-tail effect that was driving me wild!

God! This was too surreal… but, I couldn’t deny it. I was fucking my baby sister in broad daylight, the both of us enjoying each other thoroughly… and the kicker of it, we had a small audience watching us!

Remembering that, I happened to glance up after flicking my head to the side to clear some of the sweat out of my eyes. I was surprised, not by the fact that our audience was still there… but that HE had some company too!

The guy was leaning back against one of his patio chairs, his robe pulled wide open to expose himself… and a chunky, yet sexy looking blonde woman maslak escort was crouched in between his knees. She was dressed in short boy shorts and a clingy pink halter, her hands splayed on the sides of his thighs for support as she was doing an impressive job slurping down his cock. The guy’s face was screwed up in a mask of pure delight; obviously enjoying this little bonus to his morning treat.

“Ahhh,” I gasped, putting my effort into fucking Jenna’s puss into overdrive. We were too close now… I could feel Jenna’s inner flesh wiggling against my stone-hard shaft, and I knew she had to be ready as I was to pop. The sparks were already arcing across each nerve… setting up to go off like a chain of firecrackers at any moment.

Jenna must have sensed this, because she arched her back, twisting to look at me. Her eyes were like deep pools, filled with a fire storm that was threatening to consume her completely. “Jack… I-I’m… I’m gonna-!”

“I know!” I groaned, feeling the tell-tale tingle at the base of my cock. “I’m, close… so, close!”

Jenna growled, then panted out, “Do it, Bro! Do it… cream me! Give it all, to me!” She dropped her head down between her outstretched arms, a tight, keening wail starting to bleed from between her lips. At the same time, I felt her puss clinch around my stiff stick in a death grip.

“Ahhh, hell… hell, damn it Jenna!” I snarled through my clenched teeth, feeling the first waves of energy boiling up through my cock. Slamming down once, twice… and one last time to hold my hard flesh deep inside Jenna’s puss, I let go with a hoarse cry as I felt my orgasm run me over like a Mack truck. Pinning her tightly to my groin, I shuddered as my spunk squirted in four, long pulses into her.

“Jack-Jack… JACK!” Jenna squealed in a high-falsetto pitch, her body going rigid as her own climax fired off seconds after mine. Her pelvis rocked with each successive wave, making her inner sheath milk the remaining sperm from my twitching cock.

In the middle of our mutual spasms, I briefly looked towards the two strangers across the way… and through the pleasure-blurred vision of my eyes, I caught sight of the man throwing his own head back in ecstasy, while the blonde had his prick aimed at her open mouth; ropes of cum lancing through the air through her lips.

With a last, gasping groan, I pulsed twice more inside Jenna – though by then I must have been drained dry by my sister’s puss – before I toppled forward to press my chest to her back. Propped on my elbows to keep from crushing Jenna to the glass table top, I shuddered as the aftershocks raced along my limbs.

Jenna herself was gasping for air, fighting against the lightning bolts ravaging her body as her own orgasm was winding down. “Oh… geeez, Jack! Ahhh…”

I dropped my head down, placing a kiss on her slick shoulder. We were both covered in sweat; our bodies shivering from the exertion and heat of our torrid fucking. Part of my mind told me I should get us back indoors… or, at least see if our two neighbors were still watching us. But, a wave of lassitude made me just wrap both arms around Jenna and cuddle her to me; relishing the feel of our skin against each other…

“Mmm, you’re sooo good, Jack,” Jenna moaned, clutching my arms as she supported my upper body on her back.


We must have laid on the table for a good five minutes… just recovering from our climax. When I last looked up, both of our audience members were gone… and Jenna was still moaning with the aftershocks still rumbling through her body.

Rising up on shaky legs, I took a quick stock, and realizing that staying outside for as long as we did was quite enough for one afternoon, I scooped my sister up off the patio and slung her over my shoulder as I staggered back inside. Jenna only made a small squeak of protest, but said nothing more as I carried her away from the site of our coupling.

Considering how tired I was after our romp in the sunlight, it was a miracle that I didn’t drop her as I wobbled up the stairs and back into Jenna’s room. In fact, the moment I dropped her on her bed, I was so fatigued that I just crawled in after her and fell off into La-La-Land the moment my cheek touched her pillow…

# # #

A while later, I woke up to a quiet, purring sound in my ear…

Blinking, I looked up from my prone position on my sister’s bed, remembering where I was, and what I’d just done. Trying to shake the cobwebs from my head, I realized that sound was Jenna; snoring softly as she curled up against me. She was pressed against my side, one slim leg draped over my legs while she curled one arm around my right one, leaving her left to cover my bare chest. Tipping my head slightly, I could see her face – eyes closed, a happy, sleepy smile spread over her luscious lips – and instead of feeling outrageously guilty, I was swept up with the emotion of heart-melting love for her.

I mean, sure, the little fox had worked her wiles to get us together like this… but, was I really upset? Heck no. Was I going to browbeat her for this episode of sibling lust? Why, when it was without a doubt the hottest sex I’d ever experienced before in my young life?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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