Country Life Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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The present continuation of “Country Life” is marked with “II” to say that it’s a rather freestanding story that can be read without having read the previous chapters. I would of course like you to read them as well. There will probably be three chapters in Country Life II. I hope you will enjoy them and please tell me what you like them by voting or giving comments.

– – – – – –

Autumn came after a marvelous summer with lots of sex. I had been introduced and trained in sex by several of mother’s friends. Lena, our lovely maid, had taken on my sisters and me. She had also let me enjoy her charms in full several times. The last weekend before school started we had been alone in the house together with the virgin cook Karin. They asked me to take her cherry and after that we had a wonderful weekend together where Lena treated me like a man she wanted to have sex with and not as a pupil.

It was my last year before graduation and I had to concentrate to get good grades. It helped that Lena and Karin gave notice and moved to town to open a café. They left me with very sweet memories though having been so adorable.

In early autumn mother decided that we should learn how to dance. She hired a teacher from the city to come and teach my sisters and me.

The journey was long and it was decided that she, of course it was a female, should come every second Friday afternoon and stay overnight. We should have lessons on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

We were very anxious to meet her the first time. Marianne came and we were immediately pleased. She was a good-looking woman in her early thirties, slim and fit with friendly manners and a good laugh.

The first lesson went uneventful. She taught us the basics of dancing and how to listen to and follow the music. It was interesting and fun.

At the second occasion we started to practice real dancing. Mostly my sisters danced together and I danced with Marianne.

The problem was that I got erect almost immediately when I held her in my arms. Well, some dances where body contact was limited wasn’t that bad but dances where I should held her close was difficult, for instance a slow foxtrot or the tango.

She had a lean body with a protruding pubic mound. Maybe that was part of the problem. Her mons pressed against me when we were close and when she put a leg in between mine in the tango. She also pressed her lover body close to me to direct and control my movements.

All in all, I was erect most of the time and she got more and more frustrated. At the end of the Friday lesson she told me quite harshly that I had to calm down and control myself. She couldn’t teach me properly otherwise she said.

Well, the Saturday lesson didn’t go any better. I got erect and she wasn’t pleased at all.

At the next occasion the same thing happened. I was erect from the moment the lessons started until the end. My sisters noticed that something was going on but said nothing. They were quite busy to learn how to dance.

After the lesson I overheard Marianne talk to my mother.

“How is the lessons progressing?” mother asked.

“Well, the girls are learning fast. But Anders can’t dance properly when he is like that. His movements get wrong,” Marianne answered.

“What do you mean? When he is like that?” mother asked a bit puzzled.

“Well, you know . . . hard,” Marianne said a bit embarrassed.

“Oh you mean he gets an erection when he dances with you?” mother said matter-of-factly. “Well, doesn’t that show that he is a healthy young man and reacts normally to your lovely body?”

“Well, yes, I guess so, but I can’t teach him properly. He moves wrongly. And I can’t let him dance with his sisters in such a condition, can I?” Marianne said, back in her teaching role.

“Oh, but you are a teacher, a professional. You must know how to handle it. I don’t. You have to find a solution, haven’t you,” mother said calmly.

“Well, yes, of course. But you won’t disapprove then when I do what it takes?” Marianne said lightly.

“Oh no, of course not. You are the professional. You have to take care of the situation. I want my children to be good dancers,” mother said and started to talk of other things.

Marianne started the Saturday class with dances that didn’t require too much body contact. But towards the end there were some slow dances and the tango and my rock hard cock poked into Marianne’s protruding mound. At the end of the lesson Marianne showed that she was displeased.

“We can’t go on like this, Anders. You will never learn how to dance properly with that thing in your pants,” she said.

A fortnight later at the Friday lesson she saved all dances with close body contact until last. And I got erect as soon as I held her close.

“Anders, Anders, what shall we do with you? We can’t go on like this,” she said at the end of the lesson. “We have to talk it over. Come to my room after the evening tea, it’s the blue room.”

I had nothing against coming to her room kadıköy escort although I didn’t know what she wanted.

I knocked on her door and she opened it dressed in a long, thin gown. She looked delicious.

“Hi Anders, come on in. Come and sit here beside me, we have to talk” she greeted me and sat down on the couch.

“Oh well, yes, we have to talk. Anders, you know you have that problem,” Marianne hesitantly began. “We must find a way to calm you down so we can have a good lesson tomorrow. I mean a lesson that isn’t disturbed by that hard thing. Why do you get like that?”

“Uh, well, yes, it is because of you,” I blurted out but sensed that there was no need to be frightened. This was an odd conversation.

“Oh, so you mean it’s my fault that you can’t control yourself? Why is that?” she asked sternly.

“Well, when I hold you in my arms I dream about your body. I get fantasies of what you look like, naked I mean, and that makes me hard. I think you look gorgeous and I can’t stop thinking about it,” I said looking at her. She blushed slightly.

“Oh? . . . Is that what you are thinking about when we dance? . . . Oh my goodness . . . well, uh . . . well, if you were allowed to . . . to see me naked, do you think that would take care of the problem? I mean, if you knew, you shouldn’t have fantasies about me, right? And thus we could have undisturbed lessons?” Marianne said hesitantly, thinking as she talked.

“Well maybe. We wouldn’t know until we have tried it, would we?” I answered her.

She watched me for a while.

“Well, maybe it’s worth it. I mean, if it makes you calm and we can get on with the lessons. Yes, all right, I will let you see me naked,” she said having made up her mind.

She rose and stood a little away from me when she opened her robe. She was naked underneath and looked beautiful.

She was slim with firm breasts. Her legs were long with slender and well muscled thighs. The top of her thighs ended in her protruding mons covered with thick black hair that was cut short like the hair on her head. She was stunning and my cock got rock hard.

She turned around and showed her backside where her thighs ended in round and firm ass cheeks. She walked a few steps holding the robe aside spreading her thighs to show the crack of her ass. She turned again and walked back. She closed her robe.

“Well, I hope that took care of the problem. Now I am expecting an undisturbed lesson tomorrow.” Marianne said.

“Well, I am afraid not,” I said. “You looked so gorgeous that now I will be dreaming about touching you and that makes me even harder.”

“Oh, but . . . well, I thought . . .” She sighed. “Oh . . . would it help if you touched me?” she asked, sighing again.

“Yes, I really hope so,” I said.

“Very well, we must have a good class tomorrow. Go ahead then,” she said, rose and again opened her robe. She moved close to me and I started to explore her body.

I stroked over her breasts and kneaded them and she startled when I pinched her nipples. I caressed her belly and she shivered when I eventually touched her mons and sifted through her great pussy bush.

She kept her thighs pressed hard together and I could not get in between them. But her fleshy mons gave a good grip and I rotated her flesh. Her knees buckled and she tried to get away by turning around. I lost my grip on her mons but instead got a good one of her ass cheeks. I squeezed them hard and went down to the back of her thighs and tried to get up again on the inside but she quickly pressed them hard together around my hand.

Eventually she stepped back and closed her robe.

“Well then, that must be enough,” she said, smiling relieved. “Now you must have got what you need to calm down, haven’t you?”

“Well, no, in fact I am still horny and dream about you,” I said and smiled back.

She sighed.

“Oh my god, but you promised,” she said puzzled. “What must we do then to calm you down?”

“Oh, well, I guess I have to come somehow,” I said innocently.

She looked at me sternly for quite a while. She sighed heavily.

“All right, I am prepared to make you come if that is what it takes,” she said sighing. “I will jack you off then.”

“Well that would be nice, but I think you have to suck as well. Otherwise I don’t know if I will come,” I said.

“All right, all right but that is as far as it goes,” Marianne said. “Let’s get on with it then. Get undressed and lie down.”

I lay down with my erect cock stretched up my belly.

Marianne knelt on the floor and took my cock in her hand. She gasped when she felt its thickness and started to jack me slowly.

I unfastened her robe and opened it. My hand found its way inside and started to caress her body.

“What are you doing? That was not included,” Marianne exclaimed but didn’t stop me.

Marianne lowered her head and kissed the head of my cock. It twitched and she moaned of delight. I escort kadıköy found her ass cheek and squeezed it.

She took more of me into her mouth and started to suck. I found my way down her crack and to the back of her pussy. She moved her legs slightly to give me better access to her pussy. She was a little moist.

She worked hard sucking my cock. I followed her by caressing her pussy. She moved her legs now and then but only in small steps. My access got better and better. Eventually I reached the top of her pussy slit and her clit. It was protruding but not yet in full. She startled when I first ran a finger over it.

I felt that I was near to come and I told her. She looked up.

“Oh, thank you. It was good of you to tell me,” she said seriously. “Then we can end this shortly.” I thought I heard a short giggle.

She went back to suck my cock and she was quite good at it. I increased my efforts on her pussy and she was by now real wet and her clit was sticking out, easy to find and caress.

I came in her mouth and she easily swallowed my come. As soon as I was finished and she had sucked me dry she took her mouth off my cock and moaned highly.

I increased my efforts on her pussy and clit and she came herself in a small, quick orgasm. She moaned and cried out once. Her body tensed and shivered when she came. She knelt at my side in silence.

“Well, Anders. That was it. I expect that you can behave yourself in the morning,” Marianne eventually said, trying to sound solemn. But there were laughter and joy underneath and a little of it came through.

I had kept on caressing her body. Her thighs and ass, up her back and round to her breasts. She acted as if she didn’t notice.

“Well,” I said. “I am sorry but I am not sure of that. I am still horny as you can see.” My cock was again semi hard.

“Oh, but that can’t be,” she said. “You had a good ejaculation, hadn’t you? Then you shouldn’t be like that already. But you are, I must admit.” She had touched my cock and then grabbed it to feel its hardness. “What shall we do to calm it down?”

“There is only one way,” I said trying to sound serious. “I have to get properly laid.”

“Oh, you naughty boy. You would like that, wouldn’t you? Well, I couldn’t do that, could I? I mean, being your teacher and all. I mean . . .” her voice trailed off.

“Well, I think that’s the only solution,” I said.

She was quiet for a while and her eyes were closed. A little smile trickled in the corner of her mouth.

She opened her eyes, looked me in the eye and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh, well, if that’s the only way so be it. Very well, let’s do what has to be done,” she sighed.

Marianne rose and went to the bed. On the way her robe slipped from her shoulders. She bent forward over the bed to fold away the bedclothes. Her well muscled thighs and ass were lovely to watch and in between her peach showed with a deep slit.

“Come on, let’s get it over with,” she called when she lay down on the bed.

I moved over to her. She was stretched flat out, legs slightly held together. Her mons stuck up like a bun. I bent down and kissed it and then started to kiss and lick her body.

“What are you doing? We don’t have time for that. Just get ready and fuck me. Be quick and get it over with,” she kept talking while I kissed and licked her body. “Oh, but that is nice, real nice. Well then, don’t stop, it feels good. All right, all right there you are.” I had licked the top of her slit and tried to come deeper. First she didn’t want to open her legs but when I reached her clit she became eager.

Suddenly her legs were wide apart and her knees raised. Her pussy was fully exposed and free to explore. She was moist and her clit easy to find. I got serious and licked her pussy slit up and down. I got a finger into her pussy and let it rotate. My tongue flicked her clit. After a short while she moaned highly and her ass started to bounce up and down. Her whole body shuddered when she came.

She lay quiet for a while.

“Well, are you going to just stand there? It was you who needed to come, remember. There are rubbers on the table. Put one on and come and take me. Be quick please and let’s get it over with.” She sounded stern but in the way she said it was another message.

I did as she had told me. The rubbers were easy to find. Do women always have rubbers on their bedside table ready for use?

I got ready in no time and turned back to the bed. She hadn’t moved. She lay with her knees slightly raised and her thighs spread wide. She looked really lovely and inviting.

I knelt between her legs and got into position. I let my cock stroke her slit a few times and then placed it at her entrance. She immediately pushed her hips upwards and I slid into her. I pushed hard and got deeper. She cried out when I was fully inside and started to thrust into her. She raised her hips and eagerly met my thrusts. She showed the same kadıköy escort bayan ability as when we danced to anticipate my movements and her supple body pliable met mine. We soon found a most enjoyable rhythm. Her pussy narrowed around my cock and squeezed it very pleasantly.

We fucked in harmony for a while. I felt my pleasure grow and increased my tempo. She followed and soon we were fucking with short hard thrusts. Marianne tried to keep quiet but now and then a moan or cry come out of her. She panted hard.

When I felt it was time I used a few long hard thrusts and then stayed deep inside her when I started to spurt. Suddenly she cried out and shuddered.

I lay on top of her for a while. I felt her thick, soft mons.

“Well, it was fairly enjoyable. And now I really hope that you are satisfied?” Marianne said in her stern voice. “Please withdraw.”

I rolled off her and she inspected the rubber and took it off my cock.

“Good night, see you at breakfast,” she said trying to get rid of me.

“Uh, oh, well yes, I am spent for now. But maybe I will be horny again in the morning. Maybe I need to get laid again then to be calm in class,” I said, suddenly very bold.

She looked surprised at me, and then closed her eyes sighing. After a while she looked up.

“Well, if you really are like that again in the morning I think you had better come and see me and talk it over. Good night then.”

I went to my room feeling very satisfied and happy. I was sure I was going to be horny in the morning.

After a good nights sleep I was back at Marianne’s door in early morning. I tapped it lightly and Marianne immediately opened it. She had her robe on and had already made her morning toilet.

“Oh, it’s you Anders. Come on in.” She carefully closed the door behind me.

“Well, so you are like that again, I suppose, since you are here,” Marianne said lightly. “We can’t have you like that in class, can we? Do you think it will take care of the problem if I jack you off?”

“Uh, uh, well, I don’t think that would be enough,” I said. “It will be like yesterday.”

“Well, I was afraid of that. All right, let’s do what has to be done,” Marianne sighed. She let her robe slip from her shoulders. She was naked underneath. She went to the bed with spring in her steps and climbed up. She did it very gracefully but in an awkward way if the meaning was to lie down. She was kneeling on the bed.

I got a sudden feeling that she wanted to be fucked from behind. But of course she couldn’t say so directly. I quickly stepped forward and grabbed her hips to keep her in position.

“What are you doing? . . . Well, all right, if you want it that way it’s fine with me. Get on with it then,” Marianne said but I heard a pleased tone in her voice and she spread her knees further apart.

I crouched behind her and kissed her ass checks. I reached around and found her breasts and soon was caressing her whole body. She had buried her head in the pillows and no sounds came out. But her body shivered now and then.

I was licking her ass crack and into her pussy slit. She was already wet and her labia swollen. She tasted so sweet. Her clit started to show. Soon she was having an orgasm under my tongue and her body shuddered. There were muffled cries coming from the pillows.

I rose and stood behind her with the cock in my hand. I used it to caress her from over the butt hole to beyond her clit. It was by now fully erect, a rounded knob. I caressed her with my cock until she came again. She was an orgasmic woman.

She kept her posture during her second orgasm. I found the rubbers on the table and put one on. Then I entered her from behind. She had expected that and was ready. She helped me get the cock inside her with small movements of her hips and ass and there was a muffled cry of delight when I bottomed out in her pussy.

I kept still for a while and caressed her body from the neck to her hips and from her breasts to her clit. I started to fuck her with steady long strokes and she bucked back. Her lithe body made a lot of tricks to get us pleasure. In the end she squeezed my cock and milked my come out. She cried again when she came.

She kept standing on all fours until I withdrew. She spun round and took care of the rubber.

“Well, now you must behave yourself in class. See you at breakfast,” Marianne said and dismissed me.

The class went well that day. She tried a few slow dances to test me, grinding her mons hard against my crotch but I was spent and my cock didn’t react. She looked both pleased and disappointed.

After lunch I heard my mother ask:

“Well, how was class. Did Anders behave himself?”

“Yes, it went very well. We had a good class,” Marianne answered.

“Good, everything is all right then. I knew you were able to handle the situation,” mother said smilingly.

I anxiously waited for the next lesson. Marianne arrived but acted completely normal. As before Friday class didn’t have many close body contacts. Marianne had me dance with my sisters most of the time. But when it was time for the last couple of slow dances that ended the evening she made me her partner. I got erect immediately I took her in my arms. She deliberately danced close to me using her lower body to direct me. Her mons pressed hard against my erection.

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