Crayons and Alexis

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Big Tits

Now Alexis was colorful, but it went way beyond that old cliché about lighting up a room, she didn’t really light up a room, in a very odd way, she colored it. Of course in a real world I’d never know Alexis, I mean overweight, fifty-two year old men just don’t run into slim, nineteen year old women who make the 120 color box of crayons look dull. Not unless the man is picking up concert tickets (the old fashion way) for his eighteen year old daughter.

So yeah, I waded through the youngsters, browsed through the Nine Inch Nails CDs, and then went to wait in line for tickets to “Thirty Seconds to Mars.” I couldn’t help but smirk, remembering waiting in line for “Grand Funk Railroad,” with an opening act from “Bloodrock,” when I was just eighteen.

Fuchsia – I remember the color, my daughter was two or three when they added this one to the big box of crayons. The day I first saw Alexis, her hair made me think of the fuchsia crayon. It was cut short and kind of spiked over the top of her head and then it darkened almost to Magenta. It was not the hot magenta fluorescent crayon added in 1972 but more the darker, nearly maroon crayon I used to use when I was a kid. The two colors combined nicely, not just in coloring books, but also on Alexis’ head.

Turquoise blue – another crayon from my youth, one of my favorites, made an interesting eye shadow for Alexis, kind of emphasizing the brown in her eyes. Of course it was not all turquoise blue, out near her temples her eyelids flowed toward aquamarine, one of those wild new colors they added to my crayon set when I turned four or so.

“You want how many tickets?” she asked, speaking in plum, another exciting new color for the four year old me glistened on her lips. “Sir, the “Thirty Seconds to Mars,” you wanted how many?”

“Oh sorry, two, two tickets please,” I replied, handing her my American Express, no not the Platinum or Gold, merely green.

“I’m putting a total of ninety six fifty on your card, which includes a service fee.”

“A service fee?”

“Yeah, for the convenience of buying the ticket here at the CD store.”

“Instead of, say, over the internet?”

“Yeah, kind of crazy, but I think they also charge a fee,” she said, handing me the tickets with some wild strawberry fingernails.

“Thank you Alexis,” I said, looking at her brick red nametag.

“You’re welcome Mr. Johnson,” remembering my name from my green card, “hope you enjoy the show.”

Feeling my face flush a bit, I pointed to the tickets and said, “For my daughter.”

I watched a genuine smile illuminate Alexis’ face, then I turned and headed through the doors with the tiny bag holding the two tickets. Feeling a bit elated that I survived the experience without completely embarrassing myelf, I decided to step into a nearby coffee shop and grab something to drink. I do not drink coffee, but found a delightful looking sky blue colored beverage and grabbed the bottle. Mmm… raspberry, and such a pretty color too.

Sitting down at a small table in the coffee shop, I slowly sipped my drink and went through the bag looking for the tickets amid all the promotional materials they gave me. I found the tickets and bonus veren siteler carefully read all the information I could glean off them, making sure of the time, the parking requirements and the seat selections.

After reviewing the tickets, I slipped them back into the bag and then began looking over the promotional stuff. I had to laugh at some of the stuff they slipped in, face creams, feminine hygiene ads and even a condom. Figuring they must have these set aside for the middle age customer who wanders through, I slipped the stuff back into the back and was about to take a large gulp to finish my drink when I noticed Alexis from the CD shop, peek her head in the door and wave.

Stepping inside she called out to me, “I’m on break now, do you mind if I sit with you?”

I grabbed one of the chairs and pulled it back to signal that she was welcome. She smiled, pointed to cashier and then started a complicated coffee order. Wondering what Alexis wanted with me, I watched her as she waited.

Prussian blue – they later renamed it to midnight blue, the deep blue of the Prussian uniforms and Alexis’ jeans. I had never seen jeans quite that color, kind of a dark bluish gray. Her blouse was silvery, almost the color of aluminum foil, and kind of shimmered in the light, accentuating her breasts, especially as she walked.

“I hope you don’t mind me joining you, it’s just that I hate eating and drinking alone.”

“No, no it’s fine, I enjoy the company.”

“I don’t do this all the time,” she said, “it’s just that I thought it was really nice you buying those tickets for your daughter.”

“Well actually, she’s paying for them, some birthday thing with her boyfriend.”

“It’s nice of you to wade down through all the odd people we have here at the store these days.”

“Oh I don’t mind too much, it inspires me to reminiscence about when I was you age.”

“My age? Just what do you think my age is?”

“Oh I’d guess about nineteen or twenty.”

“Actually I’m twenty one, and you must be what? Forty five?”

Smiling I replied, “You’re much too generous, you might want to add like seven years to that.”

She suddenly got a strange and very serious look on her face. Scooting up in her chair, she crossed her arms on the table and took a deep breath.

Not sure how to respond, I simply looked at her.

“Mr. Johnson…”

“Call me Ted,” I interrupted.

“Ted, I didn’t come in here to sip coffee and just talk. Let me be honest. Ted, you see, I have this thing for older gentlemen. No… no, please let me finish.”

Stopping myself from saying anything, I relaxed and listened.

“I have this thing, a father complex or something, if you will and ah… well, you were so nice and you reminded me of my father. Now, it’s not that my father and I ever, or no… I would never with him, but… well, older men, nice older men, they… Older men turn me on and I am very turned on right now.

“Look, I have an apartment nearby, would you like to come up there with me?”

Nervously I grabbed the raspberry soda and took a drink, hoping she didn’t notice how much I was shaking. Placing the soda back bedava bahis down onto the counter I replied, “I don’t know what to say…”

She reached her hand out and placed it gently on my arm and said, “Say yes. I truly want you to.”

“Okay Alexis, I would love to go up to your apartment with you.”

Ten to fifteen minutes later I was following her up the stairs to her second story apartment. I had to walk slightly bent over, trying hard to conceal the erection that appeared as I climbed out of the car at her apartment.

Stepping into her apartment, I took her in my arms and kissed her, first just touching her lips with mine, but then slipping my tongue onto her lips. She opened her mouth in complete acceptance and began using her tongue to toy with mine.

My arms wrapped around her and she felt so tiny as my hands slid down to her firm ass. I gently kneaded her ass as her hands moved from around my back to my stomach. As uncomfortable as I felt about her caressing my stomach, I didn’t stop her. She squeezed and then slid her hands over the excess flesh and oddly her breath seemed to quicken.

She whispered to me, “My bedroom’s back there. I’m going in here for a moment,” she said pointing to the restroom, “I want to see you naked when I see you next.”

I moved into the bedroom and began taking off my clothes in the dark as she slipped into the restroom. Once I had all my clothes off I sat on the edge of her bed in the darkness. I saw her first in silhouette, her form a deep indigo in the faintly blue light.

“I said I wanted to see you,” she said, reaching for the light switch and turning on the light.

Seeing her naked in the light made me forget any nervousness I had about her seeing my body. She was stunning, with small, but beautiful breasts and nipples the color of cranberry. Her hips curved beautifully around a cerise butterfly tattoo and her pubic hair, dyed bright fuchsia, looked soft and inviting.

I let my eyes continue down her body, initially searching for her pussy lips, but I noticed another tattoo, a large salmon colored rose covered almost the length of her thigh. Only after gazing at the rose for some time did my gaze return to between her legs. With her standing, legs fairly close together I could only see the flesh peeking out beneath her fuchsia mound, with perhaps the faintest hint of carnation pink inner lips.

Looking up at her face, I noticed that she was gazing at me with seemingly the same hunger and desire as I had looked at her. I felt tears welling in my eyes that this beautiful woman could look at me with as much passion as I had for her. Before I could move to go to her, she pounced, pushing me back on the bed as her breasts ran up my thighs, over my stomach and onto my chest. She kissed me as her knees pushed me, positioning me on the bed, flat on my back.

She moved her mouth down to my nipples and after sucking them, making them hard, she bit them, gently at first, then not so gently. The sensation jolted directly down to my cock as it twitched wildly each time she bit my nipples. While she toyed with my nipples in her mouth, she began to let her breasts move back and forth over deneme bonus my hard cock. Then she began to kiss downward, down over my stomach to my cock.

Her tongue moved slowly over me, not so much to turn me on, but more like she was exploring, letting the tip of her tongue roll down the vein on the shaft, then she circled the head and dipped into my tiny hole, tasting the pre-cum that had pooled there. She then took me in her mouth and sucked hard, but for just a moment. Looking up at me watching her she removed her mouth from my erection and said, “Oh no, I need you hard for me.”

She climbed on top of me, easing herself down over my cock, engulfing it in her carnation pink lips. Instead of moving up and down right away, she leaned forward, pressing her breasts onto my chest and then began grinding her clit just above my cock. My cock was inside her, but she was able to grind away on me without too moving on my cock too much.

I had been worried I’d come too quickly for her, but this way, her clit pushed against me and while my cock felt wonderful inside her, I was easily able to hold off coming as she worked herself against me. It was so animalistic, her grinding on me like that, seeming to growl as she got closer and closer, finally right at the end she moved, sliding up and down very quickly on the length of my cock, taking deep inside her as she came.

Remaining motionless, I felt her pulsate over my cock as she collapsed on me, her hot, wet breath flowed over my face. She rested there a bit, catching her breath for a few moments, then she lifted herself off my chest, smiled and said, “Your turn.”

Placing her hands on my chest, she moved so she was kneeling. She slid back some, until my cock, still inside her pointed straight up. “You like this,” she asked, squeezing herself on me.

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

“Good,” she replied, moving herself up and down the length of me. The position she had moved to let me feel her tight along the top of my cock, a very different sensation I usually got when I was on top of a woman. It was even different from the times I had a woman on top of me.

It was so beautiful watching her breasts bounce as she bounded up and down on me. I wish I could have lasted all night, but in only a few minutes, I felt the pressure build in my balls and the pleasure shoot though my body as I arched my back and came, spurting my white hot come deep into her soft, wet, beautiful pussy.

She then stopped, feeling my cock twitch inside her; she remained on me, tight around me while running her hands slowly up my stomach onto my chest. Looking at her face I could see she truly loved caressing me like that.

“Ted,” she whispered.


“You made me feel so good,” she said, falling down onto me, her breasts pressing against my chest, her head burrowing between my neck and shoulders. I felt her warm, wet breath as she cried.

“Ted,” she whispered again, “can I call you daddy.”

“Yes Alexis, call me daddy.”

“Oh daddy, you felt so good,” she sobbed.

I tried picturing her as a little girl, her crayons spread over the floor as she colored picture after picture. Her face seemed to change so for a moment she looked like my daughter, then like a younger version of Alexis. I felt my cock slip out of her pussy as my head spun wondering exactly how I felt, wondering exactly what Alexis felt now. Kissing her fuchsia hair I continued to hold her as she cried.

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